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meh, it's not as much fun as Rescue Rangers and the music and levels/enemies aren't very memorable either. also the cartoon isn't that well-remembered today.

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>also the cartoon isn't that well-remembered today
I legitimately forgot about it and thought it was some Disney knockoff until recently

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I’m a classic mm fan so darkwing is way better than chip n dale as a game but yeah the cartoon does seem to be forgotten. Wasn’t it a duck tales spin off?

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No, DWD was its own thing separate from Ducktales.

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It actually was, though they didn't dwell on the connections too much. I think the most DuckTales gets brought up is Gizmoduck's first DW appearance where he's leaving Duckburg and later has a happy reunion with Launchpad.

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It’s definitely a spin-off, anon.

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>and thought it was some Disney knockoff until recently

So you’re an idiot? Explain yourself.

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