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Finally going to give this a go after putting it off for decades. Already installed Tfix lite. Anything I should know before going in? I was gonna start on normal for my first run but I heard certain missions are shortened/you have less objectives?
General Thief series thread I guess, give me some mods I need to try as well.

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Play on Hard, on Normal, you don't even have to exfiltrate from the first couple of missions. Also you can switch difficulties at the beginning of every mission and see what the objectives are for each difficulty. For fan missions, just check thiefguild and look at the top ones and try them.

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with the webms I've seen of this game, it seems it aged like absolute milk.
I wouldn't even give it a try if I was you, unless you played it when you were young and >muh childhood memories.

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you could play MGS and Tenchu instead, you know, the good games.

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>Hasn't played it
>Is making judgements of its quality
I hesitate to call you a Zoomer, because you're probably younger than they are

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Try to save not too often and improvise, the flash bombs and other stuff have their purpose.

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expert gives you the most amount of goals and content per level, but hard and normal are both far more forgiving for a new player as they allow you to make more mistakes and allow you to play less-than-sneaky if you wish

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Don't play normal. It doesn't change the AI just cuts down the levels and spawns more ai. To the point where you don't even need to find your way out of the levels once you beat them. Hard at the very absolute minimum. It genuinely is just a more gimped experience playing normal. The highest difficulty isn't hard it's just that the loot requirement on some levels is really brutal and it's very noticeable on one or two levels.

Also your expectations are going to be really thrown off. Thief 2 is more of a traditional stealth game experience. Thief 1 is like a simulator for a D&D Thief. You will rob mansions sometimes but other times you'll be robbing crypts with zombies or going through haunted mines to get underneath a fortress.

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It's bait.

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Those aren't good games.

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>For fan missions, just check thiefguild and look at the top ones and try them.
This is a good rec though not always foolproof (for example Ominous Bequest is very highly rated and that mission is absolute tedium).
I would also recommend you finish both Thief 1 and 2 before playing fan missions.

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Remember to save scum your way through the game like a true expert PC gamer

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This is a good way to make the game really tedious and awful. I saw some zoomer try playing the game like this. It's like if you tried abusing savestates in Resident Evil but you still wasted all your ammo. You're pretty strapped for supplies, so if you try to savesucm your way through it you'll be in a world of pain. Plus the guards paths are so random and the levels are so huge you'll still get blind sided by shit and it'll just get worse the more you try to brute force through it.

Best way to play the game is to do the missions in one shot.

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>Best way to play the game is to do the missions in one shot
The stages are too big for a first time player to do that at all.

What I would recommend is a kind of self-imposed checkpoint system. Every once-in-a-while, set a quicksave. Don't do it all the time, but if you made it a decent distance from your previous one, or you completed a mission objective, then set one.
I usually set a quicksave after each completed objective at least.

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This. Thief 2 lends itself more to ironman because quite a few of the levels are smaller, but I wouldn't recommend it for Thief 1 if it's your first time.

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I guess saving after you did a big objective or got pass a huge hurdle. Straight up save scumming makes the game way more tedious than it does easier. Savescumming wont help you if you got yourself into a retarded situation without realizing it and try to brute force your way out. You'll just end up in that awful spot where you try on repeat to get through a nearly impossible to win situation because of all the retarded choices you made up to that point.

Only exception is climbing ladders which I just never use if I can help it

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The thing with Thief 2 is that the actual levels are technically larger. There's more stuff in them, but most of the time you only have to explore about half of it to complete every objective

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Why the fuck are you on /vr/, zoomertard?

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honestly, I think the only way to play thief is ironmanning the levels(maybe giving yourself a mulligan for jank or one tricky jump). Don't think it would have stood out nearly as well in my mind if I just haphazardly stumbled through the levels with savestates in one quick go.

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the 3 mission stretch from Return to the cathedral through the 2nd hammerite temple mission is pretty brutal, outside of that it's not too bad on hard.

