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I just valued my SNES and NES collection at enough money to just up and get an FPGA kit.
Is it worth it to sell for one?
Especially with the other systems I'd have access to

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If they are worthless or a boat anchor to you, then sell them. Personally, I’d put them in a box in storage for a while and emulate on a good PC for a while, then see if you miss the hardware in the meantime. If you don’t, then sell it and get FPGA’d.

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If you sell, you'd be happy for a while.
But soon after the feeling changes, and you'll miss your childhood.
Two ways out then, buying everything back at a even higher price, or cope and post on vr how you love your mister. Like that other guy.

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>you'll miss your childhood
I picked these up at a garage sale when I was 16, been adding and collecting since.
Not really tied to them nostalgically and the thought of freeing up space would be cool.
But on the other hand you don't know what you have until it's gone.

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ive been unloading my shit on ebay, keeping only stuff from childhood, i have alien soldier boxed and i dont give a shit because no attachment to it. i got a mister and its great for playing everything, and i can use it with my crts with the analog output so its just like the real thing, everytime ive replayed earthbound ive used my sd2snes or my mister, im selling this shit, so much wasted space collectting this crap

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ive got a 1chip snes, model 1 genesis and rgb monitors, ive plugged both in side by side, cant tell the difference in audio, lag or anything, literally just as good, still keeping 1 of each but im unloading all the excess, fuck having a wire jungle

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Why would you need to plug in all at once? I choose a console and a game. An play that till im finished ore bored.

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If you won't miss the analog composite look and taking carts down from your shelf and inserting them etc, then go for it, it's a lot less hassle than dealing with upscalers that all have their drawbacks and aging consoles acting up.

Only core I've tried that were lackluster and better emulated on PC was the ao486 DOS core that's slow and unstable, everything else has been ultra fast and responsive. Can't wait until we get the PSX core that's been making unbelievably great progress and is addressing disk-rot and dying optical drives on the real hardware that's become an increasing concern.

But keep in mind it will never be the same as real hardware as far as the whole experience is concerned, so unless you NEED to sell your stuff then perhaps keeping it all but also getting a MiSTer as a backup and lazy-day solution with extra systems on it that you don't really care enough to collect for would be a better option?

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still too many wires

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>analog composite look
good riddance
> disk-rot
Is there any real-world evidence this is a pressing concern with PS1?

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Even then there is the option for an ode.

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You are posting from a device that can already emulate everything for free. Money doesn't need to factor into any decision you make. An FPGA doesn't offer you anything you don't already have.

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You can literally smell the low socioeconomic standing and education emanating from just that text alone, wow.

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Why not just sell one game and get flash carts?

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Sometimes I wonder if posts like these are actually serious.

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That's a little bit of the issue though.
If MiSTer on the current board could do N64 I think it would be a clear choice but that's probably not gonna happen until a new board comes out or there's some kind of 200IQ genius reverse engineer working on it from what I've been able to gather.
PSX doesn't matter to me as much since I have a PS3 anyway, which afaik straight up contains PS1 HW. And playing through MGS/Crash has never given me an issue.

I guess I don't *need* to sell my SNES&NES but I'm looking at the completed ebay sales and I'm wondering if the market is already overvalued and if I wait much longer it won't be as profitable. Also the simple HW -> MiSTer trade makes sense in my mind

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I already play my games off a couple of multi-carts and since I don't need to swap carts out I just asked myself if I even need all those wires to begin with

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It's not gonna happen period, no mass exodus to another FPGA set either as it would depend on massive subsidization. PSX on PS3 is software emulation, shoddy at that.

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Sell one or two carts to buy a flash cart for both your NES and SNES.
Put all the other carts into deep storage and leave them there a year and see if you feel any different in 2023.
Emulate everything else.

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It’s easy bait

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MiSTer seems to be mostly focused towards arcade game players.
Unless you need extremely accurate slow-down in shmups it doesn't seem that enticing.

