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Resident Evil with dinosaurs, resident evil with zombies or resident evil with ninjas.
Which one do you prefer?

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resident evil with alaskans

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I like both zombies and ninjas. I need to play Dino Crisis. Hell, I need to replay RE1-3 with a side of Outbreak 1 and 2 and the Onimusha trilogy again. Awesome games.

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Resident Evil with anything makes for a good combo. I was honestly surprised with how cool Dino Crisis was, thought it would be really cheap and weird.

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onimusha doesn't really play like the others. he can pretty much beat the shit out of every enemy, and aside from the dolls, you never feel like you're in any danger. the other two have limited ammo, and at some points outright bullshit to go through. also dino crisis 2 is the superior game. dino crisis 1 was just working out the kinks.

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marry Resident Evil
fuck Dino Crisis
kill the weebshit

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Resident Evil with mutants

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Resident Evil with Southerners

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Dinosaurs aren't scary

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it's actually set in northern America just like Twin Peaks

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so gears of war is resident evil with underground people?

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>gears of war
>similar to RE1,Dino Crisis and onimusha

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This is the correct response

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Metal Gear with chinks

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You might be surprised at how Dino Crisis differentiates itself if you like the genre. It's easily the hardest of that subset of Capcom games. Doors actually take work to unlock past getting both keys per door. Dinosaurs are deadly and ridiculously hard to put down. It's well worth a play.

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Tha'ts 2.

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Definitely similar to Resi 4.

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Resident Evil with lipstick lesbians

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wich isnt similar to the classic RE or dino crisis or onimusha.

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Does this get any better? I played the first one recently and loved it, but im in the aquaducts in 2 and it's sort of boring and the robot enemies are just a chore to deal with.

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Resident Evil with vampires

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resident evil with 2 idiots who waste all the items

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The REmake 3 Multiplayer kind of encapsulates this experience into a short-form arcadey format

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Resident Evil in mars

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Resident evil RPG

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is it me or does dino crisis 2 have heavy motion blur but only during the ingame cutscenes ? im playing on real hardware and crt but the in game cutscenes are really ugly.

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Thanks for reminding me I need to play dc2 and the onimusha games still
And this
Oh yeah this too
Please no one play this
And no one plays this
Never heard of this, seems really cool
I wish another game did the 4th wall sort of stuff this well

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cool thread post more funny description

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Resident Evil but it's Pokemon Snap with ghosts, jailbait and a sister who seems way to close to her brother inside a haunted mansion and it's all based on a true story, but actually not, it was just a marketing ploy.

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Resident Evil with blackjack and a gorilla

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Resident evil with space furries

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resident evil with samurai

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Castlevania with pizza

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It's a made up small town in Washington State. It was originally meant to be set in Canada so it has a little bit of that in there

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