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infographic / chart thread

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Is there one for Unreal?

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You know, I haven’t played nearly every game on this, but every game I have played has been excellent.

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>so you want to play X
>just mod the shit out of it
Fuck the troglodytes that make infographics like these. It's fine when you're just fixing compatibility or severe localization issues, but muh "QoL" and texture "improvements" shit should be in its own chart. And recommending garbage like DX Revision is unforgivable.

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The Quake mod section is just full of level packs, the Deus Ex mod section explicitly says "Revision is not recommended for new players", and Majora's Mask is an N64 game so I'm not sure how pure of an experience on pc you think people are supposed to have. Can you point out specifically what's wrong and what you would improve?

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>23 May 2013
this referring to the stalker version release or the actual guide?
Which begs the question; how up to date are these guides?

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Try actually reading the Deus Ex infographic. It literally says, "want more?" in the mods section. As in after you play vanilla.

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I don't have any just wanting to say that I support your thread.

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Bro the only way to know if it's up to date is try it. There are no regulations for these .jpgs

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we should start a JPEG Infographic Alliance and regulate these .jpgs

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Okay go ahead that'd be great

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i said we not i

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Actual retard.

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Anyone got the How to Play Silent Hill guide?

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>no Thief 1 / 2
>no Hitman Contracts / Blood Money
>no Splinter Cell
>not even Deus fucking Ex
Disgusting list and woe to whoever made it

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Can anyone post that one chart with a list of /vr/ ninja games?

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I've been meaning to play quake but what's wrong with the steam port?

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>infographic / chart thread
got any for baldur's gate, icewind dale, temple of elemental evil. planescape torment? the mods etc made by fan no enchanced official company junk.

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1) You'd be paying for open source software with DRM added to it
2) Lack of distribution rights for the soundtrack, meaning you only get music if you pirate it

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So there's nothing wrong with the port if I pirate it?

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No, it's a better product. I'd strongly recommend what the infographic provides.

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There's a reason why it says patriciancore and not "TOP 50 GAYMS /v/eddit CIRCLEJERKS THE MOST". This is a list for people who are patricians and clearly you are a pleb.

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never seen one relating to mods for crpgs aside from the vtmb one >>8641551
only have this one and the following

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I don't have a problem with omissions but there's some of the inclusions might be questionable.

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quality thread, post more

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>Sega absorbed by Nintendo

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any ps2 game related stuff? like collections of games to play? like best platformers, best hidden gems, best X, best Y, stuff like that

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I trust you /vr/ autists will do

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I think 'consumed' would have been a better word

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LSD is a really interesting experience. A very engaging game. Played a few hundred days with two friends of mine.

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Not that guy, but it does work. All it does is grab the latest development build of Project64, a script to bypass its DONATE PLZ nag screen, the best plugins available, and the texture packs.

It's also made by a literal tranny, though, so yeah.

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>There's a reason why its not "TOP 50 GAYMS /v/eddit CIRCLEJERKS THE MOST"
What the hell are you talking about? 80% of /v/ hasn't even played those games I mentioned, and neither has reddit for that matter. And even if they did, you can't tell me fucking Thief, the good Splinter Cells, Deus goddamn Ex and Hitman 3/4 aren't elder-patrician tier games so their omission is instantly noticeable. That chart was made by someone with zero taste and you know it.

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99% haven't played them and they still go "Ummmm, I watched an hour and a half long video essay on Deus Ex, shouldn't it be on your list?????" that's a circlejerk. Calm your plebian rage.

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>baldur's gate, icewind dale, temple of elemental evil. planescape torment? the mods etc made by fan no enchanced official company junk.
if any connoisseur that is familiar with the above makes a guide i would be much obliged and thankful. The enchanced editions are a blasphemy.

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I was gonna post this yesterday but forgot. Better late than never I guess.

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Request a chart by its number

Collection has grown once again but I haven't updated this list yet.

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Bro just post a mega or imgur link or something

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Might as well dump a bit more.

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Does anybody have one of these for early (NES era) JRPGs, beyond the obvious FFs and DQs?

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Forgot my pic. Great start.

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Do people really need to be spoon-fed so goddam much? It's actually somewhat insulting.
Just figure it out for yourself.

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You find sourceport and mod recommendations for new people insulting? How severe is your autism?

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Why are you spoon-feeding these people? Your post is actually somewhat insulting. They need to figure it out themselves that they're dumb.

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not /vr/ but here ya go

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Parasite Eve on any list immediately invalidates it.

Stop peddling that mediocre shit.

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this is a super old guide for SoC. the most recent stuff like that is on the stalker general at /vg/

a lot of these are outdated, actually

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steam version is actually drm free iirc

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make a better jpg if you want better jpgs to exist

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The way these shits were written reeks of /v/.