I would not sell the carts in any scenario.
Just save up for the MiSTer and then buy it.
If you don't like you can always resell it for a small loss.

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>MiSTer seems to be mostly focused towards arcade game players.
>Unless you need extremely accurate slow-down in shmups it doesn't seem that enticing.

The mister isnt even accurate with slow down in arcades so you're wrong. I have a final fight board and other cps1 boardsss, the slowdown is incorrect even when turning turbo off. good example is go use a A+B attack on the barrels in bay area in final fight, on a real pcb there will be massive slowdown, the mister has none

the beauty of the mister is emulating old hardware with an option to use any controller you want, have analog output, and not have the input delay that running emulators has on an OS, also cycle accurate replication of consoles that emulate wait time correctly, and accurate audio, something software emulation cant do

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I just got a Mister a few days ago for the purpose of having a nice emulation set up in my living room. I work at my PC and I was getting sick of playing emulators at my desk, and no, I don't want to hook up a laptop or anything cumbersome like that to my living room TV. So far, the Mister and it's controller interface has been exactly what I wanted, I really like it and can't wait for the PSX and Saturn cores.

My one complaint is the lack of save states outside of NES and Gameboy/GBA. Not because I want to cheat, but because I forgot how awful password saving is.

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I think it's the same for Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, apparently the slowdown and frameskips aren't 100%, although I think it's closer than any software emulation so far.

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you know they make small PCs

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>use any controller you want
>have analog output
>not have the input delay that running emulators has on an OS
>cycle accurate replication of consoles that emulate wait time correctly
>Accurate audio

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>ive got a 1chip snes
Good, you shouldn't have to worry about CPU failures since the 1-CHIP has actual power filtering.

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It's a scam and waste of money. Standard emulators on any fucking pile of shit hardware runs just as good as any of these fucking scamboxes that claim "WE SIMULATE HARDWARE WITH HARDWARE" and it's just basically programmable hardware which is the same fucking thing as running a goddamn program.
Don't fall for it.

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Yes dummy, but I don't want to dick around with OS's and keyboards and all that shit. Mister is perfect for my needs and so would something like a Raspberry Pi.

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All wrong other than controller

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you know you can tongue my anus

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>t. retard
simulating the hardware with hardware means not having to keep track of and simulating cycles like the CPU waiting on the sound CPU and other dumb shit because it's acting just like it did

nice emu fag cope tho

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Now this is poorcope

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>no savestates outside of NES and GBA
ok this is huge. I thought this project was supposed to savestate every core?

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why did you think that?

>> No.8526664

why? that's actually a recent thing that was aded last year

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because someone explained it as the the best of both worlds - software emulation settings like slowdown, savestates, and scanlines with actual hardware cycle accurate hardware emulation
That and in some review I saw they showed off the savestating. I just assumed it was for most/all cores not only a couple.

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that someone was an idiot

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PC having analog is not debatable, anon.
PCs do in fact have analog output.

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i missed that

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You don't have $500 to spend? Are you poor?

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I don't think I'd sell if I were in your shoes. I'm under 30 and I don't plan to get rid of my collection unless I absolutely needed the money because I think that when I have kids someday that they might find what I've collected interesting, just like I did with the handful of games my parents owned. I figure they'll probably be similar to me in that regard since whoever I end up marrying will probably also be into games.
Failing that, if I hang onto them for long enough I might legitimately want to look into donating my stuff to a museum somewhere since the majority of my stuff is CIB and none of my consoles are modded.
But that's just me blogging. I think the anon that suggested you box the stuff up and just emulate on your PC or phone in the meantime gave you some good advice. That would probably be the best way to gauge if an FPGA would be worth it to you. I'm not sensitive enough to the inaccuracies that the MiSTer seems to fix to make it worth the money to me, personally.

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>retro game collector beings spoiled snobs
this is surprising to you?

