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What are your feelings on owning multiples of the same model console/handheld?
Over the years, I've come to possess multiples of a bunch of different platforms for one reason or another and I have more than I need to play my physical games, but I'm leery about letting the extras go. I always conclude that the extras are worth keeping for parts, but I continue to question things like, "do I really need to have thirteen individual machines on hand to ensure that I can play GBC cartidges?"

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Anon, nothing wrong on owning multiples of a console, especially if they're all undesirable in a way and no one else is dying to own one
(like a yellowed console or one with a weak laser) and/or were obtained for almost free. But you might have a legitimate hoarding issue if you can't let go of them. Or just laziness for making listings and dealing with eBay sales.

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Depends, free market but on the other hand it raises prises because less are now available and no longer produced. People that do that are major cunts and morons, I always end up selling the extra stuff, never really keep unless I'm using.

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yea, i do this for my other hobbies as well. it starts to get expensive real quick tho.

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Some people like to stock up on things.

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I don't hoard other things, at least. It's game hardware specifically that I have a hard time letting go of, because I don't like the idea of needing it later and having to pay whatever retarded price the retro market is demanding for it.

Expensive? Because of the storage costs?

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I have multiples of several consoles. Two dreamcasts, 3 nintendos, 4 geneses, etc. Some of that is due to my original console breaking, getting a replacement off ebay, and then later on going back and figuring out how to fix the original. Or I got an extra genesis just from when I bought a cheap Sega CD and it was sold as a bundle with the base console included. Or from flea markets where I got a backwards compatible fat PS3 for five bucks even though I already had a slim.

I guess I could sell the extras, but idk it just seems like more trouble than its worth. That and it's actually convenient to have multiple setups, like I have a main setup in a rec room but also some by my desk for when I want to play there.

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I say hang on to them unless you need the space or the extra money from selling them off.

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I would argue that owning multiple isn’t necessarily hoarding. You should have two of your favorite consoles in case own dies.

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If what you like to do isn't hurting anyone, it's never wrong.

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I think 10+ is hoarding, anon.
Having a few back up units is fine, totally understandable but more than 5?

When I see guys hoarding 100 consoles in their basement all I think about is what happens when they die, will relatives throw them into the trash?

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>Expensive? Because of the storage costs?
no because spending money on multiples of the same thing is starting to get expensive.

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Never hurts to have a spare. I have two PS2 units, although one might need repair, four GBA (Two original as well as both a frontlit and backlit SP) and a spare 360 myself.

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Dump your rotting plastic on some unsuspecting coomlector and make the mature choice.

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This Anon is right. Don't you know it's going to be 2022, and you will own nothing and be happy? Throw away the material and embrace the ethereal.

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why should i pay $400 for this manchild toy if i already own a computer and emulators are free? let me guess... muh accuracy right? emulators are literally indistinguishable from the real thing, it's 2021

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depending on the device, a few backups can be reasonable. I wouldn't mind having a few backup xbox 360s or CRTs in case my main one craps out. You really don't need more than one of a reliable console though. If it's something like controllers or gameboys where there are actual multiple variations and you can make a legitimate collection out of it, like "here's my assortment of gameboy colors and special editions" I think that's fine too if you actually use them once in a while.

The only people I think are actually hateworthy are those people who are just sitting upon dozens and dozens of devices with no real intent or plan on selling them. Like the kind of people who got 30 CRTs for free just stacked up in their basement doing nothing.

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I typically collect console variations, so with like gameboys, I'll have one of each color/variation.
I sometimes inadvertedly obtain multiple of the same color, I sometimes keep them as a back-up, in case the one I use to play games with ends up failing.
With stuff like the SNES, I have probably like 4? 5? SNESes from my region, I only use one to play of course, but I keep a pristine one in a box, and one for spare in case the one I play dies. The rest are just... there, I don't really do much with them aside from storing. There's been times I give one to a friend for a birthday with a bunch of games or whatever. I don't really actively hoard them, but I also don't really sell stuff, so they end up taking space in my closet of spare shit.

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Americans have constant floods in their wood homes and that stuff gets all broken in one go, in one place.

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Says the moron that has never even been there.

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This phenomenon is not exclusive to console collecting, I'll use my local car community as an example (but feel free to substitute 'console' for 'car')

The car which we share our interest in is slowly becoming very uncommon and parts used to repair and restore this particular model are becoming difficult to find.

Those who have been enthusiasts for this car for over 10 or 20 years - by this stage - have gotten more than enough spares and whatnot to keep maintaining their stuff.

