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Can we get a /tv/ thread going? What's the best film or television show tie in /vr/ game?

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jack bauer > max payne

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Die Hard Arcade

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>released a month before the 360 launched
Why the FUCK didn't they just wait? This would have been a much bigger deal.

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no it wouldnt have

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Riddick EoBB
Blade Runner
The Thing (kinda bad but at least pretty unique)

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Sure has hell would have been a bigger hit than a late 2005 PS2 release. GTAIV was still a long ways away and Saints Row wasn't released until a year later.

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the simpsons arcade beat'em up was surprisingly great

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Warriors for PS2.

Captured the movie perfectly. Some story inconsistencies but otherwise Rockstar knocked it out of the park.

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Were you really surprised?

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yes i really was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHOCKED and STAGGERED
i was expecting a shitty generic cash in game

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I'm curious as to what led to that expectation.

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>Can we get a /tv/ thread going?
Go back to your cancerous shithole

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Not that anon but TV/Movie properties are overwhelmingly shit cash ins. This has always been the case. Anon is just a simple betting man taking the odds.

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the interrogation mini game was weirdly easy and then insanely difficult

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I mean Do the Bartman was released the previous year, that set the bar for Simpsons tie-ins.

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This could be fixed.I would add 2gb of audio of them spewing one liners non stop so they would stop repeat themselves and make the enemies less bullet sponges.

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Zoom zoom

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What is ur problem? Seriously I want a valid answer. I kinda like this thread.
I bet if it was
>Can we get a /mu/ thread going?
You would not bat an eye and post MegaMan and Parappa and the music that inspired it. STFU and forget about this thread (stop clicking on it then!)
Michael Jackson Moonwalker was a great game

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For me, it's Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

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What's the best star trek game?

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Never seen this

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/tv/ went to absolute dog shit after Bane posting era. It's a shell of its former self. /mu/ is still decent.

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Pilot Bros., based in a classic soviet cartoon, started series (first two, maybe three, were good, then it went to shit quickly), and the national subgenre of cheap ass quests about easily recognizable folk heroes (see: red comrades series).

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Goldeneye is clearly the best game based on a film.

But if by “tie in” you mean something that expands upon the story of the film, I’d cast my vote for “SW Battlefront 2” “Rogue Squadron” or “Enter the Matrix”

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I liked this way more than I expected to

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Star Trek 25th Anniversary and Judgement Rites capture the feel of the show pretty much perfectly. I like how the redshirt acts as the "extra life" too so you can fuck up and get someone killed once. Picking all the incorrect douchey and antagonistic dialogue choices with full Shatner VO is great too.

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> that fridge puzzle in first game

I wonder if there were any equivalents of that in western point-n-click adventure games?
A single cockblocking puzzle so infuriatingly difficult that it becomes sort of legendary among those who played the game.

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I know it's not canon but I like seeing the what if endings, like mr blue's
idk why i put so much time and effort into getting all the outcomes.

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>dedicated button just for tony to say montana lines
I really, really liked this.

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seconding Blade Runner. Finished it for the first time about a weak ago and started a new playthrough right away. Great replay value as your playing style actually has an influence on how the story progresses, as well as the fact that the game randomly determines who is and who isn't a replicant when starting a new game.

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It's a good thread, OP just retardedly chose to give it an unfortunate title

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there was? Fucking based. Scarface was a big thing in the retro-era, those lines were sampled ad infinitum anywhere from Gangsta Rap to Gabba and Hardcore Techno

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>Captured the movie perfectly
yes by being complete shit
am relieved normies ended up having actual standards they didn't like it and not even the e-celeb shilling managed to change the facts it's a boring and bland game and one of the least popular R* games out there

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>/mu/ is still decent.

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Chronicles of Riddick: EFBB is like the golden standard of a tie-in.

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You have shit taste

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There was. Actually weren't samples from the movie but a voice actor personally chosen by Al Pacino (as his voice was shot from smoking) who recorded specifically for the game.

Was a great game actually.

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The Warriors is a shit game, deal with it faggots
even Manhunt 2 was better than that disaster

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I liked this

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What /vr/ Mad Max games are worth playing? I've been enjoying the modern one and would be interested in seeing how it was interpreted for games back in the day. I don't remember playing any as a kid but there must be a couple at least. I'd assume on NES.

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>What /vr/ Mad Max games are worth playing

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As in they're all shit or none exist?

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Why does this get so much praise? Because it's specifically NOT trash?
I really like how well the simpsons characters translated to pixel art but as far as gameplay goes it's pretty bad.

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The ones that exist are super-hard to get by, but are also super-shit.
The games that are "Mad Max, but under different title, but still takes a retard to not realise it is MM" are meanwhile almost uniformly shovelware.

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I remember having tons of fun with Simpsons Hit & Run.

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It's not THE best but dammit Jaws on NES is a pretty damn good game. It's not too long (you can easily beat it in 20 minutes) it kinda follows the plot to Jaws: The Revenge, pretty faithfully, and it looks nice. It's easily a 6/10 game.

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Isn't Metal Max the JRPG series supposed to be good?

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You've got a lotta teeth for a cocky fucker

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These were surprisingly good, specially Ham Ham Unite

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This, I stopped playing because there was one Interrogation I just couldn't get past

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The posts in this thread are too on topic for it to be a /tv/ thread.

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> MJ Moonwalker
I played this game recently. Too bad I never get my hands on it as a kid. Kid me would go crazy over this game.

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I remember renting this one as a kid and liking it. No idea if it holds up, I'd imagine not.

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Mu died when they started using the term dad rock

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similar thing, JAWS Unleashed
absolutely fucking hilarious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LJ8R2xfzW0

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this was my choice as well, fuck the other fucktards who think the warriors was shit, great film and great game, it was good they brought back alot of the original cast.

anyone who disagrees it just goin faggot.

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The big Chinese guy tried to murk me outside of McCoy's apartment and the indifferent attitude the characters had toward the whole event made me laugh.

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I interviewed with them and they had The Warriors as a full arcade cab in their office, which was extremely cool.

They were awful btw, I didn’t respond to the callback.

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The games decent but the films fucking great

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Agreed and nice movie reference at the end there, they've definitely gone faggot

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The only people who dislike The Warriors are complete and utter TOYS.