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Growing up, were you the type (or did your parents make you) to trade in old games in order to get new games?
Did you buy new, used, or rent games?

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Borrowed, rented, got new ones when they got cheaper, and friends burnt CDs with some PC ones. Never got rid of any game I owned to this day.

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Not me but my brother traded Pokemon Yellow for Blue, I don't mind that one because it was pretty much the same but
he also give back Super Star Saga to the store and traded it for some Tennis game because it was too hard, now that was bullshit

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I never rented and i never sold. I traded for games, then bought back what i traded for significantly less then i paid originally or traded dumb non gaming shit for games or took dares from friends in exchange for games. I only ever returned 2 games in my life, one of which i ended up buying back later on.

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I traded in my Dreamcast for an Xbox with JSRF.
Considering the former is easily emulated I think it ended up being a good deal.

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Only traded in one game, Super Castlevania for Super R-Type at a local shop called The Video Game Trading Post. Did it because a friend was trading a game and I wanted to be cool.

Otherwise, all of the above - I bought new, bought used, and rented all the time. I had a big list of obscure games (as in, obscure when the SNES was still on the shelves) and I'd call all the local game shops in the phone book every week and read it off. The moment they had something I'd been searching for like Secret of the Stars, 7th Saga, Paladin's Quest, or Robotrek, I'd ask them to hold it and then beg my parents to drive me an hour to get it. I'd often end up short from my $5/week allowance savings and have to count change and plead with my parents for the rest.

Ended up with thousands of games.

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I've never traded in games to buy other games.
I mostly bought games new but once in a blue moon (meaning literally three times between 1991 and 1998; I can tell you which games they were, if you'd like), I nabbed a used one if I was at, like, a fleamarket or something and I saw a game I wanted. I didn't do it much because I wanted the game CiB and fleamarkets and games stores seldom sold used ones CiB.
Speaking of stores, I never bought a use game from a store after I /tried/ to buy one and it didn't come CiB. I had them just put it back.
I have never rented a game.
I did sell my entire collection of games in '98, save my Playstation, Saturn and N64 titles when I discovered emulation. I kick myself for it to this day.

I had all the games you mentioned.

I bought an Xbox in, like, 2003 or so, just to play Pump It Up at home. That's the only game I had (and still have) for it.

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Once Gamestop had an online deal on consoles, buy one get one. I got a handful of DS systems, a Wii, an XBox360(?), and a PS3. I ended up with an extra 360 but it has the red ring, and I never played either because I forgot to get a hard drive? Or something? I've never actually played an XBox but I'm pretty sure it needs storage. Anyways, I kept all my old games.

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I made bad deals with funcoland, babbages, and gamestop.

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I forgot Babbages existed.

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On a side note, I acted up a lot in junior high mostly because of me having the good ol autism gene but my parents threatened to sell all my stuff to a pawn shop and that ruined my entire school day sending me into a weird panic mental breakdown state. Gonna return the favor when my dad passes away by selling his retarded hot tub nobody uses.

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I traded in my NES and got so little money for it I never wanted to do it again

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>I had all the games you mentioned.
I feel like Secret of the Stars has such a cool premise with the two separate parties that worked together throughout the entire game. I always got stuck as a kid because inevitably I'd always forget to level the Kustera. So janky but I have a big soft spot for it.

Also, what other game could get away with a dude named Badbad the Thief?

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>Also, what other game could get away with a dude named Badbad the Thief?
Was this a joke based on "Sinbad", where a sin is bad and bad is also bad, thus badbad?

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>saving up all my games to trade them in to fucking gamestop to get the new game i wanted
I thought i was a fucking genius abusing the system. God fucking damn it

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I eventually traded in my NES, SNES and Genesis/Sega CD and games to buy an N64 because my parents didn't have the money to buy me one and I really wanted it after playing it at the Blockbuster kiosk. I also sold my Gameboy and games to a friend so I could buy Final Fantasy VII.

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What game?

