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I always thought the icon for world 1-3 of Yoshi's Island was a face rather than two of those baby piranha plants.

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how about one where i still dont even know what it is after 20 years. i always thought it looked like an old diving helmet, but that doesn't make sense because they are everywhere and there is nothing in the game about divers

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Something like the pic rel, but for ropes, maybe?

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It's an anchoring device. Like what you'd find on a marina where you tie the boats to. Of course, they can be using it for livestock or other stuff here.

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hmm maybe

this seems less likely, but your think about livestock made me wonder if it is one of those things that goes around the head of an animal in order to pull a cart or something. i really dont know

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In Kid Niki 3 I thought the mobs were supposed to be like cloud people or something but no they are just statues that shoot water out of their penis

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literally jacking off lol

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Could not see Alba as anything other than a baby in an orange onesie with a pacifier.

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I really don't see how you're getting the right image from that Mr EAD art. Are his pectorals supposed to be the mask's eyes and his crotch supposed to be the mask's mouth?

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His mustache is supposed to be the mouth

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Under rated post

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thanks now i cant unsee

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Yeah I definitely also thought this guy was some kind of weird fucked-up pumpkin man when I was younger.

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I always thought as a kid that kremkoin icon was some kind of artwork from rambi even when clearly on the name says krem (kremlings) coin also i don't think they used that official same render for the final sprite in-game.
>inb4 blind retarded kiddo

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This thread has been made like 500 times since the advent of /vr/ in all those threads not one person has been sincere about how absolutely retarded they are.

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>This thread has been made like 500 times since the advent of /vr/
501 and counting...

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It's posted a lot as a joke, but I genuinely saw it this way as a kid. I always thought it was so weird that his in-game sprite was so silly compared to his depiction in the manual, with his chubby face and awkward bowl cut.

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Makes me think of this guy from Earthbound.

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SMW was my first Mario game and since the highlight was not visible on the tiny sprite on the TV as a kid I always thought the coins are J-coins, whatever the J may stand for...

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am i seeing this right?

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Isn't it more retarded to think Mr EAD looks like a knockoff Ghostface from Scream? Cause, like I said, I couldn't see how someone could interpret him that way.

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Isn't it just a bin for the mower?

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I think so.
They left no space between the two dots that are the eyes and the unibrow

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no, his eyes (and eyebrows) are under his hair
same for his brother

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What is it supposed to be?

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an eyeball

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meant for

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Looks like a fancy bucket with four handles

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always makes me laugh

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Did anyone else see an octopus controlling him?