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It has to be picrel, right?

>Itty bitty city with almost nothing to do it and no personality other than blasting neon at you in 1/4 of the map
>terrible combat
>par driving
>sparse story that cares more about ripping off movies than actually being coherent
>missions are either boringly easy or nearly broken

The only things it has going for it are its soundtrack and SOME of its voice acting. I could understand a 10-year old having a ball with this in the summer of 2003, but how does anyone with taste find artistic merit in this piece of shit?

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This era of ignorant fucking zoomers trying to act like some deep videogame/movie/whatever critics Is not the worst thing of this decade, but its probably one of the most obnoxious.
You should have never learnt to write or read.

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He’s not wrong though. For years I thought this was the best in the PS2 trilogy but going back to it today it’s clear that I only liked it because I was a le wrong generation kid and obsessed with the 80s a decade before it was cool.
III is the only one still worth playing, and even then it’s mainly only for the gritty late 90s pre-9/11 new york setting.

>t. Played the shit out of vice city as a 12 year old in the summer of ‘03

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Bought a PS2 specifically for this game. Was not disappointed at the time.

No shit you go back and play a 20 year old game and feel like it wasn’t magic given what’s available today. If you didn’t play this at release and knew what was available at the time, it’s kind of moot to argue it’s relevance.

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>If you didn’t play this at release and knew what was available at the time
But it was shit back then too, if you had discerning taste and weren't easily impressed by a vapid open world and 80s aesthetic. By 2002, we had FAR better racers, shooters, and story-driven games. Being a subpar jack of all trades is nothing impressive.

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>itty bitty city
Better than 5000000 miles of fucking nothing like other fucking shit GTAs
>terrible combat
Play the PC version, kid
Better than the floppy, imprecise shit driving of the other GTA games
>sparse story
This is a good thing, games should be about the gameplay, not the games.
>missions easy or broken
Some are easy, so fucking what? And what broken missions? I've completed 100% VC many, many times and there are no broken missions. More like "I suck at good games, where are my 500 hours of unskippable cutscenes boohoo".

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>Better than 5000000 miles of fucking nothing like other fucking shit GTAs
All GTA games are shit, but that's another story.
>And what broken missions? I
Lance Vance getting stuck in the mall is pretty fucking broken.
>games should be about the gameplay
How in the fuck can you say this with a straight face when talking about Vice City? Sorry, not taking you seriously.

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still better than mgs 2

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>Lance Vance getting stuck in the mall is pretty fucking broken.
I've never had that happen. Maybe your shitty console version has a stupid bug.
>how in the fuck can you say this
Because it has good gameplay, you dopey fuck. It figures modern "gamers" don't know good gameplay if it slapped them right in the face. What do I expect from the fucking shit games Mario 64/MGS/Halo/Metroid Prime generation, though?

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Vice City is the only one out of the 3D GTAs that I haven't finished. I think I dropped it when you had to start buying up the real estate or something and I didn't have enough money.

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So you’re saying…that games..of their own genre..did what VC did all together..better than VC did.. I see..

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>Mario 64/MGS/Halo/Metroid Prime generation
3D GTAs are part of that same generation you seething cunt.

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being able to do all of those things in one game on 6th gen hardware is impressive. It was the whole selling point of these games and the reason they were so successful, failing to understand that doesn't mean you're discerning.

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>Why get an engagement ring at a specialized diamond outlet when you could go to Big Nose Ira's Jewelry Emporium & More! They got rings, necklaces, rugs, and kosher snacks!
This is how stupid you sound.

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Generation referring to you. You and your peers loving shit games like the ones I listed. Wow, not only do you play shit games, you are also pants on head stupid.

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>evewy game but Vwice City is le bad
Based tasteless mong.

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No, you subhuman sludge. Look, it's obvious you don't know a goddamn good game if it hit you in the ass, so shut your fucking mouth, go back to /v/ where you belong, and play your shitty Fortnite trash while masturbating to pictures of Master Chief.

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One person thinks your favorite game is shit so you sperge out. Shut the fuck up you dork.

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It's a decent game, it's just the awkward middle child of the series. GTA3 is legendary for being innovative although a bunch of the mechanics sucking the the presentation being very bare bones, San Andreas was the magnum opus that took everything to the next level and fixed a lot of the shitty parts. Vice city just plays like a new map and mission set for GTA3, everything it added was either presentation (like proper story and radio) or inconsequential and easy (like buying properties or changing clothes).