Those who are new however have a sense of scarcity around the availability of spares and donor vehicles, or simply a brand new (used but complete) base car.

Those who love the vehicle enjoy the personal aspect of ownership, but also strongly enjoy the idea of new enthusiasts becoming involved and allowing the community to expand and to thrive.

When a car ends up coming to a local junkyard, people take care dismantling it to preserve all the spare parts and people only take what they need, since greedily and hastily taking too much causes the yard to end up prematurely scrapping the vehicle. (withdrawing from the yard and crushing into a cube for scrap metal)

However there are no specific rules or doctrine surrounding the matter, people only act this way to help preserve whatever is left. For the benefit of themselves and others. A sense of community is what drives this motion. A feeling that since we only have a small amount left to work with we need to work together to keep it available.
These days, things are taken on a 'needed' basis because everybody is aware that these parts don't hold much true monetary value. The price of buying online is simply the price of convenience, to have something extremely specific delivered to my door at the click of a button.

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Something is to be said of hoarders though.
Most people shun hoarders and are quick to point out that they are taking everything they can find and are amassing giant collections of items which they will never use. However, most people are unaware that once there is nothing left in the wild, the only thing that remains are the massive hoards of unused cars (or consoles) which remain in the possession of the hoarders. These people are valuable holders of things which the normal person will generally already have gotten rid of long ago. When nothing else remains, you can count on the fact that some hoarder somewhere is preserving countless examples. - One day these consoles will be released back into the wild some way or another. Maybe for a high price,maybe not.

tldr Newbies don't like the scarcity of things and are working together to keep things available. Hoarders are frowned upon because of their practices, but serve as a valuable preserver and holder of things which nobody else will have in the future.

Anyway $100 for a SNES isn't that bad, get a job or something lolololo

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I'm a bit of a CRT hoarder. I have several consumer trinitrons in the 24-32" range as well as a 20" PVM, and 14" BVM and panasonic pro-monitor. The consumer sets are just inherited from my family and I go the PVMs/BVMs cheap back in the day.

Main reason I keep them all is honestly just as backups. Parts break, tubes get old and worn-in too much, caps fail and need replacing, etc. All for obsolete tech that won't get easier to find down the line. Just want enough to last me decades from now, hopefully.

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As a kid i thought it was unessary and even passed on duplicates for cheap at the time i already owned.

As a bitter adult watching the retro hobby turn to shit, fuck you and everybody else, i will fucking buy every god damn piece of hardware i find for a decent price.

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That's when strong winds blow their wood board houses into oblivion.

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i feel like the hoarders motivations are not to serve the community, but moreso for selfish reasons. i feel like a lot of them feel "special" for having the last known of whatever they have in existence.

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When emulators started getting good (in the late 90s), I threw all my old video game stuff (Apple II, Colecovision, SMS, NES, Genesis, SNES) in the garbage. I don't regret it.
I suggest that if you own more than one of any console, you seek out the services of a psychiatrist.

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No, thats money i could be spending on more hardware.

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I don't see anything wrong with having a backup of something you love, but you have to admit you have a problem if you're even asking this question.

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you get
>usa region
>japan region

thats it
if it doesn't look different (different shell color) then yes, you have a fucking problem

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If you don't have dupes you're a fool, and even worse a poor one

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I recently sold most of my spare machines —but I kept my AV Famicoms because they kick ass.

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It's fucked up. I don't need a dozen of Super Famicoms to play Super Famicom games, just one will do.

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they own to sell for profit.

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Consoles, no. Gamepads, absolutely.
Sitting on 7 or so different 3 button Mega Drive controllers (they all have differently constructed d-pads too – a pair of later variant 3 button pads that have d-pads that feel functionally similar to the Saturn pads are practically the only ones I use). Have had at least a pair for every other system I used aside from the Switch.
I do kind of wish I had hoarded more Dualshock 3's and some wired 360 controllers for PC. Had one DS3 and found another in excellent condition that I keep as a backup, but genuine 360 controllers in good condition are almost impossible to get now and the 3 360 pads I did hoard have now all crapped out in some way or another (I dislike the feel of the One and Series pads – the latter also crapped out anyway).

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>how do you like your snes? original or piss flavor?

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I guess you sold all the white ones so you could get more for them?

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I like having multiple PS2s because PS2 models are so different to each other.

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I have three PS2s because all of the damn things play different things. Only one of them reads blue discs and only one other reads black disks. The slim is picky. They're probably all going to need laser repair before long.

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We're all in the same market. Individuals acting like this affects everybody. Limited supply that will only ever get scarcer.

