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So uh, this is a thing now.

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>60 FPS
>Looks worse

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I can't decide what looks worse, 16:9 or 60 fps

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60 FPS for sure, as it shows the low keyframes in the animations compared to the usual 20. It's basically all mechanically smooth interpolation at that point.

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lmao link shrinks to paper when he slides off the ledge for a couple frames. Zoomers will defend this once shitty SGI HD models ripped from models resource are added in

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>save states on fucking ocarina of time
is this being made for literal retards?

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>thread full of kids who are crying that the second shittiest zelda* doesn't look like a pixelated mess now and is triggering their faulty nostalgia
*Shittiest, of course, is MM.

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I've played this game for 20 years and still have no clue what the point of rolling is. It doesn't seem to serve any purpose, yet it's give an entire button and presumably that it implies it is key for gameplay purposes. It doesn't have i-frames, and if you want to dodge locking on and backflipping is far more effective. You can go slightly faster than running but other than that? Nothing.

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It gives the illusion of gameplay rather than walking to point A to B. Same reason why people sometimes randomly longjump in SM64 and DK64 even though they aren't speedgaming

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lets you break crates with kid link

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More momentum when you go over ledges, and it makes a different in going from the forest to the castle

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>animations too fast for environmental movement

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This. Th ebest zeldas are 2d.

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man, I thought mouse support would come before 60fps, very impressive but unplayable for me.

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Looks great. Draw distance needs to be increased while keeping fog. Why is every mad?

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Are other games gonna get decompiled and if you could choose one what would you choose? Retro only, no Bloodborne

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It's good. You boomers wouldn't know a good time if slapped you silly in the face.

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I'm eagerly waiting for perfect dark to get decomp'd. Currently at 75%

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This. Though the game's code is a huge mess and will benefit from clean up.

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>More momentum when you go over ledges
Unless you're just talking about MM, this it utter LIES. I checked too!

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perfect dark

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Frame rate autists btfo, again.

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Theres official SGI renders for zelda?

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This was posted on /v/. Same thing happens on the original frame rate. Not sure if it's actually N64 OOT or the PC version running at a lower frame rate.

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The prerendered backgrounds I suppose. The art for Zelda 64 was always the manga cover-ish look

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Because the game was never meant to be played at 60 fps. N64 games generally ran at 20 fps and OoT was no different.

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Looks like the same video encoded at 20 FPS. Needs to be tested on emu or hardware since the animation interpolation the port added may be causing this

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Breaking crates and knocking things out of trees.
Also you won't take damage if you roll into some odd things, like spike traps I think..

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link moves like he's got crap in his pants

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>Because the game was never meant to be played at 60 fps.
Same goes for full-on analog camera movement. Seeing it being used in OoT flared up my autism. I could see it working with just 360 camera rotation a la Spyro's camera.

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5th gen 3D games should stay 240p.

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This. I'm glad that this exists as it will help more people play the hand without issues and can be ported ala the Mario 64 PC port. Now we need the Paper Mario project to get finished.

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it's so exciting bros, this is great

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It's using frame interpolation, it'll take more work to get 60 FPS looking better and proper.

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I wonder if it will be ported to PS2 like Mario 64

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That's cool to have happen, but why waste your PS2 to play Mario64 and Zelda on it?

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Because those are better games than the shit ps2 has

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It's not a true 60, that's why.

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No this is true, I've played enough randomizers to know you get very slightly more length in your jump if you start a roll right before link goes off the edge.

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Actually, Matrix Interpolation for just the animations.

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>download link is only on D*scord
Fuck right off.

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>Not sure if it's actually N64 OOT or the PC version
Well the N64 version isn't widescreen so there's your answer

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gotta be smarter than the machine

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>I'm glad that this exists as it will help more people play the game without issues
OoT as well as MM have been perfectly playable on emulators for several years now and even has a QoL patch that implements Boots to the D-pad and faster text speed as of 2 years ago. Not sure where you've been.

The only thing this port has going for it is now it's easier to mod OoT and has full analog camera movement (as if the game really needed it anyway).

It must be extremely negligible then because I barely notice the difference.
2 decades later and I'm still learning something new things about this game.

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>People (rightfully) complain that the switch port doesn't have fog
>Mod the game to remove fog
It looks awful

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I played about an hour with 60fps turned on. Some things look great, like rotating objects and the first person camera.
The third person camera doesn't always feel smooth and a bunch of Link's animations feel off. I can't tell if they're actually playing faster or if it's some kind of mental trick.

They're calling it an experimental feature and it feels like one. I hope it will be perfected one day but I fear this may prove interpolated animation will never be good enough.

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adding more frames isn't going to make things faster, what are you smoking

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adding more frames into oot slows it down by default, so they have to speed things up so it will still play at the same perceived speed right?

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>It must be extremely negligible then because I barely notice the difference.
There are some jumps that are impossible to make without it, like the gerudo fortress roof. The game wants you to use the hover boots or summon the scarecrow to hookshot to, but you can make that jump with the roll

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I am confident in a few years this will be the best way to play the game as everything gets smoothed out.

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What? The Switch version has fog close-up but none far away, which is the opposite of how it's supposed to be. That video has it right.

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You either play the original without autistic shit like 16:9 60 FPS 4K™ Ultra HD or the 3DS remake. There is no in-between, stop fucking with classic video games, it just feels wrong. It's not okay to play gen 5 games in 16:9, I hate it

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Does a PS2 die after it plays one game or something?

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>no free camera
wake me up when september ends

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This is my favorite souls-like

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it's lost that cinematic feel

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Soulsbornkiroring-likes are just Zeldafield-likes

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You joke but its pretty clear fromsoft stole their camera lock on system from zelda.

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souls games wish they were as creative as a zelda or as competent an action game as DMC instead they're neither

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Interpolating the animation is fine as long as you aren't trying to do it directly from keyframes only. Inserting an extra frame exactly half way between each existing frame won't average out the motion in an undesirable way because the inbetweens are already weighted correctly.

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Looks okay but I'll stick with regular 20 fps. Hopefully this enables people to make more creative mods.

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It feels very responsive, more responsive than emulators feel. Does anyone get that feeling?
Also how do I get this shit to run at 60 fps?

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It's like how playing it on an LCD at 1080 looks worse than on a CRT. Lots of the limitations are hidden. When you have a slow ass framerate there's a lot your brain fills in. Now you see how ugly it truly is.