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Better than San Andreas in every way except not being able to swim

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>Zoomie goes into game that has tons of hype around it
>Builds impossible expectations
>They play it and it doesn't deliver OFC
Every fucking time. Enjoy the smaller details and never fall for the hype game.

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>Vice City overrated
It's not overrated, its flaws are regularly discussed and usually gets compared to San Andreas. What usually gets rated highly in Vice City is the atmosphere and aesthetics, if the 80s are your thing then no other game does it better.
>Itty bitty city with almost nothing to do it and no personality other than blasting neon at you in 1/4 of the map
Clearly it's not your thing and that's fine, but that's not really a criticism of the game if the 80s theme doesn't do anything for you.

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whenever people talk about vice city and how its the best in the series, the only thing they ever mention is the fucking soundtrack, which proves that the game doesnt have that much going for it. with san andreas people actually remember the story and the missions. there was also gta vice city stories which was much better than the original game which none of the vice city fanboys even played.

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>the only thing they ever mention is the fucking soundtrack
That's a lie.

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bad analogy; getting a ring in general is a ploy by Big Nose to get you to spend 3 months of shek- i mean, salary on a fucking rock

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>or inconsequential and easy (like buying properties or changing clothes).
Changing clothes had a purpose though, it wasn't as if they were added in for no reason. I will say the way you went about changing clothes was utterly retarded in VC and I am glad they binned that for the future games.

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>zoomers trying to act like some deep videogame/movie/whatever critics
I fucking hate this shit so much. It always sounds like they are desperately looking for reasons to shit on something. And I don't even know why

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I have a counter argument for every one of your points but I just don't care enough to give a detailed reply. Shitting on Vice City is peak contrarianism

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>be teenager
>have infinite free time
>and internet access
Many such cases!

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People were still obsessed with muh 3D back then, so all they wanted was a big ass world to "immerse" themselves in.

To be fair all I ever did was blow stuff up and get chased by the cops, which is pretty fun for a while.

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You could do that in the top down GTAs as well. I know what you're saying though.

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You had to be there at the time, zoomer.

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None of the GTA games are actually good. They were spectacles. The sense of scale, and controversy caught people's attention, but there's not much actually there in terms of good gameplay. There never was. You had games that were doing combat better, games that were doing driving better, games that were doing storytelling better. Once the fuck around fun factor of GTA has worn off, you realise you'd rather just be playing some other game.

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Nailed it.

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Nah, you most likely have never even played the games, they are fun as hell and each GTA game before 5 had its own unique theme. You are probably also one of those people who think that all Zelda games are too 'vanilla' and serve as tech demos for better games

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Vice City is fun and it has soul, but the gameplay is nothing special at all even at the time. Not even the driving is that great. Max Payne came out two years earlier, just compare the TPS gameplay from that to Vice City.

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>unique theme
Ripping off movies is not a unique theme you trog. Vice City is the result of the writers jacking off onto a page after watching Scarface and Miami Vice back to back.

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By that logic everything is a ripoff of something

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Yeah I'm finding it hard to replay this shit as an adult. The only thing thing it had going for them was the novelty of being new to sandbox at the time

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I've replayed it a few times. Quite fun to do missions thinking outside the box. Using weapons you wouldn't normally use and such.

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VC is strange in that they made the missions better and in the process ended up making them worse. GTA3's missions were almost entirely 'driver here, drive back' or 'drive here, have fight, escape' which was boring as fuck but fit perfectly with how limited the mechanics were. In Vice City the missions got more involved and varied but the shooting, movement and AI didn't improve so more of the missions are super frustrating.

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the era of pathetic 35 years old losers desperately grasping to the media they were consuming when they still believed they had a chance to avoid becoming human waste is the worst thing of the decade.

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>the era of pathetic 35 years old losers desperately grasping to the media they were consuming when they still believed they had a chance to avoid becoming human waste is the worst thing of the decade.

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the zoomer is strong in this one

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>People were still obsessed with muh 3D back then
anon, that hasn't changed

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Tiktok really did a number on you, I'm genuinely sorry. Stop mistyping the URL, just delete the 'r' in 'vr' and press enter

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this is literally a medium of ripping off movies
Tomb Raider
There's nothing wrong with wanting to LIVE the movie, infact it's one of the best qualities games have and the reason so many licensed games exist

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Also Silent Hill, it ripped off a LOT

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MGS protag is literally the protag from escape from new york, tomb raider is indiana jones, silent hill is jacob's ladder mostly and other horror movies. Never played bloodbourne so no idea. What movie did metroid rip off though?

