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Whats your favorite 'product of its time' moment

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why does your character look like Mona Lisa with danger hair

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my favorite part is that the guy looks exactly like Duke Nukem

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Tubular is a great word

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All the humor in Gex

As a retard, I’m severely offended

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By the way, is that real translation of Madou Monogatari?

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pretty sure it is.

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The time when the KKK lynched niggers in a Nintendo published game

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When the KKK lynched niggers in a Nintendo published game

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this is the same tier of shit as that fake streets of rage screenshot twitter users like to post

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Alfred isn’t a tranny.

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Why the fuck are boards like /tv/ and /v/ so obsessed with trannies?

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look around you, anon. society is fucking crumbling. there wouldn't be talk of trannies if they weren't everywhere

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I miss the word retarded so much. It was such a good fucking word. Retard. Retarded. Fucking retard. What have we got now? Autist? Its shit.

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I’ve literally never seen a tranny irl once ever and I live in a large liberal city.

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I think it's just weird projection. I've been in a bunch of /v/ splinter communities online away from this site, and the rate at which people from there end up transitioning after a while is way higher than any other online community I've seen outside of like, GDQ.

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theyre actually not all the common if you actually spend your life outside, but in a lot of vidya/vidya adjacent 'online communities' theyre like fucking roaches

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We have quite a lot of them in Sydney, relatively speaking. Didn't really see any in the UK.

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lmao same. It's just the latest moral panic boogeyman. Before it was the blacks. Then the gays. Trannybrain is just a symptom of being terminally online.

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Transgender fad is real though the fucked thing is while hormone treatment doesn't do much to men it will straight up KILL females (biological ones). There's a book on this called Irreversible Damage The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters .

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I've only met a single actual tranny in my life. I think internet makes more radical shit stand out more, and is good at farming controversy (making it seem like controversial things are more common than they really are). If trannies live in someone's head rent free it usually means they spend unhealthy amounts of time online. What's funny is that those /v/ types deliberately seek out content that outrages them and then complain they're being outraged.

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you're right, anon. you're absolutely right. the world is right as rain, all the real problems aren't real, they're moral panic and conspiracies.

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Unironically touch some grass.

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To me this only saddens me. People have mental problems that they decide to fix by mutilating themselves, and then later depending on copious amounts of medicine to survive. I blame society more than the people, though, they were clearly deranged people but society has only pushed them off the edge. It's like those guys in Japan who marry and have relationships with fictional characters - they only do that because women have turned their back on them, on top of being judgmental, and they need to fill an emotional hole. At this rate humanity will commit mass suicide because we simply just hate eachother that much.

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same desu, although admittedly i don't go out much. but i have seen a fair few on chatapps.

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I didn't say there aren't real problems in the world. Just that trannies being the scapegoat is the latest fad.

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I stopped browsing /tv/ altogether recently because of their bizarre tranny obsession. That board is currently unusable garbage and I doubt it’ll change anytime soon.

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same but for /v/. The strict moderation on /vr/ is the only thing keeping it tolerable.

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And then she fucking shoots his ass

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I've never met anyone in real life who is actually bothered by the word "retarded." It seems to be exclusively online outrage over its use.

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Are we not allowed to use this word anymore?

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I don't have a slowpoke image ironic enough to answer this with.

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>tfw this is what caused TranslatorTom to go into hiding for so long
glad he came back at least but man fuck resetera

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Ironically I think that makes him retarded in the literal sense of being slowed down.

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did it go away? i see it on this site pretty much daily

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I still say it and faggot in real life all the time. People don't really care and most girls find it funny. The ones who don't find it funny weren't going to fuck you anyway so who cares. Seriously. I'm happily married now and fucked over 50 girls prior to that. Few realize this

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>bragging about using a slur
Might as well brag about how often you shit on the floor and roll around in it

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shut up, faggot

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I don't like it. Retarded people can't really defend themselves, it's like making fun of babies, but at least babies will eventually grow up and be able to take care of themselves.
A retarded person is just kind of a punching bag for life, and they have enough shit going on without needing to be made fun of.

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Honestly I love that the games did this, like the timeline moved along with us.

