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kirby adventure is not only the best kirby game, but it's also the best nes game

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it's breddy gud for sure but for me it's castlevania 3
though granted i haven't played enough kirby games anyway
also nice sprites lol

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lol, it's a cursed Super Metroid romhack

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Disagree. There's slowdown every time you use power ups which absolutely ruins the game.

BUT, the remake on GBA is fantastic. I wish someone could fix the slowdown in the original though.

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doesn't the 3ds version fix the slowdown

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Yes but I want to play the game on my NES not my 3DS

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It's almost too good for the NES, with all the slowdown. Still a good time though.
The remake is pretty good too, Meta Knight is really fun to play as. I've seen images shitting on the art direction but most of its a necessity because that game was made for a small shitty screen. Definitely not a game you should be playing on your 4K TV.

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I love the art. It's beautiful.

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The first time I ever found a secret room was playing Kirby's Adventure. At the very start of Level 7-2, there's an invisible door about half the screen up from the main door

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I never really liked using the powerups in this game. Most of them would stop me in my tracks to do something I could've done much faster with his basic ability, plus bosses become more challenging without them too. I'll give the exception to Tornado because that one is fun and fast.
Amazing game eitherway.

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Worst Kirby game that isn't a gimmick or spin off, boring NES game with no challenge and too much showdown. Kirby's Dream Land 2 on Gameboy is so much better it isn't funny

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lol did you actually make that? you were as impressed with the romhack as i was then i take it

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It's simply too glorious a sprite replacer to be constrained to a single unmoving png.

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Correct on both counts. Great post OP.

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>kirby adventure is not only the best kirby game

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wow i can't believe American Kirby has his own game

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kek amazinv

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Kirby games aren't the best anything except "walk left to right, casually, and sometimes jump and puff" simulators

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>Hal Laboratory
>one of Japan's first 6502 programmers
>helped Nintendo with developing their early games (Pinball, Balloon Fight)
>ported several Atari games to the NES for the potential Atari distribution of the console
>Hal's final NES game, Kirby's Adventure
>literally the only game in the console's entire library to slow down to a crawl with zero (0) enemies on screen
>god help you if there's anything else on screen

How did they do it, lads? It makes Contra Force look like Recca by comparison.

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not even as good as journey to silius, no kirby game is above a 6/10.

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