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Sup /vr/

I've played a few roguelikes before, including Rogue, but I admit I've never gotten terribly into them before. Are there any roguelikes out there that you guys would suggest playing? I'd take anything from older stuff from the 70s and 80s, to anything modern that's worthwhile. I admit, something with a bit more emphasis on classes and skills would be nifty, but I'm open to anything. Fire away.

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If you want modern, and you liked Rogue.
Try Brogue, its colorful and pretty but still ASCII.
Polite sage for non-retro.

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For consoels, you could try out Shiren the Wanderer and the other Mystery Dungeon games. There's Torneko, Chocobo and a few others.

Azure Dreams on the PSX is also pretty good. There's dating, town building and monster training included in it.

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