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What's worth playing on the C64 that isn't better elsewhere?

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I don't wager you prefer Summer Games or Hardball on the Apple II.

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Project Firestart

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Mayhem in Monsterland
Bruce Lee
Impossible Mission
Ultimate Wizard/Jumpman
Heavy Metal Paradroid
Super Pipeline II
Montezuma's Revenge
International Karate +
Crossroads II: Pandemonium

The library is vast and it really depends on what you're looking for. Do not fall for the Turrican and The Last Ninja meme. They're nothing more than glorified tech demos and were very impressive for their time, but that's about it. Both suffer gameplaywise.

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The issue for me is some of these are on Amiga, like Pirates and International Karate and are superior on the Amiga. But it’s a good list.

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Ultima V
Iridis Alpha
Winter Games

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/vr/ is filtered by retro computer games

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anything and everything by Epyx, including
>all their Olympic Games series
>Pitstop 2
>Impossible Mission
>Super Cycle

also anything by Andrew Braybrook, which is :
>Gribblys Day Out

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Below the Root
Boulder Dash
Enforcer Fullmetal Megablaster
Impossible Mission
Maniac Mansion
Mayhem in Monsterland
Park Patrol
Pool of Radiance
Sword of Fargoal

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ghostbusters, way of the tiger, monty on the run

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Uridium has an excellent MSX home brew port. It's as good - if not better - than the C64 game.

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>Bruce Lee
Better on Atari 8-bit.
>International Karate +
MUCH better on the ST.
>Montezuma's Revenge
Blown away by the Master System version.
>Sid Meier's Pirates!
Soundly thrashed by the Amiga version.

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Hitler Diktator

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I recently went and re-did my launchbox categories so I can load the tape versions instead of disk. So comfy hearing the ocean loader etc.

I had always had a problem where my sense of nostalgia was ruined with disk, like loading up stormlord and wondering what happened to the music, same with sanxion etc.

Most of my memories are from loading games, the gameplay itself always sucked. I always preferred hitting the action replay and digging around in the game rather than playing.

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I'll check it out, the C64 Uridium is slick as balls so I hope you're right

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There was a thread about this on Lemon64 and German posters said this was some trash hack of a BASIC game that trolls handed cassettes out to kids on the playground and the idea of it was functionally disgusting.

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>Blown away by the Master System version
It's the same game except for some tacky tarted up graphics.

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not even close:



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MSX1 has no actual hardware scrolling, the game has to fudge it.

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>>International Karate +
>MUCH better on the ST.
almost yes, but the C64 music kicks the shit out of the ST version.

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Satan's Hollow

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>Boulderdash 1 and 2
Atari 8-bit wins in this one, sorry Commyfags

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C64 has the best port of 1942

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it looks pretty good, but somehow looks like a speccy game

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Winter Games

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Amiga wins again

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All the original 1983-84 releases of Boulder Dash (not the shitty NES "port") play basically the same but yes the A8 was Peter Liepa's original one and is the best.

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False. C64 version is better.

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Project Firestart

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>Maniac Mansion
Had better versions.

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its rare to find a C64 game that isnt mogged by the Atari. only Pitstop 2 and some Epyx games come to mind.

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Satan's Hollow on the Atari is inferior and all of the Epyx "Games" series. Also, kek, Ultima.

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Flimbo's Quest

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the equation is simple:
>does the game have music by Rob Hubbard or Martin Galway?
>if Yes then you've found the best version

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Where do i get a personal Heizjude?

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>Lode Runner
>Airborne Ranger
>Raid on Bungeling Bay
>The Spy vs. Spy games
>Usagi Yojumbo
Fuck me, I keep getting impossible slider captchas. That's like twelve in a row.

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>>The Spy vs. Spy games
we have a winner. Commy versions are excellent

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I like the C64 version of California Games the most, except for possibly the SMS version, it just had the most soul. In fact any game by Epyx is worth playing for similar reasons.

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that looked painful, is she ok?

