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Why does this country hold so many good retro games hostage?

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because they're based

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Nothing's stopping you from learning japanese.

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It's literally impossible

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Because they hate you, and that's a GOOD thing.

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You can import anything you want man.

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ever ask for a fan translation?

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It's the same reason you hold your virginity hostage btw

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I like Japan.

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you should. they're the reason videogames are good.

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Based nippon

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Part of the blame also goes to publishers who don’t bother to bring the games to the west, even in rare cases when the games have EN dubs like Deep Fear.

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Downs syndrome Japanese people know Japanese.

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are you offering to teach it to me or something?

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No, I just want you to know literal retards cam do something you claim is impossible.

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Deep Fear was released in PAL regions and was supposed to release in NTSC-U too, there is a fully finished unreleased version of it

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Commit to learning something you retard.

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gatekeeping is based and if i were them i would see the stink of westerners from the headlines and would do everything to keep them out of and feel unwelcome in my culture.

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As a white speaker of Nihongo I wish they fucking would.

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Backwards thinking.
If a Japanese game wasn't released in the west, it usually means the western publishers didn't want it.

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I dont know but all the retro jewtubers, chinks and weebs literally drained all the stock of retro stuff inflating the prices in an insane manner. I remember when I puchased a VF2 Sega Saturn brand new for 50Yen back in the days. My capcom minicute was purchased 32000 yen at a local recycle shop back in 2008. My best hit, monitor was brand new.
Now you pay 500000Yen for a rotting one.
Fucking chinks and auction proxies, die already.

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Were Chinks really responsible?

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Get outta here with that jap crap.

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It's totally doable anon, and you could do it too. It took me 2 years to reach fluency. Note that "fluent" does not mean "native", but I began studying in August 2016 and passed JLPT N1 in December 2018. I can read everything I encounter without difficulty, and retro games are almost always gonna be way easier to comprehend than say, a Japanese novel or whatever.
Also, I did this while attending school full-time for electrical and computer engineering, and working full-time during the summers, and volunteering one or two nights every week.

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Based, as a fellow white 日本語話者 I completely concur. Japan needs to go full isolationist for 50~100 years to recover from the damage that's been done by cultural import over the last 60 years.

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its too late, have you seen the media they put out nowadays? fuck that

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Have you considered learning Japanese?

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Yeah I have and I deeply, deeply wish they weren't such big parroters of American propaganda (but the less said the better), and I'm also not a fan of the other whites who go over and blatantly have no respect for anything and just want to import garbage and incompatible narratives (again, the less said the better). Thankfully, I have seen some instances of reason, but I would like to see something stronger.

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t. learnt japanese


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I can't disagree with that, but I want them to let me move over there first.
>cultural import over the last 60 years.
That is the most charitable and diplomatic way you could have possibly described that.

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Sorry for the delay, just got off work.

I more or less followed the DJT (Daily Japanese Thread) guide, starting back when that thread was on /a/. It got kicked off and split into threads on /jp/ and /int/ afterwards. There are two websites that host a form of that guide:

Generally, this process involves three major components:
1) Initial study of grammar through traditional methods
2) Vocabulary expansion through spaced-repitition-system (SRS) vocab flash cards.
3) Language acquisition via "N+1" language exposure (based on the input hypothesis of linguist Stephen Krashen), which in essence means "keep reading things in Japanese that are slightly harder than what you can read comfortably, and repeat until you're fluent."
Step 1 is done first, took me a few months. Steps 2 and 3 are done in parallel.

Again, I did this on top of living an extremely busy and committed life. It is hard. But it's not impossible, that's just an excuse for people who are lazy.

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I cant do the flash card shit man. Im sorry but i just cant. I just want to learn the language like any other language. The flash card shit make makes me want to kill myself. My mind doesnt take to tedious repetition at all.