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I'm waiting on the fan games.

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I'm going to try it at 640x480 120fps on a CRT monitor.

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Why so people care so much about slight differences in visuals?
It's the same game. Having more frames per second doesn't make an extra boss start existing or otherwise change the actual way you play the game.
Do you all get some weird pleasure out of looking at slightly more detailed video game character animations?

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I like smoother visuals wherever possible. I have always disliked 20 FPS visuals. even back when I first played the game when it released and I was 6 years old, i complained that it felt slow

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Its crazy the lengths that people will go to convince themselves to play something they dont want to play just cause MUH NUMBERS
except for the fact that the gameplay is the exact same and feels even MORE sluggish in 60 fps because the floaty animations make it feel like link is walking like a snail

I feel bad for the people who worked so hard to make it look EXACTLY how they wanted just to have a bunch of yuppies say NEWER IS BETTER.
Its like appreciating an old oil painting vs digital art. two completely different things and should be treated/appreciated as such.

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the people who do these things dont care about games. they endlessly configure their emulators and mod their games, they mod original hardware to have the 'best' video output, the get the 'best' tv and sound system
then they go post online about how good the game was from their 60% or less mechanical keyboard and/or their 80s-90s era mechanical keyboard
its all just a sign of the times. its not about enjoying media. its not about reacting to media. reacting to reacting to reacting of media.

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I'll start by saying that I'm not arguing for "low fps = cinematic" because the context of that meme is referencing a choppy stuttery inconsistent Xbox game
That said, I strongly feel like the framerate of ocarina of time is essential to the presentation of it. They way they choreographed weight and momentum in certain animations and cutscenes were specifically tuned for 20 fps.
I saw this one clip of the Ganon fight where he falls on the ground like a paperclip and it looks absolutely ridiculous.
with the huge wide 16:9 FOV showing off how barren the world is, they really made a piece of art look like a modern day Unity piece of shit.
Idk what you should really expect from unskilled code monkeys vs an actual video game company

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Is that why unity games look so terrible? People just act like im being a stick in the mud 'old good!' idiot. But I find unity games aesthetically horrendous on almost every case.

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Its really a per case basis but the notion is that engines like Unity and Unreal make it very easy for an amateur that lacks the proper skill set and background that a professional has, and that ends up showing in the final product.

There's a thing in photography called the rule of thirds which is a guideline on how to properly frame an image, anyone with an art background would be familiar with it.
It's pretty obvious that game designers working with a 4:3 camera would have this in mind, and stuff like that is ruined by the 16:9 camera, thus coming off as amateurish.

>> No.8908532

but theres no way to become a professional anymore....

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fucking cocksucking faggot, go back to /v/

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>discord-only download
>harasses you to make an account
>requires giving them a phone-number

>> No.8908548

>what the point of rolling is
i can't really play lttp because it doesn't have rolling, it feels so off

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>So uh, this is a thing now.

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I just needed conformation bias from /vr/ that I'm not the only one that finds OoT at 60fps soulless.

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>Why so people care so much

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I just wanna play this shit with mouse and keyboard.

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You ought to see some of the delusion coming from the underaged on here, thinking this port will be the end all be all for OoT in terms of improving the game difficulty tweaking fucking enemy AI of all things and "limited resources" to make the game more challenging. Like nigger, get a hold of yourself. Go play Dark Souls if you want that kind of experience.

You could've just said "Because Reddit." and we all would agree with you.

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kek, you're projecting an awful lot you sour little turd, I never said newer is better, etc.. I just want my games to run smooth and that was true when I was fucking 6 years old. The animations can be replaced with animations that are weighted for a smoother frame rate, and it will be a nice improvement. Sometimes it is nice to go in for an experience close to the original, sometimes it is nice to touch up some things so that it is like how you imagined it when you were a child. Such a whiny motherfucker goddamn lol

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youre the only one whining and projecting, the >NEWER IS BETTER thing was directed at the general mob not you, unless you fit in with them.

I'm airing my thoughts on a chinese cartoon message board and you took it as an insult, just calm down lol you dont have to agree.

>Sometimes it is nice to go in for an experience close to the original, sometimes it is nice to touch up some things so that it is like how you imagined it when you were a child.
I'm not gonna waste energy by telling people what to do, but my issue with that is that some people dont have that urge to experience something how it was intended to be seen and I just think that's a little sad, especially when the thing they're praising is actually sorta buggy.

>The animations can be replaced with animations that are weighted for a smoother frame rate
I wouldn't count on it. The IGN articles are already out, its time for these dopamine freaks to move onto the next wacky project

>> No.8908758

>that some people dont have that urge to experience something how it was intended to be seen and I just think that's a little sad, especially when the thing they're praising is actually sorta buggy.
I feel the same way when I run into Skywind fanboys. Like Morrowind's right there, you know?

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>ITT: faggots complaining about a toggle feature

>> No.8908787

oh interpolation, that explains why it looks so wrong

>> No.8908789

Toggle my dick, fag. People are complaining because other people are acting like this feature is the second coming of videogame Jesus.

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Is there any good kinds of interpolation anywhere?

>> No.8908876

I'd be ok with moving up to like 480p or 720p for a particularly detailed game, but people b-lining it for 4k are greedy and blind.

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If you can render at native resolution and that happens to be 4K, you might as well.
Though SoH has the option to render "like N64" with low internal resolution, which'll hide obvious flaws like with the hair textures on the blonde girl here.

>> No.8908970

You're used to it running at a lower framerate, so when this comes along, it looks strange and unnatural.

>> No.8908971

well no you're wrong here because of >>8906570

>> No.8908980

You don't need to give your phone number, I never have.

>> No.8908981

>still hasn't fixed draw distance with kokori kids
Why bother? Just play project 64

>> No.8909002

lmao, do """boomers""" actually feel threatened by this shit? why?

>> No.8909003

>I feel bad for the people who worked so hard to make it look EXACTLY how they wanted
They didn't make it 20 fps by choice. It's not like the N64 could run it at 60 but they just chose to lower the frame rate for artistic reasons. It was 20 fps because that's all the N64 was capable of.

>> No.8909005

Why did mods delete this?

>> No.8909007

Sure but they also based everything else around that decision and the lower resolution: >>8908895
And if you're going to play it like that then you've gotta download a texture pack because thats just terrible on multiple fronts and now you run into a real ship of theseus.

