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Not sure what the cut off should be, but I guess stuff similar to Mega Man could count.

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Cool game, OP. Looks like japanese Rayman 1, very nice.

I really like how this one plays around with the 2.5D aspect, but it probably isn't the best 2D platformer on the PS1.

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Did this game get a translation or something? It's getting a lot of threads recently.

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Best graphics: Rayman 1
Best gameplay: Dynamite Headdy

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Id say it plays like a Japanese Earthworm Jim, lots of set piece levels that change things up instead of "walk to the right". Its by the guys who did Bonk so its not the best playing game out there, but its not un-fun to play. Visually it is top notch.

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>music/performance central themes
>Make a generic platformer out of it
>don't even have any rythm minigames or whatever.
I enjoyed the graphics, themes, and dancing. However Tempo and Super Tempo feel lacking in the gameplay side.

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Probably this one OP, it's really fun.

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There are music based mini games in both sort of like proto Rhythm Heaven and the one boss fight in Super KINDA requires precise timing in the same way. Also the backgrounds of stages do play on the music theme, but in less of a capacity then Band Land from Rayman. The music also gets layers added on to it in both games (more in first) by doing certain things.

I think they realized by Super they just wanted to do a wacky American cartoon stylized game instead of the music theme(the credits is even a straight up mish mash of stock cartoon sounds), but yeah it's too bad they couldn't do a more fleshed out concept.

Its too bad they made buckets of cash with Sakura Wars and never came back since it seems like they were actually improving with each game.

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Might be for the best that Tempo died off and be spared from having a shitty 3d 5th/6th gen platformer. A modern remake would have some shitty artstyle that ruins the original's great pixel art.

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The only company that could maybe do it justice imo is the guys who did the Wii Wario Land. I dont know if RED is even around anymore or if Sega owns/co-owns the IP still like they do Dynamite Headdy/GunStar.

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>I dont know if RED is even around anymore
They are: https://red-entertainment.co.jp/en/

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Symphonia Of The Night.

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I really like Strider 2 but I also feel people are VERY VERY generous to that game.
It's just sort of an easy game with a parade of fun aesthetics. Nothing all that amazing.

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>they list Bonk in their works section, but no Tempo.

Deader then dead even to them.

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Klonoa or Tomba

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Correct answer.

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Klonoa has the best visuals, but the gameplay falls short.

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PS1: Adventures of Lil' Ralph

Saturn: Keio Flying Squadron 2

N64: Goemon's Great Adventure

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Replayed this recently and it's worse than I remembered. The constant loading screens get really obnoxious.

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Goemon's Great Adventure

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based and Goepilled.

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Post the real cover.

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that jester creeps me out.

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My favorite Tales game

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I forgot Tempo was made by Red, they should have just made it a bonk spinoff, like make a new girl-Bonk character, called Sh'onk, you can tell Bonk influenced Tempo a lot..

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I'd say Tomba 1 and 2 too but they are more like Zelda games than platformers

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What game is this? Were you vague on purpose

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umihara kawase shun, i just thought people knew it by now

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japan turned him into a cool dude and the girl into a babe

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honestly rather it if you'd be quiet

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Something about that cartoony face she has is so appealing. And well, dem tits!

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They're so out of place in the actual game world though and the original characters had a lot more personality.

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I hate that the umihara kawase games put the scoreboard right near the center of the screen
like, why
why does it need to be there

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Rayman. It's not a "hidden gem"/meme game, where people exaggerate the quality of an above-average curiosity. It's simply a great game, period. To me, this is undeniably the best 5th-gen 2D platformer, by far.

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Why no Rayman 4, WHY?

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By this point? It's probably for the best that they leave it alone. Ubisoft's most interesting days are long over. Just accept that Origins and Legends were Rayman 4 and move on.

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It has a timeless atmosphere and style.

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This game is almost too charming.

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I'd honestly rather, silence, etc, etc

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Because all actual artists (of both art and programming) have left the company over a decade ago.

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