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Do you really think he waited 22mins to reply to his own post? No, it wasn't him, I just agreed with the sentiment. The GTAs are fun sandboxes (for a while) but shitty video games.

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Then you have shit taste just like him. Vice City is one of the best games ever made, and I say that as someone who's not even a fan of GTA

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III is the king gameplay-wise and is the best to rampage in. atmosphere is the cherry on top. vice was carried by nostalgia though tbf it was done well. its also jankier than III and the map is trash. to call it a bad game is something else entirely.

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not retro but i think 4 is more overrated and worse than VC
VC felt like a downgrade from 3 to me but i can understand if someone liked it better, however when VCucks say it's better than SA then they are being pseudo contrarian faggots
and i never liked 80's vibes anyway

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Dude, I'm a zoomer and there's no doubt this game is a masterpiece.
OP is just a sucking dick nigger faggot

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>What movie did metroid rip off though?
If you have never seen Alien you should go watch it right now

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GTA IV, V and RDR 2 are roughly million times worse.

At least VC is a game where you do stuff.

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GTA IV is just as good. For me it's a better Liberty City game than 3 and LC Stories. People say it's lacking in terms of atmosphere compared to 3 but in my opinion it was aiming for something different, Liberty City still feels like a hellhole in this game just in a different way

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Imagine having such a sad, pathetic, life that you actually get angry over OTHER PEOPLE liking a 20 year old video game hahaha Jesus Christ.. enjoy that depression.

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The only people mad here are 35+ year olds seething over their childhood toy receiving moderate critique lmao

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>I have an opinion that differs from yours
You're either permavirgin 40 year olds or as expected, teens trying to fit in with the latest stupid /v/ meme.
20 years and I've not encountered a single retard talking about his favourite VC mission or moment. It's just "great soundtrack!", "I love this idealised version of the 80's!", etc

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Bloodborne doesn't rip any movies off.

>> No.8907994

Metroid is inspired by Alien but honestly it's nothing like it

>> No.8908001

Honestly the only one of these that really blatantly rips off movies is MGS, the others just have some obvious inspirations without ever entering ripoff territory.

>> No.8908003

people whine about Demolition Man or The Driver whenever it's brought up

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>t. zoomer

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You're either permavirgin 20 year olds or as expected, old farts trying to fit in with the latest stupid /v/ meme.
5 years and I've not encountered a single retard talking about his favourite Fortnite item or weapon. It's just 'this shit fire yo fr fr no cap', 'this game be bussin!', etc

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zoomer spastic

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This was a shit ton of fun back in the day. It doesn't stand up well by today's standards, and sure, there's better games that were out at the time. But, it terms of just mindless fun and comical violence, it was pretty sweet.

I wouldn't say it was the most overrated game, it's not even the most overrated out of PS2 games. I would give that title to Manhunt desu.

>> No.8908152

>by today's standards
No offense anon but there should be a special word filter on /vr/ that will get you banned instantly for this shit

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Kek hello fren

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>all I ever did was blow stuff up and get chased by the cops
This is what just about every open-worldfag AAA developer doesn't get. GTA has a very good getting chased by the cops minigame and the open world provides the stage for that game. Then you have some company like Ubishit that makes big open worlds with nothing to do. Know the difference.

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dangerously based

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>GTA IV is just as good
not it's not you zoomer faggot
4 was a fucking disappointing disaster
>For me it's a better Liberty City game than 3 and LC Stories
zoom zoom tier taste
4 is so shit most people went back to playing SA until 5 came and although 5 is also shit but at least it's better than 4
also 4 was so boring even the online was a ghost town

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I think the worst ones gotta be that one where you get on a boat and get dropped off at a mansion where you get gunned down immediately or that fucking car bomb mission

>> No.8908358

>but at least it's better than 4
4 had soul
>the online was a ghost town
Online was peak fun with friends. It was cool checking various easter eggs and explore myths like Ratman together

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Man 4 was way better than 5

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The consensus has always been that Vice City was the best GTA story mode of 6th gen. San Andreas might have been nigger with more things to do, 3 might have been more innovative, but Vice City is the culmination of the GTA ideal. The style, the music, the story, the parodies, everything works together. The setting is the most recognizable and parodiable, everything was awesome and unironic.
The only reason someone might prefer SA is that they have been raised since small children to worship ghetto culture and hip hop crap, like zoomers.