>> No.8909015

>And if you're going to play it like that then you've gotta download a texture pack
Why? It's not like textured surfaces were always seen at a fixed distance. If you're close up to a wall in 240p then you're going to see that texture in just as high of a fidelity as you would to viewing in 4K with the camera further from the wall.

>> No.8909017

Did you look at the post I linked?

>> No.8909027

The animations were never meant to look good above 20fps.

>> No.8909041

I don't think that's a resolution issue. I'm pretty sure it's just rendering the hair wrong. A similar thing happens to some billboarded sprites in emulators sometimes. They'll have a dark outline around the sprite that isn't visible on original hardware. Initially I also thought it was a resolution issue, but after experimenting with graphical settings, it seems to be more like an error in how the alpha channel of the texture is rendered or something.

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I used to dream that this stuff would one day be possible in the early 00's when I discovered emulation for the first time.
Pretty great stuff.
Now to hope that this decopilation stuff will inspire someone to remake the NES Zeldas in this engine.

>> No.8909050

Yeah you would have a problem with alphas, huh

>> No.8909054

N64 smooths textures diagonally.

>> No.8909069

I know, but I'm not sure that's related to the weird dark outlines on the hair. Besides, it kind of looks like the pic you posted is already using the three point filtering.

>> No.8909103

That would be a lot of work

>> No.8909118

working within the confines of a form of media doesn't mean that they didnt have artistic direction tailored around the limitations.
and by that logic they actually DID make it 20 fps by choice (there are games on n64 that run at higher framerates obviously), and that choice lead to the final product

>> No.8909281

Where's the Arwing?

>> No.8909348

I don't like it, take it back

>> No.8909363

>I've played this game for 20 years and still have no clue what the point of rolling is.
It tricked me into thinking I was moving faster whenever I was going through Hyrule Field.

>> No.8909390

the devs said it was to trick players into not walking backwards

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>> No.8909412

Movies are only 24 fps

>> No.8909592

The PC version IS the N64 version. You need the rom too

>> No.8909635

Because games like OoT are cinematic in nature and 60FPS looks like dogshit in any cinematic situation where 24FPS is called for.
Ever try watching a theatrical film with your TV's "motion smoothing" option on? Makes it look like shit and ass.
60FPS is only useful in fighting games and FPS games where you actually need the frames.

>> No.8909641

mental gymnastics: the post

>> No.8909648

I've played about 3 hours across two nights and it doesn't seem so strange anymore.

>> No.8909650

Bullshit. Cinematic games should look cinematic, not like an evening news broadcast.
Film looks the way it does for a reason. Remember when dipshit Peter Jackson thought people wanted to see the Hobbit at 48FPS? Went over like a lead balloon. Try watching Return of the King with your TV's smooth-motion option on, try not to vomit.

>hurr you just can't DO 60FPS
I have two 4K 144hz monitors plugged into an RX 6900. I would NEVER want a 3D Zelda game running at anything faster than 24FPS. It's not needed because they're not hard games and don't require high frame rates, so film speed looks better.

>> No.8909673

>I would NEVER want a 3D Zelda game running at anything faster than 24FPS.
They all run at 30 starting with Wind Waker. I have never heard a single person try to argue 20fps would have been better except when they're trying to defend the N64 games.

>> No.8909681

Good fucking god, the amount of fucking cope in this post.
People didn't "like" the increased framerate of movies because they weren't used to it. It actually looked goddamn fantastic if you weren't a goddamn sperg hating on actual improvements.
There's limits to improvements, of course, and the whole ultra-fast refresh rate bullshit is a waste of time and money; smooth, constant 60FPS is good enough for anyone. But trying to argure that fucking 24FPS is good is absolute pants on head stupidity.

>> No.8909683

Also: none of this matters because the N64 Zelda games, along with 99.9999% of the rest of the fucking N64 library, is complete goddamn dogshit control/gameplaywise. You can "improve" OOT all you want and it'll still be a fucking boring, linear, story-heavy, awkward control pile of trash game no matter how many fucking FPS it has.

>> No.8909685

It's not cope, I just don't always like clean framerates.
Why is it cope? Are you trying to say that live TV looks better than film? Because OP's webm looks like someone's filming links with a shitty handycam.

>> No.8909687

What the fuck are you babbling about? If Nintendo had capable hardware all of the 3D zelda games would have been 60fps. They aren't gimping themselves for "cinematic" feel. You're a retard

>> No.8909690

People have been saying for years that Zelda games have basic stories and lean more on gameplay, but whenever OoT's framerate comes up it's a cinematic masterpiece akin to film.

>> No.8909696

>live tv looks better than film
Apples to oranges. Good fucking god, you're still coping.

>> No.8909701

It's not a cinematic masterpiece. OP's video just makes the game look like dogshit. FACT.
Game looks best at sub-25FPS on a CRT. Period.
The 3DS version looks better than the N64 one too.

>> No.8909710

>actual improvements
kek it looked like a Mexican soap opera and a video game had a baby

>> No.8909713

>Are you trying to say that live TV looks better than film?
Film looks better because it's edited and framed way better than point-and-shoot content. 24fps is a tradition kept alive because 1) it's less expensive than higher frame rates, and 2) people really hate change.
Movies also use a ton of motion blur to simulate smooth motion while (old) videogames do not.

>> No.8909716

Just stop embarrassing yourself. You're probably one of these idiots who paid a fucking insane amount of money for a goddamn ancient piece of hardware and that cartridge and are trying to justify your stupid purchase now that something far superior is available.

>> No.8909718

you cant seriously think an n64 and oot are expensive

>> No.8909723
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Waiting for more patches :)

>> No.8909726

You seriously can't tell me you haven't priced used games/systems in the last several fucking years.

>> No.8909728

anon these things are cheap. any ntsc/jpn n64 can play oot. and a japanese oot will work in an american n64. its so interchangeable and so mass produced.

>> No.8909737

I emulate.

>> No.8909738

>japanese oot will work in an american n64
Um... nope. Region locked.
You're just making yourself look even more idiotic with every single post. Give it up and accept that you're wrong. It's not a sin to admit your own mistakes, and it makes you look better in the eyes of others. Doubling down on your own stupidity does not.

>> No.8909740

>region locked
it really isnt. Its not software based. literally a bit of plastic no modchip or any technical knowledge required at all. hell you could probably monkey break it open without even properly opening the console. unless basic operating of a screwdriver is out of your wheelhouse the n64 is not regionlocked. Your weird condescending attitude is bizarre and misplaced. What an embarrassing post. I'm not even the guy whose against the decomp.

