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Welcome to The Garage, a thread where fans of racing vidya can discuss their favourite arcade, sim, kart, and any other kinds of racing games (this is /vr/, so any PC/6th gen game up to 2007 goes!). If you’re looking for something new to play or are new to the genre ask other Anons for recommendations and remember to gear up and have fun.

The previous thread was TIMED OUT: >>8492068

>New here? Interested in a series to get started with? Check out these!
Dirt/Colin McRae
Gran Turismo
Mario Kart
Midnight Club
Midtown Madness
Need for Speed
Project Gotham Racing/Metropolis Street Racer
Ridge Racer
Sega Rally
Tokyo Xtreme Racer

Remember to bump, /vr/ has been faster as of late and threads get archived much quicker now. Don't be shy: ask questions, share experiences! If anyone has ideas for community events, speak up!

Thread challenge, set by Devil Z:
>What game?
Gran Turismo 3.
>Which mode?
Arcade Mode.
>What track?
Trial Mountain.
>Which car?
Any from A-Class.

>What's that?
A track and game is chosen and people can challenge for times on it.

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I feel like Toca should be on that list, different weather conditions, particularly foggy rain and cars actually having working wipers blew my little shit's mind back in the day. Still enjoyed GT1 more but Toca was impressive also for having a dozen vehicles instead of just 6 at the same time. Good times.

I'll give GT3 challenge a try even though I'm not very good, recommended car?

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The AI is good. In TOCA 2, some other drivers will react defensively if you try to overtake, forcing you to pick and choose the right moment. Combined with the conditions, you really have to think about these maneuvers.

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I spent a lot more time with 1 but 2 did impress me by amount of different types of vehicles included and big circuits. It's a very massive game but it lacked atmosphere and style for me to enjoy it coming from Gran Turismo.

I remember mentioning this in a /vroom/ thread a few months back but if someone is well versed in differences and intricacies of the PS1 era F1 games, I'd love to hear pros and cons of games to pay attention to.

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speaking of the list
where's freakin test drive

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Anyone /ancient/ here?

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First attempt, very slow time but bumping the thread all the same

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Where would NFS 2 SE qualify?

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>Gran turismo 5 is ancient
guess that means i am beyond ancient

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I just laughed at that.

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>Can't unlock the Juice.
Also i wish the game had more proper racing.

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If only the Splat Pack wasn't pretty much a separate game. Never understood that. Just add the levels in.

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Oh, and the cars as well.

A race on the Nerdberksring with 12 or 18 cars would have been great, especially on the figure 8 in the middle.

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Fans did precisely that with Meld Pack. Be sure to use it with SPLAT.EXE, not original's.
You play american version or something? Because original surely has OK Stimpson.

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>Fans did precisely that with Meld Pack.
I know about the Meld Pack, I'm just saying I don't get why Stainless couldn't be bothered in the first place.

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Nah i'm talking about how most of the cooler vehicles are cheat only. what a pity really.

For most people it isn't a problem but i got the unlock autism thing.

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Holy smokes. Straight from the built in recording feature on a Pentium II computer.

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You do realize they unlock when you complete the game? You wished you had to capture them all yourself?

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Driveclub is so old school that the servers are DEAD

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Driveclub is proof god hates us - it exists just to ensure motorstorm died.

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pinball mode is one of the funniest powerups in the game

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No one?

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No I hate fun so cannot comment.

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>it exists just to ensure Evolution Studios died.
FTFY. Legit have no idea why it exists.
It's because those nips at Polyphony didn't have anything to show on PS4 in 2014, isn't it.
Pick the Corvette for fastest times and practice, practice, practice. You'll get really into it after a few laps.

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I tried the vette last night but the thing understeers like a fucking tank. I mean I only gave it maybe 3 laps and called it a day, meaning I can certainly shave 4 or 5 seconds off, at least. Just wanted someone else to post theirs so that I can be motivated to fire up the ps2 and spend some time.

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>RWD understeers worse than 4WD
Doing it wrong.
Here's my time. Some lad did a 1:32 as well.

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big oof, I was certain about 4 or 5 seconds but that's a fast time. I'll give it a shot and post results in a few hours when I get home. Thanks

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What the hell is that
I don't remember that car in driver

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Why are cops in NFS 3 so aggressive? They are way harder than cops in High Stakes and PC version of HP2

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They are more aggressive in the PS1 release compared to the PC release.

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I don't know my man, that cheat banner makes it feel like i didn't earn it, that kind of autism is stronger than any logic.

Also, did anyone ever spot one of these in a game, because i'd really like to try handling one.

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Any retro Rally games? I don't know of any.

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If you have autism play Richard Burns Rally.

