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How do I git gud at this game?

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I think get what they're going for, an RPG for racing, so you start at the bottom with bad stats and have to raise the stats of your car. Thing is I'm an hour and a half into this game and I can't win a single race, the steering is just abysmal, I have never played a racing game this bad.
So does it actually get good if I manage to allocate stats into steering or is it always this slippery mess?
And it's not even the slipperiness that's a problem, it feels very laggy. The car takes a long time to respond, i'm constantly understeering or oversteering, I can't seem to get any control over this fucking beast.
What I really want to know is if I'm just wasting my time and it will always be this kind of car physics, or if I manage to get over this initial hump it will get any better?

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Savestates. It's not a fun game.

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But everything else about the game seems so cool
Why did they polish this fucking turd so much. Why make an ambitious expansive world about street racing and gang fights and just completely shit all over the actual gameplay / racing.
The fuck were these chinese thinking

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Stop watching YouTube.

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It would seem nobody itt figured out how to drift. That’s the answer btw you drift. Yeah your car will get better as you grind races, but to win consistently you ought to think of this game as a drift racer.

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You now have my undivided attention, speaking as a Lizard and Assoluto driver.

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>he fell for youtubers fellating yet another mediocre game that wasn't localized for a reason

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US version. Not even once.

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another victim of the hidden-untranslated-gem-turns-out-to-be-mediocre-curse

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The fuck are you talking about. Seems like you're the one obsessed with YouTube, I don't even know what video you're referring to. i just followed the development of the romhack and decided to try it now