>> No.8909741

All the issue I would have is that it's interpolation. Fuck the faggots who wouldn't want this at 60fps because "muh cinematics". There are fucking NHL games today that are more cinematic than this fucking game. Get the fuck out with that.

>> No.8909742

Don't be obnoxious man. How do people like you even find 4chan

>> No.8909751

Obnoxious? What is more obnoxious than screeching that people like a feature that is optional and hasn't been there for long enough to have played this game to the point you would get legitimately sick of it?

>> No.8909752

Ok man ok. Just stop it ok? The thread doesnt have to be bad

>> No.8909758

Quality bait

>> No.8909773

Someone should run the port on a CRT at 60 fps

>> No.8909774

You jest, but there's a reason people were taken aback seeing The Hobbit at 48fps and preferred the movie stay at 24fps. Unless your the kind of person who defends anime at 60fps to which I'd kindly ask you to kys yourself.

>> No.8909789

No matter how much you force it, movies look jarringly ass at higher frame rates.

>Um... nope.
Go home, lil' Twittertard.

>> No.8909796

>this entire post
This is why zoomers get shit on around here. These exact kinds of posts. Factually incorrect and as verbosely obnoxious as the little kid can possibly make it.

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>What is more obnoxious than screeching that people like a feature that is optional
The only once screeching are arguing against the opposing opinion that it looks like shit, that's on level of "Let. People. Heckin'. ENJOY THINGS, sis!"

I swear, ever since the massive Nintendo leak a couple years back, 4chan just get flooded with underagedb& and they make no secret of it based on the argumentative skills.

>> No.8909871

it has the pegasus boots which are better

>> No.8909901

I don't especially with anime but you're kinda comparing apples to oranges here. I don't mind 30-ish fps in video games but I see no reason to not go for 60 if given the option (with no stupid hacks and drawbacks).

>> No.8909929

>It's using frame interpolation
it's not.

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File: 3.00 MB, 800x450, m64pc.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

60fps unironically made M64 playable for me, I'm hoping it'll have the same effect for OOT but I think that's just fundamentally a boring game no matter the framerate.

>> No.8909946

but that's pretty far in, no?

>> No.8909958

That's just after the first legitimate dungeon. That's the reward one of the sages gives you after completing it in the same area. Rolling is pretty inefficient in comparison given you have to spam a button just to go slightly faster. It's only in Majora's Mask that you get a way of reaching places considerably faster without using epona. I've been playing some randomized zeldas for a while and honestly 3D zeldas are quite a chore in comparison to 2D ones, no matter how much gets skipped.

>> No.8909959

>that's why it looks wrong

You are the dumbest fuck I have come across today. Literally every game has interpolation you stupid fuck. Yes, event OoT. It's just ineffective because it runs at 20 fucking FPS

>> No.8909968

when an animation is keyframed for 20fps and you interpolate it to 60fps it's going to look like ass because it's not weighted properly you retard. why throw a big faggy tantrum over things you clearly know nothing about? are you just mad because you're a lisping fat incel faggot?

>> No.8909972

The only reason to reject 60fps for me is game physics. If anything goes buggy because of it I don't want it. I wouldn't mind if Dark Souls initially ran perfectly at 60fps anywhere if it didn't have certain issues. I can't think of that many games I would run lower than that, but then again I don't play games that are mostly movies. I feel the whole 24fps thing is just so that specific, not constant scenes with really fast motion and no detail look adequate. Like when someone's chasing someone else through a jungle and there's a lot of action going on, you're not focusing on several objects. On a game it'd be beneficial to be able to tell where details are. Cutscenes are a different deal for sure, but OoT is primitive in those terms. I say this as someone who bought OoT one year after its release. The game impressed me, but it wasn't the scenes when encountering bosses, or the intro, or similar things. It was the whole package. Sometimes I had wished it was smoother and when OoT3D came out at 30FPS, I did like that version better in that aspect because it felt smooth and responsive, despite some scenes not being all that accurate regarding the fucking color of the sky.

>> No.8909974

Definitely sonic adventure 1 or 2. The sonic fan base is fucking godlike when it comes to making fan games and mods. Just look at P-06.

>> No.8909981

>dude CDi lmao
>lol there's epic CDi quotes every time you open the game
>haha what if we copied nintendo direct but it was shittily dubbed CDi cutscenes instead
Shit's a fucking joke, and this is coming from someone who likes YTP.
Other fags may have a worse port, but the Name Open Ocarina works so much nicer for a native OoT port.

>> No.8909983

>The sonic fan base is fucking godlike when it comes to making fan games
Yeah, I love those 1 zone tech demos where they promise a full game then go silent after releasing the demo.

>> No.8909992

it's not that it's faster, it just feels weird not doing something when traveling

>> No.8910004

>Faster block push
The future is now.

>> No.8910028

>Why do people care so much about having definitive, objectively improved remasters of games.
Gee, I don't fucking know doc.

>> No.8910053
File: 3.38 MB, 2391x1041, LOOKIN-GOOD-KID.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8910064

>MM bad!
MM good!

>> No.8910096
File: 1.62 MB, 921x1029, no-more-lod.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pretty nice to get rid of the distant link model desu, never noticed it on my original N64 + CRT playthrough ~24 years ago.

>> No.8910098

I've a potato laptop from 2016, would I be able to play this?

>> No.8910104

Yes, the basic game can run on a toaster. It's basically a PC game from the 2000s.

>> No.8910107

I genuinely don't know and have no idea how what you wrote is supposed to make it clear anyone should care about this.
"Definitive?" How does having a "definitive" game make it more enjoyable to play than the original version without the slight graphic tweaks? Why care that much about minor differences in animation when the game itself is unchanged and even the visuals are for the most part the same?

>> No.8910120

N64 graphics look so shit, I just can't

Saturn has aged the best of the gen by far

N64 genuinely is the worst console ever made that sold relatively well.

>> No.8910210
File: 3.46 MB, 1908x1138, idk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.8910213

pc spec faggots like you are insufferable, the games are good no matter the frame rate. I bet you dont even play them

>> No.8910216

>the games are good no matter the frame rate
Try running it at 5 frames per second.