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You don't have to worry about laser repair if you just load over your network or from a harddrive.

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Then you just have to worry about compatibility and bugs instead.

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>omg im so retro ghetto lol xd
>omg too complictaed for a gurl like me lol xd

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I like using my discs. I just need to stop being lazy and repair my hardware.

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Not him but how's compatibility with network loading? For me harddrive isn't an option since I have a slim.

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I don't understand it myself. Actually working on getting rid of/selling stuff I no longer want. Sold my Castlevania bloodlines almost mint for 300 to a guy. He was so happy. The game sucks, but whatev.
If it makes you happy that's all that matters anon.

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It's pretty good, better than PCSX2 for sure, but not perfect. Compatibility lists on the internet are horrifically outdated so assume it's better than those.

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Good to know. For pirated games I've just been using DVD-Rs with free mcboot but I'll definitely have to try out this method too.

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I've been really paranoid about controllers since the Dualshock 3. If there's one thing I will never question hoarding it's controllers. The can break and get either harder to find or overpriced.

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Don't even bother dude, your waifu is gonna die in her sleep before your goons can find a cure.

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It really pisses me off that it's basically fucking impossible to find PROPER replacements for things like joystick caps and membrane button pads. Just make the same fucking thing as the official controller, it's just a piece of rubber or plastic. Yet EVERY FUCKING EXAMPLE of these replacement parts is always chinkshit garbage that superficially looks the same but feels wrong.

Half my gamecube controllers have the rubber grips on the joysticks gone, and all I want are new joystick caps that are the same as stock. BUT NO they literally don't exist. You have to fucking harvest other gamecube controllers for their caps, nobody else anywhere on earth has found an alternative solution here.

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and some people don't appreciate how long it takes to acquire that much stuff. I have boxes of nintendo, snes, genesis, and PlayStation systems but it was years of thrift stores, garage sales, friends giving me things, etc over 20 years. I had no intention of ending up with 10-15 versions of all this hardware but it's a pain to sell. You have to clean, test, maybe mod/upgrade to really get a good price for it. I just see it as keeping it out of the dump and selling them eventually. Anyone complaining about hoarding is a hoarder themselves trying to do it TODAY. I still pick up xbox og/360, ps3, and wii systems for $10-30 right now knowing the same thing will happen again. With the exception of the 360, all those systems are piss easy to mod and and actually play games on so they will hold value and desire from people in the future because of that.

This is my worst sin. I do seek out displays and they're not cheap, easy to repair, or easy to restore. I just remind myself what I have will last me another 40 years easily and I don't need another set.

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But anon, only one of those is an AV Famicom.

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if you have nothing to contribute then the thread deserves to die

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But I'm enjoying the thread so I bump it in order to allow other users, who have something interesting to contribute but might not be online at that time, to post in it.

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Having a backup console in case the other one dies or for spare parts if fine
Buying anything more than that, including limited edition consoles, is mental illness

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it's been 2 days and nobody has contributed anything. fuck off

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i guess it depends how many you have.

like it's one thing to keep a few busted consoles around for parts but you have to ask yourself do you really NEED 22 SNESs?

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Just for clarification, the OP image was stolen from a Y!A listing. I don't have 22 SFCs or any amount of identical consoles near that number.

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Not true.

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You don't even need 1. The whole thing is purely for the frivolous joy of owning it, so why not owning as many as he possibly can?

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I've done this with a couple of consoles now, not for hoarding reasons but because I'm too lazy to sell them. I've sold a spare SNES and N64 in the past but now I can't be bothered. Same with game doubles, it's more effort than it's worth for me.

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Does this post count as a contribution?

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>owning multiples of the same model console
completely unnecessary and retarded.

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Read the thread dude.
Plenty of legit reasons for owning multiple copies.

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There's no reason to keep multiple consoles "for parts," you can buy used consoles that are broken or are sold as "for parts" for 20 or 30 bucks.

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Or I could just keep my backup consoles.

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I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing if you're preserving them. Especially people holding on to all those old TVs so some bored housewife doesn't turn them into fish tanks.

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Even beaten and busted consoles aren't that cheap anymore. Occasionally, you can hunt down and nab one for a decent price, but way more often you'll see rancid old consoles that don't power on still being sold for 45+.

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This, and then add in 10-20 bucks just for shipping. It's nice to be able to buy cheap broken consoles when you're fairly certain you can determine the problem and fix it yourself, but that's becoming rarer these days.

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Owning 30 of the same console for "parts" is not justified by any means and it's nothing more than hoarding and mental illness.