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uh, well, yeah

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Thank you so much, anons.
Sorry for late reply.

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no shit dumbass
a lot of them were written when /v/ was still a quarter decent

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I see those games being discussed on /v/ almost weekly, with Thief being the only one that's discussed on /vr/. Notice how that chart has a wide variety of genres, that's a sign of good taste and not a sign of someone who's a midwit and only played immersive sims and thinks they're the best games ever made just because they let you enter an area through vents. Besides System Shock 2, VTMB and EYE are on that list which is better than all those games you mentioned, what the the point in just including lesser games of the same thing?

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Good infographic to use to know what games it would look cool to say you like, like some kind of complete fag

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Do I need to beat soul reaver 1 to follow 2? I tried 1 a while back and didn't like it

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>no def jam

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Tell us your top 10 then, mr cool gamer guy.

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Does anyone have the chart for Japan-only Playstation one games? I'm pretty sure it also showed what level japanese you should know before playing.

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You mean this one?

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File: 2.14 MB, 2968x1725, Games - Sony - PSX Adventure Imports 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Part 2

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Yeah. I didn't even know there was a part 2. Thank you so much!

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Theres a pdf about psx imports, no idea how to upload that one

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This infographic is just fucking wrong.
Majoras mask on n64 runs at 17 fps..
Majoras mask on 3ds runs at 30 fps.
That's a huge difference in smooth gameplay and its the only reason you should really consider.
You can patch out all the bugs and weird changes in the 3ds version.

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I haven't read that chart yet. Are there many bugs introduced with the 3DS version of that game?

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I haven't played them all, but Shadowrun is just OK. Lufia 2 is a pretty good JRPG but nothing special beyond that. I've seen a number of criticisms of Severance: Blade of Darkness that makes me believe it's a meme game that people recommend without actually playing.

TIE Fighter is absolutely top-tier though

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>The company that made Chulip also made Rule of Rose
This fucks me around every time

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The only actual bugs are with deku link's water hopping and with the inverted song of time not slowing time as much. And they are both fixed by the patch from https://restoration.zora.re/ which also introduces some nice quality of life things.

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Upload it to anonfile and link it here.

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What game is this?

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Read nigga, read.
Koto Battle: Tengai no Moribito

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>new vegas

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lol. this is just the credpile list.

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It's a fun game

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>mostly nu-crpg JRPG wannabe trash and later garbage versions of good series (ultima went to shit after V, wizardry after 6, maybe 7).

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make a better chart

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Play old 8/16bit CRPGs:
>Ultima (0/Akalabeth through V)
>Wizardry (through 7)
>oriiginal Bard's Tale series
>Eye of the Beholder series
Look at that, conveying information without usign some fucking eyerape hard to parse image. What a concept.

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>victoria II
>non of that other paradox hot garbage
surprisingly patrician's taste

>> No.8657908

>eyerape hard to parse image
Sounds like a skill issue

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>not wizardry 8
why omit the best one?

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For full-sized, uncompressed version follow the link:

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These charts suck. Just tell people to get good and play game. Gatekeep instead of spoon feeding them hacks and "improvements"

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this, based

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this post alone invalidated the entire thread

>> No.8658002

some of the ugliest, blandest games of all time.

were not far away from people acting like wine connoisseurs over eating cardboard

>> No.8658213

>Gatekeep instead of spoon feeding them hacks and "improvements"
Why should I? What do I gain from making games I like harder to obtain and play?

Please substantiate your statement with, you know, anything.

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Why do helpful suggestions for getting old games running well make autists seethe so hard? Are you upset normies don't have to walk on hot coals to join the "I played Quake" club or something? I don't get it.

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I'll give you a hot tip for your stay on this website. Don't reply to retards. It'll make your time here that much more enjoyable.

>> No.8658248

I can't help it. Some people's opinions are just so fucking far from observable reason that it fascinates me. I just have to know what makes grown adults so angry about other people getting to play with their toys.

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fixd this one

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You're replying to bait posts my dude.

>> No.8658283

>Don't reply to retards
Who did you think you were replying to?

>> No.8658308

I can't stop. It's almost like I'm enjoying it.

>> No.8658317

Oh no! Does that make me a retard as well? Oh God, I think it's contagious guys.

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uff this one needs to be updated
i know 4chan hates civvie
but the zoom platform alternative should be put there i think

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if it wasnt for eduke4 never accepting members i would ask there if there is a way to add megaton new sprites to either eduke or raze

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Most of these aren't even /vr/

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You'll survive. You're strong. I know you can make it.

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( ˘ 3˘)

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so much garbage