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>that lead synth work from 2:46 onwards
I see why Mister Hubbard gets so much praise, amazing.

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I dont think they put out a bad game

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Pitstop 2 is so polished and the split screen gameplay is awesome, I can't think of a better racer on the C64

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Aztec challenge and forbidden forest

Pad 1 please

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>Lode Runner
While the C64 port is fine otherwise, it's harder to control than the Apple II, PC, or NES versions where you have two button sticks/controllers.

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I like the C64 Gauntlet best out of all the many ports of the game and feel only the Master System one equals it.

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it depends on the developer to a large extent. early Epyx titles from 1982-83 are usually better on the Atari. Datasoft were an Apple II company, their C64 ports were usually not as good. For a lot of games made in 84-88 the C64 will be the best one, sometimes the Amiga.

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>Pirates and International Karate and are superior on the Amiga

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Cool Rising Sun background

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Another Epyx title World Games

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you mean "functionally hilarious" right

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Anything Tim Follin or Jeroen Tel worked on

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Make your own games

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I doubt anyone wants to learn c64 assembly and making games in basic sucks.

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Even Jeroens catchy tunes can't save this

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What in the fuck is this?

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Paradroid and Paradroid 90 are very different games.

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British humor is what it is.

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It should have been offically called the Commodore VIC-64

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peak Epyx.
everyone gushes over Summer Games II but World Games was their pinnacle

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i never owned a c64 but i love how the graphics looks

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16 colours of pure perfection

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Jeroen was such a pro, even for shitty games like that he never phoned it in.

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>Tim Follin
his work on Ghouls N' Ghosts was amazing:

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can someone explain these abbreviations? which one should i take?

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this game on nes (named overlord) has an even better theme, also by jeroen

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It's different cracks/cracker groups. REM and ESI were two of the major ones who cracked C64 copy protections back in the day.

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Name of the game / date it was released / which company released it / cracked by which group / how many trainers are there for the game / documentation

Remember was known for providing one of the best releases at the time as it came with the instructions on how to play the game along with a backstory for the title pulled from the instruction manual.
The Elite(European) version of Ikari Warriors is considered to be the better game. The US version sucks.

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thank you

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Wanna know why Commodore expired? Didn't modernize a fucking thing. Right until the MOS plant in New Hope closed in 1992 they were still using the same archaic fabrication process they'd had when they bought MOS 16 years earlier. The Amiga Angus was only 48 pins and required a fuckload of TTL supporting logic because Commodore's dinosaur '70s equipment literally did not have the ability to produce chips with PLCC84 packaging.

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no company run like that is going to last for very long

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wish they'd have been bothered to put a reset button on the thing

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Any other easily rectifiable shortcomings do you wish they'd bothered with? I wish mine could have tied my shoes for me.

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I've now made over 100 of these, old and new titles alike

The faglords on lemon64 decided to ban me because I dared to trash some of their faggotry so no one gets anymore nice coverarts.

Why even live? Become the superior being and do not share your greatness with the world. Keep it all to yourself as mankind is a shit and does not deserve it.

Well, maybe one time I will. But not today. Fuck you.

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some better heat sinking of the chips might have been nice

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King's Bounty
Druid I&II
Blood Money
Livingstone I Presume
Ninja Spirits
Giana Sisters
Crack Down
Buggy Boy
Chuckie Egg

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Agreed. That's not something you can work around by sticking your keys in the expansion port.

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i just love discovering C64 versions of music I know.


music in general is awesome on C64 and that's enough to bear a lot of shitty games

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I don't think the C64 would have been as loved without the SID. That chip is half the soul of the C64.

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None of those are unique to the 64 except Mayhem

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Pure digitized soul, I love the sound of the SID to this day. It was a brilliant chip when you had talentend engineers working with it. This has a huge amount of views for an old C64 song which is testament to it.


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"Basketball Sam & Ed" if you have someone to play it with.

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The Last Ninja games

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IK and Bruce Lee are the best versions of those games.