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Bring your tried and beaten games unto this thread and let anons suggest true challenges for you to overcome.

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Shouldn't be too hard for someone to come up with something for this.

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You can only play for 10 minutes a day.
After 10 minutes is up, you must immediately shut off the system, even if you haven't saved.
You must beat it before the end of July 15th, 2013.

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Here's my version of suicide Pokemon again. I just got my R4i card, and I'm going to try to see if this is actually possible. Here goes.

-Choose any starter.
-Only 5 Pokéballs during the playthrough.
-Only 6 Potions throughout the playthrough.
*Once you unlock the next tier of potions, you may sell the remaining number of potions for the same number of the next tier (i.e. 4 Potions to 4 Super Potions, etc.)
*The same can be done to Pokeballs. Poké?Great?Ultra only. No other kind can be used. Pokéballs that are found (i.e. Master, GS, etc.) are nullified and voidedified.
-HM/TMs are allowed.
--Key items can be used for your journey. 5 Repels are allowed, but cannot be upgraded. A one-time trade of 2 Repels can be made for one extra Pokeball, and vice versa. (i.e. 4 Pokeballs and 7 Repels or 6 Pokeballs and 3 Repels)
-Only 6 Full Heals.
-You may only heal once in every town, once on Victory Road, and once going into the Elite Four. If someone offers to heal you, or you find a bed to sleep in, you may do so once.
-No held items. (i.e. No Leftovers, Berries, etc.)
-You may buy Pokémon from games, but in doing so, you must throw away one Poké Ball.
-No trading from other games.
-Obtaining a Pokémon via in-game is legal (i.e. Game Corner), but doing so costs a Pokéball. You may trade with characters in-game only. Oh, and if you buy that Magikarp from that one guy, that counts, too.

Here's the kicker:

-If any of your Pokémon submit to faint, you must release it. You may not catch another, you may not buy more Poké Balls, and you may not buy a reviving item. Do not pass go, and do not collect $200.

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Don't suggest speed-running it - I do that as a hobby.

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Kill one of every kind of enemy on each stage without getting any rings.

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Get all 7 Chaos Emeralds in Green Hill Zone act 1 and 2, then go through the rest of the game collecting every ring you come across, but don't go Super Sonic even once.

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That's impossible in 2. If you jump even once after you collect the 50th ring, it automatically sends you into Super Sonic. 3 fixed that by manually activating SS with a double jump.

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Too easy, just take a hit every now and then.

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This is impossible

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I was just about to say this. Pretty sure the Kalm flashback alone is way longer than 10 minutes.

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Okay, play with Tails following you but you cannot let him die and you have to beat him within a time limit of 2:00 for each stage. I dunno man, what do you want from me? Sonic 2 is an easy game

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Never press down on the d pad.

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Correct, even looking at a speed run will tell you that this is simply not doable.

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Warioland 1 or 3. Give me your best shot

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JA2: Solo assassination mission.

Use your IMP merc and ONLY your IMP merc to infiltrate the palace and kill the queen, you may liberate only the drassen airport in order to equip yourself properly and no other region. I did it with the max initial starting cash and bobby rays set to tons o' guns but I believe it could be done about one setting lower on each. You are not allowed to use getting captured to get to the queen in the
prison, she must die in the palace.

Your IMP merc will need lockpicking to make it into the bunker under the palace and you'll need at least one explosive of some kind to breach the palace gates, I'd also suggest a mine detector as the easiest way to get to the palace without encountering anyone passes through a minefield. You'll probably want to go to San Mona before drassen to replace some of your starting gear as it's probably not enough to solo the airport, if you're really hardcore you could use San Mona only.

An MP7 or P90 is the weapon of choice for this mission, you'll almost never engage anyone at range making most bigger weapons unnecessary and weight is a factor.

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No damage run.

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Megaman 2

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No E-Tanks, buster only, final destination.

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Crash Bandicoot 1-3

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I often do Ironman challenges of Fire Emblem games; that is, no resetting and a game over means the game is over (delete save file). I've done this for FE3, FE6HM, and several others, and I highly recommend it to anyone planning on replaying a FE game. However the challenge seems a bit too extreme for FE5, which is my favorite.
Any suggestions?

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You have 3 seconds to rescue the baby.
If more than 3 seconds pass, you have to cancel your save file.

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castlevania: rondo of blood

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Persona 2: Eternal Punishment.

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Sonic and knuckles

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