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That's $350 tops Pajeet, nice try, now fuck off back to emulating on your 2000 rupee Wii you bloody bastard.

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its no different from emu fags thinking its the same as hardware

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Runahead is also just as fast or faster than original hardware.

>> No.8526860

it's 90% the same

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What's the best way to get Analogue output from a laptop? Would be cool to emulate games via that or even my PC and play on my CRT TV.
Is it possible/safe to do it out to a PVM/Consumer TV rather than a CRT PC Monitor though? I've heard the frequency can damage the set.

>> No.8526873

sure, but it's still not the same

>using hacks to eliminate input latency that relies on loading states constantly from a second emulator process

>> No.8526907

and how is that in way similar to being a spoiled snob brat

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You don't have $300 Tyrone? Are you living paycheck to paycheck?

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Runahead is the most artificial and destructive to accuracy thing yet in emulation, if you can't figure that out then you should probably STFU.

And even still if you don't mind adjusting the runahead on a per-game basis, game/controls feeling all wrong and skipped frames of animation, emulators in best-case scenarios will have at minimum 5ms lag + controller lag + CPU scheduling buffer lag + OS background/overhead processing lag + display lag landing you way the fuck off from anything resembling accuracy of playing the games on real hardware.

I know you're poor but don't try to stop others enjoying quality experiences you're not willing to spend a modicum of accumulated spare cash on.

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no hes right and most fags praising emulators as the best option didnt grow up playing this shit so cant even detect anything wrong

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>so much wasted space
Because you'd have filled it with what instead?

>> No.8527726

Books, a painting, anything else you collectard faggot. Are you really this dense? Fuck having all this useless plastic lying around, i just use flashcarts anyways.

>> No.8527741

Correct, they have no point of reference with the original hardware so anything at all is fine for them. For them there is no before.

>> No.8527743

Are you ok, anon? You seem angry.

>> No.8527748

I'm glad I finally realized that I can do this instead of dealing with a shitload of cables at once.

>> No.8527749

Don't take this the wrong way, but why are you so angry about this?

>> No.8527785

Its the literal manifestation of the "cope, and seethe" meme.
Anon sold all his childhood memories and is left with an empty place with which he has nothing to fill it with.

>> No.8527813

My childhood items are still here, it's the useless shit I picked up that's being liquidated. I got $300 for earthbound a game I picked up at gamestop for $5 in the SNES bin in 2007. No fucks given, still got it on my flashcart and mister, I dont have emotional attachment to this shit because my parents loved me, I hopee your carts tuck you in at night anon.

>> No.8527817

I don't agree with the guy that said you sold your memories because that's what our brains are for, but you're still being strangely aggro about this whole thing. I get the impression that you're kicking yourself for having invested so much time and money into video games; forgive me if I'm wrong or projecting here.

>> No.8527830

>they have no point of reference with the original hardware so anything at all is fine for them.

>> No.8527834

im not aggro, it's 4chan and we're all anonymous here and i like dunking on people that ask retarded questions. I'm not kicking myself about anything, im downsizing because i realize what an utter waste having all this clutter is, I'm not getting rid of all of it, but i'm getting rid of rthe shit i havent touched in years and i dont miss it because I still have, i dont get up put carts in anymore anyways

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post your collection anon so i can laugh

>> No.8527845

>dunking on retarded questions
You mean getting triggered by rando trolls on 4chan and sperging out like an actual retard. Gg my man

>> No.8527851

actually retarded

>> No.8527852

>im not aggro, it's 4chan and we're all anonymous here
But from where I'm standing you are being aggro, anon. You don't have to be that way even though we're on an anonymous imageboard. It comes across as floundering rather than dunking, honestly. If anything you've invited people to dunk on you. No offense.
I don't even think you made a bad decision in downsizing, I just felt like you have a little misplaced anger about the subject is all.

