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what are some cancelled retro games you wish had came out, or would love for a prototype to see the light of day?
the Duke Nukem leak reignited the glimmer of hope. i'm still waiting on that 90% complete build of Resident Evil 1.5 to drop some day in an official capacity

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Pony Metal U-Gaim for MSX

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That Last Sheikah shit that Retrostudios pitched to Nintendo would probably have been more interesting than any Zelda game that's been released since then. Though as far as I know it only exists on paper.

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For a moment I thought this was some sort of Nordic gamer image.

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I'm still waiting...

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Have you ever had a dream where you imagined playing a game and thought it was real only to find out it was a canceled alternate reality fever dream?

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PS1 version of Wonder Project J2 with the cutscenes restored.

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A Kirbyvania?

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shes made for sex

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Why you gotta ruin everything?

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shes hot, the designers clearly had sex appeal in mind

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Looks awesome
The machine that breathes
not real
They're idiots for not doing this or at least on Saturn too. Their magnum opus was on Saturn imo.
It got a massive upgrade, just like Dino Planet.

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Always been curious how much progress they made before moving over to the Gamecube
The final game isn't great but I feel like it somehow would have ended up worse on the N64

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I'm 99% sure this version would've been a much better game than what we got on GC, but I have no proof.

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Resident Evil 3.5
I remember being excited for it but also feeling the old survival horror style was getting stale, now I miss the fixed camera genre.

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Redo as GameCube title.

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They joke around. There no plans for PS1 port.

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>sure this version would've been a much better game than what we got on GC
Delusional. N64DD is a big flop.

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conker twelve tales

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>not real
It is real. There were multiple trailers for it.

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Sonic has a lot of cool prototypes. Sonic 16, Treasure Tails, the infamous Sonic 2 Beta, Sonic Crackers before it became Chaotix

But of course the only one that ever gets brought up is X-Treme, never mind that Chaotix and Adventure both probably have Saturn builds lying around somewhere

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Lufia:Ruins Chasers on the PSX. To my knowledge, no in-game footage exists anywhere.

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The Sacred Pools

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>It got a massive upgrade
RE0 going through development hell is probably why the finished game is so disconnected in its level design. Fuck, the writer literally forgot the story between the early 1998 development and 2002 when they actually got back to working on the game

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i wish to see unrleeased mario 3 footage

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I think this game could have blown the survival horror genre out of the water. The visuals looked incredible, though they may have been downgraded, probably, in the official release. The atmosphere was great, and I would've been okay with a new twist with something more paranormal. Loved the over the shoulder combined with tank controls, I think that idea is great. Shame we never got it.

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ive never played a re before. are they good? ive kind of wanted to play the remake of the first one because it looks really beautiful to me. lol

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Why do women/faggots browse this board?

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No one ever talks about ICO PS1 version

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I wish we got this persona 3

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>game from katamari damacy guy
>apparently so interesting an idea it gave Ueda a kick in the ass to do Ico

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Sacred or not I'm still going to piss in the pool like I usually do.

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Play Remake 1 and Remake 2 and original 3, remaster 4 is probably fine, dont know

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The canceled 1984 point and click game that was shown in a couple times in 1998

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Onimusha on PS1,,, a lot of Capcom games in this thread.

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I wonder if it'd have the leech opera singer or it'd been just regular mutants. As bad as it is, the BOWs from Survivor are more grounded in the lore than fucking singing leeches

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I've checked a tons of content, videos, screenshots, interviews, concept arts, etc

There is no reason to believe the game would have been any different (everything we know from the final game seems to have already been there or at least planned), EXCEPT from two things:
- the N64 version was colourful, while the art direction in RE0 GC is "shit-piss-puke rainbow wrapped into a red carpet"
- Gameplay, that is to say gunplay, controls, etc would have been identical to RE2. All the videos show models and their animations straight out of RE2

These two points would be improvements, especially the later. RE0 really suffers from long animation cycles with tons of frames which impact gameplay negatively, while with RE2 models/animations it would have been just as tight as RE2.

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Ura Zelda and Earthbound 64 are the only ones I give a shit about desu. Ura Zelda is particularly tantalizing because we know it's 100% complete and just sitting in Nintendo's archives. All it would take is one little leak but nobody's ever managed to do it in all these years. And of course Nintendo will never tell us shit about Ura Zelda because they're retarded assholes. It's the holy grail.

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Big Brother, game was shown on Next Generation Issue 48, page 56. The character models look straight out of half life 2, too

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I don't know, why do you come here?