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u mad

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Used to, but then I realised that hording things is a sad existence.

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It's collecting, not hoarding

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>Oh look another SNES for my """"""Collection""""" ill add it to the pile.

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Nobody is talking about owning a pallet of 30 of the same consoles. But I own 2-4 of several different consoles just from getting them cheap over the years or fixing ones that were broken. It's nice having extras because I can have them individually set up in my game room as well as bedroom, lend them to my brother, etc

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Having a few backups is no problem (though 22 seems a little excessive).

What most people seem to have a problem with is the guy who has a rare, undumped game and holds on to it for the pleasure of having something no one else has, and posts pictures of it rotting.

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Goddamn I love contributing to this thread.

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You don't need more than 3 of a console.

You are permitted to have 1 working console, 1 back up working console, and 1 back up broken console for parts or repair. Any more than that and I'll tell all the niggers where you live.

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you're literally the same as them spending money for a laptop to play emulators, be a real man and stare at a fucking ceiling

>> No.8337509

Who buys a laptop just to play emulators?

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Hoarding consoles is kind of cringe if you're not reselling them or using parts to fix broken consoles. With that said...

>tfw found spare Goodwill PS1 for 10 bucks
>tfw bought Xstation before testing the console like a dumbass
>tfw tested console and everything (controller ports, video output, PSU, and memory card and controller slots) all work
>except for the CD drive which is fucked
>tfw this is the perfect donor for an ODE, saving the console from being a paperweight

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>like X
>X is no longer in production
>there's a constantly decreasing finite number of X in the world
>X will only get harder and more expensive to buy in the future
If you're not hoarding you're simply stupid.

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I have like 3 broken PS1s that I should just toss out but I'm keeping them so if I ever need to do replace a component on another system I can just pull it off the broken board.
I have a few working ps2 fats and a slim and 2 PS3s (one modded, one stock.) A couple Gameboy colors, a couple of brick GBs, a few GBAs, a broken GBA SP (board functions, shell is destroyed + the screen was harvested for an AGB mod) and an in tact one, like 2 DSs. 2 GameCubes (my childhood one and then one I got for like 30 bucks thay has the digital out port), multiple wiis.
Most of this stuff was pretty cheap and I like having it to lend to potentially lend to friends or to check out mods and stuff With. I don't mind having consoles because most of them fit in like a big Rubbermaid bin or 2. The real hoarding problem starts with cables and stuff.

>> No.8338280

This. Frankly you should hoard these things while they're cheap. It just makes sense.

>> No.8338303

Fair point, but if I happen to be at a garage sale and see dirt cheap consoles I'll get them anyway.
Also another caveat is with systems with multiple significant hardware revisions like Genesis, where they not only look different but also have different cables/psus and different strengths/weaknesses. Like Model 1s having better sound but worse composite video and vice versa with model 2s. I have two of each and basically also keep a model 2 hooked up just because it matches my model 2 Sega CD and 32X better. Not gonna subject my original HD graphics genny to that

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Im not an El Hoardo, i just have a few backup units, or variations, pic related is a bit outdated, its missing a red ps2 slim, and 1 original xbox.

Controllers i have a lot because those die suddenly and i dont like 3rd party garbage.

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>wood homes
Average Americans live in depressing modern day homes, with fake hardwood floors, Chinese fridges and washing machines, etc. I wish I lived in a wooden home with carpeted floor. Sounds comf

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That's a nice SNES you've got on top of the other SNESs.

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How about... just emulate?

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party pooper

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thats my 1chip-03, the one i use to play.

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People own multiples of the same console/handheld for the same reason I own multiple kidneys

>> No.8344041

Your quality of life would be drastically reduced if you lost one and you'd die if you got none?

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no because my kidneys consistently fail and constantly need replacement.

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>get a PC (you seem to have one)
>download emulators and roms
>sell trash to idiots
>ultra profit

>> No.8346453

Is this why you waste your time playing video games like a child? To distract yourself?

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Ps2 slim ×3
Ps2 fat x3
Ps1 x2
PS3 Fat x2
Ps3 slim x3
Dreamcast x2
Xbox original x2
Gameboy advance x6
Gameboy advance sp x6
Gameboy micro
Gameboy color
DSlite x12
Psp x9
Gamecube x2
Wii x7
Wii U
I have multiple consoles because I got hooked onto restoring them. Well the hand held I got hooked onto custom firmwares and modding besides restoring and repair. Other than that I just enjoy picking a console or handheld and play them.

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You're called a hoarder for this but paying for a download is seen as perfectly normal.