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who gives a shit? in the next thread all is forgotten and we can all pose as whatever we like. i dont give a shit about what you think about what im doing anyways, already bought an DD AR-10 with the shit I already sold, looking at getting a nice toolbox for my truck next week after selling these arcade pcbs

>> No.8527873

There might be a tiny portion of your brain that gives the smallest shit. I can see why you feel so strongly about this now that you've shared that you own multiple arcade PCBs. Godspeed unhappy anon

>> No.8527876

You okay my man?

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This is my rifle, this is my gun, can't see my pecker so I have no fun

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You fags on all sides always get butthurt over each other.
Real hardware - it's noice to own the actual computing technology used to play games, match with the flash/ODE/piracy option of your choice and a nice tube TV and you're good.
FPGAs - vital for the preservation of games and great for various display options, a LOT easier than making a modern PC work with a tube TV such as a consumer trinitron.
Emulation - whether it's on a Wii(GREAT for a CRT using YPbPr), or a PC, if you wanna save money and hassle, there are almost no problems with these options unless you're trying to emulate certain machines, like the N64 or PS2.

That's all there is too it. Also, being anal about "accuracy" is bullshit because if you drink a caffeinated beverage or do speed like me, your mind's alertness changes and alters your sense of gameplay MORE than anything you can perceive from emulation discrepancies. That is a fact. If you want actual 100% accuracy, make sure you are absolutely sober and you've been awake for a few hours to get your brain in the best position to not affect gameplay negatively. Also if you have active mental illnesses, those mental illnesses WILL impact your gameplay far more than emulator quirks will.

>hurrrr the waveforms don't sound right coming from this MAME run!
It's all in your head, you have psychosis. You're hearing things wrong. Sounds fine to me.
NO. Sounds fine.

>> No.8527920

>That is a fact. If you want actual 100% accuracy, make sure you are absolutely sober and you've been awake for a few hours to get your brain in the best position to not affect gameplay negatively. Also if you have active mental illnesses, those mental illnesses WILL impact your gameplay far more than emulator quirks will.
This is unironically the greatest take possible on this ridiculous, circular argument. Bravo.

>> No.8527928

There's batocera for PCs.

>> No.8527941

I have a MiSTer and even I know this is bullshit. Why lie this much?

>> No.8527947

how is this a lie?

>> No.8527961

It's not.

>> No.8527976

It's absolutely true too. All of us have had "those times" when we suck at games, even games we're good at, and that's why. Changes through the day, time of day, even seeing a full moon can alter brain function. Full moons cause people to become more manic, because our primate brains see the moon and subconsciously think "oh SHIT, there's lots of light out tonight, let's get busy and gather more food" and the neurotransmitter changes from that subconscious cue cause "moon madness".
Do you have an LED bulb in your house? Is the light warm or cool? That can greatly alter mood and perception.

So before any of you people start going on about 5ms delays and other subtle things...
Did you know that arcade game music and sounds are designed to draw out dopamine more than other games? You know why? Addiction. Same shit casino slots and other machines use. It greatly alters perception.

>> No.8527990

Oh yes, I really couldn't agree with you more. Exact same wavelength here.

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>emulate on Wii
>does meth
>tells everyone else they're having a psychosis
You know ...yeah. I think most people would be smart enough to not take any advice from you about anything.

How about people just go for the most accurate way of playing these games for what ever budget they can afford instead of doubling down on a race to the bottom of what remotely resembles what the experience it's trying to emulate and aggressively seeking conformation bias in the most antisocial manner possible.

Congrats on the most unironically retarded post ITT, took a screen cap for future hilarity.

>> No.8528016

play riding fight in mame, listen to it, then look up pcb videos on youtube

realize how stupid your are

>> No.8528025

You aren't really seeing the forest for the trees here, anon. I'm not them but I think it was clear that he was engaging in hyperbole with the word psychosis. Have fun jerking off to that screencap, I guess

>> No.8528027

i like hardware and retro vidya but it's not that important to everyone, neither is holding onto a dead childhood.