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It was the best gta game, my only complaint was drowning.

>> No.8908781

>The only reason someone might prefer SA is that they have been raised since small children to worship ghetto culture and hip hop crap,
Seems like a cope. I had zero interest in the story when it was announced, having lived through the 90s in California and had more than enough of that shit. I recall literally groaning when I read the description of what it was going to be about.
But I'll be damned if CJ and his buddies didn't win me over in spite of my dislike of all that ghetto shit. They're solid characters and the story of CJ's journey up from the ghetto and out into the world was fun and engaging.
On top of that the world is massive, the gameplay is more solid, and the missions are better. It's all around a bigger, better, more polished game than VC, much as I also love VC.

>> No.8908829

>Man 4 was way better than 5

Despite having a lot of boring stuff, they were still trying when they made 4. GTA 5 is a lazycrap unfinished game that will never receive one single player expansion.

>> No.8908836

>an entire state with 3 major cities
>the most RPG elements in a GTA game
>the only GTA where you can freely take over gang territory
But it's bad because I hate niggers!
>you can eat fried chicken and steal TVs

>> No.8908839

>i swear im not a nigger lover
>proceeds to love niggers

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Voice actors were great too. Quite a line up actually

>> No.8908863

They are the Wind Waker fags of GTA

>> No.8908964

What Vice City did at the time was complete what was unfinished in GTA 3. Motorcycles, proper flying vehicles and targeted vehicle damage. The 80s setting gives people more reason to play it than if it was just a slightly improved GTA 3.
All the GTA3 trilogy games have kino settings, the 80s, the early 90s and GTA3 which was just supposed to be the current day is now 2001 in New York before 9/11. In comparison 4 and 5 take place in soulless time periods no one will ever give a fuck about.

>> No.8908998

there are some things it diid better than SA though. The whole map opens up faster, the feel is more arcade-y, there's things like rampages and drugs that slow down time, and the plot is more grounded and fits in with the gameplay. I love SA but it's an epic sprawling thing, vice city I can just turn on and play.

>> No.8909009

Okay okay we get it, you don't like niggers and that's why you hate SA.

Now give a decent comparison about why VC is better without including the race of the protagonist.

>> No.8909012

No its not. I like sailing and water. I feel more connected to this grounded Link. I think it makes uses of very clever puzzle mechanics and item combinations that Nintendo basically drops after WW

>> No.8909037

inspiration isn't automatically just a ripoff

>> No.8909067

>Vice City is the culmination of the GTA ideal
>the style
>the music
>the story
>the parodies
>everything works together
>The setting is more recognizable and parodiable
80's miami vice >>> 90's ghetto hip hop
Simple as

>> No.8909072

>nothing about the gameplay

>> No.8909101

>The whole map opens up faster

And that's because the map is a stupid garbage flat line with no height difference at any point, even III had a more interesting and complex map. Besides aren't you forgetting that there is a loading point between each island? Which SA doesn't have at any point aside from exiting or entering buildings.

>the feel is more arcade-y

Arcade feel is a personal taste, not a valid point.

>there's things like rampages

I can agree it's something that GTA have been missing for a while now, but to be fair, getting gang territories in SA is the equivalent of that, more immersive and realistic than picking skull and suddenly a bunch of Haitians niggers spam in the city stadium.

>drugs that slow down time

Max Payne slow down was better executed than that garbage in VC. The gun play in VC is bare bones so a slow motion thing wasn't really needed or fun to play with.

>the plot is more grounded and fits in with the gameplay.

Both plots are ... the same.

MC is being bullied by obviously main antagonist, you have to do dirty job for him and then he will try to kill MC later on, this while nigger partner is a snake that ends up betraying you ...

>> No.8909110

Gameplay is much better on VC too, good tip

PC version is best version for both games.

Vice City plays perfectly on mouse + keyboard, you can aim with the mouse, walk with WASD, run with shift and jump with space like any FPS/TPS. It's been perfectly ported.

