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>Destroys the entire storyline

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Honestly, the story in that game was one of the better ones in the series. Sora still acted like a human kid instead of a Goku knockoff, it delved into some sorta deep things (what makes a person a person, how real do memories have to be, etc), and it got feelsy at times. I still love KH2, but that’s when Sora stopped feeling like a hot headed kid and the story got infinitely more anime, then completely fell off the rails after.

GBA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PS2 port

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Within the game itself the story is fine. It only becomes a mistake in the context of the franchise because it introduced a shitton of OCs, and the story has never recovered.

>Kingdom Hearts - trio of OCs that are best friends, most characters are Disney (including most of the villains), last-minute OC final boss
>COM - new group of OCs as villains
>KH2 - OC explosion, OCs on top of OCs
>BBS - prequel that introduces OCs to explain the other OCs
>Days - character development for the OCs
>DDD - time travel to bring back past OCs and reorganize the OCs
>KH3 - have to make a group of good OCs to defeat the bad OCs
>mobile games - there are all these other OCs and they wear animal masks
>KH4 - new dimension with new OCs

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In hindsight, the bullshit began as soon as the secret ending of the first game. Quite literally edgelord city. Of course, at the time, being a teenager with a taste for dark n' edgy things, I thought it was cool and mysterious, but it was the precursor to so much of what sunk the series.

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Why would anyone into "dark and edgy" even give Kingdom Hearts any attention? I never played it as a kid because fucking Goofy was on the cover and I thought it was for babies

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Because I was also into Final Fantasy, and it had Cloud and Squall and shit. Genius hook on the part of Square, really.

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Watch the movie Dark City and you will appreciate it more. It's less edgy and more fuckin weird 90s shit.

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To be fair in the secret reports you learn that Ansem was a Hojo tier mad scientist who fed Heartless people's bodies and Hearts and removed people's Hearts until they had a mental collapse. And his giant boat form was straight up Kefks Seraph Sephiroth Ultimecia insanity.

And Nightmare Before Christmas was loved by goth kids and shit.

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Well, now I finally know where that whole aesthetic came from. Thanks for that.

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>re: Chain of Memories 3.vii -i log(e)

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we have to go deeper. where did dark city's director get the ideas for his film?

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This was my first kingdom hearts game and I really liked it. Had no idea what was going on with the storyline but I liked the cart battling and the little world areas

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Should I play these games? I always liked Final Fantasy and jrpgs in general but having donald duck and goofy in my jarpigs was too much for me back in the day, yeah I was one of the fags who liked FFVIII, but now I don't take shit so seriously anymore so I was thinking maybe they're not so silly

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KH can be good if you can laugh at it when the Disney characters try to be serious.

KH1 is a fun ARPG/platformer
KH2 on critical is a top tier action game. Stomach the tough beginning, and if you are a DMC or Ninja Gaiden fan you’ll adore it by the end game.

After that it’s up to you if you want to proceed further as the games become VERY different to what came before them.
>chain of memories is a weird action card game with a decent story
>bbs is another action card game but very different from chain of memories, on crit it plays similar to Sekiro
>358/2 is a neat experiment that does a decent enough job porting KH to the DS but definitely shows it’s age. Still, it’s the story is pretty nice and feels a bit like a Japanese radio drama, it’s also very uncompromising with where it goes and is the last time the story was actually decent in the series in my opinion
>re: coded is sort of like a bunch of mini games that constantly change up the games formula. It’s pretty throw away, but if you were a fan of Chain of Memories then towards the end it gets neat
>DDD is pretty bad all around. There’s one feelsy-ish moment, but the gameplay and the worlds are all around lacking and worse than what came before it
>KH3 plays nothing like 1 or 2, but on Crit there is definitely some fun to be had. It doesn’t reach the heights the first two games set, but it’s decent enough.

Something to keep in mind though is that the series is not meant to have an ending and will keep going till they can’t make money out of it, so if you want a conclusion pretend it ended with 2.

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Oh! I forgot. You absolutely need to either play or watch the cutscenes for Chain of Memories before going to 2 or there’ll be this large gap you won’t understand at the beginning. The series is super autistic in the sense that all the games are very important to the plot except 357/2(which ironically has one of the better stories) and Re: Coded.

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Reminder that KH’s storyline has two actual trilogies so far

The shit that started with KH1 trilogy

The shit that started with BBS trilogy

If you played the first three games and are satisfied with the ending, know that that’s the most satisfying conclusion you’ll get from this series. Feel free to skip the second trilogy. I endured it, waiting for it for more than a decade. You don’t have to. It’s more of it, but it doesn’t get any better.

You welcome.

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You had to be there. And also shop on Hot Topic at the time.

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If you watched TV back then it actually had commercials that aired. The first half was full of Disney shit that made teen me roll his eyes but then it cuts to clips of the Final Fantasy stuff and Riku fighting Sora in Hollow Bastion and I ate that shit up.