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>Mario Bros. for the NES was remade two different times, once for the FDS and another cartridge PAL exclusive release in 1991. In both cases they were more accurate to the arcade game and had content missing from the original cartridge release.[39]
Don't ask me why Nintendo cared about MB enough to do two remakes but couldn't be bothered to remake the incredibly shitty NES Donkey Kong.

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It's about what makes more money.

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Nintendo doesn't own the source code to the DK arcade game, Ikegami did and they fought a protracted legal battle over it that was settled out of sourt.

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Mario Bros is admittedly a better game.

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They both change the game by giving you air drift
FDS version has some weird jap advertisements while later PAL release had the intro cutscenes

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What about the SMB3 version?

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That one is totally different, not even the same game really. Different enemies, layout, graphics, mechanics and objective. It is more accurate to call it a mini-game inspired in Mario Bros. rather than a differen port/version

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Nintendo did remake the NES Donkey Kong years later, and it's on the NES Switch app


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>couldn't be bothered to remake the incredibly shitty NES Donkey Kong.
They sort of did, in 2010. A NES romhack with the cut level added in, but none of the extra items.

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>Replaces the Shellcreepers with Spinys so players unfamiliar with Mario Bros. don't try to jump on them

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