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Hello /vr/, i'm trying to get intro jrpgs. Care to recommend me some? Preferably ones that are easy to emulate, thank you.

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90's era Squaresoft has a deserved reputation for making some of the best games out there. Usually you won't go wrong with them. Here's a short list, but not all are Square, but all are good:

Final Fantasy 4-6
Chrono Trigger
Rudra no Hihou
Dragon Quest 4-6
Phantasy Star 4
Legend of Mana
Super Mario RPG

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Chrono Trigger. Can't go wrong with Chrono Trigger.

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If you want a "safe" introduction to the genre the easymode but fantastic Phantasy Star 4 is the best you could ask for.

If you can take it like a man: Dragon Warrior 1 NES version or Phantasy Star 1.

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If you don't mind action RPGs, play Terranigma. It's one of the best games on the SNES.

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I lost my megadrive when I was like, seven. I never got to play PS.

I played it for the first time on an emulator last year (Universe got me interested in the series) and it's got that clunky DW feel.

Not that DW isn't a masterpiece, but admittedly, the menu was a bit awkward.

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*Master System.

Holy shit am I tired.

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Im currently going through the SNES version of Dragon Quest 2 and I like it so far. It is really non linear, yet the gameplay is simple.

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DQ2 is basically an Ultima-like scavenger hunt. If you like the style, check out Ultimas 4-7

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Secret of Evermore (SNES) is a good transitional game. Technically it's a JRPG, but it's a stylistic clone of Secret of Mana, so it's an action rpg that includes an element of patience and strategy instead of just swinging your sword around.

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Chrono Trigger is an excellent entry level JRPG. Final Fantasy V is a good entry level JRPG as well.

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Final Fantasy 1 ps1 version
you will learn where the basic jobs and battle mechanics come from

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*Technically it's a WRPG

God I am falling apart all over the place.

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I never really played a Final Fantasy as I've just never got around to it so I decided on FFVI the gba version since I got an emulator on my Xperia Play and I'm having a blast.
I intend to try IV and V afterward

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To sure to get the sound patch that fixes it to SNES quality.

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romancing Saga 3
its got a buttload of characters to find/unlock just like chrono cross

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Phantasy Star IV and Shining Force II. Basically get the Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection

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I wouldn't think a SaGa game would be a good one to ease yourself into JRPG's.

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Lufia 1 and 2
but play the second one first

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I'd recommend not playing the 1st at all really.

It hasn't aged well.

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>If you can take it like a man: Dragon Warrior 1 NES
I love Dragon Warrior 1, but I would never recommend the NES version because there's no reason to suffer through the grind when the SNES and GBC versions exist.

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You're wrong both times. JRPG and WRPG aren't referring to where the game is made, you fucking inbred cumshot. It's a style of game.

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>aren't referring to where the game is made

Except that is what the terms are for. If you want to argue this point further, you can make a separate thread on /v/ and link to it so this thread doesn't get derailed.

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Breath of fire 1-2-3-4

they are easy to get into and have incredible stories and gameplay.

then proceed to play final fantasy 4-5-6 on snes.
scoot over to lufia 1-2.
play shining force 1-2 to get a feel of tactical RPGs

afterwards you should have a good idea of what you like in an RPG

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Chrono Trigger, easily. It's superbly polished and one of the best paced games ever made. It's a game with very few flaws.

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They're all tedious grind-fests.

Chrono Trigger is the only JRPG I can recommend to beginners. No random encounters, and difficulty is low enough that you can get away with dodging as many encounters as possible.

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I agreed but i also disagree.
I NEVER grind in a fucking rpg and i think these are all fine.

but yes. Chrono Trigger should be the first on on the list. Its honestly the best RPG of all time, for me. and i forgot to mention it ;D!

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I reccomend paper mario. It's definitely on the pinnacle of the RPG genre(especially in terms of pure gameplay/combat)

It'll make you hate random battles though(it uses overworld enemies) so be ready for that.

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breath of fire 2 is the worst game of all time because of the dog guy. I dropped it as soon as he was my party member, and I LOVED the first game.

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the phantasy star original series. no lie these are my favorite games.

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jrpg is a pretty easy genre.

The 'hard' ones are ones where the combat is piss easy but there are mazes or difficult puzzles to solve. So its hard for reasons that are not normally even part of the genre.

All of them either involve or grinding or expirmenting with customization until you find an overpowered method of fighting.

Just pick the one that has nice graphics, a story you like, a waifu, a good soundtrack or any other random aestetic reason.

There is a reason that threads about jrpgs always spend the most time disucssing story.

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Look a the Final Fantasy kid who thinks dungeons and puzzles "aren't even a part of the genre". Look at him and laugh.

Play some real JRPGs, boy.

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Breath of Fire 3 is pretty awesome. Beat it a little while ago and I enjoyed how the story played out and how the whole "summoning" system worked. Plus being able to watch the enemies for a turn and potentially learn their moves was a cool mechanic. Also being able to have someone under a trainer and have that effect what abilities they leveled was neat.