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Just by virtue of being an N64 exclusive RE, it would have had more cool factor. Zero on GC got to play second fiddle to both REmake and RE4, so no one gave a shit.
There's a chance it would have had item boxes, and pretty regular RE gameplay too, since those changes in Zero were very much a response to the notion that the RE formula was getting old by that point.

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Not everyone's a nonce.

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That sounds neat. I always wanted a game where you're just kind of going about your life in a dystopia, while either working to undermine it, or just trying to survive.

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Play the original trilogy first
These are all pre-patched versions. My patched 3 version might be out of date, but I replayed it just fine. The text document is a list of every entry in the series.

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the duality of man

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REmake is the original trilogy. Its not the ps4 stuff

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Didn’t this basically become subspace emissary in brawl? I thought a ton of elements from whatever this Kirby was ended up there

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I'm gonna

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REmake isn't the original trilogy, it came out 6 years after the first game released, as well as after 2, 3, CODE:Veronica, and 3 spin-off games.
It also does not have involvement from MULTIPLE important people in RE1's development such as Fujiwara (the developer of Sweet Home), Iwao (the guy who decided on what all the core elements of RE1 would be), and Kamiya. It is far from being part of the "original trilogy", even ignoring the glaring visual difference, the various gameplay differences, how almost everything REmake adds is never referenced, or how CODE:Veronica, the mainline game that you have to play if you want to know what happens to Chris and Claire, expects you to have played the original RE1.

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This guy did fuck all with RE1. Stop trying to force this meme.

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>stop trying to force the meme that the guy behind the project getting off the ground and acquiring the talent to work on it did nothing
Yeah okay dude

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Always wanted to see this fleshed out. The show never got a good game, and there was a lot they could have done with this

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Anon, you do know Macross is a franchise from Japan right? With a lot of video games? And that Robotech was the shitty dub that merged 3 completely different shows together?

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There's several really great Macross games out there. The one for the PS2 made by Sega AM2 is short, but beautiful. The PSP games (Triangular Frontier in particular) are also really nice. There's also some scrolling shooters, the VF-X games for the PS1 and M3 for the Dreamcast.

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REmake changes nothing though

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I can't tell if you're shitposting or being genuinely retarded.
I love how on the RETRO GAMES board, people here don't play retro games. I bet your only experience with the remake is through a fucking remaster. It changes MANY parts of the original, almost always for the worse, and this has been talked about to death in various threads.

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GBA FF III (not 6)

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>Chaotix and Adventure both probably have Saturn builds lying around somewhere

Nah, Chaotix was too early for that, Sonic Adventure was too late.

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chaotix did have Saturn builds drx from hidden palace almost got a proto back in the day but it was destroyed before he could get it, and we know that sonic team at least started work on Saturn because whatever they started with ended up in sonic jams sonic world

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REMake on GC changes absolutely nothing about core RE

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who the fuck destroyed it? did they not know what they had?

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I know the Chaotix Saturn proto is a lowkey thing but I hadn't heard about the destruction part. But that begs the question: since Chaotix was basically a Sonic 4 for Saturn at one point, what the HEL does that make Crackers...?

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Fucking Landstalker for the PSP. I know it wouldn't have been much, just a 3D transition to a more modern platform. But damn, I was ready to buy a PSP for this. My childhood would have been definitely easier by being intrigued by Zelda than some lesser known Genesis/Mega Drive RPG. I was so happy to see another lifesign by Climax after Timestalkers on the Dreamcast, which I've played much later. Luckily there's some surviving footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2igJr2ZsNE

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A Chaotix prototype.

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True Fantasy Live Online. Back when it was cancelled I thought it was Level-5 scamming MS out of money, but years later it turned out Japanese devs at the time just didn't have a fucking clue how to make online games.

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I mean, was Crackers after they decided to downsize, or before? Was it a size project or tech demo that merged? Where does it fit in exactly?

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Climax was such a based company. If they released this it would have saved them. RIPARINO.

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Didn't this became Return to Dream Land on the Wii or I'm missing something?

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Assets from the game were reused for RtDL, but HAL considers the two projects separate games.

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Crackers (actually meant to be Clackers) was developed on the Genesis and was being worked on in mid-1994, right after Sonic 3 (but before S&K). By December, Sonic and Tails were removed, and it was renamed to Chaotix and moved to the 32X. Not sure where the Saturn version fits in, but maybe it was intended to be a simultaneous release with the 32X version.

