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Holy shit the controls fucking suck. What were they thinking?

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maybe SotN would be a more appropriate choice for you zoomie

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aw sweet a bait thread that """oldfags""" will bite to every single time without fail

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grab a appropriate romhack and shut your mouth

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>game made in 1997
go away retard

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he's going to take you back to the past...

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Sugoii~ oniichan! What are we going to do in the past??

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zoomies love metroidvania junk

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Castlevania 1-3 aren't metroidvanias, they're just platformers.

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Liking certain genres has nothing to do with your age, you retarded tribalistic dipshit

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read reply chain
thats not the point

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>Liking certain genres has nothing to do with your age
Sure it does. One or two zoomers claiming they enjoy retro games doesn't change the fact that game preference is highly correlated with age.

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Retro isn't a genre, dumbass.

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I'm sure that sounded clever in your mind.

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>classic rock isn't a genre

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it isn't

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Knock back and not being to change the arc mid jump is bullshit

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it's a marketing term, and a shit one at that
in the 70s, beatles was classic rock, in the 90s, it was pink floyd, now it's nirvana

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You're actually fucking retarded

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wow it's almost like retro is a genre ;^)

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>guy does exactly what you want when you press the button
>bad controls

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no it's objectively not
platformers, rpgs, adventure games, etc are genres
retro is an age term like vintage
like no one goes out looking for "vintage records", and wants it to sound like xyz, they're looking for old records
well usually they do want it in a genre but then you'd say something like "vintage rock cds" or something

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uh huh

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okay you're probably just pretending to be retarded so whatever
i'm gonna go play some castlevania
and then go to bed cause it's late

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tell me more anon

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You can't be this fucking stupid.

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Get good zoomie.

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Castlevania has clunky controls like most early games; it came out in Japan in 86 and third party NES devs often struggled to get stuff to control well. Late period Konami titles like TMNT III almost feel like they're on a completely different system.

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The controls are great, tight and responsive. The fixed jump arc has nothing to do with controls, and it's an intentional gameplay feature. Castlevania isn't a platformer, it's an action sidescroller like Rush'n' Attack / Green Beret (which has the same fixed arc jumping), it's closer to Kung Fu than it is to Super Mario Bros or Adventure Island.

The Goonies by Konami came out 7 months before Castlevania and had more free jumping. Because the game is more of a platformer than Castlevania.

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but it does you retarded retrofad zoomie, how else do explain somebody that wasn't even born back then not liking a very early form of control scheme?
I mean, how the fuck is someobody stupid enough to not understand that Symphony of the Night's control evolved through the years and was not magically put into the first game in the franchise?
And you see plenty of similar posts on /vr/ proving the point...

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No, THIS is a Clunkvania

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It's fun

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2 kinda is?

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Rather a game controls well or not has nothing to fucking do with it's genre nor is rather you like a genre effected by your age.
You people are peak retard

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>Castlevania isn't a platformer
Then maybe it should have had less platforming? What a stupid argument. It clearly has a massive focus on platforming.

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