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It's insane how today we have all the graphics possible and yet somehow they captured way more of an actual mood with so little

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It seems so quaint now, but back then this just absolutely blew me away. It felt alive.

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>it's a tumblr blog thread

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That's because initially video games was made by a bunch of nerds, who love fairy tales, legends, beautiful elves, mysterious forests, shiny fairies with small bells, noble heroes etc. This people never was "professional designers", so they didn't know about any designer rules, they were creating what they liked themselves.
And after some time, when video games had been turned into profit industry, there was a wave of pandering to the basic audience, who cannot understand, who thinks, that fairy tales are for children only.
And even later there was a very lazy designers, who didn't want to work yet wanted to get money, so they started brown-and-gray wave, "let's just slap some color filter" wave, "square instead of an interface is good" wave (that's mostly about win8-10 and related stuff, but also about website design) etc. This lazy faggots and wider audience had brought current state of AAA games, where being able to render 2666557344745 of beard hairs on a random boring "realistic" NPC is considered more important than making this beard looking impressive on impressive and interesting character.
Oh, there is other type of bad designers - they make "calarts" of video games - fortnight, overwatch and other games, where all surfaces and character details look too round and smooth as if they were created for 2 years old with same mold for every game.

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at least fornite women look like women

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yes, the sad death of blue skies in gaming. RIP 1991 - 1999.

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Nothing will top this.

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what game?

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Sadly happened with osts, too.
I hate zimmercore, I want bedroom music back.

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yeah boi

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And seethe

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>play Gold for the first time
>realize time changed depending on the IRL time
Man that was such a new concept back then and it felt extremely comfy sitting in bed playing at night while the game was also night time.

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Why doesn't my game have this lighting

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When I was a kid I would fuck with the tint and brightness knobs on my tv to play Zelda 3 "night mode".
I'd run around in the woods east of town and try to snipe the guards with arrows without being seen

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Anon this is amazing, no joke. You are most likely a creative person

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Holy shit. This forum thread is a blast from the past.

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SSTFE had one of the most gorgeous night sky textures I've ever seen.

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Very cute story, Anon. Thanks for sharing.

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Now that sounds like my kind of autism!
Love it when anon posts stuff like this.

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how do ps1 graphics look real in a way that modern graphics dont even?

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Artistry. Modern games are done piecemeal, large teams going for "realism", you make this texture look like that, you make that look like this, now let's fix them all together into something satisfactory, like it came off an assembly line (because it did). Games with vision have artists who see the whole picture, who can step back and see the light and shadow and color of a scene and render something as vivid as their imaginations. They start with what they want a scene to convey, and then pull out the necessary elements to make it happen. It's unironically like pic related, if you've ever read it.

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That's pretty cool. You sound like a fun guy to be around.

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Is this an actual game?

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Wat gemu

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I think its just a bit of work from a designer; dont think theres an actual game
so I was told

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Me sitting under the tree.

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The Colonel's Bequest

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love you anon
>verification not required

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I've got such a strong memory of playing this when it's night time and raining in the game and listening to PJ Harvey's 'To Bring You My Love' album.

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In my corner of the world there was a nice thunderstorm last night so I busted out GTA III and cruised portland (best island) while it was pouring down outside. It was a top comfy experience.

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That's an ancient promo screenshot. >>9014129

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It's called Contrast, and while it is not retro, it's got nice jazzy soundtrack, simple yet interesting story, cool visuals and nice gameplay. Also, it is short.

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what game is this?

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2022 and this is still so beautiful and comfy to look it. how did he do it, guys?

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Why would you submit yourself to the first game?

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what’s this from?

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Sonic Adventure 2

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Because I've completed all the others.

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I suspect that English is not your first language. And yet, you summarised my thoughts so well, I could not have said it better myself. Bravo, anon.

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It's the colored lights that make the night so attractive. It would be really cool if light trails from the tail lamps, in a style like the Akira animation, could be modded in.

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That would be extremely cool.

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No global illumination.

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it's the SOUL, unironically

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It was more during dusk but still one of the coziest atmospheres ever. Plus the music.

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What game is that? Love the colors.

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Man, I've gotta play this game again!

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>Still the Best

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Beautiful, what game?

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