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so for how long can you actually play this? it's an arcade game so it's fun for 5/10 minutes but after that you've seen and done it all already. don't get me wrong I love this game but there really isn't much content for a console game. arcade is fine.

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this is the problem with the dreamcasts entire library

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t. Class D License

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Get a crazy license.

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>muh content
>high score, what's that? Is that a DLC?
Maybe /vr/ is not for you?

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who the fuck cares about the score
people stopped caring about that in the 80s when they could actually add shit to games

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>too much of a scrub to get the high score

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>5-10 minutes
t. can’t crazy drift

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>went over to a friends house
>see he has a sizable retro collection
>play a round of crazy taxi
>friend has never seen the credits
>has never managed anything higher than C
>thinks of himself as a 'dreamcast guy'

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It’s an arcade game, not a cinematic experience. If you don’t wanna play score attack games you should probably sell your dreamcast and buy a ps2

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not him but too many people use this retarded dichotomy.
the dreamcast could have used games with serious staying power, that doesnt mean they have to be jrpgs or cinematics things. just think of the original home releases for the 8 bit and 16bit consoles for what im talking about. not everything has to be an arcade port

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tell that to my face anon, i got a score of $1,330.22, and i proudly display it on my twitter bio. come on and beat my high score zoomer.

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It's extra weird because it has JRPGs and shit too.

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Just finishing the missions in the Crazy Box alone would require you at least a day of practice to get good at the game (assuming you are completely unfamiliar with it). At least as long as you can master drifting and the limit cut.
After which you can actually drive around like a goddamn madman in the city, which is plenty of fun in itself.

Also this is disregarding the fact that the only games with comparably detailed cities at the time were Driver and Midtown Madness, and Crazy Taxi was lightyears ahead of those in detail. It looked jaw-dropping good when it came out.

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One thing that really annoys me about Crazy Taxi 1's scoring is that runs with the default arcade settings of 50 seconds, timer difficulty 4 and traffic difficulty 4 are counted the same as some chump who puts the timer to max and the difficulty settings to minimum. I only play on default settings because otherwise the game is too easy.

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>not $1,337
Get that high score and you win forever.

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i care about the high score in a local arcade where I can put
or my actual name but a high score at home on my own system?
no i don't care about that

I really like the Dreamcast
I'm a sega fan boy and sega stocks are the only stocks that I own
still it's a company run by idiots with wasted opportunities and while Crazy Taxi is great it's just an arcade title

I don't like the word immersive
but nobody sits down and plays Crazy Taxi for 3 hours or something
that's a problem with so many sega and Dreamcast titles

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>I'm a SEGA fanboy
>I don't like arcade games


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exactly this. agree by 100%

Sega Dreamcast had Sonic adventure 1 and 2 and...and...oh that's actually it.

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I do like them. Sorry you are too retarded to read. I've said that I love the game in my OP.

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>but nobody sits down and plays Crazy Taxi for 3 hours or something
People with taste do. It's one of the best games ever made without question. No two runs will ever be the same.

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1-7 hours tops

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>think of 8bit and 16bit releases
You zoomers are the absolute worst. Do you even realise world warrior was released with snes and the reason it did so well?

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What are you even trying to argue man.

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You love the game? So what's your high score buddy?

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>No collectable cars
>No unlockable maps
>No hidden characters
>No cheevos
>Game is literally 5 min long
No wonder dreamcast crashed and burned. Sega was still making games for the 1980s

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10 minutes is okay. I launch the game, I play it a bit, get my dose of fun, turn it off and play another game. Or just do something else.

> crazy drift
I'm still don't understand completely how the fuck do you do it.
Crazy Taxi is a great game but my, they could at least make controls a little bit friendlier instead of that "Switch to reverse then to gas at the same second then rape the analog stick to the side" shit.
That could make a drastic change, but I guess that way, the game really could've been beaten in 5 minutes, which isn't good for arcade game.

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Yeah you're right. That's just bad game design. Hopefully in the next Street Fighter I can get a full combo just by pressing a button too.

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>No collectable cars
You could unlock a bicycle cart, a stroller, and a wooden horse cart, but I'm not sure if that was all in the first game or in the sequels.

>No unlockable maps
you could unlock the Another Day mode, which alters the map.