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There were -three- "Kirby for Nintendo GameCube" (commonly abbreviated Kirby GCN) projects. The one shown at an E3 got the most coverage back in the day, and was basically a four-player sequel to Super Star, with the plan to have a game menu reminiscent of it, but was supposedly primarily about Dedede stealing Kirby's Warp Star. Then after Air Ride, Sakurai (and Shimomura?) left HAL and the game entered development hell. An Iwata Asks reveals that two more versions were worked on from scratch before Return to Dream Land was cobbled together. One was a briefy-developed full 3D platformer that looked more like Blowout Blast with abilities. The next was a stylized, cell-shaded 2D platformer that had and upgradeable ability bar and treasures, which was likely developed for Wii since it was widescreen, but canceled in 2010. The apparent reason for the three cancellations was that they just didn' click together. Anyway, it's been discovered that Returns to Dream Land isn't the only game using their assets - dataminers digging through filenames concluded that some of the music composed for these games stretches at least to the 3DS era. Overall, at least two if them got far in development.

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Toonstruck 2. Oh, what could have been.

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The fact that this game got leaked and none tried to rebuild its souce code off the debug file that came even with how to do it, is sad.

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There was this game that was displayed at the 1994 Tokyo Toy Show, it was more a demonstration but seems like some effort was put into it. I remember seeing pic related browsing a gamepro at the market, and wondering what the hell that game could be like. Now we have a video, but video footage of that monster doesn't exist. It creeped me out when I first saw it as a kid. Would love to know more about it even though it looks like it was never intended to be a real game.

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I cant remember the name right now but there was a canceled platformer for PSX with a triceratops mascot.

>> No.8923223

Yeah, there's some autistic Sonic channel that compared Sonic Jam's animation to Adventure 1 or Adventure 1 proto and they matches. So Jam outright led to Adventure 1

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What's this, photos? Are they from some devs personal album?

>> No.8923314

Production book.

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Should I sell my GameCube collection? Everything is near mint and complete in box. I’ve had this shit for years.

Is the retro game market going to tank anytime soon?

I think this shit has gotten too expensive.

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its called the amazing mirror anon..

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that prototype version of Metal Slug where you'd be in the tank the whole game
After it didn't do so well in location tests, they reworked and redid a lot of the game, such as making Marco and Tarma the player characters, and completely redesigning some of the levels.
As far as I know, this version is lost.

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That daredevil game for ps2. Had detective vision before it was cool.

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shut the fuck up low t coomer

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who cares retard, make up your own mind

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Smells like reddit

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Marble Madness 2 for arcades

anonfiles dot com slash B517b6iey2 slash mm2_zip

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powerslave 2
glover 2 on dreamcast
ecco 2 on dreamcast
tomb raider 2 on saturn
driver 2 on dreamcast

>> No.8924658

also that streets of rage game on saturn

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Thank you for the dolphin porn, Anon.

>> No.8925243

Unfortunately, singing leech dude is there in the earliest concept art. It was pretty much doomed from the start. I think it would have been more fun on N64 running on the RE2 engine though.

>> No.8925259

Would have been a great way to explore the "lol link dies" BS asspull alt time line of OoT.

>> No.8925425

Too bad it never showed up in a MS collection. Also acts as the interconnected title between In The Hunt and GunForce/Metal Slug.

>> No.8925443

Wow, everyone forgot about Chrono Break

>> No.8925445

homos have always been here, anon
as for women... morbid fascination would be my guess

>> No.8925516

wtf, are these the actual ROMs?

>> No.8925650

Kinda surprising since didn't lufia do well?

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Nvm I found it. Kyouryuu Ouji Don for SNES.

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better quality scan

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Similar to how Cooly Skunk was going to be a late release mascot platformer for SNES but turned into Punky Skunk for PSX.

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POP'N LAND the sequel to Cocoron. I know some hoarder has this stashed away and wont dump it.

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There's a few beta levels included in the Mario 3 randomizer, if that's your thing. It's worth checking out.

>> No.8926323

I would agree but most of their good games were with camelot

>> No.8926329

I really love the old sculpted clay figurines you get in old game stuff.

>> No.8926482

if you have zero attachment to them and need 3 grand, sure, then again $3k doesn't go that far in today's economy

>> No.8926486

tastes like newfag

>> No.8926597

cool, don't think i saw this one before, feels like this stuff might have been repurposed for Fighting Bujutsu

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The build with these designs before changing it completely, though i'm not completely sure if they really made one

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I'm sorry that you americans are too mutilated to feel any pleasure, but that does not give you the justification to attack others who are still intact and can feel pleasure.