SA on the other hand awkwardly tries to play just like the console version. Can't hold a button to run, have to mash spacebar with your thumb while you control with your other fingers. Can't walk and shoot like VC, need to stop and then aim for no reason, because it was made for joypads that are inferior at aiming and then converted improperly.

>> No.8909121

>Vice City is the culmination of the GTA ideal

Too bad that culmination has the most uninspired sand box map I have ever played.

Also, yeah shitty bikes that will send you to fly over the most stupid shit, all while losing health. Bikes are a joke in VC.

>the music [...] 80's miami vice

Every single VCfag brings up the music and the 80's vibe of the game as the most important factor of the game ... quite frankly it already says a lot about what the game lacks.

>> No.8909149

You're just admitting it is indeed the best music and vibe, and when sandbox games look and play so similar it's a massive advantage to have the best music, the best story, the best vibe.

>> No.8909191

And you are admitting that the game is complete garbage in terms of gameplay, content, replayability, innovation and you can only appreciate it cause you can listen to Billie Jean in a radio on a map that takes around two and a half minutes to navigate ... so we are even.

And again, story is the same as any other GTA. Nothing impressive. All in all, VC is in today's vocabulary, a glorified DLC of GTA III.

The funny thing is, I don't even dislike the game, but saying is the best of the trilogy just because "muh 80's" is dumb.

>> No.8909198

Calm down anon don't have a stroke
Here's a gameplay comparison too:

>> No.8909213

It's alright, Sherriff, he's one of the good ones.

>> No.8909214

Kek isn't this a discussion thread anyway? Would be dumb to not discuss. At least I don't think I'm being a sperge like this guy over here. >>8906150

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File: 1.17 MB, 201x269, 1652248481592.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well 99% of players experience both VC and SA on PC yet no one these days ever talks about the control issues with mouse and keyboard that feel like a massive downgrade. I remember how weird it was back when the PC port of SA was released, it was discussed on forums and magazines. Is really no one else today bothered?

>> No.8909920

It was pretty decent and I managed to finish the story. The atmosphere was really cool.
Only 13 year olds were creaming their pants about this.

>> No.8909932

Atmosphere is the most important thing in a game

>> No.8909947

i can't believe VCucks became worse than 4 and 5 fags combined
the 80's sucks ass and or is Reddit City

>> No.8909980

that's because they know they are failures with twerking and fortnite dancing being their only life skills and tiktok being their impotent god figure

>> No.8909996

I played all three on the PS2, so yeah, the mouse controls were really weird, specially on VC. It was weird not having auto-aim. You can turn it on by going into Controls and choosing Classic. However that precludes you from turning the camera around with the mouse - worst of both worlds.

>> No.8910054

die by getting in the water
>GTA Vice City
die by getting in the water
>GTA San Andreas
can swim and dive

that aside,
even though i started with III, i still consider IV the best for it's revamped engine (even though no usable planes), and i regard SA as a 2nd best for its firearms, aircraft, and expansive space for either exploration or just cruising about.

sticking to the /vr/ graded titles, i'd still choose San Andreas over Vice City over III. their releases gradually improved.
realistically speaking, GTA is overrated.

>> No.8910065

and then you have LCS and VCS where Toni can drown but Vic can swim

>> No.8910075

You forgot the insane amounts of blur

>> No.8910083

I had Vice City, and played it to completion. I liked it because I was 14, but in retrospect, it was pretty shit. I wouldn't return to it. I'd rather play DMC3, MGS3, Metroid Prime, F-Zero GX, Resident Evil 4, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, any number of excellent games that came out in that same window of time.

>> No.8910192

>i still consider IV the best for it's meme tier engine
the absolute state of IVfags, liking a game solely because of it's ragdoll physics and realistic (not at all) driving

>> No.8910254

>However that precludes you from turning the camera around with the mouse - worst of both worlds.
You can't do it with gamepad too

>> No.8910323

This is unironically one of the best games ever made. I finished it 100% last year with mods and its still amazing