>> No.8910223

You are so full of shit and resentment against nintendo and it shows.
5th gen in general looked fucking weird no matter the system. You can't fucking tell me that Pixel Dragoon Saga looks amazing.

>> No.8910226

Jesus, I'm talking about this retarded mentality of I NEED 60 FPS IN EVERYTHINGGGGG.

>> No.8910227

No anon, tell me, why isn't the game good at 5 frames per second?

>> No.8910231

God damn I hate internal resolution upscaling
So glad I got a big CRT for 240p gaming

>> No.8910257


>> No.8910263
File: 3.72 MB, 1946x993, ohshid.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8910297

Damn, that looks amazing. Is it finished?

>> No.8910298

Where do I get the Mario 64 pc port?

>> No.8910307

based and true.
God, I feel so bad. My Elden Ring honeymoon period just passed and I went from thinking "DIS DA BEST FROM SOULS GAME EVARRR" to feeling like it might be the worst one they've made.

>> No.8910351

dumbass semantic little shithead
bet you felt real fucking smart typing that shit and going lmaoo im gonna get him wit dis!!!!!!
anyone with half a functioning brain and an ounce of social experience (not you!) knows what he meant. but no, you, ever the intellectual, slurped the snot back up his flat nose and decided to write that, hit send, and contribute nothing to the conversation like a toddler throwing plastic toys at the wall in amusement
i wish evil upon you.

>> No.8910358
File: 5 KB, 755x155, laffsin165fps.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I own nothing except a basic computer, a great monitor, and millions of dollars of Bitcoin, not much else besides that. More projection on your part. An intellectual? I dropped out of highschool when I was 15. How about you just answer the damn question you greasy little worm? Is 15 FPS better than 5 FPS?
Is 40 FPS better than 20? Is 60 better than 165?
I believe it is purely subjective, but smoother frame rates for games is generally more pleasurable because it feels more responsive. Higher FPS isn't always better, films/anime for example are better experienced at whatever frame rate they were originally shot in.

>> No.8910362

Why sort of idiot thinks that something is the best thing ever and then the worst?
I guess you are just a mindless consumer drone, forever flitting between one thing to the next. Pathetic.

>> No.8910372

Blow it out your ass.

>> No.8910373
File: 3.44 MB, 1626x1034, darunia.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8910376

its exactly the same, just interpolated. get out of /vr/ and don't enter /jp/.

>> No.8910392

>Higher FPS isn't always better
Halo 1 for PC had the option to run at 60 fps and beyond, but animations still only ran at 30 fps. Despite it feeling better to play with a mouse the animations running at a different frame rate than the camera's motion was jarring. There are gotchas like this that can pop up in games that sometimes make the best option a lower FPS. If the animations of Ocarina of Time were perfectly translated to 60 FPS and beyond, I doubt many would prefer the look and feel of 20 FPS to a smoother experience when given the option. And this is coming from someone who played the game when it originally came out, loves the original, and doesn't like texture packs and other soulless gimmicks. Zelda on a CRT running at 60 FPS and beyond, with no visual glitches, sounds sublime.

>> No.8910510

Because no one likes playing games at 1fps at 80p retard.
The point of a remaster is to bring many aspects of the original up to modern standards, running on modern hardware, without becoming an all-out remake.

That means 60fps minimum, scalable resolution, widescreen without glitches, and moddability.
How the fuck do you have a PC but you care about none of the above? You may as well just own a Switch and pay Nintendo $60 everytime they want to sell you roms.

>> No.8910539
File: 506 KB, 957x719, 6dcb65c94a5c6f3070050a6ecd83ac4e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope someone is working on upscaling the backgrounds a la RE2 and 3 HD project.
Didn't a leak come out where people found the raw image renders of these that were higher resolution or was that something else?

>> No.8910552

because nobody cares dude. we're here to play games. that whole bullshit stuff you talk about is more of a /v/ thing aka people who dont care about games. dont try so hard to fit in. i dont care what you guys want to do but dont try to impose your weird fps obsessed shit on me.

>> No.8910557

>I don't care!
>But I care enough to whine about people caring about a native PC port
Lol. Do you even read what you write before you hit post?

>> No.8910558

i wasnt whining. i dont care about the pc port. how could I? its just weird that you think you cant be a real pc gamer without obsessing over these things.

>> No.8910561

Leave that guy the fuck alone, everyone in the thread knows exactly what you're doing here. Your argument is bullshit and you know it.

>> No.8910563
File: 120 KB, 797x698, 1629300419182.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I don't care about the PC port
>But I'm going to whine about the PC port in a thread about the PC port
Lol. Lmao.

>> No.8910565

Where do you see me whining about the PC port? I don't really care about the PC port.

>> No.8910567

Probably samefag, but even if not, what do you think the best frame rate is?

>> No.8910569

kek 'leave that guy alone'
sure, say that to the person who ISN'T saying mentally deranged shit like 'wishing evil upon you' to retro video game retards on the internet

>> No.8910582

I'm not that guy and I don't know I don't care.
I don't know what you're talking about. But I don't like it when everyone gangs up on some guy like this. Its fucked up. And I think his core message of 'who cares about specs just play games' is pretty noble. But I'm not as principled against the PC port as he seems to be.

>> No.8910590

>Where do you see me whining about the PC port? I don't really care about the PC port.
You're whining about it right now by declaring that you don't care about it in a thread about it. Dummy.

>> No.8910594

I don't see how I'm whining about it. Saying I don't care isn't a negative sentiment you know. I'm just here to defend these people because none of you will.

>> No.8910597

>I'm just here to defend these people because none of you will.
Not giving you another (You) for one of these smooth brained responses/

>> No.8910602

Alright weirdo, back to twitch you go kid.

>> No.8910608

So I say that the best frame rate is subjective and up to the individual, but generally speaking it is more enjoyable at a higher frame rate. 20 FPS is better than 10 FPS, 60 FPS is better than 30 FPS, etc. But ultimately it is up to you whatever you like best, because ultimately your reality is your own.

And the initial response is:
>Jesus, I'm talking about this retarded mentality of I NEED 60 FPS IN EVERYTHINGGGGG.

Generally speaking, smoother running games are more enjoyable, this is what got me into PC gaming: seeing Half-Life and Oblivion run smooth vs their console ports. He called me mentally retarded despite the fact I remember playing Ocarina of Time back in 1998 and thinking to myself "hmm, super mario world on the SNES runs smoother than the new zelda does. I wonder why. Would be better if it was smoother, but it is still a good game." And now we have it.