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To my honest surprise Steam version with TFix runs fine on a loonix laptop in wine. Thief engine is not the most robust one, I remember having troubles running it in WinXP years ago. TFix is really a magic thing.

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I'd argue Cragscleft, the Bonehoard and especially the Guild can be very brutal with no saves on hard for a first time player. Just let the guy play the way he wants.

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This man is wise.

I would also add that you shouldn't knock out literally everyone in the level because that removes the atmosphere.

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oh well yeah, thieve and mage's guild would definitely be exceptions.

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Not sure about the atmosphere, but it definitely removes challenge, and shifts the gameplay from an "avoidance" type of stealth to "hunter" or "predatory" stealth, if that makes sense. It removes a lot from your experience, and there are other games better at that.
That being said, I always end up playing the Guild and Escape that way. These two missions don't lend themselves to Thief gameplay too well.

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I shall walk the path 'til my return to the Eternal Fire.

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>Anything I should know before going in?
For the love of god, skip the Thief Gold missions.

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Brainlet opinion.

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It's never coming out, is it?

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I've been thinking of making my own FMs in DromEd, and I had a lot of fun learning the basics.

But can anyone tell me how to get it working with NewDark so that it's not half-broken?

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If you're making a mission for T2 then simply downloading T2Fix and enabling a DromEd install should take care of that. The process is a bit more complicated for T1.

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I'm going for Thief 1

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Anyway, try this: https://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=148475&p=2377991&viewfull=1#post2377991

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I don't understand step 4, isn't TFix just NewDark? and where's editor.zip?

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still makes me sick how badly lost city got fucked. mages really fuck up the isolation of the level.

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Why did they even replace the craymen?
And how did they forget the don't kill anyone objective?

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they were setting up the mage faction for the follow up to thief 2 that never happened, having them compete with geralt for the talismans I guess was one step towards that.

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Prepare your asshole for the Pagan monster levels.

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Never got this take. Will admit, the Guild filtered me the first time, but glad I powered through it eventually. Mage Towers and the opera level owned.

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>one shotting Thief the first time
>especially if you play on hard+ with all the objectives so you won't miss content
Dude, fuuuuck that. I'm glad you've got a massive penis and all, and I'm very happy for you, but I never would have gotten close to finishing it that way. I can't imagine doing that unless I dedicated myself to the game for a year.

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Looks like it worked, thanks.

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>unless I dedicated myself to the game for a year
It's tough but it's not really crazy outside of those 3 pound you in the ass levels at the end, if you're decent at the game you should never really die to human guards. Personally 90s fps style oneshot levels are the pinacle of difficulty balance to me, great stakes but not a retarded time waster like perma death.

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why did no one post picrel

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There is a game call thief currently on sale ultra cheap on xbox, is it a remake or a sequel?

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they're working on it, here's a new ambience vid they released https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lfzv7WbkCTQ

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I played it for the first time last year and thought it was fucking awesome. Probably wouldn’t have been able to play it without tfix, though. I tried at first and was definitely not loving the outdated controls.

That shit aside it’s a great game.

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Because it's horribly out of date? Who the fuck uses Tafferpatcher anymore

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Ah sorry, looks like you got it working but TFix is essentially a repack of NewDark along with the modders' modification (it certainly is not a simple bugfixing patch). What you want for this is the basic NewDark archives you have to manually install.

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played it the first time a few years ago, became my favorite stealth game.

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I've known of this for sometime though
I'm kind of bummed out, I've played Thief and fan missions to death, absolutely exhausted the game and I cannot play anymore just last week I booted up a FM that was on my list and I'm afraid I just can't play it anymore, I killed it.

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>it seems it aged like absolute milk
Guard AI isn't top of the line anymore, but it's not that far off contemporary games(though that says more about how stagnant the stealth genre is than anything). In terms of movement and the way you interact with the environment, it's still the best of the best. With fixes installed it's a very fluid playing first person game even today.