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I was in that thread on /a/ too and I couldn't do it. its not a laziness thing. its really fucking hard. its an insurmountable amoutn of work. you have to memorize every individual word in the language before even attemptign to read it. thats horrendous. no other language works like this. its so awful

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It makes me want to kill myself too anon, but if you stick with it your brain gets these absolutely insane dopamine rushes when you finish the cards for the day.
>I just want to learn the language like any other language.
I'm not sure exactly what you mean by that, but learning a language "the easy way" universally means taking 20x longer to do it, which makes burnout/giving up entirely much more likely. It is better to work really hard and know the language after 2 years, than to work a tiny amount and not know the language after 10. So many cases of the latter.

It's not a matter of whether you "take to it" or not, it's a matter of discipline.

>its really fucking hard
>its an insurmountable amoutn of work
false, I surmounted it. I spent about 1.5 hours every day (sometimes as little as 45 min, sometimes as much as 4 hours when I was really into the manga I was reading... but I estimate it was typically a little over an hour).

An hour every day for a couple years is NOT an "insurmountable" amount of work. I guarantee you spend at least three times that much time every single day on a combination of social media, video games, and leisurely internet use.

> you have to memorize every individual word in the language before even attemptign to read it
only half true, but it's not as bad as you make it out to be. It's utterly fascinating when you see the pieces start to fall into place. Learning Japanese allowed me to fundamentally change my perspective on challenges and how I spend my life.
>no other language works like this
Chinese comes to mind. Also there are constructed languages that are a billion times worse.

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I do not get any dopamine rushes
>its a matter of discipline
I have that, but I do not handle repetition at all.

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How long did you stick to it? A week? A month?

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im a neet but i really cant do that stuff man. i think the resources on that /a/ think are horrible. they dont fucking work for me.

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Less than a day, my eyes just glazed over and I lost interest. I know how my brain works. Repetition never works for me, and I don't get dopamine rushes from any kind of 'accomplishment' I just wish I could be in japan and learn it like that, thats how I learned my other languages. But instead I have to do this horrible online stuff when I already hate computers and doing any amount of work or study on them.

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I'm six years in of doing a minimum of an hour a day and closer to two on average using the methods described and am just now at a level I can play retro games without constantly looking up the dictionary. I am not stupid either, I have a physics degree, read philosophy for fun and am rich from crypto.

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For toy enjoyment? My time is more valuable than that, I’d rather pay someone who has already learned Japanese to translate my toys.

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Just pretend you know the language while playing. Eventually, it evens out.

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Quit video games and get off of 4chan, it would probably fix your brain's pleasure sensors. I quit video games when I taught myself Japanese, with the exception of Persona 4/5 which I played all the way through in 日本語.

>Less than a day
lmao, well no shit it didn't work for you.
There are plenty of people who live in Japan that do NOT know Japanese. It is a complex and different enough language that it cannot be obtained through osmosis, especially the written portion of it.
Best case scenario, living in Japan would net you the same level of ability in Japanese as the stereotypical Chinaman has in English. As far as reading/writing goes, you CANNOT learn it without dedicated, focused study.
Understanding the written Japanese language is crucial to becoming anything more than a parrot of other speakers. If you want to learn to formulate thoughts and express yourself in the language, it can't be skipped.

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Pic related is how you end up if you try to learn Japanese whilst ignoring the writing system.

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Lastly, you should understand that your language acquisition mechanism is not different from anyone else's. The way you learned your native language (and English, if it's not your native language) was through n+1 exposure, "comprehensible input".
It is a matter of inevitability. If you consistently apply the methods I recommended to you, it would be *impossible* for you to not learn Japanese.

But, sounds like you've made up your mind that you don't want to work for it (sorry, ""physically can't"'") so I'm done stressing the point.

Those evil Japs!! How dare they hold our precious RETROOOO gaymez hostage!1!1!

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>Nothing's stopping you from learning japanese.
Anon use your board addled brain for a moment and think about of the hundreds of mentally ill degenerates who translate stuff professionally, if those tards can do it, you can too. You just need to fucking start. Literally. Just get the known class books like Genki, Minna no Nihongo, or go for more obscure but still solid picks like Gakken's Japanese for Everyone (no it's not 'Minna' it's another book). If you suffer from learning anxiety and can't open the book for the life of you just set a goal of reading a page of day, nothing more nothing less. READ NIGGA READ

Don't go for any shilled method here on 4chinks which I'm almost convinced are just made to be beginner filters, pic related. Anything that stops you from starting NOW is to be avoided. Don't fall into grindy beginner traps.