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I would've just translated it as crossdresser but that probably takes up too much space.

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crossdressers and trannies are two different things.

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My issue is, are people with mental deficiency still regularly referred to as "retarded"? People use retarded to refer to something greatly stupid, i doubt many are actually connecting it to a person with actual mental disabilities. Just seems like people referring to people with the handicap should refer to them by a more "modern" term then a single word when the original word has been adopted to mean something else. I mean retarded i would assume existed in the english vocabulary before it was adopted for specifying a type of handicap.

Faggot i could understand being more of an issue since it has some past hate associated with it, kinda like with nigger.

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I wonder if some cheeky jap dev intentionally did this. "Lol rook! He skin same colol of background bordel!"

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Actually, they aren't.

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Not always true. But yeah, trannies often go into crossdressing.

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Crossdressing is like a hobby. A weird hobby for sure, but still. While the tranny mentality does often accompany a desire to crossdress, there's nothing inherent about crossdressing that implies the person believes themselves to be anything other than what they actually are.

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>Streets of Rage
>play as cops beating up a city of violent, low IQ, rampaging thugs

No wonder twatter hates it. Anyway, shame on you for even knowing, or caring what that shithole posts.

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desu this was the best possible response you could have given him

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オカマ is kind of its own thing in Japan, the translators had to choose one and I'm sure the translators just thought nobody would give a shit about the specifics. It's kind of a tactless term in Japanese anyway so it does fit.

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And that's why Irene is the best.

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>fucked over 50 girls
What was your best lay out of them? Was it your wife?

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no one actually retarded has ever been called retarded

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You can wear woman's clothing and not believe you are a woman. That would make you a crossdresser.

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My knees… they’re bending on their own…

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I am very curious as to what this is now
Streets of rage screenshot?

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You getting down to suck his cock? Faggot.

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I think they're overreacting, but I believe 'tranny' is an offensive word. 'Trans' would be more fitting but not as accurate to the original script.

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the term now is intellectually disabled
t. dating a girl who works with them

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>main characters are cops
>police are your special moves in the first game
it’s almost like they never played it

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>People use retarded to refer to something greatly stupid, i doubt many are actually connecting it to a person with actual mental disabilities
Did you know that the word "stupid" is actually an old synonym for "mentally disabled" and that people kept using it as a generic insult, which is why it got replaced with "retarded", and then the same thing happened to that word? Also, there's a word for this, it's called a Euphemism Treadmill.

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"Intellectually disabled" sounds offensive as fuck lol

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Damn, I never knew ACAB included Streets of Rage :(((

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i actually agree it sounds bad

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I don’t know what you’re implying but I simply find it funny that the game has gathered an anti police sentiment when its a game where you play as the police. It’s like saying Police Quest is an anti police game, it’s objectively incorrect and silly to assign things. Doesn’t help that I think these kind of queasy political-message-over-video-game-art stuff is unbelievably sad. There’s better ways to spread a message than stupid cutesy memes

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>I don’t know what you’re implying
I'm saying that I didn't know the main characters of Streets of Rage were police, like idk I guess I never really cared that much about the story. I had one of the Game Gear SoR games as a kid.

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Yeah, they’re all cops. Well ‘ex-cops’ in the first two games because the rest of the force is under the thumb of Mr X but they’re basically back on the job by the third game. Doesn’t matter really cause they still get police backup in the first game even though the story explicitly states they’re going vigilante

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All cows are bovines

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i think they changed SNES to NES in the frlg because there was a wave a NES nostalgia during the early 00s with stuff like animal crossing, the e-reader, and the GBA rereleases.

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If anything, it could be seen as against the flawed legal system and pro-loose-cannon-cops-who-get-the-job-done.

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I've been seeing "retarded" making a comeback recently.

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I always thought they just wanted to make sure every Nintendo console had a cameo in a Pokemon game at some point.

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This. The outrage over using "offensive" words is purely an online thing. I've even had black coworkers who don't care about you saying nigga. There is a benefit to having a somewhat normalfag lifestyle.

