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what's the whackiest shovelware you ever came across?

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Literally a pedo van racer.

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The PC version of Sum of All Fears is good tactical FPS. It was built on the original Ghost Recon engine, but it has close quarters Rainbow Six style level design rather than the expansive maps in Ghost Recon. Far from the best game in the original batch of Tom Clancy tactical shooters but definitely underrated.

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Was Phoenix Games a money laundering front that made their games intentionally unappealing? This concept feels like a Simpsons gag about developers running out of ideas lol

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The GBA version is even more underrated as it's unironically an excellent port of the R6 games to top down 2D

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>an excellent port of the R6 games to top down 2D
WTF, this sounds great. Gonna play it when I get the time. What should I expect?

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bootleg Mario on Genesis. as cheesy as it looks, it's not that bad, but doesn't play much like a Mario game. it's a hack / updated version on Squirrel King, which in turn is loosely based on NES Chip 'n Dale. so you go around throwing crates and stuff. would be way better if not for very lame level design, really feels like shit-tier effort on the level of bad flash games.

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half the game is taken from Squirrel King and doesn't have anything to do with Mario. perhaps the most fucked up part is the bosses though, just look at this

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>go check it up
>"mind that child"
>anon isn't joking
>it's LITERALLY a pedo van racer
Mother of God. How this game came into existence? It was made by some anon developer?

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Because that's what every kid demanded in 2001, an GBC sports game based on a 1999 movie.

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Now you too can play as Woody Allen.

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Every bugman is already Woody Allen. How appropriate.

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It feels like half of the UK's video game industry was weird money laundering fronts

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Porky's for the Atari Lynx.

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>those shoop’d medals

Lol man, looks like something an eccentric high school kid would throw together as a joke.

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I wonder if anyone has ever actually played this with 2 players, or if anyone has played any multiplayer lynx games

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Lol wtf is the game play like?

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Don't know if you're joking or not, but that's a common thing with ice cream vans in the UK. I guess the logic being that if an ice cream van is parked, there might be kids running across the road, so you remind drivers not to run them over.

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damn i didn't even know that shit had a game

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It didn't, that's photoshopped.

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Based beyond all comprehension

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it says "mind that child" because its an ice cream van you sick freak

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Just really basic, and poorly designed mini games. It's the definition of shovelware. Little Britain was temporarily a ridiculously popular TV show, for some reason.

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You can't be serious.

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>caution children
ice cream vans have a warning wrote on the back of them so people don't speed past them and accidentally hit a child who's crossing the road

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I remember the show, I just couldn't imagine how you'd make a game out of it but that makes sense.

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This looks really fun. It looks like River City Ransom. Is it?

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>A game about vans
>jump to the conclusion that it's something to do with pedos
This is your brain on 4chan

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I think the dude who said that first was joking around because white vans are stereotypical bank robbery/kidnapping vans. The other dude, on the other hand, probably did think that lol.

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pretty sure phoenix was a dutch company but i doubt they developed all of the games they released, really wonder who made shit like white van racer
isn't this one of the few ps2 games that has a native 1080i option?

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>Little Britain was temporarily a ridiculously popular TV show, for some reason.

Yeah, I remember that show being everywhere back when I was around 13. I actually liked it myself back then, though I've never gone back to the show since I stopped being a kid.

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Did Antz have anything to do with sports? I haven't seen that movie in ages, but I don't think it did.

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Anon, the game is full of little pedo jokes.

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Only thing I know about it is an awkward rollerblading segment with the fat chick.

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Despite being a gaming autist I'm fairly into /out/ stuff, throughout my life I've been gifted a decent amount of those Rapala/Cabelas hunting or fishing Sim games. They are almost always universally bad in every aspect and only sold to trick boomers based upon the fact that they have big outdoor company names attached to em.
They don't necessarily appear "whacky" from the outside but if you ever actually delve into them they get almost surreal the deeper you get. They're terrible as simulators, the bad graphics and chunky game play makes for some weird scenarios. I can't remember which one is was specifically, I think it was for the PS2 but I remember having to fight off a group of attacking bears with an inline muzzleloader. Also a fishing Sim where the boat couldn't reverse so if you stuck it in the corner of the map or something you'd have to restart the level.

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I have. Qe didn't solve the game, but it was fun speed running to Europe together (furthest we could get). This was the only game we both had, which is a shame cause something like Basketbrawl would've been fun.

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Good top down shooty shooty with squad but if you try to run and gun you die pretty quickly so take cover and aim

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like what?