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surreal 3D adventure game Freakboy 64

there is a playable prototype out there and a rom too. you cant get very far and not much else is known about it. the screenshots used to really capture my imagination.

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Can you believe they took Sister Sonic from us?!

>> No.8927962

Sister Sonic should have just been built on the same engine as Popful and had Amy as the main character introduction her mallet. Working releases the original, Sega does the new version. I always felt how Amy plays in the one Sonic Advanced game is how Sister could have played.

>> No.8927965

Sure it does.

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I bought a PS4 so I could play this

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X-Women: The Sinister Virus

>> No.8929193

>you will never be a X-Women

>> No.8929204

This, Brawl was very Kirby centric.

>> No.8929253

I doubt it was on the Saturn, it was a spin-off game for a spin-off add-on.

>> No.8930286

Apparently there was a Saturn build at one point in time, although it was lost: >>8917320

>> No.8930329

what a lost!

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Ultimate fucking Journey

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Shining Legend
Koran RPG for the DS

>> No.8930607

Would have loved to see how this turned out. Adventures of Batman and Robin controlled really well.

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Chrono Break became Final Fantasy Dimensions II, m8.

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Socks the Cat Rocks the Hill could have been the next Bubsy Bobcat.

>> No.8932676
File: 14 KB, 256x224, SNES_Socks_the_Cat_Rocks_the_Hill.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This came came out in 2018, twenty-five years after its original cancellation and nine years after the actual Socks died.

>> No.8932709

This looks neat


>> No.8932937


>> No.8932950


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File: 1.43 MB, 1368x2332, 1540219614493.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish we could hear more of the demo uncompressed music. Dat Flame Mammoth demo sounds absolutely amazing and even has a missing solo section. Chrono Trigger also has similar unreleased demo music used in trailers.

>> No.8935046

>Resident Evil 1.5

Anyone know what happened to that Team IGAS restoration of the leaked build? It's been years since I last heard anything about it.

>> No.8935171

What do you mean? We've gotten plenty of Battletech games.

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File: 77 KB, 555x289, sonic_hires_scan_02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're forgetting the most important of them all which is the Sonic 1 prototype which got lost or stolen or whatever the fuck in Tokyo Toy Show.

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>chaotix did have Saturn builds drx from hidden palace almost got a proto back in the day but it was destroyed before he could get it
Fucking asshole nips

>> No.8935629

>right after Sonic 3 (but before S&K)
3&K was one game retard

>> No.8935651

Who gives a shit about that? It would have been another Kato trainwreck.

Instead I'd like to see that mythical 1996 Chrono Trigger 2 trailer.


>> No.8935672

This was most likely an AUTO DEMO meaning not playable. Literally just a demo showing the scrolling speed. Sonic team did that a lot. There was also a Sonic 2 GG auto demo & Sonic Adventure auto demo. Its only a matter of time until somebody finds and dumps it.

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>exposes himself as a total retard
>calls others "retard"

>> No.8935716

Every fucking game does
Breath of Fire 1

>> No.8935749

It was an actual playable build. It was the version presented in Tokyo Toy Show with the 7 layers of parallax. Naka wanted to put this in Gems Collection but he didn't find it.

A recent come from him from those screenshots
>Naka’s reaction was one of surprise: he had no memory of screenshots of the enemy ever being taken. In a tweet, roughly translated by Google, Naka said “I don’t have much memory of putting this enemy on the screen, so it may be a screen I made, but I feel like I couldn’t do that at that time, so it’s a mystery.” Obviously, the usual caveats of relying on flawed Google translations apply here.

>> No.8935780

>Obviously, the usual caveats of relying on flawed Google translations apply here.
Yup. What he really says is that he thinks the screenshots are mockups, but he doesn't think it would be possible to create mockups like that at the time.

>> No.8935781

>would be
would've been

>> No.8935791

Read the actual tweets dumbass. They only did a partial translation.
Naka mentions the ROM with the 7 parallax layers.
Probably the enemy may be a mock-up for magazines but other thatn that that is indeed the Tokyo Toy Show build.

>> No.8935835

This how video is a great time capsule. Thank you for sharing it

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Duality might have been good. It was meant to be Double Aught's first entirely original game after making Marathon: Infinity. Full 3D in 1996, obviously lagging behind Quake but perhaps could have been a competitor to Unreal (more surreal and exotic space environments) with a more story-focused approach.