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I also noticed PS1 version has rubber banding

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The Colin McRae games are bretty gud

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>not rally cross

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protoplanetary disc

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Sega Rally 1 and 2
Colin Mcrae 1
V-Rally 1
WRC Rally Evolved

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Is there anything that really compares to Gran Turismo?
I feel kinda spoiled by these games... I just wish there was more content.

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>Sega Rally 1
Aged pretty poorly, but was really influential for making terrain affect your driving style
>Sega Rally 2
Not worth playing imo.
>Colin Mcrae 1
Kino but I always think Rally 3 is the best. You really can't go wrong with Mcrae/dirt anyway
>V-Rally 1
The perfect /vr/ rally game. Steep learning curve though (!)
>WRC Rally Evolved
Pls no

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Also who else is pumped for WRC 2022??
I just wish VW would get their asses together and race again. Fucking eco-nazis

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>Aged pretty poorly
Oh fuck off. It's fun.
>Not worth playing
Not as good as the first but still better than a lot of games.
>Pls no
It's good, stop being gay.

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I remember playing an old 3D racing PC game with pick up trucks or buggies but I remember almost nothing about it except everything looked green and grey and the game had a bass heavy main menu theme
Do you have any idea what game it was?

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wild guess: Monster Truck Madness 2

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nope that's not it

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Anybody knows this game?
>on PC
>from late 90s or early/mid 2000s
>has a 2 player mode on a split screen
>you could pick your wheels from a decent amount of cars
>sometimes the police would chase you but mostly if you were slow
>one car was extremely small and couldn't go fast if you were driving straight. It was called Rabbit.

I remember playing it in our school's library and never really encountered it anywhere else (or maybe my memory is too foggy so I didn't recognize it).

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Big Red Racing?

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RC losi racer/Buggy?

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Not that Anon, but Big Red Racing wasn't constantly green and grey. Hilarious game anyway, the exploration was brilliant. There's a hidden area on the Italy level where you can jump a load of sheep IIRC.

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I hope for other anon's sake it isn't that game as fuck me it is terrible.

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>He thinks that V-Rally is better than Sega Rally

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Yeah he's a retard.

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In terms of being a console friendly racing sim without going full blown simulator, or in terms of car variety and customisation?

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listen here you little shit

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My favorite part about old GT games is buying an old used JDM beater and upgrading it with prize money.
There was an 80s game where you did the same with 60s murrican cars, called Street Rod. I wish there were more games like this.

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In that case, I'm not sure, but I'd like to know too. Since GT3/GT4, it's harder to take your starter car, or at least an early car, through the majority of championships. You pretty much have to use a pre-built racing special to compete, especially since race modifying your own cars isn't an option.

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>falling for well known bait
Don't be that person anon.

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you're in luck

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rally championship xtreme
rally championship 2000

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Never played GT after 4, that's horrible. Half the fun is slapping a racing modification on a shitter civic or syleighty

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Fired up GT3 for the first time in probably over a decade just for this. Did 2 laps in a few cars and then went back and grinded with whatever i was fastest in. Kept seething after getting loads of 1.33/34s with one mistake fucking me every time but got there eventually.

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my nigga.

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burnout 3 is great

>> No.8557549

Yeah it's really good.

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What's the last version of PCSX2 that works on Windows 7?

>> No.8558493

Is anyone keeping track of the submitted GT3 times?

Playing Grid 2 lads, good shit, i prefer it to the first.
its ok on xbox because of custom soundtrack, bit overated though

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That's how it felt trying out Forza Horizon 4.

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thats what hes talking about. its just big hipster party faggotry.

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thoughts on burnout 1?

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Yeah it's really good.

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Grid 2 exists just to drift every corner.

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some say its more arcadey than grid 1 but im not seeing it desu, i can only play grid 1 in bumper cam because the weird camera movement in third pisses me off.

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been playing the shit out of colin mcrae rally 2.0 on psx and it's so good man. then realised there is a pc version and i was blown the fuck away by how good it looks wtf like this is from 2000 seriously. psx does have the sovl though


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Playstation: Gran Turismo
Microsoft: Forza Motorsport
PC: Need For Speed Shift/Shift 2 Unleashed

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i think thats driver 2

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Too bad the texturework for the tracks sucks ass.

>> No.8562613

>OOT tier tree-walls
>more pronounced lighting and glass surface effects on PS1
It's par for 2000. Decent particles in the snow track though.

>> No.8562668

no, it's the pc version of driver 1. these are moddable IIRC

>> No.8562849

here mate make it even better again on pc


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not gonna lie I didn't even try without the silentpatch and it does work great though

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PC version works real nice on modern machines too, though it took some encouragement to get it to go over 1080p without crashing.