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Does anyone else still play this game? It's IMO the best Mario Kart ever made and has held up surprisingly well. I often play a round of it in between tasks or while browsing the internet.

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I still play mk64 quite often. probably tied with double dash as my favorite. 64 definitely has the best batlle mode of any mk

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If I had anyone to play with, sure. The computers are generally way too slow, on a few courses I usually lap some of the slower ones. They don't abuse items nearly enough compared to recent installments

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The AI rubber banding can be ridiculous in this game. Also, if you lose sight of an AI racer in front of you, they'll amazingly be half the board ahead of you all the way to the end of the race.

Even still, it beats any Mario Kart after Double Dash.

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Used to be my favourite, but DS took that position. Definitely holds up well though. One thing I never understood was why some tracks would play stupidly fast when multiplayer, anyone?

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This game brings back memories. Funny I was 3 when I first played this game. i didnt know what i was doing but it was so much fun. it usually ended up with me throwing up because my eyes were never used to the brightness of games and all that stuff. I bought it now and its still amazing. I really can't say anything bad about this game. Rainbow Road, Bowser Castle and Toad's Turnpike are my favorite tracks.

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Toad's Turnpike on extra is hilarious with friends.

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This is so true. This has happened to me so many times it pisses me off so much

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I always preferred the grounded blue turtle shell vs. the winged one they have now. It forced better timing and could take out other people along the way.

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>tfw you somehow get a blue shell while in the top 3 and instead of shooting it you hold Z and use it as an infinite cockblocking device.

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Mario Kart 64 is freaking amazing. I wish there was a level editor for it.

How much tie until sonyfriends come in this thread to say how Crash was a better kart racer?Yes, I'm away of the irony of my last sentence

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I heard someone recently say that the new 3DS one is better than any Mario Kart game so far, but I haven't played the new one. Is that not true?

Regardless, I'm tempted now to get three friends to all come over, and all of us get drunk and watch movies and play MK64 on Extra.

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>implying diddy kong racing wasn't the superior n64 racing game

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Diddy Kong Racing was much better.

Much better looking.
Better tracks.
Several kinds of vehicles.
More fun multiplayer.
Kickass music.
Literally better in every way.

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DKRIDF pls go

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>Toad's Turnpike on extra is hilarious with friends.
I always hated playing the second cup since it was so much harder than the rest, not only because of Toad's Turnpike, but because of Mario Raceway's awful shit open tight turns, and Frappe Snowland's awful snowmen. It's just a cavalcade of getting me angry.

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>3DS best mario kart
Remove the "3" and I'd believe you


These two guys. I like 'em. I also like how much more strategic DKR was with item upgrades and such. Made it to where you had to plan ahead a bit, unlike mario kart's overpowering random bullshit.

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A bit too easy (still on 150) but the gameplay is amazing which make me want to play

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Leave behind at the beginning of the race and try to get an attachable rape device from the first set of boxes to enrage everyone.

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I think Double Dash is the best.
Great kart control, 150 CC is a perfect speed. Turbo boosting is done perfectly. And mainly, It got items perfect. 64's and DS's item hits weren't bad, but shit like Mario Kart Wii, where a single hit of a shell could put you back like 8 places, is infuriating. i have no idea why people like that game so much, because the overpowered items completely ruin what is an otherwise fun game for me.
Double Dash was like 'okay it'll maybe set you back a little and anyone right behind you will probably pass you, but that's about it.' You get right back up. Never really felt cheated by items in 64, DD, or DS. Wii was an abomination.

3DS was nothing special. It was fun but the DS one is still better. I unlocked all the characters then just gave the game to my sister. Online was decent enough.

I'd say DD > 64 = DS > original = 3DS > SC >>>>>>>>>> Wii

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y-you can hold blue shells??????
jesus fuck i never even thought of that.

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I love Double Dash. Mostly great tracks, awesome co-op (seriously why did they remove it?) great items (CHAIN CHOMP) Great rooster, best rainbow road..

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>co-op grand prix w/4 people
>the item guy is like a mobster gunning for a rival. "driver, get me closer! pull up on the left!"

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I liked Diddy Kong Racing more honestly. Pretty much did everything Mario Kart 64 did but better and with more options and features.

Mario Kart 64 isn't even the best Mario Kart and its Rainbow Road is incredibly boring. People just rate it so highly because of nostalgia and the music.

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my only problem with it is that rainbow road is so boring in that one. banshee boardwalk is the real rainbow road

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That mad shortcut makes up for it.

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Yeah, and it never runs out.