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Just take a long break, it'll come back.

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It will.
Source: trust me bro

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the virgin metal gear
the chad thief

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Yeah I've been replaying 2 and I'm just kinda over it. On the other hand replaying 1 was legit as intense as ever so I don't fucking know. 1's weird because it's got so many objective flaws and dated design decisions yet every time I come back to it, it gets better and better. Yet with 2 - which I always preferred - I kinda start getting bored after a while. It's weird.

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Thief 1 is an incredibly varied game that throws you into all kinds of different, and sometimes unforeseen, situations. Thief 2 on the other hand is a very homogeneous experience and once you've played four or five missions, you've essentially played them all.

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you've realized that the vanilla human stealth in thief actually isn't that good.

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looking glass never made a good game

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Yeah, they always made amazing games

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Use all the items, there's no advantage to hoarding them and no penalty for using them (non-lethaly), you get plenty and you'll figure out the game purposely gives you loot that will be useful throughout the mission.
Like say, if there's a locked chest with moss arrows and water arrows, they're there for a good reason. The only useless item are the default arrows.

Do your first playthrough however you want, but do play hard mode or above. If you have half a brain, you'll figure out a sweet spot between savescumming and knocking out guards.

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Guild still sucks, mage tower is complete filler, opera house is kino though.

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Who is the king of thief FM's?

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Our lord and savior Sperry.

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the missions are still good

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Melan, Skacky, Yandros, and Random_Taffer are my favorite mappers. There are some other really talented ones but they're retards that make gimmick non-Thief missions which I have no interest in playing.

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seven shades of mercury, i am a sucker for how beautiful that church is

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fuck the evil sounds the spiders make in this game

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How come mages fail to cast their spell when strafing, but bowmen don't?

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check their properties and motions and find out why

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I'm arachnophobic but interestingly enough the spiders in Thief don't scare me (unless they pop out of nowhere).

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Just got the gold edition for a buck. What's the difference?

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It's has mostly worst missions, but it's basically the default version to mod and play on modern PCs.

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The missions are better, with the exception of Lost City, which still isn't bad.

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the sound design gets me more than anything else. Skyrim spiders and pretty much every other game's spiders don't scare me but the poorly animated ones with really fucking loud hissing do for some reason.

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Here's a new mission by Nicked. https://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=151601

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oh cool new mo

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>I have disabled texture filtering by default
Wipe this meme from the face of the earth, I'm tired of seeing it in new hipster missions. I don't want to play with character detail on low either I don't miss playing games on the lowest settings in the 90s because my PC was shit.

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I think a lot of these games look better without texture filtering.

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I disagree, the exceptions are games like Quake where they went out of their way to ensure that the texels were 1:1 with the texture maps and they already broke that rule with Quake 2.

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Just reactivate it back you drama queen.

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What do Thief fans think of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory?
I played the first two missions, they were fine, then I played the bank heist, which is reputed to be the best mission in the game, maybe even the series. When I finished it (it was good, better than the first two), I went: "That's it? This is the best that the game has to offer?" and stopped playing.

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The first three are good for what they are. A console game with dynamic lights can only have levels so large and it was never really meant to match Thief, just compete with MGS2 and 3.

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Doesn't relate directly to thief but the one kind of contrarian opinion on CT is that it fucked the non lethal projectile system from 1 and 2. In those games you had a heiarchy, the sticky shocker was a oneshot KO anywhere on the body and required no arc, the ringfoil round arced and could stun with bodyshots but only KO with a headshot, and as sort of a cheesy edge tactic stickycams could knock out if you got someone in the head with them but would not stun. In CT the ringfoil round and the shocker are essentially interchangable because and they removed any knockout utility of the stickycam.

