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What game had the best 3d graphics pre 2000?

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Half life

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The Sims looked pretty good from what I remember

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>The sims 1 was released that long ago

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Quake 3

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Does System 12 arcade hardware count as retro? If so then Soul Calibur.

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Psychic Force 2012

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System 12?

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Perfect Dark.

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This is the only answer.

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There other answers in the thread so you're wrong.

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Fuck off and go back to >>>/v/.

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How come no one mentioned Outcast?

Outcast you fucking plebs.

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Back to /v/ with you
Also op original half life

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you mad bro?

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>all these answers
>no Unreal
Best lighting, large vistas, best effects, detail textures. Only thing on this list that comes close is soul caliber and that's just polycount (which is easy when you only have 2 characters and tightly controlled environments.

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The game that came out December 31st, 1999

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Which was

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Demise? I kind of doubt it.

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He's just making the state,sent that as time goes on graphics get better. He fails to understand budgets, diminishing returns, skill and time put in though.

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Fucking tablet...

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>Using a tablet

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I was pooping. It's cool, I got a keyboard in front of me now.

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I take that back, Soul Caliber didn't even look that good really. I was remembering with my nostalgia goggles.

Quake 3 could handle curved surfaces in a NURBs-like fashion, which was cool, but Unreal (or UT if you like, same engine really) beat it or was on par in everything else.

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Was that game actually released then or are you joking?

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Unreal Tournament overall

On 5th generation consoles Jet Force Gemini.

On 6th generation consoles Soul Calibur.

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According to Gamespot at least. Other games include Mortyr 2093 and South Park Rally.

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Conker's Bad Fur Day blew me away when I first played it. It looks just as good as the Xbox version.

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Tomb Raider Chronicles for adventure/action gammes

Chrono cross for JRPG

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I know it came out 2000, but Majoras Mask probably had the best 3D of its generation.

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nah, cut that out. I think Thief 2 deserves a mention, it was a directx 7 game that supported per pixel lighting and the lighting in it looked really good.

Maybe we shouldn't focus on the definitive best looking game of the year (undeniably quake 3), but rather really good looking games that have a unique trait that makes them stand out visually?

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Probably one of those flat shaded polygonal arcade games from the early 90's before textures became commonplace. Something like Virtua Racing would be a good candidate.

When they discovered textures, the ugliness factor of 3D shot up by several orders of magnitude and 3D vidya didn't really recover until mid 00's or so.

I almost gave up modern gaming entirely when that happened.

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>South park rally

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Damn straight arcades count.

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Shenmue (1999)

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Dream cast games don't count

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Unreal 1.

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best 3d forklifts of its time.

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That looks about as good as Quake 3, honestly.

And if you really wanted to say it looked good, you could've picked a screenshot that isn't so fucking dark.

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"Best" is entirely subjective.


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we talking pc?


we talking consoles?

Turok 2

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Sorry, not retro

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Quake 3

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Pic related, it's you

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I'll just put it in the technicality pile.

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Weren't only the character models 3D?

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Namco's modified Playstation hardware for arcade made to run Tekken 3.

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But it was released in 1999 and had been in development for years, starting out as a Saturn ga--

Ah, screw it. You autists will argue over anything no matter how wrong you are.

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>admitting to autism

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Hey, at least the shlub can admit it. May as well give up his own troll

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