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>Match with a zoomer girl on dating app
>Go to her place
>Her bathroom looks like this
Why does it bother me instead of making me feel good?

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Is this supposed to be Alucard saying this? How does Castlevania taste anyway?

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It tastes like leftover mutton that’s been sitting in a wall for ages; which is a pretty accurate description for the taste of most women‘s pussies.

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Could be that it's simply trashy as hell. Or the implied flavor of blood, decay, and fishmen.

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that's not alucard

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>Match on dating app
>Go to her place
things that never happen

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Not everyone is as bad at talking to women as you are, anon.

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She just wants you to lick her pussy, anon. Probably taste like nickels.

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Spooky pussy doesn't sound appealing

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uh really now

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> Be OP
> get to actually taste that pussy
> tastes great actually
> she's suddenly starts talking
> what is a man, a miserable little pile of secrets
> OP looks up horrified
> it's Dracula in disguise
> puny mortal has actually fell for it

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Because that’s disgusting as hell. Any woman using that word is pure trash, but displaying it openly in her home is a grandiose announcement of her most certain whoredom.

But most importantly, Castlevania is a man’s game. I don’t want a woman that actually plays it, because she clearly has an unnatural level of testosterone and that’s nothing but trouble

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>tastes great actually
>look up
>see this looking back

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>Castlevania is a man’s game

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He didn’t specifically say straight men

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It's a reality check. Deep down, your brain recognizes how wrong dating random poser sluts is, no matter how much you deny it.
The only thing you'll get from this is a bunch of STDs from scraping old, crusty nigger cum off her cunt.

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>screw Sonja

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