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You will grind and you will like it!!

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this is all rpgs

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i actually do like grinding
its relaxing

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>hurr durr you can just mash x
>oh but you have to grind otherwise enemies'll kill you too fast
pick one wrpgcucks

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>playing a JRPG when you don't like grinding

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I just want a challenging jrpg that you cant win by grinding

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It’s not as grindy as the first two, is it?

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where does the challenge come from? how?

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This is why I don't play JRPGs on real hardware anymore. Fast forward actually makes the games enjoyable.

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Overcoming with strength is a pretty good strategy

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I will cheat my way through and there is nothing you can do about it

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Dragon Quest hasn't had mandatory grinding since 3.

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furiously grinding Sofia

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So don't grind.

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You just need to play action RPGs then. The ones that play like Ys or Zelda

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I'm convinced most of the time people complain about grindan in jarpigs its just because they are bad and refuse to try and adapt to a challenge instead of mashing their head against a wall until number big

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ys is too expensive and is on esoteric consoles

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They actually added a fast forward option on the latest DQ games though.

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>You will grind and you will like it!!
Specially when I play nothing but DQ games.

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If anything DQ4 has more grinding than 2 or 3. In those games the only times you REALLY have no choice but to grind for a bit is when you're lvl 1. In DQ2 that only happens once. In DQ3 that happens twice I guess; in DQ4 that happens what, 4 or 5 times?

Anyway if in DQ2/3/4 you're grinding past the few initial levels, to the point that it becomes something you have to complain about; then you probably really suck at the game, it's always possible to push forward otherwise.
You might get unlucky and die once or twice, or you might have to exit a dungeon to heal before mapping out half of it, but that's part of the game.
I have a feeling that players complaining about grinding are the kind of players used to more modern jRPGs (16-bit onwards) in which you can just spam X to win and don't have to worry about anything; and expect older jRPGs to play the same, so they think they're "supposed" to grind until they're high lvl enough to be able to do that.

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That's not the screenshot I wanted to post

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There's a reason this series is Japan's darling:
Work is exhausting, and working harder than usual doesn't always have a positive outcome. Sometimes you may be working towards nowhere. Uncertainty sucks.

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you can literally beat the game at level 1

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whats the best tg16 emulator

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git gud

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JRPGs are about complete and total domination of monsters. It's power fantasy, nothing more or less. The ideal balancing is being forced to grind for about 15 minutes to 4 hours upon arriving at every single town. It's the equivalent of shounen anime. You must do the training before the tournament arc, then you can be Goku and plow your way to the boss, who should be a moderate challenge. A JRPG that doesn't follow this formula is inferior and I'm not aware of any that are perfect. It is merely an ideal to strive for. Like you said, most don't require grinding, making them objectively worse at being JRPGs.

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so you just want boring easy games that dont rely on your skill?

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god gamer if true

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PC or PS4

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Dragon Quest has always been the "mashing X" kind of RPG. If you want strategy play SMT3 or 4.

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>You must do the training before the tournament arc, then you can be Goku and plow your way to the boss, who should be a moderate challenge

Then you should stick to later RPGs. The difficulty in DQ2/3/4 or FF1/2 or Mother or any other 8-bit RPG that's well designed isn't about obliterating every encounter and having moderately challenging bosses, each encounter is a small challenge and the real challenge comes from them wearing you and your ressources down little by little, and having to manage a boss that's actually NOT that hard but facing him after being worn down and with what you have left. If you want DQ4 to turn into spam attack to win encounters, then yeah, prepare yourself for some insane grinding.

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On a semi related note I'm playing Ninjara Hoi! and it's one of the best DQ clones I've played on Famicom (after classics like Mother, Lagrange Point and Metal Max). at several points in the case there are NPCs recommending you to grind to a specific level before continuing

The only real negative point of this game is that overworld exploration is lacking and it's a bit too linear

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Akira Sakuma, creator of Toki and Momoden wrote that game.

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It's basically always meant to be casual/kid friendly. Yes some RPGs like NES Ultima III are harder and more strategic.

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>the second it becomes obvious you're supposed to grind to progress
>not complete sidequests or fight random battles on the way to an objective, grind as in walk around in a circle
Yep I'm thinking it's Gameshark time. Even more true if you're supposed to grind for rare drops.

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>supposed to grind for rare drops

Are you talking about Talon's chapter? You get drops by the dozens in that. And the goal is to make money but you can literally buy something and sell it for higher in the same city.

Otherwise I have no idea what you could be referring to

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Are you fucking kidding me? Say something else now

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Thats not real Ys

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Define 'grinding'. Because in my experience, the only DQ games with any required grinding are 1 and 2. You don't have to grind in most jrpgs and all you're really doing if you do so is exchanging the use of strategy for the time spent grinding up stats instead

I feel like people consider fighting any sort of random encounter as 'grinding' which is retarded

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>I feel like people consider fighting any sort of random encounter as 'grinding' which is retarded
Yes, I agree.

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This. I like to throw a couple records on and grind away while smoking and chilling.

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If a game isnt hard or intellectually interesting why bother? Why even play retro games? might as well play boring as fuck shit modern cinematic games and '''chill out''''' fucking retarded pothead numales

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>I am a genius because I play games for babies

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not all games are meant for babies you know. and yeah games are probably the most mentally taxing source of challenge in my life.

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Smoking is bad for health

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Just JRPGs in general not any DQ games specifically.

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not retro but etrian odyssey might be what you want, it relies more on team setup and skills rather than just grinding high stats and mashing X

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EO is too panty quest for me

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only if you make it, you can choose the character portraits you want

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Bullshit man. That game is hurt feelings edition all over it

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