>> No.8912369

>And that's because the map is a stupid garbage flat line with no height difference at any point, even III had a more interesting and complex map. Besides aren't you forgetting that there is a loading point between each island? Which SA doesn't have at any point aside from exiting or entering buildings.
loading takes like 2 seconds and obviously the game that was made later on with more development time is going to be technically superior, point is after like 30 minutes of story all of vice city is open whereas SA you have to play for hours and the game will punish you for trying to explore ahead of where you're meant to be.
>Arcade feel is a personal taste, not a valid point.
literally all discussion of this thread is anons exchanging their personal taste about GTAs
>Both plots are ... the same.
>MC is being bullied by obviously main antagonist, you have to do dirty job for him and then he will try to kill MC later on, this while nigger partner is a snake that ends up betraying you ...
plots are not remotely the same, unless you think every crime story with a protagonist, antagonist and villain is the same. Tommy Verctti becomes a mafia coke baron wheras cj is trying to avenge his mother, free his brother and does shit like steal jetpacks for secret government agencies ffs

>> No.8912436

>realistic (not at all) driving
<!><!> OMEGA COPE <!><!>
Cc: Oh lawdy, I drank one too many cans of Busch Light and gained access to the keyboard button box for purposes other than doing my taxes (L.M.A.O. I divorced in '93, and the only pussy I've seen since then is my neighbor's cat!)
From: Anon
To: Rektifier 9000
oh, shit son, my bad.
i didn't mean to cast a shadow on the superior driving mechanics from its predecessors.
>vehicles registered in the engine to be functionally slow when driven by the player.
>said class of vehicles can achieve formula 1 level of speeds when driven by NPCs????
>NPC's vehicle moving at speeds greater than 40mph.
>walk in front of it; comes to a halt at the blink of an eye.
>go to crash through a chicken wire fence; no matter how heavy the vehicle, the weak material brings it to a halt if not 10% of the original momentum.
>oH No mY cAr UpSiDe DoWn, GuEsS gOtTa BoOm!¡!¡ Wait, what's that? I can flip it over using another vehicle? Oh, well, no time for that. HuEhUeHuE BoOm!¡!¡
gtfo w/ that shit
rose tinted glasses
mind of molasses

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File: 40 KB, 640x608, 1635118764270.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was banned for racism on this board last time I said this, but the only people I ever saw as a kid gushing about any of the GTA games were retarded wiggers who listened to and looked up to shitty rappers because they lacked a father figure.

>> No.8912502

man that sure as hell sounds dangerously specific and totally not a case of psychological projection

>> No.8912585

Name a better Niggervania than GTA San Andreas. You can't.

>> No.8912590

I remember being on gamefaqs when this game came out and there was a lot of disappointment at first before everyone ended up liking it

>> No.8912601

gta 3 missions were way more open ended

>> No.8912606

Scarface The World is Yours is the superior game

>> No.8912641

strange way to say "easier to cheese"

>> No.8912645

>shooting, movement and AI didn't improve
did you play the console version or need to git gud?

>> No.8912716

they told you to go somewhere and do something and then left the rest up to you

>> No.8913375

no, that was call of duty with the script kiddies thinking they were the shit because they used the tools written by someone who actually understands technology to boot players out of a game.

>> No.8913403

What the actual fuck is this post?

>> No.8913450

Tell me you were a weird kid without telling me you were a weird kid

>> No.8913501
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You call this a bait?

>> No.8913503

Pretty much, yeah. And car spergs who just want to drive cars around in a sandbox, and don't really like playing video games.

>> No.8913505

In the PS2 era? CoD was still second fiddle to Medal of Honor back then.

>> No.8913510

>No argument, the post

>> No.8913728

PS2. Did they fix any of that on pc?

>> No.8913737

because there was less to them. they're still pretty open in vc and SA, they just have more specific objectives so it feels like your character is doing actual tasks. Was it IV or V that they started failing you for not following the mission brief to the letter?

>> No.8913927

VC had an absolutely star-studded cast that most movies can only dream of: Ray Liotta, Dennis Hopper, William Fichtner, Gary Busey, Tom Sizemore, Luis Guzman, Burt Reynolds, Debbie Harry, and even Jenna Jameson as Candy Suxxx!
SA had a few greats too: SLJ, Chris Penn (shortly before his death), Peter Fonda, but everyone did a great job DESU.

>> No.8914310

I have never played a GTA game for the story, while i have completed all of them i don’t remember any of the stories. Most of my time was spent causing chaos and using cheats. Its a crime simulator for those that dont want to spend time in prison. My favorite thing about VC was the blood/water spatter on the screen, like when you chainsaw people on the floor. Killing strangers, stealing cars and blowing up cops with grenades and rocket launchers and then getting away is where the thrill in these games lies.

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