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What games are you playing?

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What game?

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Alladin (usa) game boy color.

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None. I'm a grown 26 year old man, I don't play video games.

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That sucks man. I'm a 26 year old grown man and I play games.
I played some Breath of Fire earlier this week, but I'm admittedly not playing any /vr/ this evening. Gonna play some Elden Ring.

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Retro> dug out my saturn games and been playing saturn bomberman, panzer dragoon, tempo and guardian heroes.

Neo> been playing 13 Sentinels aegis rim on ps4

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I got a good collection to play this week.

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I go on /vr/ and forget to play any games all day.

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tonights queue

neither does anyone else on /vr/

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still going through the castlevania games
i finished sotn the other day but now i'm doin it again cause i cheesed a lot of shit with the shield rod
what's a good one after it? i hear aria of sorrow is good but is there like an story order to em because i was thinking about going in release order, plus apparently the next game's got a dude with a whip and that's cool

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play rondo & use cheats on the saturn version to start with maria from the beginning

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i did that one before it cause i heard it was good
and it is pretty good
can you save maria with maria? probably not but it would be funny

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Clean your Wii man

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You'll come back to it once you get over playing adult.

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so was waterworld worth it anon?

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>grown 26 year old
Lol zoomers trying to play house. Cute

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Earthbound for the first time.

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Play Harmony of Dissonance or Aria if you want something similar to SoTN, play Circle of the Moon (the next one) if you want something harder and closer to games before SoTN.

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I dont play games I buy them and put them on my shelf

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Nothing is more childish than privately avoiding harmless leisure activities because you're scared it will make you appear childish.

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I like how you guys automatically assume its a purposeful choice hes making rather than just someone falling out with games over time

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That's worse as it implies he got conned into a hobby he didn't even like.

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Or maybe it means he liked the hobby genuinely and now he doesn't? People change

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There's no reason to drop games short of developing physical handicaps.

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Or maybe they just stop being fun

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Playing Advance Wars mainly when it comes to retro gaming. Thinking I'll give Mobile Suit Gundam Zeonic Front another spin, even if I'm stuck playing as the villains. Flat broke now but I am saving up to hopefully get a copy of Gundam Vs Zeta Gundam for the PS2.

For new games I've been mainly playing Gundam Extreme Versus Force and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Vita and 3DS respectively.

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Been playing r type delta on duckstation(duckstation is so godlike its unreal), as well as trying to get good at Mario World. Always been shit at 2d mario but I'd like to get in on some kaizo action one day some I'm playing the original world without save states or Cape cheese to get more used to the physics before I tackle Learn2Kaizo.

Yall are arguing semantics over an obvious bait post.

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Just completed pirates of the dark water on the Super Nintendo. Great game.

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Oh, fun. Question for you, do you know someone who either sells the old face guard for Virtual Boys or who makes new ones that fit it? I kind of have the urge to fuck with mine again, but I lost the guard.

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Loved that show when I was a kid

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stone age gamer has them
i haven't tried them myself
maybe add a bit of black silk cloth over the top before fastening it?

for $8 i might grab one just to see

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i was doing this at 19
i miss the late nights, watching her cook in her panties - the sound of her laugh.... i DO hope none of you anonkun take the little things for granted

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I'm a virgin and have never had a friend that wasnt online. my last years of highschool were exclusively virtual. i didnt go to college because that is all virtual too. my life is a total hollow shell of what life should be. i watch old movies, tv shows, games, and if its set in 'modern day' of the 80s or 90s im blown away at how much people did with eachother. even your story makes me sad. this is the case with nearly everyone my age. even the 'zoomer thots' are all exponentially lonely and robbed of living a real life

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Phantasy Star 1. Having a good time with it, just got the weapon from the skeleton for the little rat nigga

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The attitude of his wording conveys it's a choice.

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Playing Alpha Centauri with my wife. Feels good man

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You should play Kaizo Kindergarten to get good. I can share the Mario World rom hack pack if you want me to.

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Having played Alpha Centauri with anon's wife behind his back - can confirm, mad comfy and highly recommended.

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I feel sorry for you.

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Not saying that's not a thing but the fact that he wastes his time on a video games forum makes me doubt his words.

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things change


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