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>I remember having to fight off a group of attacking bears with an inline muzzleloader
sounds based, I want to play that game now

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>a game based on an obscure animated adaptation released for an add-on of a not well known console

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Little Britain actually had it's moments, but it got old incredibly quickly with the degree to which they doubled down on catch phrases.

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For me, it was Antz racing

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Most interesting thing about this game is its heavy sample usage. Probably one of the only GBC games to use samples for music.


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>for Xbox

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The weirdest part about this game is that my school bus driver gave it to me randomly one day.

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Which one? We got Antz Racing, Antz EXTREME Racing and Antz Extreme Racing on GBA.

Because, you know, kids need to race with ants.

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yeah but think of the implication

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Bus driver's son: "Dad, this game sucks, give it to the first kid you see today to ruin his childhood."

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>Squirrel King
Oh fuck you, you gave me the vietnam flashbacks already.
For some reason when you tried to beat the game with 2 players and you triggered a continue screen the game would go mute for no reason at all.
Odd as fuck glitch. I actually beat Squirrel king as a kid with my brother.

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I heard the PC version is pretty good but PS2 and Gamecube ones are awful

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My uncle was a middle-highschool teacher and randomly gave 6-yo me N64 Goldeneye because he confiscated it from a kid he hated.

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So... do you like big women now?

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Shit meme

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Shut up Pierce

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>I heard the PC version is pretty good but PS2 and Gamecube ones are awful
Probably true. The classic Tom Clancy tactical FPS games (Rainbow Six, Rainbow Six 2 Rogue Spear, Ghost Recon, and Sum of All Fears) are excellent on PC but translate horribly to console. The precise, methodical gameplay doesn't interface well with a controller.

The GBA game is Rainbow Six Rogue Spear, not Sum of All Fears. But yes, it's a good game. I played it for the first time a couple months ago and I was surprised at how good it is. They did a great job encapsulating the "tactical" feel of the Rainbow Six games in a GBA game. Obviously it's very different than the PC games, but unlike the console ports of the PC games, it feels well represented for the system it is on.

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There are two GBA games, one is rogue spear the other is sum of all fears.

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They did well to be the white out of that IP

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Cool, I didn't know about the Sum of All Fears game on GBA. I'll be checking it out! Thanks.

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this and the dr evil gbc game were advertised constantly in game magazines back then

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Well, that mindset is why everything is saturated around "protect da kids!", censoring as much shit as possible that can remotely be attributed with sex offenders. Ice cream trucks started dying out cause of the association of the truck/van in Muricastan, so they continue to attribute that to everything involving a van just to kill off anything these retards touch. Once the van producers get enough of the association and stop producing vans, they'll just move to some other vehicle type in order to destroy the manufacturers' reputation as no one would be comfortable in buying one.

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Why did that kid bring a home console cartridge to school??

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>why everything is saturated around "protect da kids!"
It's to warm other motorists that there may be kids running around the parked ice cream truck and to be wary not to run any of them over you sperg

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Still better combat than Morrowind

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ice cream vans are everywhere in England

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Not him but kids do shit like that all the time. He was probably bragging to his friends. Anyway, based Uncle.

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friendly reminder boomer teachers used to steal from millenial students back in the day. fuck boomers

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This game is called Cabela's Big Game Hunter: Ultimate Challenge

The screenshot you posted interested me so I played this game today. It actually wasn't bad. Slow moving, but that's expected for a hunting game. The visuals and controls are on the level of early PS1 titles even though it's a very late release. Neither of those issues bothers me, though. It was fun cruising around on my ATV looking for a deer to murder and then hopping off and moving toward it on foot until I could get a good shot. Was able to take out 2 deer in the short time I played. Even though you are hunting animals, I didn't see any gore or blood so it's probably fine to play around most kids as well.

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If you're stupid enough to get caught with something at school that you shouldn't have then you deserve it.
Retarded -oomer poster. Seriously fuck off with that shit, it's cancerous.

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based boomers stealing from braindead whiny millennials

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Not a bad game, it is a Sega Genesis port of a MS DOS game, and it has an incredible amount of voice samples in a Sega Genesis cart. It is an edutainment game, so most people never went near it in mt country, but it oozes more soul than any console edutainment game of is time.

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>but it oozes more soul than any console edutainment game of is time
Do you talk like this in real life?

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>starring Terry "Hulk" Hogan

Did he go by Terry Hogan?

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That's gotta be better than the NES game right? That shit is so bad, but I'm a Bill and Ted sucker so I played a lot of it.