>No hidden characters
CT3 allowed you to unlock the full cast for every city (normally you only have 4 cabbies per city).

>No cheevos

>Game is literally 5 min long
Only if you suck at it.

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That anon claimed dreamcast shouldn't have gone with arcade style games and followed 16bit games by example when it was an arcade game that moved the snes in the first place.

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Crazy Taxi, but with content.
>shit load of characters and variants to unlock
>six different neighborhoods to work in all filled with locations from the Simpsons
>Mission mode that isn’t just boring driving challenges
>bonus mode where you go around and smash shit
>tons of unique dialogue between the characters and the people you pick up
This game gets way too much shit because it’s a Crazy Taxi rip-off. Yeah it’s a clone but it’s the superior clone.

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this game doesn't make any sense, you'd be arrest in no time driving like that

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> haha sarcasm zoomerfags can't retro gameplay

Dude, it doesn't have to be one button. It can be a combination of buttons that doesn't hurt your fingers. Also that momentum thing when crazy dash may or may not work depending on nanosecond in which you've switched from reverse to gas could be extended to maybe two nanoseconds? So it could be a little easier to gain speed. That's all I really ask for.

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Not that anon, but I thought it felt good to do. Feels even better in the arcade

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Just wear gloves if your dainty little princess fingers can't handle a few rapid button presses.

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The game is set in San Fransisco.

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that can't be true there's not nearly enough gays, homeless, and drug addicts

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If you're playing one of the modern ports, try mapping the right analog stick up/down to forward/reverse. It's a LOT closer to how it works in the arcade, so the timing is more intuitive.

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Soulless trash that will never live up to Crazy Taxi's OST.

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>Crazy Taxi’s OST
You mean the same 4 or 5 Offspring songs that you hear all of in one arcade mode run?

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>he never unlocked the Tiny Tim track

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Sega arcade games are god tier for people with autism who want addictive gameplay like me.
If you want a movie game or jarpig you should get a PlayStation.

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>The case, Sega of America, Inc. v. Fox Interactive, et al., was settled in private mediation for an undisclosed amount.

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Went through several play rounds just now.
Is it just me, or does road traffic gets more intense the more you're playing? Like, when I'm starting Original mode, there is a fair amount of cars on the road, but when you get like $5000 of cash, road gets packed with huge buses and cars.
Also, I wish my car didn't fucking fly to the space when hitting another car. When you're going for a record, that is more annoying than fun

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You're not supposed to hit cars

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Yes, but sometimes that happen. Especially when there are so many cars on the road.

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Some people have the attention span to play one thing over and over to improve. And the simple act of getting better at something is enough to drive us to continue doing it.

Why do people play tennis??? Wtf it only has like 3 types of courts and it’s the same thing every time the ball goes back and forth where’s the content??????

The reason a lot of these arcade games age so damn well is because they put quality over quantity. Daytona USA may not have as much content as other racing games, but it’s so damn polished, and the skill cap is so high that long term I’ve gotten more enjoyment from it than many other racing games of the era, even ones with dozens of tracks and cars over just a handful.

Maybe you don’t wanna marathon these types of games, that’s fine. Doesn’t mean you can’t come back to it the next day and play for another 15 minutes.
I specifically like more arcadey stuff BECAUSE I can play them in short bursts when on the train or whatever

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How do i get good good at this game? my highest license is B but i can't get past that.

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so you like mobile games and shit? gross.
the dreamcast was destroyed by its reliance on arcade shit, and sega wasnt even that good at arcade shit anymore. i know i dont want to play any of their 2000s cabinets aside from crazy taxi.
dreamcast needed more real home games like castlevania. but i guess sega was retarded and thought 2d games were bad, their loss

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It would take you many hours of practice to be good enough to see the farther parts of the level. I turn it to max traffic for extra fun. What about doing the bonus bowling levels etc. I have attempted to be able to loop back to the start but haven't done it yet, I have got the crazy rating.

lol, probably didn't know how to the crazy boost and drift.

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To this day I still love both ct1 and 2s soundtrack.

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what's the difference between road rage and hit and run?

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road rage is a ct clone and hit and run is a gta clone

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You could make a Venn diagram out of that, with drug addicts in the middle

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Don't forget about all the human feces

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