Then he called me a semantic little shithead, and an intellectual, assumed I have plastic toys, etc., and didn't present any counterpoints disproving anything I claimed. If it is false that the best frame rate is subjective, what then is the best frame rate? No valid answers given. Just a troll.

Oh, but so noble is he, because you hate it when everyone gangs up on him. lmao

>> No.8910615

Because you're being ridiculous. You think everyone should care about 60FPS maxed graphics, and I'm sorry if this shakes you to your core. But I just can't. It just doesn't matter to me, or that guy apparently. I don't care what you do with your hobby, but why do you feel the need to impose your views on others? Just leave people alone man.

>> No.8910617

>You think everyone should care about 60FPS maxed graphics
Never claimed this.

>> No.8910620

I claimed the opposite, in fact. Read my first line in post >>8910608

>> No.8910630


If you want to backtrack then backtrack sure, but just leave him alone. You have no idea how frustrating it is. I'm sitting here trying to enjoy a classic game, and then over my shoulder is a guy like you who says its just unplayable its horrible I need to get HDMI mods I need to mod this I need to get that.
Its so crazy to me.

>> No.8910637

Not backtracking, this was the entire basis of his attack upon my original post. Apparently he has figured out the objective best FPS and won't tell us what it is, and I'm retarded for thinking it's a subjective preference.

>> No.8910639

this is my second post in this thread. yes i am deranged, yes i will skin you alive for acting like a disingenuous cunt and a woman on the internet. yes i will do this over you saying stupid shit about framerates. get lost dweeb. go jerk off to testufo.com

>> No.8910642

You're awfully invested and write just like him.

>> No.8910647

I dont see where he implied that to be honest but I don't really care. Not sure why you keep talking to me like I'm in his head.

>> No.8910650

>I dont see where he implied that
Here you go:
>Jesus, I'm talking about this retarded mentality of I NEED 60 FPS IN EVERYTHINGGGGG.

That is how we wind up here, anon. That is how it is relevant. But go on about how you don't care and how crazy it all is.

>> No.8910654

That statement doesnt imply that he knows the correct FPS, it implies he is tired of being told that 60 is the correct FPS. Do you get this distinction?

>> No.8910656

Oh my fucking lord, the goddamn autistic console children who grew up on the laughably bad "nintendo paid reviewers to make games for this piece of shit pseudo-successful" Nintendo 64 actually complaining that a game is now available and runs better on PC.
All this while ignoring the fact that the game is a fucking laughably bad pile of goddamn storyshit with bad gameplay.
The N64 helped kill gaming.

>> No.8910660

Trying too hard

>> No.8910663

Video game framerate and movie framerate isn't comparable at all. Movies simply need way less frames due to natural motion blur and because you aren't involved. In a game, you have to do lots of precise movement and aiming and shit and low framerates get in the way of that. Games just play much more comfortably at high framerates.

>> No.8910673

No. He is attacking someone for their subjective preference of 60 FPS, as if 60 FPS is wrong somehow.

>> No.8910684

Yes, these autistic consolebabies are trying too hard.

>> No.8910690

Sounds like you just see what you want to see

>> No.8910694

Trying too hard

>> No.8910701

>you just see what you want to see
That's the basis of my entire argument, that it is subjective and whatever you like is the best one for you. 60 FPS is just as right as 20 FPS - should you like the

And yet his original post is mocking anon over liking 60 FPS.

>> No.8910706

No his original post is expressing frustration over constantly being told to like 60 fps.

>> No.8910708

>port comes out
>*yawn* call me when it's 60fps
>60fps comes out
>wtf looks like shit


>> No.8910723

honestly man it feels like 60fps hasnt mattered since 4th gen consoles. except for like online fps or fighting game or some rare 2d thing feels like most game dont really require you to need the kind of response time 60fps requires. and to most people once you play a game for a while you stop noticing if its 20fps 40 fps 60fps 120fps unless it actually changes how you play which most games have already adjusted themselves for that anyway

>> No.8910731

>can't control the camera with the right stick
it's the first thing I would have done

>> No.8910760

No one ITT is saying you have to like 60 fps, is there a post where that's implied?

There's just one anon samefagging and saying that they're tired of being told that they have to like 60 fps. Meanwhile that very same samefagging anon also thinks it is wrong to prefer different frame rates such as 60 fps.

Imagine caring that people prefer a colorized film to the original black and white. That's what samefagging anon is suggesting, while I say you do you senpai. You don't have to like 60 fps. But this is a OoT PC port thread. Go away if you don't like OoT PC port. It's retro, and we have 60 fps.

I don't enjoy games that run slower than 30 FPS, and there is a visual difference and feeling difference between 40 FPS and 166 hz. You may not feel it, but I certainly do, and it matters because feeling any type of delay in response makes me not enjoy games now that I expect it. It certainly matters for the type of people who own computers and configure shaders -- people such as /vr/.

>> No.8910771

it's almost there, you can test it right now

>> No.8910773

Looks like the hair would have been fixed with either vertical clamping, or mirroring in it's texture properties. Big N probably didn't catch that in QA, like with Mario's smoke puffs.

>> No.8910778

you dont have to be condescending man, im just as hardcore a gamer as you and ive been into computers as much and as long if not longer and more in depth than you. you can say there's a feeling all you want. it depends on the game, any suggestion otherwise is just grandstanding to try to show off your game muscles. in reality a lot of games dont really react very differently. saying something as pretentious as 'i dont enjoy games that run slower than 30fps'.
eh it reeks of that nugamerPC crowd that watches linus all day or some shit. i dont believe thats real, i believe youve convinced yourself thats real though. but i think you'd have interesting results in a blind study

>> No.8910801

>Imagine caring that people prefer a colorized film to the original black and white.
What? That's a horrible example. Colorized films are horrible. It was a cheap cashgrab using new technology that often ruined the original artistic vision. In fact film colorization in a way is a great argument for the people you're trying to say are wrong. A blind assumption that modern techniques are better, and if you take something old and 'modernize it' then it will be better. Saying that those 'artistic decisions' were just technical limitations that don't matter.

Not that it really matters because the PC port can be set to be exactly like N64 but that's still a laughable bad argument to put in your post.