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Weirdly enough I played SC before I ever played Thief. I mostly played CT on the DS, though. I tried replaying the original trilogy on Xbox but by the time I got to CT I was too burned out from the series to finish it. It definitely fixed a lot of problems the first 2 games had. My biggest gripe was linearity and the bank level really opened up and let you explore. I think I was on the Korean base level when I stopped.

After playing the spy in TF2 and then playing Thief I just have no patience for slowly crawling through levels and waiting on guard patrol routes for every encounter.

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undeniably a gem from an age long gone but not perfect. It has the same issue every stealth game does over incentivizing the player to lame their way through the game isolating and knocking out every guard. One criticism specific to splintercell I have is how it downgraded the nonlethal projectile system from the first two games, in those you had a hierarchy of one hitscan, automatic KO to an arced projectile that required a headshot to ko and would stun on bodyshots to a semi unintended cheesy option of repurposing the stickycam to knockout on headshots only with no bodyshots at all. CT got rid of all that nuance outside of being able to use the shocker in water.

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>It has the same issue every stealth game does over incentivizing the player to lame their way through the game isolating and knocking out every guard
Don't certain levels make it so you can't knock out any guards? I think the AI also looks for missing guards too. It'd really help if the levels were Thief-sized so when you knock out a guard the odds one you didn't see with an absurdly long patrol path will start looking for them when you're gone.

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>After playing the spy in TF2 and then playing Thief
What the fuck am I reading?

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SC actually got me into TF2 because I was playing it a ton and the Spy seemed like it was similar. There was even a guide that had Chaos Theory music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-qD30EOO-o . This was before the Dead Ringer was added and all the engine exploits weren't known so it was pretty much entirely around actually being sneaky in those days. Also no one played spy so you didn't have 3 weebs on a team doing epic trickstabs. It was all about running around players cone of vision, going in when they were distracted, waiting for the medic to be positioned in a way you could snag them, etc. As soon as the dead ringer came out I basically stopped playing the game because it changed way too much.

Even then it's hard to go back to an NPC walking back and forth slowly and staring at a brick wall after you've had those exhilarating moments where you need to run around human beings line of sight that changes way more rapidly than NPCs. All the waiting in TF2 was within a second or two tops unless you were really scared/bad. Thief never really had this problem because the sound surface system made it so you could play fast and loose if you wanted and were good enough. The amount of stationary NPCs or NPCs patrolling a tiny area is pretty small or there is a route around them.

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It is my second favorite stealth game just after Thief 1 and also a part of my 3x3.
Unfortunately, the missions get progressively worse as you go. Mind you they're not dogshit or anything, but they can't quite reach the same height as the first three.
You can even see a very tiny glimmer of modern game design with stuff like scripted unwinnable set pieces.

Despite this it's still very good.
The sound, light and movement systems are superb, interrogations are a lot of fun, hacking is cool, the level design is very "mature" as in the devs didn't expect their players to be retards that need to be coddled.
And it successfully sells you on the mood of being an elite operator using high tech to be spy on any and every faction.

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These were likely shared before but it never hurts to do it again. From PCGamer Christmas 2018

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Good shit taffer

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Some old article.

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This series deserved better. The 2014 reboot was dumbed down to all he'll and did away with all the cool stuff from the original setting by taking place in the future of it without as much magic or monsters.

>> No.8479302

Further, I'd say the average gamer has been spoonfed too much by more modern games. Puzzle solving and difficulty have been dumbed down to appeal to the average idiot. Having to think like a burglar and maybe actually make a heist plan in your head for the mission is too hard for most people who think robbery is just smash&grab.

>> No.8479460

>having to think like a burglar and maybe actually make a heist plan in your head for the mission is too hard for most people
Honestly I question how much the coddling is a logical response to normie demand and how much it's designers jacking themselves off with the best practice rabbit hole. I'm under no illusion something on the level of SS2 would be palatable, but just toning down the UI and handholding? I really don't think that would dissuade normies if they like the overall conceit of the game. Or another way to look at it, baby proofing an autismo shadow game isn't going to make it any more likely to catch on.

