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Who buys this? Imagine charging over 500 dollars and not even including a genuine controller.

>> No.8219323

People who have $550 and want a HD NGC.

>> No.8219682

does the authenticity of the controller really matter

>> No.8219712

Is that pre-modded? That's actually pretty cool.
Yeah you pay for convenience. The same reason travel toothpaste costs so much at 7-11.

>> No.8219751

>old skool
Oh no

>> No.8219759

You're paying for the mod, not the console. The people who can afford not to learn to solder can also afford to pay this much. That's what the problem is.

>> No.8219783

People that are to stupid/lazy to mod things themselves.

>> No.8220145

>third-party controller
>third-party memorycard
>third-party psu

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Why do zoomers want retro consoles so badly?

>> No.8220650

GameCube is a retro console that zoomers grew up with.

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Pretty big overlap with millennials in terms of "I grew up with it" nostalgia (millennials were in their teens and even down into preteens when it came out), which means two groups in the videogame collecting fad are competing for it. Zoomers coming of age is probably what caused the sharp spike in prices a few years back.
It's also something old being superficially presented as something new, which apparently gives a certain sect of gamers a boner. People love their gay refurbished and customized Gamecube controllers and Analogue NTs, so this bundle taps into that.

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should i modify my gamecube controller to have two real full size sticks and make the dpad bigger? OR does that kill the soul?

>> No.8220779

It doesn't kill the soul, in my opinion but it may fuck with the ergonomics.

>> No.8220790

Is this Australian dollars?
Are you being disingenuous?

>> No.8220798

Found it.
It's from OHIO.

>> No.8220801

>pay $560
>write a review and gain 300 dollarydoos back
You mad poorfags?

>> No.8220857

how? it would only be an improvement

>> No.8220873

I don't know, but Nintendo knew what they were doing when they designed it like that. It's an extremely comfortable controller, even with my giant hands.
I'm not entirely sure your plan for the controller("two real full size sticks"? The fuck? They're about the size of any other sticks on my controllers, barring the N64), so that contributes to my fear you may not find the controller comfortable afterwards.

>> No.8220882

are you on drugs or something man
the gamecube is the most ergonomic controller ever, im just thinking about improving it by doing pic related and making the dpad bigger

>> No.8220887

Most people who would buy this are doing so so they can brag on reddit, set it up next to their TV so they can brag to their friends because omg so retro, and maybe play Super Mario Sunshine or Smash Bros Melee once or twice a ml month, complete with photos of the ebin clear picture quality for reddit.

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... My Gamecube controllers already look like that. Were there different models or was it modified before I bought it?

>> No.8220914

you didn't have a real gamecube controller then

>> No.8220918

yeah it shipped like this

>> No.8220919

I bought like 6 from different sellers, either I'm misremembering or I somehow just got INCREDIBLY unlucky.

>> No.8220924

should've looked exactly like this but black/orange/purple/silver

>> No.8220934

2 were transparent, one was black, two were red(seller said shell swap,) and one was purple. The non-transparent ones had the Gamecube logo on them like what your picture says.
I'd send a picture but I'm not at home right now and I'll forget by the time I do get there.

>> No.8220947

How come the replacement sticks are garbage just like every other replacement part? Fucking shit rubs on the controller!

>> No.8220982

Yes, if you're playing Melee, F-Zero, or anything with demanding inputs. Cheap controllers break easily and won't register inputs all the time. If you're playing Animal Crossing or Wind Waker then use whatever.

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Meanwhile I got a Wii free from work that someone abandoned.

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