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Is it still worth buying one of these these days?
It seems like a good package, and apparently you can even add roms to it. I'm not overly concerned about authenticity, so I won't worry too much if the image quality isn't the best and it has no filters, but I do worry about things like the controller being close to the real thing.

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you can buy a Wii for 40 dollars and a snes classic controller (works for wii) for 20 dollars

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So just get the controller and plug that into a modded Wii, which can do way more.

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You should really ask yourself if it's worth it to you. Imho.
Is it supposed to be just plug&play or do I need to update something on my 10 year old softmod? I remember trying it very briefly and I think I had some issues with getting it to work with emulators.

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I love this, have been playing it for 4 years. Easy to add roms, and the Star Fox games work better on it than anywhere else

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its cute
its basically an ipod of snes/s.famicom games

dumping the whole library is a poor experience though unless you enjoy the Randonaut through strangely named auto-organized folders

i close my eyes and spin the carosel until it lands on a folder then i play a game in that folder of 30 no matter whats in there

its autistic but ive found some cool shit like this

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I was going to buy another soiboi sized hand but then I figured out how to use an N64 controller with only 2. I'm good.

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Where are you finding a good replica SNES controller for te Wii for $20?
Also don't forget buying an SD/usb for the Wii (not substantial cost factor either if you're only playing old roms).

>Is it still worth buying one of these these days?
It's nice, takes like 2 minutes to mod.

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snes2wii adapter lets you use oem controllers & usually both snes&nes off the same dongle

however the wii w/ bluetooth latency hasnt aged well for certain types of games - its still the best value though

get both

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>the Star Fox games work better on it than anywhere else

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I don't know if it's particularly worth it, but I own one, and the controllers are almost identical to the real ones. I actually case swapped an old beat up SNES controller with the shell from the mini's controller, and it worked with no modification. I'm pretty sure they still had the original molds.

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I guess if you like the idea of having the physical unit, and the controller (which I'm guessing is official Nintendo quality), since that's the only difference to something like a Pi.

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except a pi is ass
everyone always leaves that part out
not only are you forced to associate with redditor pispam posters; but
rp3b+ cant even run dodonpachi (mame) without throwing temp warnings
its a cute toy computer but
for actual heavy play its
fucking garbo

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I don't associate with Redditors and never need to when using my Pi
It runs all 16 bit console games just fine, yes it struggles with dodonpachi but literally anything released for any platform prior to 1994 is fine and many retro games after that date.
I have all the mini consoles but usually end up just going with the pi and an 8bitdo.

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>i can't even reddit & space both redit&space
>however the stupid i am
>get potato
Just kys and pus us out of your misery

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And you can emulate Mame on a SNES mini?

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>emulate an emulator

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Be a pedant elsewhere. No one cares that you have Asperger's.

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So it's Wii + Adapter + SNES controller?
How do you get HDMI out of the Wii though?

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Don't bother, Wii can't even do SuperFX games without frameskip or lag.

The SNES Mini is not emulated, it runs a SNES emulator. Running SNES and MAME on a SNES Mini is no different than doing it on a Wii or PC.

SNES Mini is more performant than a Wii for emulation.
Raspberry Pi 4 is more performant than both.

The Wii is literally a 2002 low-power laptop CPU in a plastic box. ARM chips from 10 years ago did better already.

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I have a real desire to make a guide comparing different emulation devices to play retro games because these threads always suck.

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>Is it still worth buying one of these these days?
No. At retail it was decent for the novelty but now you're better off not bothering.

>you can buy a Wii for 40 dollars
No the fuck you can't.

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You can do the same thing to the ps1 classic and it's exponentially cheaper

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>rp3b+ cant even run dodonpachi (mame) without throwing temp warnings
And you're saying the SNES Mini can?

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Depends on how much they ask. They're pretty neat 1080p emulation devices, the initial game selection is nice and the controller is rather faithful to the original (feels a bit flimsier but the face buttons are less stiff, the proportions are the same). The preloaded CRT shader is ok too, games look nearly the same as on my Wii + Trinitron setup. Still, not sure I'd buy them for 40$ or more (got mine basically for free).

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I'm a real hardware type of guy but do use flashcarts. Wanna play fat east of Eden zero but it's 1 of the 2 games my sd2snes pro won't play. Can the Wii run it without frame skip? A

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When was it ever?

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>No the fuck you can't.
Wut, Wiis are dirt cheap. He's still a faggot though.

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Why bother? All emulation is shit compared to original hardware just like a keyboard is shit compared to a steering wheel or an arcade stick.

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I'd still just say get a Retro Pi set up, but whatever. The mini consoles are cheap. You know what it is. You decide if it's worth it.

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Giw much are you paid to shill this over and over?

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fuck off retard
you are probably just gonna recommend rp3b+ which is pure shit

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Do it. That would be a nice ressource.

As much as I prefer original hardware, only a brainlet would say this.

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>snes classic controller (works for wii) for 20 dollars
Those are all fake, they feel like shit.
I've been down this rabbit hole with the stupid fucking snes controllers, it goes deep.
Yours is fake too if you bought it loose and it has a black plug. No idea how you can tolerate the disgusting dpad on those shits

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>i are probably just gonna project

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you can play MSU-1 hacks on it (except BS Zelda, can't get that one to work, even though it used to.)