>> No.8528039

I think I'll just go for the least laggy solution available that suits me and not worry to much about your redbull fulled zoomer musings, thanks.

>> No.8528050

>up pcb videos on youtube
So you want me to LISTEN TO A YOUTUBE VIDEO to hear the supposed REAL SOUND. You must be kidding. The real sound as heard picked up through a mic of unknown type and quality, played on youtube who are infamous for lossy audio and video compression.
I'm double checking here, you just made the above argument correct? I'd bet my speakers and sound setup are not like the original hardware either.

Here's the thing though, it doesn't matter. You'll never know the difference unless you listen close for it. Which was my point-
>NO. Sounds fine.

Coffee, meth, room lighting, time of day, state of mind, shape of the muscles and joints in your hand, vision impairments of ANY KIND, taking allergy medicine, have a runny nose, people talking around you, etc all have as much if not more impact on gameplay, than emulation quirks. What I'm saying is, there's no point getting worked up over these things unless you're under special lab conditions and everything else in your environment and mind is accounted for.
An pain in the ass itch is worse than an emulator glitch. Usually.

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nice bait i guess, lot of effort with these essays

>> No.8528080

>imagine coping this hard over avoiding accuracy at all costs for some reason

>> No.8528081

he's right and you're a midwit

>> No.8528089

How is he a midwit, overall? Better a midwit than a Crackbaby or a Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Defective.

>> No.8528090

he's farming (you)'s anon

>> No.8528149 [DELETED] 

based retard schizo methhead

>> No.8528537

Just wait on it. We're fucking years away from it, but FPGA will 100% be worth it when it we can play N64 and PSX.
Right now most of what the Mister can run are things that we can emulate close enough to perfect that you'd have to be absolutely obsessed with the original console to notice something's different.

>> No.8528549

FPGA based emulation appliances perform no function that isn't easily duplicated by any computer manufactured in the last 15 years. same deal with raspberry pi. it's just redundant objects taking up space for no reason.

>> No.8528590 [DELETED] 

Take meds, plz.

>> No.8528780

*glances at chipped PS1 and binder of CD-Rs I haven't touched in 5 years*
g-gonna be worth it

>> No.8528783

If you're gaming on a CRT, it's the peak right now in terms of value. It's also something you'd be very hard pressed to find any noticeable differences for when compared to WiiMednafen, which will run you about 20 bucks. The only real difference is for light gun games, and other original controller support, but it's not hard to make USB adapters with an arduino and an extension lead if you're playing on LCD.

Personally I've just got all my consoles boxed up, given that if price retardation continues I can sell them for hundreds of bucks in another decade or two.

>> No.8528834

if you miss your childhood, I recommend setting some goals in life and achieving them

>> No.8529897

you need to have a pretty specific set of complaints before a MiSTer makes sense.

That or a bunch of money to burn.

>> No.8529956 [DELETED] 

This is unironically the cringiest dick suck comment I've ever read. Bravo.


>> No.8531237

Coach me, anon. How should I have typed it instead? I'm too young to die

>> No.8531240

Runahead has to be adjusted for every game for accuracy against real hardware. Don't have to do that with MiSTer.

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anons who post stuff like this all live here, just swap out the GC/CRT setup for an android phone

>> No.8532618

yeah I guess that's true.
And I'll bet the n64 cores on retropie will be good enough when fpga gets up to that gen.

>> No.8533070

We are approaching the first anniversary of the Saturn core's announcement.

>> No.8533081

nope, not with low level software emulation
fpga is just doing the exact same thing as regular software emulation, it's designed based on software emulators that already exist and doesn't work any better than them

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Collector's don't play games. They don't appreciate games. They are soulless pieces of shit who hoarde games to make a buck. Pic related

>> No.8533121

You just know he hot glued jessie

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