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I'm going to play this game

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smug marina is cute

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I'm going to take a shower.

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Already beat it.
Already showered today.

Git gud, the both of you.

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>Already beat it.
A rank average? how many S ranks?

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Not that guy but with my infinite childhood spare time and not having many other games to play I S ranked about 90% of the game.
Also I haven't showered in a few days.

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Quite possibly the ugliest game ever made

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Try anything on ZX Spectrum.

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How to git gud at shower? I'm stuck on the soap level. Also is it true white people don't wash their legs? Is that like a hard coded thing or can I work around that, like how classes don't matter in Dar Souls

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Shake shake

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>trouble shooting
fuck off shakeweight

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Hope you like loads of shitty gimmicks, cringey as fuck sound design, unskippable cutscenes, and terrible visuals.

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Reminder that you can report Australia-kun's anti treasure shit as spam/flooding.

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Nice echo chamber you're trying to turn /vr/ into, Treasuredrone.

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Eh, you just shitpost too often. If you weren't so autistic and repetitive, people would notice your shit less. Work on being subtle, maybe, but your autism is too strong for that, I'm sure.
Cope, your shitposts deserve to be pruned.

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not everyone is an idiot like you auster. you are the one who is obsessed with "turning /vr/" into an anti-nintendo or anti-treasure board... and failing spectacularly at it every single time.
the rest of the people aren't interested in "turning /vr/" into anything, it's just vidya discussion - something you never do.

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>loads of shitty gimmicks
That's why I dropped Goemons Great Adventure

>> No.8226621

you still lost the "gimmick" argument on your last anti-treasure thread, auster.
basically, to you, "gimmick" just means "it's on a nintendo console, so I will shitpost against it saying it's gimmick"

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In his defence, that's basically what gimmick means. A shitty or stupid game mechanic. And Mischief Makers' shaking allows for a lot of that.

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"shitty" or "stupid".... in your opinion, and mostly it's just because it's on a Nintendo system, if it was on Amiga, you would even praise all the versatility Mischief Makers accomplish without changing the core gameplay mechanic.

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Rocket Knight Adventures will always be the superiour jet-propulsion-based platformer.

>> No.8226715

Honestly rka is more similar to Pulseman in the ways the propulsion works, or if you want to compare to Treasure, Alien Soldier and Astro Boy.
Mischief Maker's way of handling propulsion is unique, the way you use the c-buttons as a sort of d-pad to move the jets in 8 directions. superiour treasure game on superiour nintendo console.

>> No.8226773

>you would even praise all the versatility Mischief Makers accomplish without changing the core gameplay mechanic.

Shame all that "awesome" gameplay you love so much is wasted on trash game design ideas like the webm demonstrates, and many more could be cited from that overrated kusoge.

>> No.8226796

>trash game design ideas
In your opinion, auster, in your opinion. Which doesn't matter, at all.

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Based Maddie hating on the non-American Snezz design.

>> No.8226897

>unskippable cutscenes
I knew you had bad taste, but I guess it's because you're literally retarded. There's something called the Z Button.

>> No.8226915

Doesn't work for every cutscene in a playthrough, and there are lots of long unskippable ones in the game, dishonest faggot.

>> No.8226931

>taking australia-kun seriously

>> No.8227159

Thank god fast forward in emulators exists, huh?

>> No.8227175

nobody minds a few unskippable cutscenes when most of them are skippable and when the game doesn't even have loading times anyway.
it's just australia shitposting because muh nintendo hateboner, nothing else.

>> No.8227182

this game is alright. i was never compelled to play it that much and i feel meh towards the shake mechanic.

also i found maria's character design to just be weird and unappealing.

>> No.8227196

>when most of them are skippable
These ones are not:


>> No.8227219

Thank you for your list of 7 unskippable cutscenes on a game with dozens and dozens of skippable ones and no loading times.

>> No.8227221

i'm surprised an army of bongs and commonwealthfags didn't bumrush you for that

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wow, literally a moviegame, lmao!

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