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doing planes vs cars in multiplayer was awesome fun.

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also the star wars trench and lava indian music level

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a dark horse emerges
be sure to put in the extra speed codes for mindbending fast

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>mfw I finally make that STUPID FUCKING JUMP up the giant ramp and over the giant rock
>mfw it barely saves any time at all, the only reward is an item box on top of it
>mfw I realize that that particular item box ALWAYS contains a blue shell

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64=DD>DS>the rest

Wario is best character.

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are you insane? the Hot top volcano music sucked. With all that indian singing, it really pissed me off.
Best song is Frosty Village

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Holy shit, just tested it out, got a blue shell every time even when in 1st place. Nice.

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Oh yeah. My best friend crashed over at my place like two years ago for about six months. We used to get down to business with Mario Kart 64 over some beers pretty much every other night. 8 tournies back to back, 150CC + Extra. We played it emulated, had my laptop hooked up to the HDTV @ 1080p with 360 controllers. Like this it really doesn't feel like it's aged at all. Great game.

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Works with that one item box suspended from the balloon in Luigi Circuit as well, but good luck actually getting that one and NOT getting one of the ones in front of it.

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>playing mario kart against AI
people do this?

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It's entertaining. I wish MK 64 had an option of all 8 karts being controlled by the AI like in Mario Party. That would be awesome.

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oh god

>no player
>karts start rubberbanding all over the place
>suddenly picking up speed or even outright teleporting because no human player is watching and can catch them doing it

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are you telling me you never parked in front of your friend while holding a blue shell and trapped them in hitstun?

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No, but that sounds hilarious.

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>Best Mario Kart Ever
>Somehow is Mario Kart 64
>Even though it graphically has aged like ass
>Multiplayer races have fucking bomb ombs laced around the track everywhere
>This makes it completely unplayable on anything that isn't a CRTV, you can't see very well ahead of you
>Controls have also aged like ass, feel loose
>Speed feels meh
>Items are basic
>Maps are still great

Mario Kart Double Dash is far better. It controls flawlessly.

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>Bobombs on multiplayer races

Yeah I forgot about this.

Fuck MK64

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>In first place on Rainbow Road
>Hear Blue Shell
>Get hit
>...straight into a bob omb
>then get mauled by chain chomp
>land on a respawned bob omb

i fucking hate rainbow road

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>be Yoshi
>be half a lap in front of everyone else on Wario Stadium due to shortcut
>press C left to change the HUD to that cool one where the icons move around the edge of the screen
>watch Peach who's in 2nd suddenly warp to mach 10 and catch up in less than half a lap

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>the Hot top volcano music sucked. With all that indian singing, it really pissed me off.

Why? It's funky. Speaking as someone who just heard it for the first time.

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Yeah I've never understood why people say MK64 is the best Mario Kart. It looks like shit. It plays like shit. It feels like shit. It's worse than the GBA version. I love the series, but MK64 is dreadful looking back on it.

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Double Dash is by far my favorite, but Mario Kart 64 is certainly my second. I even liked it better than Crash Team Racing and Diddy Kong Racing. I realize its an inferior game on many levels, but everything about it is so damn charming and memorable.

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i swear to god they fuckin do it in 64

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>confident fences protect you from falling off
>get hit by shell and fly over fence
>watch for 15 hours as you tumble through space until lakitu returns you to the track

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The character models were really shitty imo. I never understood why they were so blurry. But it was a fun game for multiplayer and laptimes. DK's Jungle
Parkway is my favorite track

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They were sprites, not models, because it was easier to render at decent framerates, and saved on overall required storage space.

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Sounds like a pretty lame excuse if you ask me.

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The N64 was a fickle mistress.

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and also because they're only seen from a couple of angles anyway

>> No.886025

>they're only seen from a couple of angles anyway
But that's wrong.
How would the Battle mode work, then?

>> No.886026

Almost every N64 game uses pre-rendered 3D sprites like that.

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Super Mario Kart was the best ones.

Why did they remove coins, exactly? It's such a logical thing to have in a Mario racer, but as far as I know it's only been in the first game.

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Using sprites allowed them to give way more detail to the characters. Compare the sprites from MK64 to the models in any other Mario game on N64. There's a huge difference.

The trade off is that you don't get the smoothness of 3D. Mario Kart 64 still looks good imo.

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MK7 has coins.

>> No.886743

>Game rapes my ass
>bawww what a shitty game
get good?

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I've been meaning to pick that one up, too. Shit, do they increase your top speed?