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Nuke this world

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I'd play it.

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Looks better than the movie

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It's also a literal reskin of 1, just look at the track layouts

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Jesus Christ

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Weeb fags, in my 4chan?
More likely than you think.

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Anime website.
Japanimation forum.
Chinese cartoon social media.
Korean webtoon server.

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ur mum

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There should be laws against stuff like this.

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Sick roast, OP BTFO

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i've seen that cartoon when i was a kid and i always wanted to play this but then i heard it was garbage

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when he was trying to legitimize himself as an actor. Probably trying to get away from needing the Hulk name for everything to so he could pay marvel less.

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I liked the ps2 cabela games, especially dangerous hunts

>> No.8402852

Does anybody remember that one Cabela game that had a story mode where you were a younger brother on a hunting trip with your dad and older brother and they constantly talked shit about you because you were a pussy who didn’t like hunting?
And then a bear shows up and attacks your dad and you have to hunt it down and kill it. I think it was for the 360 so it’s not /vr/ but weird nonetheless.

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Is this like Pokemon?

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Mike Myers has appeared in quite a few games, now that I think about it...

>Wayne's World
> Austin Powers Oh behave!
> Austin Powers: Welcome to my Evil Lair
> Cat in the Hat
> about 50 Shrek games

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lol my friend had his psp stolen in high-school and was too embarrassed to get his mom to come to school to pick it up and sign the little slip of shame so he just never played psp ever again

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That "game" is unbelievably based, even if it's not really a game.

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Millennial teachers steal weed off their students these days

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What the hell IS this? A fake computer instead of a game?

>> No.8403007

You think that's worse remember they tried little Britain US

>> No.8403294

My Pokémon cards were taken back in my day :’(

>> No.8403498

it is a game though, the overworld being a recreation of windows doesnt mean it's not a game

there's a pac man ripoff minigame that looks like pokemon. almost top down and you move at about the same speed, you can only see what's immediately around you.

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milk truk just arrive

>> No.8404229

this is the most hilarious thing ive seen all week

>> No.8404292

Shit like this makes me feel like capitalism is a moral evil.

>> No.8404298

her (((nose))) will reach you first.

>> No.8404326

>Enough clueless grandparnts were duped into buying the first game that they released a sequel.
I wonder if someone out there got that game as their first videogame and they swear up and down its the best thing ever

>> No.8404381

her tribe already reached my foreskin

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>Austin Powers 2000

The Windows 2000 inspired boot screen really made me laugh. I like how accurate it looks, jumping back into DOS to load some additional drives.

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How did this even get greenlit it's a fucking documentary? Where's my planet earth or super size me game?

>> No.8404839

I always thought this was a "real" movie like happy feet or something when I was a kid.

>> No.8404842


>> No.8404846

They basically turn your GBC into a PDA. A slow, clunky, Austin Powers/Dr. Evil-themed PDA. The only reason they have for being split into two is because of the grainy, crackly video clips in both cartridges.

>> No.8404850

>doesn't have voice acting
>nes version does

>> No.8404857

oh, behave!

>> No.8404908

This is just like a flip phone from the mid 00's graphically.

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There are others that became games?

>> No.8405147

I remembwe that series. The superhigh tec cris craft, like knight rider in water. I remember a scene where he takes his bowl of rice out of a fridge or micrpwave or little cupboard built in that super craft.

>> No.8405217

So true. I scored some cool LCD classics like Donkey Kong II, Greenhouse and TMNT Konami. Shit was so cash, thanks dad.

>> No.8405228

>it's a British game
well that explains it

>> No.8405273

what exactly was little britain, something idiotic like jersey shore, a hastily shot set of footage featuring trashy trainwreck people who idiots decided to watch en masse for some demented reason? Maybe for the old "I may be a piece of shit but at least I'm not these people" mentality?

>> No.8406138

rip foreskin

>> No.8406316

the implication here is that you're a retard

>> No.8407346

This would have made me fucking crazy, teachers can't just steal from you in Canada. "Confiscated" meant you get it back after class, it wasn't a euphamism for "I'm taking this by force and giving it to my relative and somehow am not being accused of a crime by a parent immediately thereafter". That's insane.

>> No.8407397

That's generally what it means, I don't know what hick shit hole towns these guys are living in where the teacher actually kept their property after confiscating it.

>> No.8408517

>Game Boy Printer

Excuse me? What could you print with this game?

>> No.8408661

>What could you print with this game?
The game. That you just lost.