>there was a skittering of dust in the oblong opening of what might have been a door for whatever creatures had built the ruins, and Nicodeem flicked a pair of silvered specs down over his eyes, blinking as the light polarized and the street sharpened suddenly. it was the poly.
>it never ceased to amaze the junior officer how the poly managed, despite his squat, clumsy legs and huge, bulbous skull, to leap unerringly from stone to stone. Nicodeem reached with a lower hand to the inside pocket where he kept the pistola and slipped long, delicate fingers into the grip. never could be too careful with the thetes, especially the polys_they were unsound, and usually addled in the skull, too. but so far Murgo had been very reliable.
>in the crisp filter of the specs, he could pick out the object for which the effort and money of the last few weeks had been daringly spent, a thin, reinforced, tranparent tube containing no more than two fingers of a pale, yellowish syrup. but if the syrup, when analyzed, proved to be the serum that was proof against the lues plague, and poison against the luetic infestation that had been crawling up from the ruins every night, Nicodeem's promising career in the assembly was secure for all time.

Even had a couple of OST tracks posted for promotion at the time


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>he raised one thin arm and stepped out of the shadows, waving the poly on, while tracking him with the specs and the snub nose of the pistola from beneath his cloak. a few minutes later, he'd closed the 50 meters between them with a bounding stride and was examining the tube nervously in the light of the poly's lamp. he handed over the agreed sum and ruffed the misshapen head, not seeing Murgo's sullen, embarassed glare at the familiarity. he tucked the tube safely away and asked about the factor who'd been carrying it: he'd bribed several layers of secretaries in the office of a prominent autocrat to get the information.
>he'd discovered a lone factor, the black robed priests of Aglaia and all the known cities, hand carrying a small container of medicine: nothing out of the ordinary about the ministrations of a country factor, seeing to the thetes and polys working the fields. but this factor was from off city, lately of Plataea. the information that Nicodeem had paid so dearly for was this_the factor had arrived from Plataea, but not before the Vaan attack that burned the city to ash and sent its people scattering. this factor had arrived secretly, after the Vaan had taken the city and sent it spinning upwind, into the starved altitudes where they flitted their twisted lives; never touching solid ground except to raid and burn.
>but what Nicodeem had ferretted out, was a plot, scarcely believable, that the factors themselves let the plague run rampant on Aglaia, the better to weaken it and put the city of Ithaca on the rise. if his informers were right, the serum was destined for a secret clave of factors hidden in the wilds outside the city, and was proof from the spore infection which followed every encroachment by the luetic creatures.

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>the greened, weathered tiles dimpled twice, sending dust and cracked mortar into the air before Nicodeem jumped and realized he was being shot at. the poly had already rolled away and was running for the door_Nicodeem yelped and yanked the trigger of the pistola, shredding his cloak and felling Murgo with a staccatto burst. Murgo squirted blood and struggled to one knee, whipping a monoblade around and facing the shadow standing in the door.
>Nicodeem blinked, staring at the slug-gun poised in the figure's hand, realizing the sub-sonic bullets had come not from the poly, but from the figure in the door, who had been watching the whole transaction. a wisp of smoke trailed up from the maw of the gun and Nicodeem collapsed in a heap, clutching his head. a pool of blood began collecting on the cold, basalt tiled floor by the side of the poly, as the figure lept through the door way and rifled the pockets of the dead youth, pulling the tube out and sighing with satisfaction.
>Murgo grunted in pain, feeling the flechettes twist deep in his thigh as he looked for an escape.
>the assailant brushed the dust off the black fabric of his factor's robe and let his hood slide down off his head. an auburn mane of thick hair twirled lazily in the eddies kicked up by the brief battle. he threw back his robe and rested a pair of hands on his hips, keeping the slug gun trained on the wounded poly with another. his fourth hand, his high left, crept gracefully into a pocket and patted the tube of serum thoughtfully.
>"okay, poly," the voice was a reedy tenor, "you're going to tell me who this was," he prodded the autocrat's body with a long, sandaled foot.

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>"then you're going to tell me whatever made you think you could get away with crimes against the faith. and then," he opened a small aluminum valise and gazed lovingly at the clamps and tubes arranged inside, "I'll find out if any of it was true."

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Certainly they had a lot of level design already completed, as expected of the guys who gave us Aye Mak Sicur and Six Thousand Feet Under.

>> No.8936734

>Read the actual tweets dumbass. They only did a partial translation.
I did, and the translation sucked. Dumbass.