Also remember, you might desire fluency as an end goal but just a rudimentary grasp of the language will allow you to enjoy vidya gaems, so don't get discouraged by the hours to master meme. And guess what will allow you to improve your shit japanese without even thinking about it? That's right, using the language AKA playing vidya games.

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>looks at related picture
Yeah that doesn't work for me. I'm not sure if I have actual brain damage or if it's a byproduct of unmediated/undisguised ADHD, but everything covered in that went in one ear and right outta the other. And I'm fairly certain I have both of those, cause I've had my bell rung more than once and the concept/treatment of ADD didn't really gain traction til my later school years. Instead those stupid fucks placed me in learning disability classes, then starting in middle school they pulled me out because I was too smart. At which point my grades plummeted because I wasn't getting any needed support. (Support that previously was serving as compensation for being unmediated/untreated.) But now I've gotten way off the rails.

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>I quit videogames
Why are you here?

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he's pretending he "quit video games" just because he plays less now and suplants his game time with time spent talking about games and telling you his life story. you may call him, in a word, a faggot.

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Filthy Americans cannot handle hardcore games. Look at Final Fantasy V, you were going to call it Final Fantasy Extreme to let people know it's not for little kids, after we gave you Final Fantasy IV based on easy-type. Or maybe you'd rather pour soda pop over a tombstone and eat Jurassic Pork instead of sake because you have nothing but American-Jewish culture to call your own.

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I work 40+ hours a week and have done for years, and I have still managed to consistently study daily to an intermediate level, whilst handling other priorities. If you have actual time on your hands and you are unable to commit then you need a word with yourself.

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>rich from crypto
So where's the issue? :)

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About what?

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The post implied it takes two years when I would argue it takes five.

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I always get the impression that people who write insanely long posts about learning Japanese spend more time learning about how to study Japanese than they spend actually studying Japanese.

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Correct. Check out the /djt/ thread on /jp/. It might be the worst general on 4chan. Anytime I asked a question there they accused me of trolling. There are people who browsing there 24/7 for years and who still don't know Japanese. They chased out all the knowledgeable and helpful posters years ago.

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/jp/ is sooo bad.

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/jp/ was my favourite board until mods started treating it as /trash/. First there was an off topic general that got more posts than the rest of the board combined and it all went downhill from there. Also a lot of the old posters commited suicide.

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Blame the new jannies, the new ones with the rhyme with a T.

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>people age 30 years after being in Japan 2 months
Swear to god.

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Easy, repetitive, brain rotten children's entertainment like vtubers and snes jrpgs are your best bet for learning the language.

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>the new ones with the rhyme with a T.
I don't think you know what a rhyme is.

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It was just their mitigations against COVID-19 and the added issues hosting an unpopular Olympic games which has it locked down. I did read they are starting to allow some test tourists with triple vaccinations get in now, which is great news.

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Very based, thanks anon

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>you have to memorize every individual word in the language before even attemptign to read it
That is only partly true. Yes, if you don't know a kanji at all you'll have to look it up. That'll happen... continuously - to varying degrees obviously. Even native speakers encounter characters they're unfamiliar with frequently. If this fact alone is an absolute dealbreaker for you, then steer clear and go no further.

That being said, it's simply not true that "you have to memorize every individual word". If this is your honest belief, you failed at grasping the underlying logic of kanji and thus most likely went about studying inefficiently, if not outright wrong. You even realized this by correctly gauging that it is indeed a virtually impossible amount of work to memorize every single reading and meaning of every single word in advance. And it is equally unnecessary to attempt to do so. But you failed at deducing from this observation the right adjustments to the way you study.