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in terms of physical build the controller is 9.5/10 with the original brand new being 10/10. and yes I've felt both at the same time to compare to make that statement.

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We're talking low power SBC here. We get it, your desktop machine can run dodonpachi, but that's off topic right now.

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Ask wife's son, etc.
>the Star Fox games work better on it than anywhere else
>rp3b+ cant even run specialized arcade that would blow up the SNES mini Assic
>you can play these things any other emulator can

If you buy a mini console for any reason you're as retarded as these faggots. Even if you buy one "to show off", you're a shallow brainless faggot. And they're not even interesting to show off.
Unironically do it, just to shut up every mouth-breather who thinks these meme systems are comparable to emulating on a PC, a pi, a tablet or even a phone

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I made good money buying these things and reselling them to acquaintances with their curated games lists.

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>talk about cheap emulation method
"why bother with that shit when [emu method] works way better"
>talk about pricier emulation method
"why spend so much on that shit when [emu method] is fine"
>talk about emulation in general
"why emulate when it'll never match real hardware accurately"
>talk about using real hardware
"why bother with real hardware when you can runs games better through emulation"

FPGA devices, upscalers, and video cable autism is also a whole can of worms. It doesn't matter what you're playing on, it'll always be "the wrong option". The trick is to research what makes the most sense to you (preferring not by making a /vr/ thread) and just ignore anyone shilling their preferred method.

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Chances are if you post here, you already have a decent PC, all you need is an adapter to hook up your CRT TV and a controller.

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>snes2wii adapter lets you use oem controllers & usually both snes&nes off the same dongle
So you want me to spend money for an adapter and then ANOTHER $30 for a controller? All for somehow $20? And don't you think the adapter is going to cause some input delay?

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no, snes classic controller. the controller for the snes mini, you can buy it separately and it has the wii controller input

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I bought a Wii for £20 off the ebay last week

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mine isn’t fake, I imported a Wii Snes Classic controller years ago from Japan. It’s still possible though

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>>9033231 You guys missed out on Classic controllers. There was a time around 2019 where Gamestop was selling refurbished SNES Classic controllers for $7. I bought like 6 of them and I'm glad I did, even though they went down to $5 a month later. They also had NES Classic controllers for $12 so I bought a few of those also.

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Those are shit tho, horrible latency. Original SNES controller with USB adapter is 1ms in comparison.

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[citation needed]

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Also in general, SNES Mini sucks for emulation, even with RetroArch.

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PC numbers are without runahead, hence why it's so high

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I'm talking about the controllers, faggot, not the console

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kek why are you so mad
people buy things because they like them

the rp3(4) is overpriced hot garbage
save your money for the de-10

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he was talking about the controller you turbo autist dipshit
the controllers are great, you can get a 8 dollar adapter to plug it into a real SNES and bing bango for like 20 bucks all in you have a brand new OEM SNES controller

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can confirm the two included controllers are a great value & especially if you get the cheaper japanese unit

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Yes, that's what he said.

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snes mini controller uses the same plug as the wii nunchuk

>> No.9038570

raphnet makes usb adapters for this type of shit & they are confirmed high quality by several fags here

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It sucks
Zsnes did this in 1998
Literally any potato pc could play the SNES library

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a hack and destroys audio sync
get real hardware or mister if you actually care about lag

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>the controllers are great, you can get a 8 dollar adapter to plug it into a real SNES and bing bango for like 20 bucks all in you have a brand new OEM SNES controller
2 points here, because this shit opinion is parroted on /vr/ a lot.
1. at least 65% of NES and SNES mini stuff online is fake (including amazon) even if you buy it boxed and sealed because the fakes are so damn good externally.
2. cheap controller adapters are laggy as fuck
You have a single GOOD option to use snes mini controllers on an actual snes and it's not cheap.

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Proof? Never had any problems. Sounds like a bullshit false flag post.

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There is no proof, they are full of shit, Run-Ahead does not touch sound, only game logic.
They probably have a shit toaster that can't even run high accuracy cores without having sound problems, yet alone Run-Ahead and think it's a problem with Run-Ahead instead.

It's a fact that current state emulation for popular consoles is extremely accurate, even better in most cases than flash carts with original hardware, while being able to have less latency than the original hardware. If anyone claims otherwise, ignore them since they are full of shit.

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>Run-Ahead does not touch sound
You don't even know how it works you stupid faggot.
Get the fuck out of the mister thread if it makes you so salty

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You literally just posted a picture saying that only the primary core does audio and secondary disregards it. The secondary core is what Run-Ahead enables to run logic ahead of the actual game, aka primary core.
Even in single instance mode, audio is disabled for the short additional frame.

Delete your post before more people see it and start laughing and pointing at you. Embarrassing.

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Too late, already saw it
As someone who has gone thru majority of the RA codebase and contributed to it heavily, knowing run ahead well, all I honestly can say that you desert to be laughed at

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