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Golden Axe
>22 December 1989

Streets of Rage 2
>December 20, 1992

Did it seriously take three years for SEGA to figure out how to make a good beat em up for the Genesis? Golden Axe 1 and 2 are wretched games, so it doesn't make sense to me. It's the same hardware. Golden Axe 2 came out in 1991 and it's just using the same engine as the first game.

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>streets of rage 2
learn how to 1cc arcade bmups and you'll never be able to go back to shites of rage and will see all its abysmal flaws, the only thing good about it is the music. It's clunky, overlong, eats inputs on higher modes, has absolutely no balancing so they just chucked lives at you like candy to get around it on higher difficulties, and teaches you bad habits whilst starving you of having to learn proper skills which are necessary to 1cc arcade bmups. It's passable by console standards and nothing more, can't hold a candle to the top 15 arcade bmups.

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Well, you forgot one iteration there. Streets of Rage 1 came out about halfway between Golden Axe and Streets of Rage 2.
All are good games. Each one is better than the last. Except for Golden Axe 2; not sure what happened there...

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SOR1 is easily better than Golden Axe 1 or 2. Shut the fuck up Sega Lord Cringe

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You don't know how to play it then, it's very slick and fast once you know.

Standard length for many console bmups grandpa shitter, get some endurance or fix your ADHD if gaming over an hour hurts you

>Chucked lives at you
Fair point

>Teaches you bad habits
Literally the opposite, has great fundamentals that apply to most bmups
And probably the coolest most fun big fat wrestler type character in the genre Max > Hagar

>Muh arcade bmups are soooooo special!!!!!
Yes we know they aren't hidden gems or rare secret games we all play them
I've 1cced a few and yes they are fine games but streets 2 is still too tier and very well executed bmup

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Sega didn't make SoR2.

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>the top 15 arcade bmups.
post 'em

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Explains why it's good

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lurk more

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>learn how to 1cc arcade bmups and you'll never be able to go back to shites of rage and will see all its abysmal flaws,
The best SoR2 runners crush arcade bmups yet go back to SoR2 and play it for hundreds of hours more....so your argument is refuted misinformation

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Name 3.

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Anthopants Izumi King iopa

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And which arcade bmups have they cleared on hardest dips? With proofs?

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Final Fight has 2-3 enemies on-screen at any given time.

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Golden Axe is way better than Slowalk on the Streets of Button Mashing 2

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