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My parents deliberately gave me a smaller than average allowance, but complete freedom.
I quickly wised up to the fact that saving paid off much bigger in the end.

I also picked up the fact that used games on older consoles were cheaper and usually still pretty great.
Only sold games a few times as a kid, always got shit for them and learned a lesson about researching before buying, whether that be looking at old gaming magazines or talking to people on the schoolyard.

My step brother always rented games, which I didn't understand. I was a little pissed off when for my birthday one year he gave me a rental of Paper Mario because I had to return it in two days.
When I got older I realized I was a fucking asshole and that it was very kind of him to spend his allowance renting a game for me instead of himself.

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I had to imagine playing games, sometimes spend time at the kiosks, watch others on the arcade cabinets. It is a luxury hobby for the rich. I typically got games that were no longer wanted in the clearance bins or junk bins of the recycle shops.

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Sinbad was a sailor, though, not a thief. We don't know the thieves' names in the Ali Baba story. The only names mentioned are Ali, Cassim (the brother who got chopped into pieces) and Murjana (the slave girl who killed the thieves).

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I had both those games on my Turbo Express. : )

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i did the same and i'm from a wealthy family who valued my time? i knew many kids who were poor and got the digital nanny, let it go bro

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This was me. I had my dads pc and 2 lcd games. Everything else i had to play at my friends and cousins, but it got me into retro quicker since i was always one gen behind and bought most of my stuff 2nd hand.

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we didnt had much money growing up so most of my games were from the clearance bin at walmart,didnt had many great games because of it and i think thats why now im so into retro games,in discovering all the great games i missed growing up and i think its quite sad actually,and now theres many games i still cant afford especially since covid wich sucks.

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Growing up the only place that sold used video games was K-Mart. I don't remember it being popular.
When we got a Gamestop, I tried to trade in some PS2 games (this was little bit before the PS3 and 360 came out) and decided not to after they offered me $3 or less for them each.

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multiple games as recommended by IGN :)

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I used to buy so many used NES and SNES games from K-Mart. Always got nervous on the way home, hoping they'd work. About 20% didn't and I'd have to take them back.

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Luck of the draw I guess. Most of my games were from various bargain bins as well, but they ended up being good titles that the general public just didnt care for at the time, like Wild Guns and Tales of Symphonia.

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>we get a PlayStation
>mom decides to give away the NES and ALL our games to our poor cousins
>cousins and their mom don't seem too overwhelmed by it, just politely thanking
>something's fishy about this but I'm a kid so I don't think about it too much
>fast forward a year, we visit them again
>they beg me to ask their mom to play the NES
>weird, why do I have to ask and why does it gotta be me?
>they play some SMB3 and manage to beat the first level after a long while
>realize it's the first time they play it because their mom won't let them

Fucking bitch, why do you accept the gift if you're not going to use it. It probably only makes it worse for the kids to know the stuff is in the attic and they can't do anything with it. We used to give them old clothes as well.
I wonder if they just accepted all of it by principle but never used any of it because the mom's ego was too big and was offended by being given stuff.

>fast forward a couple years
>their dad is now his own boss and is now rich as fuck mainly thanks to tax evasion
>they get a PS2 and all the sports games
>NES never heard from again

We had fucking Duck Tales 2 CIB

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tl;dr if you think buying SELLING old stuff was bad, think again. Giving it away to people who can't use it is just like throwing it away (which is probably what they did with it in the end)
Selling is understandable, games were expensive.

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Before I knew how to pirate I played demos and freeware games from magazine discs, afterwards I pirated.

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We rented a single game, DKC2 for SNES. Everything else was bought. There's a long story about it, but I never actually owned DKC2 until later in life, but managed to get a CIB copy while they were still cheap a little over a decade ago and now it's one of the most valuable games I own. And thankfully we never traded in, so I still have all of my other old games. I think my cousins traded in most of their old stuff which I really wish they hadn't. So many great games they used to own, one of them had all of the SEGA consoles, the other one had stuff like Mischief Makers for N64.