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Oh fug

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The SNES SMK aged horribly.
I can't even play it anymore without getting headache due to that shitty mode7 rotation.

>> No.886771

Seriously? It plays so well. It's still the go to SNES game for my friends and I.

>> No.886774

Not to mention how fucking boring the tracks are

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Mode 7 was great, you asshole.

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It's pretty lackluster in comparison to DS and 7. The controlls kind of feel like plastic cups bouncing around a flat surface.

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What was with that green thwomp, that always bothered me and I have no idea why.

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hate on MK64 all you want but there is no way super circuit is better. the coin mechanic is absolutely horrible.

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>only one person said Super Mario Kart

this is the real proof that most of /vr/ weren't alive when most of the games they play were actually released

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Why does that matter? Good games transcend nostalgia.

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>muh nostalgiagoggles
If the thread were about the oldest Mario Kart game, you'd have a point.

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yes mario kart 64 is great and still great to play today.
though the one on the ds is really good too.
the wii one would of been good if they toned down the blue shell.
and sadly the 3ds one has the blue shell problem and it just didn't play right to me the karts seemed slow and drifty.

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I did not care for the GBA mario kart game. it was like the super nintendo one.
don't get me wrong the super nintendo mario kart was good at the time, but it has not aged well. the karts are almost impossible to turn most of the time.

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this nigga needs to learn how to fucking drift like a true boss

>being this bad at smk

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I liked GBA Mario Kart, only racing game I had for that handheld. The tracks are flat, probably due to system limitations, but the tracks were pretty neat.

Mario Kart 64 battle mode is timeless. It doesn't matter how many times my friends and I play Block Fort, it never seems to get old.
[Driving into a bomb kart with the Star and watching the guy just vanish into oblivion was the greatest.

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I only recall skyscraper with 3 players being sped up. I would love for someone to point out other tracks where this happened though

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>It's IMO the best Mario Kart ever made
and yet it's worse than crash team racing

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extreme G was great.

But it had no battle mode.

>> No.888413

I like 64, but I honestly think that the series just improved as the games went on.

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MK Super Circuit has coins too.

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>i fucking hate rainbow road

...Isn't that the mantra of retro gaming?

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Extreme G 2 had an Arena Mode for multiplayer battle.

I can't remember if it was shit, or if I never really got a chance to play it with friends, though. I only ever rented it.

>> No.889881

Actually it did

>> No.889884

>worse than the GBA version
calling a game worse than one of the best in the franchise isn't saying very much about its apparent lack of quality.

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>there are people who hate Rainbow road who never experienced the torture of the original
Thin track, ramps everywhere, thwomps with invincibility and no barriers whatsoever

>> No.889909


I do fine, anon. I'm quite skilled at Mario Kart.

The bottom line is that the bob ombs on the track do not make for fun multiplayer for me. I can deal with them in battle mode, but in racing they just get in the way.

Think about it, you already have your opponents items AND the stage's normal hazards to worry about. Why add even more bullshit? I want to drive, not be hit constantly.

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Haven't played MK64 in absolute ages.

Still regularly go back to Diddy Kong Racing, though.

They've all been de-throned by a non-retro game though

>> No.890203


Whoa. I did not know that.

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Sorry buddy but I don't. Master race of pic related.

>> No.890309

so in MK64 if you get a King Mushroom, if you mash the boost button you spaz the fuck out and don't get that much of a speed boost

also, sometimes you can have the spin effect of the banana a couple of seconds after actually driving over the banana.

MK64 is a fucking mess

>> No.890312

>plays so well
>that sickening lurching when you turn

that part is awful. The coin mechanic is pretty annoying as well

>> No.890321

the last great mario kart game right here.
then begins the era of Blue Shells

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>There will never be a Mario & Crash team up Kart Racer

God I wish Crash was still a relevant character......

>> No.890521

Maybe because they're pre-rendered sprites of 3D models ala Donkey Kong Country?

>> No.890548

MK wii
From best to worst. .

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>there are people on /vr/ who dislike or outright hate the mode7 MK games
>this somehow is a majority opinion here

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Anyone else think Double Dash was the worst? I bought the game when it came out, played it for a day, beat it all and felt empty about it. It just... it missed that magic of Mario Kart that the other games, even the newer ones, bring.

>> No.890616

At best, they were probably super little when MK64 came out, got that for Christmas, and something like SMK would seem too primitive to them.

>> No.890620

I'm kind of curious if they ever considered making a Mario Kart game using the Super FX chip.......