>> No.8346964

we live in a society

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Mister project is a failure. The issue missed by most is that rebuilding hardware in an analogue fashion using an FPGA massively increases the size needed. It's takes up to 36 gates to imitate a single one from the original device, that and every gate that would normally have some sort of smaller, optimized size on the original device such as those making up a register have to be the same size as normal ones.

You hit a size limit where you have to get a larger FPGA... but you can't because the Mister project is a spec and cores would have to be rebuilt for any model of fpga that is that different. You can see this right now with how the size limit means that the on-board multiplayer gameboy core can't utilize all the normal functionality of the gameboy because it doesn't all fit at once. Mister is struggling to build out a core library for consoles that would be considered low hanging fruit in the long run, how the hell is this thing ever going to properly run a device meant to handle serious 3d?

If anyone took it seriously, they'd halt the current efforts and start a v2 project with an fpga form factor that will ATLEAST be able to handle up to the ps3 era, before everything just became pseudo linux and you wouldn't have to worry actually fpga'ing the hardware, even if that meant that it priced out everyone in the short term because by the time hardware prices would allow you to buy a v2 on a normal budget the software would have been there already for the enthusiasts. As it is, they're going to hit a wall, all momentum, and 46 splinter fpga projects with larger form factors will end up fighting each other the way emulators do now.

>> No.8348220

>Mister is struggling to build out a core library for consoles that would be considered low hanging fruit in the long run, how the hell is this thing ever going to properly run a device meant to handle serious 3d?
Currently the niche seems to be 2D arcade hardware. That sort of thing is poorly represented with regular emulation.

But I agree in part, I would only be interested for 3D consoles as I am happy with emulators for earlier machines and Mister seems to be hitting the limits of its capabilities there.

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>> No.8349374

I seriously don't understand how an fpga with 100k gates it able to simulate consoles with probably a millions transistors in total. I wonder if old consoles were just so inefficent that they wasted absolutely tones of transistors.
As an example the atari 2600 tia chip uses about 10,000 transistors.

I think the goal should be to document the internals of old hardware so that it could be reproduced. I wonder if it was possible to make an snes or genesis on a chip perfectly accurate for $1 but it would cost $1million for the tooling that if a company or group of people would ever do it.

I had someone tell me that its possible those sega or snes on a chip you see could possibly just be running code from emulators or just be based on emulators.

>> No.8349892

To their benefits it's because they have to imitate the logical gates and not literally every scrap of wire. Thus, not everything you count as a transistor may really count towards the actual processing. Also, I think your transistor count for old hardware is way off when you get around the gameboy era which is what was previously discussed.

The concept is tooling is a very deep dive, particularly because where you'd want recreation capabilities would be game carts and not consoles. Modern repro's are effectively missing pieces which is why things like non-standard saving, multiplayer, interfacing with accessories, and time tracking is so hit-and-miss.

>> No.8350161

I love this thread

>> No.8350945

I love it so much

>> No.8351579

I have
3 psvita
1 ps1
2 ps2
5 ps3
1 ps4
1 ps5
1 xbox360
1 original xbox
3 psp
1 ds
1 3ds
1 game boy advance
1 switch

Am I a hoarder,?

>> No.8352169

>5 ps3
Yes. And that's a good thing.

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>> No.8353717

About the ones that you have multiples of, what do you need them for?

>> No.8353945

Nothing, they are just different models/colours

>> No.8354673

This would almost be a valid point if archives didn't exist.
Just remake the thread if it dies.

>> No.8355141

Not op but bump anyway

>> No.8356225

>This would almost be a valid point if archives didn't exist.
I have a perfectly good thread right here and I'm supposed to let it die in favor of just scrolling the archive for static threads I can't even participate in? Why? Do you have like a fetish for letting threads die or something? I really don't see the point.

>Just remake the thread if it dies.
So I should watch it go past page 10 and wait until it's archived only to remake a new one (that changes nothing regarding the presence of a thread about this topic in the archive except that it's now empty and has to start from scratch)?
Are you legitimately brain-damaged?

>> No.8356681

the virgin "delids and fanmods his PS3 to prevent YLOD"
the chad "has so many PS3s that he just takes out another each time the last one stops working"

>> No.8357456

My cousin's dad works at Sony and he used to do that.

>> No.8358327

I only have the original consoles from back in the day, except the portable ones which I have two because my brother wanted to play vidya too.
Wish I had an NTSC nintendo 64, I may grab one if the situation ever presents itself

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>> No.8360014

bump from page 10

>> No.8360019

Ok it's autosaging.
Goodbye fellas