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I remember getting my dad to take me to the EB in our local mall when I was younger, and after I traded in like 20 games (And got totally fleeced) my dad ask how I did, I showed him the ONE PS1 game I got and he didn't say anything, silently walked me back to EB, took my new game (It was RE3 if you're curious) put it down on the counter, looked the teenage fuck working there square in the eye and in a quiet, yet extremely intimidating voice told him "Give them back." And without so much an argument the guy, without breaking eye contact like a scared frog in the presence of snake went under the counter, took out my stake of games and just quietly slid them to my father, who politely thanked him gave the new game back, and we left.

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I had an older Pentium 1 during the 00s so i got my games from the thrift store.
Disks were sold for 45 rubles (1,5$ at the time). You could have left your disks for them and get 30 rubles for each sold one.
Good times, get some interesting titles from there that didn't appear in the shops anywhere else (official localization of POD Gold that was long out of print, Mass Destruction, Carmageddon) and we were friends with the store's sysadmin.

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borrowed, rented, traded, loaned, traded in, got had, been took, etc etc
im proud of my surprisingly eclectic taste considering i was literally a child.
pokemon cards helped as they were basically currency in my neighborhood

i still try to make time, and attempt to be as cunning as i was in my youth

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family were regulars at Blockbuster.

it's not just nostalgia... life really is less fun than it used to be, isn't it?

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I used to trade stuff in all the time. For a few years Game in the UK had a 10 days policy, where you'd get your money back if you traded in within 10 days of purchase.
So many games I finished in 2-3 days I'd just swap it for whatever was out the following week.
The ones I really liked i'd keep.

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Lucky! Wish I had them, the TurboDuo deserved better and the games are just the style I like.

Not easy with inflation spiraling out of control. Wages have not kept up with the cost of living.

Imagination pretty much is a lost technique these days. It was always a treat to play video games.

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Yeah, thanks! I really liked my TE. Had a few dozen games for it and I liked all of them except Samurai Ghost, Keith Courage and Darkwing Duck. After getting Darkwing, I was completely turned off of non-Capcom Disney games.

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You think they've got Battletoads yet?

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I got 1-2 platinum (greatest hits) ps2 game for a birthday or christmas, that was it

my friend always got to rent games out and trade old ones in for a new game to buy and for whatever reason i was jealous, only growing up did i realize it was because he was kinda poor

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>Imagination pretty much is a lost technique these days. It was always a treat to play video games.
A lot of times I enjoyed flipping through the manuals or a Nintendo Power as much as the game itself. Especially if it was bedtime or something and I couldn’t play the game

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Yeah, midway into the SNES's lifespan my mom tried to get me to sell all my NES games because they were "old and useless now". She was the type to sell anything she hadn't used in 6 months. Didn't use the step ladder recently? Sell it. Oh shit you need a step ladder now? Gotta go buy a new one. Thankfully my dad was the opposite so I kept my games a while longer. I ended up selling some of my NES games about 10 years ago and still regret it.

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During PSX era, I bought a lot of games used and I was delighted when I got a good deal. I remember buying Metal Gear Solid for £20 a couple of weeks after release (I think it was £35 new). Seeing what you could find was a huge part of the fun. Kind of lost in the emulator/scalper era.

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Yeah that's awful, sorry to hear that bro. You always get barely anything for selling something compared to what you bought for (new). The best strategy is to only buy OLD and used. Most old used goods only grow in value. And it's hard to regret something you picked up cheap.

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Being born and raised in latam meant a nearly infinite supply of video games every year thanks to piracy. In fact, it was stupidly hard to find legit copies, since pretty much every dedicated store out there would sell pirate copies only, unless we're talking SNES/N64 (and maybe Gamecube too, idk). I had to rent N64 games because they were a bit expensive here.
By the end of the 5th generation, I had 60+ PS1 titles sitting on my shelf. Never bothered counting my Genesis cartridges kek
Good times.

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