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Hammer, anvil, forge and fire, chase away The Hoofed Liar. Roof and doorway, block and beam, chase shitposters from Thief Threads.

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I find thou extremeley based, brother

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I unironically like the supernatural stages, even the last one.
I think is a good break of pace and concepts, to mix things up and make it more than a looting game.

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Replaying Thief 3 at the moment. The jerky movement makes me want to throw up sometimes, it feels like you're playing a first person mod for GTA or something. The Keeper Library is also fucking boring, least interesting faction by far. Like I give a shit about glyphs. Other than that, I'm enjoying it just alright. The Sneaky Upgrade that removes the loading zones is nice, and a lot of the lighting and shadows have held up really nicely.

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I agree, I like the supernatural stages from Thief 1 a whole lot more than the city street missions from Thief 2. Down in the Bonehoard and The Lost City (original The Dark Project version) have such spooky lonely atmospheres. Graverobbing is thieving too.

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Only taffers dislike the supernatural stages, specially the Bonehoard. The most big braned videogamers also realize the Thieves'Guild level added in Gold is very good and you're supposed toget lost and confused

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In retrospect, it captures the medieval fantasy look much better than later videogames like TES Oblivion. It's "okay for what it is" but could never hope to match LGS's products.

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I absolutely fucking hated Bonehoard as someone that went into Thief Gold after Thief 2 but now it's grown on me. Still absolutely fucking hate Escape! though.

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That's usually how it goes. It subverts expectations way too much for new players. Then on a replay it starts to become the best mission.

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Yeah, nope.

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Been a while since I played any of the thief games. Haven't drummed up the interest to play the third one yet. Seen a few demo videos of the gameplay and the way it played looked a bit weird.

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You can mod the third one to play and control more like the first 2 games which is what I did. It's still kinda janky.

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I was tempted to try Thief 3 to scratch that Thief itch after playing both of the original games but then I discovered FMs.

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Play The Scarlet Cascabel

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ill admit bonehoard is great tomb raiding fun but thieves guild is awful and will always be awful

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which difficulty is the most fun for thief gold

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It controls nothing like the first two games mods or no mods.

Play Hard your first time then on Expert for different objectives and altered layouts.

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>It controls nothing like the first two games mods or no mods.
What? I mean the physics are kinda jank and Garrett slides off stuff a ton and you climb on walls instead of rope arrows but other than that it's mostly the same.

Expert. Expert adds more content so you'll miss out if you play easier difficulties. Difficulty does not change the AI at all. There is one really notorious mission on expert though, Haunted Cathedral. Finding all the loot is a huge pain in the ass. I wouldn't say it's worth playing on an easier difficulty over 1 mission though.

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Every difficulty plays differently. Keys move around, loot objectives change, entire areas of the map can open or close depending on whether you're on easy, hard, or expert. If you want to see it all, you have to do all three.

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>Difficulty does not change the AI at all.
Not exactly true, they are more sensitive on higher difficulties and take longer to give up on searching for you.

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Gonna start my playthrough

I should just start with Thief Gold from GOG, right?

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You'll probably want TFix Lite, and to replace the Lost City with the original non-Gold version, because that is one level that is actually made worse in Gold. But yeah, Thief Gold is a good starting point.

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Tfix Lite and GoldtoDark

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Just use Thief Gold it comes with Tfix preinstalled and GoldtoDark is overrated.

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How do I remove Thieves' Guild

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TFix sucks, use TFix Lite, which contains only fixes, not """"""improvements""""""

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As far as I know difficulty increases the guard count but does not affect the AI itself.

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>the Bonehoard
Love that level. I enjoy burning through it slowly as you would a nice cigar.

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I've never been more afraid of anything in my life than Return to the Cathedral. I'm being completely serious. I've been robbed at gunpoint once and I wasn't as afraid then as I was of this level in this low-poly computer game. I literally had to press escape in terror countless times and star at the menu screen to try and catch my breath and work up my nerve. I couldn't even go near that elevator that goes down into the ground. I could HEAR them. Their horrible frenzied chattering. I had to sit as far away from my monitor as possible just to force myself to proceed. And I loved every minute of it.

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I feel you, that level is creepy as fuck.

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For me it's the buildup. When you explored the ruined city the spooky supernatural shit is amped up, especially when you see that hammer haunt guarding a house. Then you see this old abandoned cathedral where a voice tells you to gather some items and come back, and your expectative grows.
With that said, there's nothing scarier than the first Cherub you see in T2, appearing out of thin air blocking the only corridor you can go through. It's harmless, but you don't know what to do that very first time you meet it.

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If you guys are looking for something to match the scare the game gave you back then, I heavily recommend you start getting into FMs. Something like Into the Odd for example has some of the creepiest and most unsettling moments of any Thief mission I've ever played.

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I played TDP as a kid and didn't play T2 until I was an adult. This post reminded me of how I would spend actual hours in the beginning area of the Cragscleft Prison level, jumping around and throwing rocks into the water, trying to work up the nerve to enter the mine with the fucking zombies. If I had played T2 as a kid my little heart would have given out at Return to the Cathedral

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>If I had played T2 as a kid my little heart would have given out at Return to the Cathedral
Return to the Cathedral is from Thief 1

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It's after Cragscleft though, so I guess he never got past those initial zombies?

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dont want to derail the thread but it's kinda dead anyway.

Anybody else notice how the 'step-on-stone' sound effect is the same in both games? But somehow it sounds so fucking shitty in New Vegas.

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I was playing both games very recently and noticed that but wasn't sure, in general it's very common for older games to use the exact same sound bits but it surprised me to see the same happen to games that released close to a decade away from each other.

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The thief devs probably did a ton of audio mixing on it to make it work at a lower bit rate where the new vegas devs probably just used the raw sound.

Modern devs use a ton of stuff as placeholders and then never get around to updating them so they linger.

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Pretty much this. Also New Vegas had an extremely rushed development while Thief had a lengthy development hell.
And Thief's sound director is Eric Brosius while New Vegas' is some literally who.

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I'm going to the bear pits tomorrow, wanna come with?

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couldnt BEAR me enough

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>Into the Odd
Holy kino