>People who alter or destroy works of art and our cultural heritage for profit or as an exercise of power are barbarians, and if the laws of the United States continue to condone this behavior, history will surely classify us as a barbaric society.
G. Lucas, lol

>> No.8910808

i dont think you know how to use the word samefagging either, if no attempt is being made to try to pretend to be another poster, then its not a samefag. its just a conversation

>> No.8910815

Anon, I have dreamt of a smoother running, higher FPS OoT for nearly a quarter century since I was a wee lad, the very first day I played it. It is not condescending or pretentious to want a game to run smoother, to prefer it. It is entirely for personal enjoyment, not dick measuring, and it is not to show off any muscle or lack of anything. I've already stated I've got millions of dollars of Bitcoin -- if I'm trying to show off about anything, I'll show off about that. I built my first computer 14 years ago, have been on 4chan for the same length of time. You project way too much. I don't watch youtube, I've run Linux for nearly 14 years, I mined Bitcoin before it halved, etc..

Meanwhile, I project nothing at what you must be like. Why must you assume so much about me when I've given you no reason to assume so? You sound insecure or traumatize if not trolling.

>> No.8910831

I think you took my post in entirely the wrong way man. Now you're just being weird.
>keeps mentioning how much money he has in a retro video game thread
>if i was showing off id talk about it
>weird tangent about your life
Ok man. I really have no clue where you're going with this. Can I just tell you to try again? Just like read my post again, and then make another reply that isn't whatever this is.

>> No.8910843

Sorry anon, when you project various qualities upon me and I point out how you're wrong, I have to describe a bit of my life. You brought it on yourself.

>> No.8910847

I dont see any projection man. I dont care how you live your life. You focused on the wrong parts of my post to be honest. I'm not sure why you felt the need to affirm your being in front of me.

>> No.8910860

Actually they are. Aonuma purposefuly left TPHD in 30 FPS just because he felt it was the right decision.

>> No.8910864

You projected the following
>eh it reeks of that nugamerPC crowd that watches linus all day or some shit

So I wanted to point out how very wrong you are in this baseless assumption.

> i dont believe thats real, i believe youve convinced yourself thats real though. but i think you'd have interesting results in a blind study
I assume you mean faster frame rates? I prefer faster frame rates and can see the difference, others I know can, many people prefer faster frame rates. But you're not wrong if you like slower fps senpai. But blind studies have shown what you doubt. I wonder, do any blind studies show that people prefer slower frame rates in video games?

The only projection I can make about you anon is that you are wrong. Very wrong. About so much kek

>> No.8910901

Ok boomer

>> No.8910908
File: 983 KB, 867x569, FEELINGOOD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8910952
File: 29 KB, 457x520, 507E371C-7323-4AEC-852E-7AD2A6789AA8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>yes i will skin you alive for acting like a disingenuous cunt and a woman on the internet.
I don't think he's the one acting like a woman in this thread...

>> No.8910979
File: 154 KB, 220x189, 7E443663-9F87-4D5F-8A33-FDD72FD02B43.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We Tumblr now.

>> No.8910993

You will never be a woman.
I'm sorry to have to tell you that, but you are living in a delusion.
You have no womb, you have no ovaries.
You are a man.

>> No.8911001

/v/ pls go.

>> No.8911071

alright i'll bite
can you get filters for the PC port in an easier way that retroarch?

>> No.8911115

I hate all the ricing out shit with the graphics. Give me native vertical res, integer scale it, and make it 60fps. That's all I need. and don't interp the animations.

>> No.8911126

Ya'll boomers just coping because youre too old to appreciate this

>> No.8911136

Looks absolutely incredible. Can't wait to play this game the way it should've been from the start.

>> No.8911138

Now do one with him dancing with the caption "If this nigga don't shut the fuck up..."

>> No.8911187

I'm not the biggest expert on retro games, but I'm pretty sure a ton of PC games from that era ran at ultra low framerates, especially with the hardware.

>> No.8911219

Even arcades had slowdowns
Just look at Metal Slug

>> No.8911387

it's crazy how much nicer the upscaled RE3 backgrounds look compared to the upscaled RE2 ones. It's not perfect but it's very nice regardless

>> No.8911460

How did they managed to achieve it for Mario 64?

>> No.8911502

that's why they made Metal Slug X anon, no one wants low framerates, 90s devs simply did their best

>> No.8911503

Because the engine was made for 30FPS you fucking idiot

>> No.8911578

For me? I hope it gets a Dreamcast port.

>> No.8912070


>> No.8912083

How long until we get custom content? The only thing that's intrigued me about OoT since the 3DS remake was the Disk Expansion mod that came out last year
Mod potential is all this has going for it, everyone has already played OoT and those who are still invested in it play on original hardware

>> No.8912086

>and those who are still invested in it play on original hardware
Or emulate it

>> No.8912091

yes, that is how every framerate independent game works

>> No.8912257

wrong actually

>> No.8912301

There's a concept of acceleration observed by animators, Things aren't supposed to interpolate smoothly all the time sometimes movement freezes or jerks instantly into place. Which is why AI interpolation looks like shit.

>> No.8912320
File: 251 KB, 2598x1772, bouncing_ball.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For instance the bouncy ball exercise is the very first thing you learn in animation.
Objects aren't supposed to stretch in the air and squish flat against the ground in real life, it looks that way so your monkey brain can interpret the sensation of movement.

>> No.8912326
File: 151 KB, 2420x1362, mainImage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8912330

>“The original framerate was 30fps. We decided to stay faithful in the remake and kept it as is. There wasn’t any pressure that forced us to do so, we just wanted to make sure that the gameplay still felt the same as in the original. Still, we have adjusted the speed of a number of cutscenes that appeared a bit slow when looking at them now.”

>> No.8912334

I was monitoring the discord and one of the devs says this is not animation interpolation, it is 'matrix interpolation' dunno what that is though.

>> No.8913107

>won't have to do some hacky emulator shit for M+KB support

>> No.8913439

The dev is a sperg. If it's interpolating the animation, it's performing animation interpolation.

>> No.8913452

Because of the animations
If you want to make this game look good in 60, you need to redo 100% of the animations, I doubt modders will do that

>> No.8913453

Only way the animations will ever look good is if they're redone at 60 to keep the weight in that interpolation removed, but that's too much effort for discord-addicted programmers

>> No.8913590

I'm not zero cool, anon

>> No.8913598

a ball doesn't stretch while falling

>> No.8913619


>> No.8913628

you people are such fucking spergs. I'm a CRT autist audiophile and I cannot for the life of me see anything wrong with the animations whatsoever.

you're just not used to seeing the game running at 60fps.