>> No.8479510

Will play, thanks for the news anon.

Don't be such a whiner.

>> No.8479519

I really enjoyed Chaos Theory but also felt the bank was overhyped. I had more fun with the game once I started using my equipment and improvising more instead of quicksaving my way to a 100% mission score. The levels are a far cry from the sprawling Thief style, but they have a lot of atmosphere. Play for the vibe not because it's mechanically a stealth masterpiece or whatever people say. The Displace mission is also highly praised, at least play to that one

>> No.8479675

I think just observation skills, navigation skills and choosing your battles alone filters most people.

>> No.8479889

This even ends up filtering people in the Thief fandom with Thieves' Guild, which is a level that trusts the player with listening to what the guards are saying and using their map and compass to find the correct order to do things.

>> No.8479893

I hate modern AAA shit most of the time and Thief 2014 was full of bad AAA decisions but that's honestly the least of that games' problems. If you read between the lines about the development it was clearly a shitshow behind the scenes and it shows in the final product. It was in development hell for about 5 years, multiple different teams with their own visions came and went and the chaos was going on all the way up to release. There were experience points for headshots and shit just months before they went gold and all that shit got cut out at the last minute because the press and fans all agreed that that sounded like the worst fucking thing ever in a Thief game.

Compare Thief 2014 to something like Human Revolution and you'll see the difference. Nu-DX has a ton of modern concessions for console-tards but it's still a functional, well-designed game. Thief 2014 isn't even that, it's a complete mess of differing design choices cobbled together at the last minute.

>> No.8479897

The Thieves guild sucks because it's one linear crawl to the sewer. Then the sewer is a linear crawl back and forth between the mansions with few divergent paths. A bunch of shadows are glitched out too. It's just bad all around. I never really seen people complain about it being confusing. The only thing that threw me off was that fucking key hidden in the bonfire.

>> No.8480252

>I never really seen people complain about it being confusing
I mean I agree that the guild has problems that can't be handwaved by just blaming noobs but c'mon

>> No.8480983

Just finished it, where did those +70MB come from?

>> No.8481012

all the custom textures and assets?

>> No.8481014

aren't they low res and low poly?

>> No.8481016

Thief 1 and 2 are overrated. There I said it.

>> No.8481028

>Thieves Guild
There are a lot of things that stage is, but linear is not one of them

>> No.8481029

It's mostly (~50mb) custom sounds and music. Sound is usually the biggest thing.

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thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSzNB1DDIdc

>> No.8481040

they're higher resolution than anything in thief 2 and the models are a mix of T1 and T2 ones along with custom ones
the author has no idea what lo-fi means

>> No.8481126

Based. Makes me wanna play The Seven Shades of Mercury again.

>> No.8481129

Loved this tune in DCE, fit the setting they were going for very well.

>> No.8481203

name a better game

>> No.8481215

thanks for the dump

>> No.8481358

Deus Ex and System Shock 2 are better full-stop in terms of contemporaries, Vtmb Bloodlines is the better urban horror/fantasy style game, Metroid Prime is better as a "first person exploration game" (for lack of a better term), Silent Hill and classic RE are both scarier than Thief.

>> No.8481361

deus ex doesn't even have enemy AI

>> No.8481363

oh yeah, and Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee is better than Thief as a stealth game.

>> No.8481380

and all of the games I mentioned have better presentation than Thief 1 and 2, which are both fucking UGLY games.

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There is no universe where Deus Ex has better presentation than Thief 2 and your examples of better games are laughable.

>> No.8481415

neither do I, what's lo-fi?

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>There is no universe where Deus Ex has better presentation than Thief 2

okay, champ :)

>> No.8481451

that's a big empty room with hand made of brushes

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and yet it is more enduring and iconic than anything in thief

>> No.8481483

i've noticed a lot of people just can't parse the thief aesthetics, the decor and use of color in some of these mansions is incredible but people can't figure out anything that doesn't stab them in the eyes with muh cyberpunk neon or muh torture dungeon. no capacity for nuance. as usual i blame anime

>> No.8481489

and the second most iconic thing?

