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What's your favorite piece of /vr/ hardware, based solely on looks and aesthetics?
I love the Ping-o-Tronic, it's just an old '75 pong console but it looks slick as hell.

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That is slick. I'd probably go with the original Famicom or PC Engine.

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im partial to the xerox alto, or other early computers with vertical monitors.

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>FM Towns on a glass desk

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The Texas Instruments keyboard that looks like a DeLorean

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I love the look of the Famicom and Super Famicom cartridges over the look of the nes and snes ones. I wish Nintendo would’ve designed the American version just like the ones in Japan

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I can't decide which
the pocketstation is definitely the best device overall though

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this is also my favorite game boy

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The N64 and all it’s crazy peripherals always got a kick out of me. Look at this ridiculous thing

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The fact it had two black towers like that made it look 100x cooler. If I lived back then I would be torn between than and PC98.

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I love the big original brick gameboy. But I think most gameboy games are shit and in actual practice, it's extremely tough to see what's happening on the screen.

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That orange and white creamsicle color scheme is really aesthetically pleasing to look at. Orange is a really underutilized color for electronics.

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Back in the day the screen didn't bleed so much. I noticed that my nomad and my gb from when I was a kid ghosts so fucking bad now. It wasn't like that back then. Keep in mind the pocket really fixed a lot of the ghosting, but even that is pretty bad!

I don't think we need to worry about batteries on carts or disc rot, we need to worry about screen degrading.

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I love the NES and SNES, and I don't condone tranny-posting in general, but I do enjoy portmanteaus:

>super trannycom

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It's a whole computer, not just a keyboard

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Unironically pic related. It's always baffled me that so many people call it ugly and envy what the other regions got.

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I owned a Game Boy and a Game Gear, and borrowed a friend's Lynx in the early 90s, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the screens were shit back then too. Maybe the screens have gone bad over the decades, but I guarantee the picture bled and ghosted all the time. Handheld screens only started getting good in the late 90s early 2000s.

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This, I absolutely love the NA SNES.

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we need to go wider

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It's got personality, and people don't like personality in design anymore. Look at SUV crossovers, these things are selling like hotcakes but they're all featureless boring blobs of a car. The zeitgeist has shifted from wanting things that look unique but good if they match your tastes, to wanting things that look as inoffensive and bland as possible. Everything has to sell to everybody, so it has to be at the lowest common denominator of design. Smooth, shiny, and lacking all distinction.
The Super Famicom is the SUV crossover of consoles, while the US SNES is the Volkswagen Thing. Anyone will look at the Super Famicom and think "meh, it's alright". The SNES on the other hand might not be to your taste, but if it is, you'll LIKE it.

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It looks like a toy and not a computer. Which I think is great. I have never thought of the SNES as a computer. It's not high tech. It's just a plastic box that plays some of the best games ever made.

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God the Saturn looks so good
Although I'm curious, is there a black release of the Dreamcast? Wonder how it'd look.

Also speaking of the Dreamcast, always loved this thing.

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for me its one of these guys
never had one and never will, but they just look so classy

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>the pocketstation is definitely the best device overall though
Why? It can't act as a second screen.

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Either this, it looks like a bulky powerful piece of tech, the 3DO FZ-1 or the Panasonic Gamecube. Minimalism is for commie subhumans.

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The sports dreamcast

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Oh I like that. The Saturn still looks cooler though.

I also like this, even if it's stretching the point of the thread. A custom Game Gear rebuilt into a console designed after the Master System.

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There's also this one, the Regulation 7 Dreamcast which was apparently sold to pachinko parlors

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My custom DC

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Forgot my pic

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PAL Dreamcast with a blue power light.

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Of the owns I own, my Dreamcast.
In general, see through electronics are the best. I love that look in all consoles.

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forgot pic

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Having seen many PDFs of old Japanese gaming and computing magazines makes me want to track down an MSX computer, particularly one of the HiTBiT models by Sony.

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I sleep.

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>the owns I own

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better build quality and battery life

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Saving this thread from death, may a PS2 thread die instead

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Wish I woulda got the mother 3 bundle one when they were around $250-300