>> No.890636

I had that, only the real problem for me was that SMK was unplayable to young me. I loved Super Circuit though, I was astounded that it looked like the N64 game (mostly because of the sprite-based racers and my infantile mind).

Oddly enough, I went from loving to hating to liking Super Circuit, and I've just slowly warmed up to SMK. I don't dislike the M7 games at all anymore, but I do like other Mario Kart games better.

>> No.890659

>being able to watch from any CPU camera you want

It would be pretty amazing seeing the Mario Kart players turn into Dragonball characters and finish Rainbow Road in 2 minutes.

>> No.890661

Jokes on you I got SMK when I was a kid and I think that SMKDS and SMK64 are way better. I haven't played the GC, Wii or 3DS

>> No.890668

MK7 isn't too bad, but it suffers a bit from homogeneous racers. Basically, you have a lot of customization, and you can use it to basically make anyone handle like anything, but in practice it works out more like 'everyone drives exactly the same'. Also if you don't have 10 coins or close to it by the first lap then you're completely fucked. Also there's no Waluigi. However, I can say that the map selection is fantastic, and the overall quality of the racing is still there. It just doesn't feel as exciting/rage-inducing as, say, Mario Kart Wii.

>> No.890672

Better gameplay-wise than the retro MK games, but goddamn does the music suck balls. Or I guess it could potentially suck balls, I've just never had the chance to really hear it since it never makes itself well-heard over the sound effects. That's honestly my biggest gripe about it, if you're gonna be a kart racer than have an awesome soundtrack damnit. Same problem exists for MK7 and Sonic Transformed.

>> No.890678

>Sonic Transformed
>bad/nonexistent music
You're shitting me right?

>> No.890690

Are you sure you aren't just thinking of MKWii? MK7 doesn't have nearly so bad of item monsters.

>> No.890695

Not at all. They fucked up big time with that soundtrack, it was the easiest thing in the world, make a good soundtrack to race to from fucking Sega OSTs, and they fucked it up. The shitty first game did better in that regard and it just reused tracks outright.

>> No.890696

why do people hate the Wii version? I didnt think it was that bad..
Keep in mind the only times I would play it was when my friends and I would get mega stoned

>> No.890704

Single-player and unlocking everything is suffering in MKWii.

Multiplayer is pretty great.

Online is either fun, too easy, or full of hackers/funky flamers.

Another potential issue is that there's maybe 4 good karts in the game, and the rest are all average to shit. Bikes are also super-OP, with the mach bike and flame runner (whatever the name is of the large bowser themed bike) being incredibly broken (Hence the problem with funky flamers).

>> No.890720

Granted I think Transformed reused tracks as well, though I can't quite recall since it's been six months since I was playing seriously. The point is that I should be able to remember and hum to myself all of the songs in that game right now, on the spot, from memory, just as I can for just about any Mario Kart game except maybe Super Circuit, which I haven't played in a decade. The fact that I can only do that for maybe a handful of Sanic Kart songs is a serious problem in my book, and don't even get me started on the otherwise quite great CTR.

>> No.890728

it just tried so hard. manual transmissions, motorcycles, the absurd power ups and attributes

the beauty of the n64 (and snes) version is that it's so straightforward, to the extent that it's very manipulatable (wario stadium etc).

>> No.890730

>manual transmissions

>> No.890731

That's an interesting way of putting it. MKWii is definitely the most complex Mario Kart in recent memory, and requires the most time put into it to really learn it and master it. Before that point, the game sucks pretty bad in my experience. You really need to play with somebody really good for a while to get the feel of how to play it. That's what I ended up doing, my roommate two years ago was some kind of MKWii god.

>> No.890739

you have the option to switch to manual transmission, right?

>> No.890742

yeah I could see that. thing is, my infrequent encounters with the game have not really made me want to take that necessary time.

>> No.890743

No, you can choose whether you drift just by turning or drift with a button and power slide.

>> No.890747

They made two different drift systems for MKWii. Manual and Automatic didn't refer to transmissions, but to drift systems. Manual is the traditional Mario Kart driving system, while Automatic will make you do 'autodrifts' when you turn far enough, but you don't really get boosts from it the way you get them from manual, so anyone on Auto is either a Wii Wheel user, a very inexperienced player, a bike user, or (most likely) at least 2 out of those 3.

>> No.890751

My friends and I played an absolute tonne of MKWii over uni, getting to the point we chose to play with computers on Hard and items of Frantic and we still manage to win 90% of the time.

That's one of the things I don't like how people criticise Mario Kart. Yes items are incredibly luck based and they can completely ruin your lead, but play well and tactically and you can still almost always win if you have the skill for it. That's even with multiple blue shells in a row.