>> No.8914921

Its servicable but I think the animations need to be redone at some point. Alot of the motion looks sped up rather than smooth.

>> No.8914931

If you can't enjoy the game at 24 fps, you don't deserve it at 60 fps.

Same types of people that probably defend this too https://youtu.be/hgCw0YRMFHY

If they wanted 60 FPS, they would have made it in 60 FPS.

>> No.8915636

I need that in tomb raider

>> No.8915715
File: 20 KB, 403x403, 135452489468.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So is this true 60fps or faked through interpolation?
I wondered the same for any projects that made use of Mario 64's reverse engineered code.

>> No.8915770

The other games still have slowdown

>> No.8915782

It looks fine. This thread proves the Zelda community is subhuman IQ.

>> No.8915897

If you're cleaning up graphics and making it run at triple the framerate, you don't leave janky sliding feet (also something that only exists in the original due to the limits of the console) alone.

>> No.8915909 [DELETED] 
File: 6 KB, 168x250, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>thread full of kids who are crying that the second shittiest zelda* doesn't look like a pixelated mess now and is triggering their faulty nostalgia
>*Shittiest, of course, is MM.

>> No.8915950

You also don't see speedlines in real life but it greatly helps in animation.

>> No.8916017
File: 133 KB, 500x282, tenor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>matrix interpolation

>> No.8916384

60 fps is cringe

>> No.8916508

Now I'm going to play your game.

>> No.8916814

Lower framerate + different display type (CRT) + your screen was probably smaller back then as well.

>> No.8917001

Its almost as if the game was made on hardware that supports hardware interpolation of animations.
The crux is the same: Once you reach final framerate in development, animations will target that framerate, which means interpolating those animations will later destroy the animations snappiness by smoothing it out.
>faked through interpolation?
Its in engine you dump shit

>> No.8917002

Keep dreaming tendie.

>> No.8917009

Many Saturn games natively support 16:9, kill yourself nostalgiatard

>> No.8917018


>> No.8917021
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>because ultimately your reality is your own.

>> No.8917085

Most people are "forbidding" the use of leaked assets. That's why you never see anyone using those item renders in texture packs

>> No.8917229

That's fucking stupid.

>> No.8917232

>Many Saturn games
And by that you mean like three, of which only two came out in english.

>> No.8917251

Are they raping a child?

>> No.8917268

So does the gameplay run at 60fps?

>> No.8917273

Mouse support when.

>> No.8917646

it's to cover their butts so that nintendo can't C&D under the accusation of stolen assets.

>> No.8917647


>> No.8917654

i cant be bothered to save an image to my computer and post it, but google "overwatch mccree combat roll face"

>> No.8918552

i fucking hate copyright

>> No.8918897

mario party 3 with a proper server browser

>> No.8919829
File: 42 KB, 1191x255, faggot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why is he so fucking autistic?
>faggot from other port makes a low effort off the cuff remark without looking into the situation
>lead dev of SoH has a full blown autism attack over it instead of ignoring it
>posts this in the announcements where any sane dev would just be posting about what's happening with their project
The fuck can't this shit be like SM64 where the PC port came without shitty drama

>> No.8919841

looks like dogshit
zoomers are soulless robots

>> No.8919886

I didn't say it looks strange and unnatural I said it looks worse. Learn to read.

>> No.8919890

So why did you bring that shitty drama here?

>> No.8919891
File: 303 KB, 640x404, not good at all.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

CRT filter doesn't work here. N64 games never needed filters. I remember gaining more clarity when first playing OoT on PC back in 2005. It's a game that desperately needed a higher resolution and not be trapped in 240p on a CRT. Playstation games on the other hand is a different story.

>> No.8920019

will the decomp make it easier to make mods? how do i learn to make extensive oot mods?

>> No.8920123

Render96 has found a lot of the original texture CDs that were used.


>> No.8920132

leave it to /vr/ to actually bitch about high framerates

>> No.8920176

>Not 60fps
>So retarded thinks it is 60fps
I wonder, retard.

>> No.8920183

How much of a cum guzzler are you?
>Thinking that a blown up image is how it actually looks

>> No.8920191


>> No.8920195

PS1 games look much better at high resolution unlike n64 games

>> No.8921214

Nigger that is exactly how that looks, it's not "blown up", don't be disingenuous, that background is jpeg articacted on a fucking CRT, let alone with the 3D models upscaled

>> No.8923135

>Film looks the way it does for a reason.
Yeah, it's 24 fps because film is expensive and that was the minimum they could get away with.

>> No.8923176

This only applies if you try to interpolate directly from the key frames. If you were to stick an extra frame exactly half way between each inbetween of that bouncy ball example then the weighting wouldn't change. If the animation in OOT is already weighted properly then interpolation won't change that.

>> No.8923187

I'm more interested about the upgrading the quality of Hyrule Town

>> No.8923191

N64 games look like shit no matter what. The only game I can think of that aged well is paper Mario and that’s because it’s sprites in 3d environments.

>> No.8923195

True, it has had absolutely no aesthetic impact and is in fact a bad thing and thats why people don't like high framerate movies.

>> No.8923197

yes, it does ask for the number.

>> No.8923209

To stop them from walking towards the camera? How and why, may I ask?

>> No.8923230

ive never played this game this is absolutely soulless

>> No.8923237

All correct. If they had decided on 60 fps then today 24 fps would seem "uncinematic".

>> No.8923761


>> No.8923893

>20fps is good
I actually agree with this given certain contexts. I would love to see games that are built from the ground up to run at locked low framerates, and see what kinds of design flows from that.

Example: The graphics upgrades to OOT could get very interesting, since you have 50ms to render a frame(Instead of 16ms for a 60fps game). That's a LOT of time to produce a nice image, especially if you wanted to render a clean raytraced image.
OOT's 20fps also means that it's feasible to have frame-perfect inputs, which is one of the reasons why OOT is so popular among speed runners.
And, like it or not, 20fps does have its own visual aesthetic that is totally lost when upping the frame rate.

In most cases(Virtually all) arguing for low frame rates is a cope, but not always. Having the ability to run at high frame rates and choosing to design your game to run at locked 20fps is a chad move, given you're prepared to make use of the frame time and special design constraints.

>> No.8923898

At least the textures look right.

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