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Are there any Pre-SotN metroidvanias or even Metroidlikes?

The only ones i can think of are these and Goonies 2

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Super Metroid?
Wonderboy Dragon's Trap

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This is a good Metroidygar.
Fun Fact: The genre is called "Metroidygar" because Rygar added RPG elements.

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Blaster Master

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The original SotN experiment.

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Rygar isnt really a metroidvania, the stages are still pretty linear and the top view land is more of a hub world, most of it is also jank.

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Please kill yourself now

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NES was full of metroidvanias

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You'd rather have them called Search Action games?

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That looks like Maximo's artist.

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Actually I'd rather have them called Search! Action! games.

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You're right. That guy's done a lot of great art.

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Castlevania II

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Stop talking about metroidvanias. I am not going to play your SoTN super metroid inspired game or your Earthbound inspired game.

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Jeremy Parish himself called Rygar the "first NES metroidygar".
Fun Fact: The genre is called "Metroidygar" because Rygar added RPG elements.
Rygar is a non-linear platformer-adventure where you acquire new abilities to reach new areas.

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zelda ii

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Metroidvania = Metroid + Castlevania, the later referring to the RPG elements brought by SotN

If it doesn't have RPG elements, it's not a Metroidvania, it's just a Metroid. Metroid is not a Metroidvania, it's a Metroid.

Calling Metroid-likes "Metroidvania" is as incorrect as calling House of the Dead or Parasite Eve "survival horror", but that's also a thing.

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Jeremy parish is a basedcuck

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Isn't this the one where you play as Mikie? Why is Leo on the cover?

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You can spam attack constantly respawning enemies in the first level and max out your health bar.

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Don't you just love RPGs?

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Oh jesus here come the shitlers

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I need to play this game. should I go for the Japanese version?

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Can't see why you would...

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Have fun


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I was under the impression the Japanese version featured saving or at least passwords

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Yes, Blaster Master is definitely awesome. That music too. So good!

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Ufouria/Hebereke on the NES

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Luckily games weren't really tainted by this awful genre yet back then

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dragon buster on the famicom

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Adventure Island 4 on NES

"Metroidvania" per se no, but there were a shit ton of Metroid-likes

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>separate beds
what an ungrateful rotten bitch, multiple games of saving your ass in and the least you can do is service your husband every night for the rest of your life to make up for all that hell

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>Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles instead of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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>nes rygar
SMB is less linear than Rygar. Don't get me wrong. I love Rygar (except the music in Dorago's Palace), but claiming it's anything but linear is just silly.

If one of the different music tracks is Dorago's Palace, that might fix the only bad thing about the game.

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>Jeremy Parish

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Rygar manual

tl;dr get good to have fun

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>Fun Fact: The genre is called "Metroidygar" because Rygar added RPG elements.

The Japanese call them "Tansakuvanias" for the "exploration" element.

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More like belt questing

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What about my game where a boy with a baseball bat explores a gothic castle?
and/or a vampire explores a suburban neighborhood

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Dr. Chaos

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that would be pretty cool

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the game is way better than Metroid

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I think Europe was kinda over ninjas, they were on to the next cool thing by then, heros.

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>rent free

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Wonder Boy the Dragon's Trap created every mechanic that is supposed to special in SotN.

Apart from it's graphics SotN is utterly unremarkable in gaming history and is popular for hipster reasons.

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>but claiming it's anything but linear is just silly.
Once you get the pulley+crossbow, can't you choose between three areas to go?
>If one of the different music tracks is Dorago's Palace, that might fix the only bad thing about the game.
The entire soundtrack is different: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QllOiXFpigA

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I've been meaning to play Rygar for the longest time.

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>Wonder Boy the Dragon's Trap
I'm glad this game was so short because it was lame.

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>Rygar's JP OST is different

How many games had that even?

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I still preffer some of the tracks in the US version.

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Multiple background layers on MY NES?

Nope, it's just sprites. Looks amazing though.

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Someone needs to make a romhack that fixes the hit detection on shit like ropes, doors, pulleys, etc

it all sucks ass

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>my game where a boy with a baseball bat explores
the fuck
is it