>> No.890765

I completely understand, because that was how it was for me. After a week of owning it around launch, I stopped touching it out of sheer hatred for the horrid grand prix item balance (which is just downright cruel on higher engine classes). It took an entire school year of versus racing with my godly roommate to really learn the game. If you don't have friends to learn and rage with, then you probably shouldn't bother trying to learn it.

Sounds identical to my experience. Our godmate could take most setups and finish with a 10 second lead if he really tried. Shit was insane, though as the year went on we slowly caught up and it became pretty damn intense.

>> No.890878

ahh alright my bad

>> No.890896

it's not the fact that there are items, but rather how absurdly powerful they are in Wii.

>> No.890918

not to mention every nine seconds you get the squid

that's real cool

>> No.890925

>You will never again pick yoshi's stage over and over again until your little cousin throws a tantrum

>> No.890931

>every single person who doesn't know the layout of Yoshi's Valley ALWAYS picks the longest route the level has
I still have no idea why

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>buy MK64
>turn on game
>get to character select
>no Koopa

>> No.890978

Yes, but it's only a slight difference so you aren't completely fucked if you get hit by multiple items at once. It also caps at 10 so you don't get a huge advantage/disadvantage.

MK7 also kind of fixed the blue shell problem; it runs on the ground again and hits players like the N64 version, and when it gets close to the first player it goes airborne and explodes like the newer incarnations. It's a really good compromise. It has its flaws, mostly spelled out in >>890668 but it's still in my opinion the best MK game. Its Rainbow Road track is god-tier.


MK7 also has the original Rainbow Road, though they modernized it a little to not be as rapingly hard.

Both of those were intentional.

When you got the delayed banana effect, you were supposed to slightly brake and then you'd get a symbol that signified you won't spin out. I liked that effect.

You didn't need auto to bike. It still had boosts, just less powerful than the karts.

Polite sage for being 75% off-topic.

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File: 88 KB, 512x384, bowser-time.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh yeah, I knew that you could still bike without auto. It's just that in my experience, auto bike is the most newbie-friendly option in MKWii. Anybody experienced will use Manual though.

>be japanese
>buy MK64
>turn on game
>get to character select
>Koopa is in the game

>> No.891030


I hate this forced meme.

That being said, you are entirely right. That was some bullshit.

>> No.891046

because it looks (and is) the easiest route. It's the widest, has more guardrails and less obstacles. For the absolute shortest route you have to cross the super-slim bridge with no guardrails at all, but my preferred route is the one just a little to the right of that one. If I remember correctly, it's cross the bridge, then go left right left. You have to dodge some black spiny things but other than that it's easy and fast.

>> No.891050

I'm always surprised at MK64 being considered so good, I found it to be absolute ass, bad controls, terrible item balance, shitty boring tracks.

The only thing it did right was having a blue shell you could destroy.

>> No.891058

This is the ONLY Mario Kart game I still play.
Well, Double Dash, but only if someone brings a wii.

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File: 189 KB, 931x1555, Fucking Mario Kart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have had games where I play LITERALLY perfectly, but get fucked anyway.

See this picture?

This has literally happened to me on several occasions.

>> No.891253

Likewise, this picture is one of the two embodiments of MKWii in image form. The other is one of those "what I played/what I expected/what I got" where they played MKWii, expected MKDS 2, and instead got an angry old man, holding a wiimote sideways, surrounded by six blue shells.

>> No.891401


>also, sometimes you can have the spin effect of the banana a couple of seconds after actually driving over the banana.

>not taking your thumb off the steering and hitting the brake to avoid spinning out

pleb detected

>> No.891410

I thought that you had to stop accelerating and tap the brakes to get the music note, just like when you start hydroplaning in the game (though don't actually try that if you really start hydroplaning, if that happens to you IRL, just flow like water). Does it really work if you accelerate and brake?

>> No.891459

Nothing like unlimited items in MKWii. Ever gets old. I just wish you could mic up with people to troll.

>> No.891461

Same, and that's happened to me enough times too. But when in a multiplayer match with friends that rage inducing ending is fun, and the game is designed with multiplayer in mind. The more you swear at the game the better it is, it's just the fact of Mario Kart with friends and arguably Nintendo's games are designed for local multiplayer over single player. Although that's getting into a different topic.

Alternatively you can attempt to play it tactically and if someone is just behind you then you slow down and let them take the hit. You have to use your wits to see if you're in a position to do that or not.

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