Also yeah, hard seconding on Chrono Trigger. Beautiful game that's a slow start but a ton of fun.

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considering that, even in puzzle heavy rpgs, 99% of the time is spent watching cutscenes or fighting, i think its safe to say that puzzles are a minority of the game.

The core of the genre is fighting, customizing characters stats, dialogue, and minor exploring.

Sure once every 10 hours you are required to do a tricky puzzle

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A good JRPG like Lufia 2 is nothing like that.

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The SNES FFs, Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3, Shin Megami Tensei 1 and 2, and countless other games are all light on puzzles. Stop being dumb.

In before that entire list gets greentexted with ">good" below it.

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Seiken Densetsu isn't a JRPG at all. SMT are very heavy on combat and so are FFs, but neither are paragons of the genre.

DQs have a lot of battles, but those mostly autorun themselves, and the actual meat of the game always lies in exploration and puzzle-solving.

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>Seiken Densetsu isn't a JRPG at all.

Nitpicking. It's an Action JRPG.

>but neither are paragons of the genre

Okay, I'm done here. You just did exactly what I predicted, albeit in a more verbose manner.

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Can the children stop arguing and stay on topic?

OP, try the original SNES version of Chrono Trigger, amazing game that actually lives up to the hype surrounding it.

You could also try Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls (GBA remake).

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>Can the children stop arguing and stay on topic?

Topic's about JRPG's, champ. Argument is about JRPGs. I'll assume you're intelligent enough to put 2 and 2 together. Don't let me down.

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Is /v/ the dedicated retro JRPG board?

Hint: It's not.

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Maybe if you'd stop being such a hostile individual looking to troll.

Is there a legit NTSC cart for Terranigma, or is it solely a PAL release?

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No one is trolling, you idiot. There was a debate going on (on topic I might ad) before that cunt decided to come in and call everyone children just because he didn't like the route of discussion.

If you want to blame a "hostile environment" on anyone, look no further than him.

>Is there a legit NTSC cart for Terranigma, or is it solely a PAL release?

PAL only.

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The entire body of text you posted is just flat out full of insults. I'm not sticking up for the other guy either, but Jesus Christ in heaven forbid we maintain a civil discussion without reverting to shit flinging.

Out of the 4 NTSC carts on oybay, only one of the sellers mentions its a reproduction cart since it never saw an official US release.

Screwy, ain't it?

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>takes a million years to charge up your attacks
>every dungeon is an empty fucking maze
>hit detection is shit
>feels like 2 hours of content stretched out to fill 30 hours of your time

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It wasn't shitflinging until people decided to come in and start bitching about a perfectly fine video game discussion.

>Screwy, ain't it?
They either don't know what they have or are trying to scam.

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>>every dungeon is an empty fucking maze


Not every maze needs to be filled with treasure. Fighting enemies and navigating are enough.

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Chrono Trigger on the SNES
easy to emulate, great music, not too hard and feel good story

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You think this is good level design? Give me a fucking break

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You think this is good level design? Give me a fucking break

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>feels like 2 hours of content stretched out to fill 30 hours of your time
yeah and breath of fire just has you on the edge of your fucking seat the entire time grinding endless mobs that are all the same, repeating the same boring menu selections.

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Hey bro I'm just commenting on evermore
I ain't even played breath of fire

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Phantasy Star IV
Shining Force II

Mega Drive/Genesis games, emulate well, can be bought legit if you so wish on digital distribution.

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If people recommend Chrono Trigger and Secret of Evermore I'll recommend Terranigma

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>breath of fire 2 is the worst game of all time because of the dog guy.
What? Why?

Bow is bro-tier

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But there are JRPG's in which you can put yourself into an unwinnable situation because you grinded too much and all of the encounters slap your shit. So they are games that you have to play by their rules and not another games rules.

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>Chrono Trigger
>Phantasy Star 1,2,3 & 4
>Mario RPG
>Pokemon Red/Blue and Gold/Silver if you somehow never played them

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start with snes: ff4, ff6, chrono trigger. these are the great classics of the genre.

then take a break from square: phantasy star iv (genesis), lufia 1-2 (snes), breath of fire 1-2 (snes).

having covered the standard jrpgs, now move on to action-rpg: secret of mana, illusion of gaia, terranigma. secret of evermore if you really like this subgenre. all snes games.

now on to tactical jrpgs: ogre battle, tactics ogre, bahamut lagoon (all snes), and shining force. if you really dig these, you might get into fire emblem. if you can emulate it, final fantasy tactics for the playstation is supreme here.

finally, having fully immersed yourself in the genre, get earthbound (for the snes) which will deconstruct all the tropes and make you cry a little.

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You swim or you drown

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There will be a lot of water intake.

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Star Ocean (snes) someones love it, someones hate it, but it is a nice one.

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Chrono Trigger's a good entry into the more turn based combat types.
Tales of Phantasia for the Playstation is a good entry into the real time action ones, and pretty much NEEDS to be emulated to even be playable, as the GBA version (only version we got) was one of the worst ports I've ever seen. Just make sure to patch it with Phantasian Production's english patch.

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