My guess would be that you might be one of those that tell themselves: "Oh, I don't need to memorize all the common kun- and on-readings or various meanings of a character when I'm studying. I don't need to go THAT in depth. I'm not a linguistics major after all. I'll just look up that specific word and get a feel for what that character means and how it's read that way. Since I'm bound to run into it again and again it'll stick eventually, right? At worst I'll at least learn that specific word. All the vocabulary I care about will eventually come to me that way through exposure." Sure, a certain subset of knowledge will naturally come to you that way and stay stuck in a sort of "I-half-know-this-kanji limbo" for a while. But make no mistake! By and large this method does NOT work! At least not if that's how you're doing exclusively.

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>>8920331 continued
At first it might seem like the easier way since doing it that way, you're not front-loading every single character with a bunch of metadata, like its kun-yomi, on-yomi and meanings. But that is a fatal misconception that sets you up for eventual failure. Knowing those things pays dividends in the long run. Big time! You absolutely 100% need to develop the ability to surmise a new vocabularies meaning and reading if it consists of kanji you already know. If you can't do that, you're not really studying kanji. You're shying away from them for some reason when in fact the goal is to become very fucking familiar with them. There are just many times more possible character combinations than you brain will ever be able to hold in the long run.

An example of this would be: If you know 合う 戦う 宿 掌 and their common readings, you should be able to at least make a reasonable guess as to what the readings of 合戦 合宿 合掌 are. Same goes for their meanings. If you can't do that at all then your method's very off and inefficient. I'm not saying you have to get it 100% right all the time. That's not possible. Maybe you guess 合戦 is read がっせん or 合宿 ごっしゅく. Errors like that are inevitable but you get the idea. My advice would be. Study 3 kanji a day. No more. Just 3. But do it in-depth and do it every day.

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The method you said does not work worked for me.

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Reminder that Japanese as a language has always been structured and designed to keep outsiders out, which is why everything about learning it as a foreigner is so difficult.

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You're not applying yourself.

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Why does hold so much weeb garbage hostage?

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This. Japan keep most of their shit under lock and key because they know we Americans will butcher it beyond all recognition.

>> No.8920380

Honestly the unholy trinity of Reddit, YouTube and AESTHETIC retards absolutely nosedived your chances of continuing to buy Japanese media at a decent piece without everything going to immediate extortion. If you were genuinely into Japanese shit for years you've now been fucked over by some faggot who posts for cultural capital.

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If you have a cellphone and know how to break kanji down then you can transcribe anything into DeepL. The only real hurdles are spoken Japanese and comprehension speed.

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Machine translating isn't learning.

>> No.8920402

And anime manga light novels isn't literature either.

>> No.8920407

It is, actually.

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After the sacking of Nanking and 50 years of ethnostatehood leading to a failed bankrupt state. Japan made babies first RPGs for incels with yellow fever.

Thankfully real RPGs from murica destroyed their faggotry

The end

(Play shadrowrun returns, fallout 2, disco Elysium, planescape torment)

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Read my post again.

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Get fucked, povert.

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For me it is toe meats

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Couldn't agree more.
I remember when you could buy old cool PC stuff like Cosmology of Kyoto or Eastern Mind for a decent price but memeing retards drove the games to ridiculous prices because some zoomer faggot made an attention whoring youtube video of themself "discovering" le hidden aesthetic vaporwave masterpiece. I still recall all those creepy "worlds.com" weirdos back in the day who used to shit on this board and /v/ with some of the worst forced memes this board has ever seen, those were the same guys who obsessed over trying to find ONLY the most hipster meme games possible to ruin, while pestering devs who actively disdain them like Osamu Sato, and giving birth to cringey tryhard streamers like https://www.youtube.com/user/Saintttimmy desperately trying to gain notoriety so they can attempt to monetize Japanese culture with whatever ignorant pozzed western interpretations they might have.

>> No.8923451

You can spot these types a mile away online as they see everything in made-up genres and will always ask "is there a name for this?" when they seek to break something down into a subgenre that didn't exist then and doesn't need to exist. It really sucks there's basically nothing of worth coming out nowadays.

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My mom ended up with a couple of these phrase books from my great granddad. They're pretty funny.

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