>> No.8481495

midwits can't be helped and they just gawk at a shiny reflective room when it's a big box with no interesting geometry inside

>> No.8481497

nigger i love deus ex but that's fucking hideous on all levels, from idea to execution. no surprise that someone who doesn't get thief would also pick the worst parts of dx to praise.

>> No.8481504

It's linear as fuck what are you talking about? There are so many instances where you're funneled through one path then are given 2 routes for the same area.

>It's so overrated I have to compare it to 6 different games at once
Kek. System Shock 1 is also way better than System Shock 2. What a mess SS2 was.

>> No.8481521

SS2 is not a mess, it's a genius example of working within your limitations and using an existing engine's strengths for a completely different style of game. Tired of this meme that you can only like one game, it's obvious LGS was all over SS2 with them advertising T2 as being on SS2's engine and them looking at ideas from SS2 to integrate into Deep Cover.

>> No.8481585
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In Thief it'd be retarded but it fits Deus Ex perfectly. The game just has this cheesy overdramatic vibe to it that'd be out of place in Thief.

>Half the skills are broken, buggy or useless
>>The tier-1 weapons are better than the tier-3 ones because skill scaling doesn't work until you get enough points to unlock the weapon
>>High tier exotic and heavy weapons are completely outclassed by the rifle with starting pistol ammo and starting grenade launcher
>>1 point in research unlocks pretty much the entire skill unless you want to do meme builds that are worse than the starting weapons
>>Most of the pscionics abilities are useless and the best build is just running around with the crystal shard and abusing the smasher bug
>>"Pick your playstyle" literally cannot beat it without hacking or pre-emptively knowing where it's required to save up icepicks
>>Repair lol
>Shoehorned in Shodan so she could be on the box
>That rushed end sequence that lasts 5 minutes long
It's an absolute mess lol. System Shock 1 did everything besides the atmosphere much much better than System Shock 2. Now that I know you're a tard who got filtered by SS1's DOS interface I know your opinion is completely useless.

>> No.8481601

After just replaying SS2 on Impossible, most of these are grossly exaggerated or wrong. Psionics is the strongest start by a large margin and level 1 research just gives you mandatory research and autopsies.

>> No.8481608

Play SS1.

>> No.8481617

I do, all the time, with the DOS version and not the shitty KEX port.

>> No.8481984

What makes the kex port shitty in your opinion?

>> No.8482095


It fucks with the lighting and aliasing of a lot of stuff from what I hear. It also adds in a lot of stuff that were originally mods like mouselook. Although, even the devs say the game is better with mouselook. Take that with a pinch of salt though as I hear mouselook makes a lot of ambushes trivial to deal with and the game really depends on ambushes. Would be nice if someone made a thorough comparison.

>> No.8482309

I don't play with mouselook mod, but it works identically on the DOS version with SSP.

>> No.8483261
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>> No.8483730

Anyone here see the dark engine reimplementation that someone was working on? I don't know if it's still getting worked on, but it showed some promise. The goal was to rebuild the engine from scratch so it could be updated/maintained and have a snazzy new level editor and such.
I don't remember what it was called tho

>> No.8483874

Don't care, NewDark already exists.

>> No.8484390

Wasn't that the Open Dark Engine project with full dynamic lighting?

>> No.8484510

I don't think so. That and openThief are both dead. The one I'm thinking of was worked on recently. Within the last year.
Great contribution.
Let me know when Le Corbeau releases the source.

>> No.8484569

You're probably thinking of fmeditor, which is intended to be a replacement for Dromed, not an enhancement to the dark engine.

>> No.8484623

That sounds like it. Thanks. Must've just been conflating them.

>> No.8484745

how do i have a voice like garret, it sounds nice