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What was the last game you 1CC'd ?

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King of Dragons - using the wizard. might try it a gain but with the elf

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metroid 2

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Final Fantasy.

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Not retro but just did the new TMNT without getting hit

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Some Touhou games and Streets of Rage 1 and 2

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Espgaluda 2, some months ago
1ccs kinda lost their appeal for me desu. I'm not good enough to 1cc everything I touch in an afternoon like some people, but they don't feel like the impossible hardcore challenges they once did. So I don't chase them anymore, just let them happen if they happen.

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Vanilla Ice Rap Quest

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You get to a point where you have the 1cc route memorized and it becomes a statistical grinding/repetition game. When that happens it loses all appear.

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I think Shinobi. Not the first time, I just felt like playing Shinobi.

Or Pac-Man Arrangement (console version) on normal if that even counts. It's not as great as the arcade one but still fun

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You get to a point where you have the 1cc route memorized and it becomes a statistical grinding/repetition game to eliminate error. When that happens it loses all appeal.

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rondo of blood with maria
well, i game overed to save and quit at the end to see if i did it but apparently that counts as one
also the only game i did that with

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Gradius III SNES.

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Cadillacs and Dinosaurs with some Brazilian on Fightcade

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super c, it's a baby game disguised as a hard one

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Ocarina of Time Master Quest. 000 baby

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Super C

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Soku arcade mode with China

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Street Fighter Zero 3 earlier today. On level 8.

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I honestly don't know. I know it was one of the PGM cave tranny em ups, as I was testing some repo boards. But I can't, for the life of me, remember which one it was.
Should I see a doctor? Not for the altzheimers shit. I know I'm an old man. Or am I? If I feel compelled to 1cc a TMUP?

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heavy barrel

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