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Or unfiltered?

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Using filtered on sonic and knuckles is quite literally the worst thing ever.

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Filtered just looks like a Blur filter.
Very ugly.

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Filtered is all blurry and the colors are duller.

Unfiltered is more vibrant in its colors, better for a Sonic game AKA.

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Filtered. Don't bother asking /vr/ about this they tend to hate just as hard as /v/. This is just /v/ 2.0

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>There will never be a filter that doesn't look like shit.

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also turn off fps display

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nigga you can't get max fps in sonic
its embarrassing

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It's capped at 60

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You pixel purists can't honestly tell me big blocky pixels look good on anything.

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That filter looks terrible get the fuck out.

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CRT. The way it was meant to be played.

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Bilinear is indeed lackluster, a custom shader chain with xBR can make games look spectacular.

Anything is better than blocky pixels, not even the real console looked anything like that.

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>That filter

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-6/10 ruse

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And here comes the unfiltered defense squad

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>muh pure pixels
>muh crt scanlines
>muh smoothed image
>muh blurred image

These threads in a nutshell

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Dont forget the window glare filter

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Why is reality being distorted.

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If you think arguing pointlessly over something totally subjective like filters is fun, you need to leave.

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Some filtering is a necessity for old games if you're playing with a LCD monitor.
Picture is an example of why, just look at that shadow.
However, filters that attempt to "enhance", or de-pixelate art are complete shit.

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Filtering games that use a lot of dithering to make the graphics legible is perfectly understandable.
Throwing random blur filters and heavy scanlines onto games like Yoshi's Island and Sonic is stupid as hell.

And those artsy pastel filters are purely for fun, so as long as nobody is arguing it looks more official than pure pixel art let them have their fun. I personally think they look terrible but those are totally subjective.

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I'd rather not have my games look like they were smeared with something.

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>Starting emulating

>Have no idea that a filter is on, never really look into the options. Just want to play my games

>Finally look at them and turn the filter off just to see

I can't believe I played games with a filter on for so long.

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Filtering is completely unnecessary even for games with heavy dithering. Here's a screenshot from a VGA DOS game. VGA low resolution modes were always line doubled and displayed on high resolution (by the standards of the time) CRTs. Scan lines were very subtle if visible at all (two scanlines per pixel), and blur was low. This image is scaled and blurred to give a reasonably accurate representation of how it actually looked.

Everybody who grew up with VGA DOS games will have no problem interpreting dithering without filters.

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You poor soul

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So how can I replicate the view I would get on a CRT? I'm not talking about ancient ass CRT's with only RF input shit, I mean the higher quality CRT's from late 90's - early 2000's. I'd still want to attain slight screen curve, like >>836054 and scanlines as well, would I want to grab any other shaders? Also, should I use any specific shaders by someone?

I don't know much about shaders & filters. I'm using retroarch and trying to figure it out myself. Any help would be appreciated.

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That filtered looks really good, no joke

it looks just good as Sonic Mega Collection on my big old Magnavox TV

Unfiltered ain't so bad either

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You hook your PC up to a CRT with a 420i resolution (which, by the way, excludes pretty much all high res CRT monitors).

Otherwise, you don't. You play it in super pixelated MS-DOS game mode or super blurry filtered mode.

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Try playing Eternal Champions without a filter. I fucking dare you.

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The unfiltered one does look a little better in this instance; the graphics "pop" more and look brighter. However, I usually just leave the filter on in Fusion at all times because everything looks at least decent with the filter on, while there are plenty of games that can get a little painful to look at if the filter is turned off. It's closer to how the games actually looked anyway.

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