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>he doesn't understand that image is a joke about how there are no cops using firebombs in SoR2


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Yep. Me and all my normie coworkers call users retards all the time. Sometimes just getting off the internet and realizing there aren't as many trannys and terminally online weirdos out there is what you need when you're feeling down.
They will never win

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I don't know, it's just kind of easy to say retarded or faggot. I'm used to that language on imageboards but whenever I come across someone who actually speaks like that it's completely insufferable. Like they're outing themselves as being terminally online browsing 4chan all the time. It's just annoying. Also once I met people who were gay or autistic or whatever, and had bad experiences with that language, I became uncomfortable with it. I know literally nobody here will care but whatever

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Your mom

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You and I both know there's no difference, plus the Japanese word has nothing to do with clothing.

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it's all severe mental illness

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How ironic. I learned to hate faggots after meeting them, not before.

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I thought it's from some Duke Nuken version.

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>potentially interesting thread
>gets flooded with whiny teenagers mad they can't say their no-no words without mommy getting mad at them
Rule change was a mistake.

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You're doing the same thing, lel

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This game predates the DN franchise.

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what game comrade?

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Judging by the font used I would guess that it is Street Fighter 2, probably Zangief's ending.

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retard is forever

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Based, comrade

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I thought the USSR was already dissolved by the time SF2 came out.

>> No.8635545

Not quite. The USSR dissolved late in 1991, about 9 months after SFII first released.

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Time Twist. The only Nintendo published game with crucifixion

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It's a shame the translator got fucked over for accurately reproducing somewhat offensive language.
He could have channeled his inner Ted Woolsey and made a less literal translation.
>Should I tell my boyfriend about my dick?

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nigga, who the fuck is Ethan?

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Wish this was a smash bros stage

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As a Bi Aspie, I am totally fine with how 4chan uses retard and faggot.

>> No.8636372

Nice larp fag

>> No.8636409

If my nieces and nephews are anything to go by, 'gay' and 'retard' as insults are coming back in a big way.

>> No.8636815

We don't need your permission, you retarded fag.

>> No.8636848

That’s, bizarrely enough, his canon name. Not Gold, not silver, not crystal, no member of the periodic table. Just… Ethan

>> No.8636853

Dude, not cool. He's a fagtard, ok? Get it right.

>> No.8636856

I'm sorry your nieces and nephews are bullied that much.

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The other guy looks like da Vinci so it's probably an intentional joke

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I was even more confused when I first played Dynamite Duke

>> No.8637009

I tried playing once but fuck me if I can't do kana-only yet

>> No.8637018

Wow that really didn't age well ha ha

>> No.8637029

You're still a weirdo if you crossdress

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>What have we got now? Autist?
Autist is pretty old.
The new hotness is "chud cuck chud cuck schizo cringe s.o.y"

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action hero archetype

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this is clearly only half of the line though, there’s no trailing quote. If the other screenshot isn’t the real quote, what is?

>> No.8637640

honestly this seems like something that would be way more acceptable now than 30 years ago

>> No.8637643

Why did they say this? I never did it and never had an issue.

>> No.8637649

on the first save format on NES, saves could be erased if you didn't do it

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This whole series, mang.

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Kinda looks like Al Bundy

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it's just the 80s action man dude guy archetype

>> No.8639875

All this time I thought it was some weird Japanese developed game based on their limited understanding of American politics. Turns out it was developed by an American studio and just comes off as tacky.

>> No.8639882

That’s Dick Kickem

>> No.8639889

When you call someone a retard you’re not mocking mentally challenged people, you’re mocking that once particular retard

>> No.8639894

Who cares though? Practically any combination of words will be offensive to somebody. When someone gets offended that’s their problem and their problem alone

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Obvious fucking larp

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The correct answer is D

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Later releases call Gorby "Mr. Ex-President".

>> No.8641490

>Doesn’t matter really cause they still get police backup in the first game even though the story explicitly states they’re going vigilante
Yeah, literally only one other vigilante cop with a car and heavy artillery. They're getting no official help from the corrupt police.

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The Las Vegas stage in SFII takes place in front of the Golden Nugget casino which has now been completely renovated.
Oddly enough, the same level in Zero 3 is the Fremont Street Experience right next to Golden Nugget but constructed many years after the events of SFII were supposed to happen.