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If the 90s had the internet the same way as we do now. Would we see the level of creepy fandoms around like we do now? If so. What show or game series in the 90s would gotten a creepy fandom?

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Starting in the mid 90s there were groups online who pretended to be part of a "Megaman team". They chose a Robot Master persona and had their own website based on the game the robot masters came from. Across the community only one person could be certain master, to get that one you had to apply for it upon that person retiring. Anywho, people made long fanfiction stories using their own personas carrying out their actions through the Megaman boss characters. It was pretty crazy.

Though the idea died out over time (partially due to the real life death of the guy who was Ice Man, when he died so too did the whole idea), there is still some remnants of this time that exist. For example, the Megaman 3 team still updates recently and I think the leader has been the same guy for the last 10 years.

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Captain Planet

That shit sucked but so many dumbass hippies loved it because muh environment

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You mean creepy fetish fandoms? I guess Power rangers would of pawned them.

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The Captain Planet fucking sucked to bad!

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Jesus, what.

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They had internet fan sites and groups in the 90s. But that's when trolling and memes was not invented. You think you see sick porn stuff now on /b/? In the 90s dail up it's all unCensored and fucked up.

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If 4chan existed in the 90s. Battle toads would of been the bronies before bronies. They most likely would of called themselves something stupid like Toadies.

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Did you see the episode where the Dark Queen becomes a toad? I could finally get a boner since that disgusting human was gone

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I think you guys are forgetting about the existence of USENET. alt.fan.furry, for instance, has apparently been around since 1990, and the original group of sci-fi fans that spawned that subculture was publishing furry fanzines since the mid-80s. That's only scratching the tip of the iceberg of weird shit collected on USENET.

4chan is certainly its own thing, but a lot of what you guys think is unique to it and other sites today was already being done on USENET decades prior, by people who used their real names because they had no idea that this stuff would be preserved for all time.

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>being a frogfucker
Please fuck off back to alt.frog.faggot thank you

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Follow me to the gay Tadpole bath house.

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This, the original 2channel, for instance calls itself the evolution of USENET.

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Hooping haters gonna hoop.

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Your hurting my fucking sides HA HA HA HA!!!

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I picture Biker Mice from Mars having a internet fandom.

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Better question:

What would 'retro' games be considered?

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Stuff pre NES and Sega.

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Did you hear the voice actor of Rash is not going to Toadiecon this year? The hoop will end!

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I heard stories about UESNET. And older sites. I heard they had a tighter community in the mid 90s and before all the mypace shit happened.

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Hey guys let's start an actual Battletoads fandom. I can draw the porn!

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Mechanical arcade machines. Everyone knows they're better than you're stupid bleeping boxes

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Who are you calling stupid?

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I'll gather up the autistic folk!

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Great! Now we need someone to host a "Battletoads Daily" and we need to have the admin be a huge faggot to match the fandom we're imitating!

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We could get Rick from Pawn Stars.

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>We could get Rick from Pawn Stars.
His too Mainstream! We need to get the Jew from hardcore Pawn!

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You, got a problem with that kid?

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Many decades of USENET postings are archived on Google Groups, if you guys are interested in some digital archaeology. A good "highlight reel" is this collection of (mostly circa 1996) newsgroup FAQS I found a little while ago (yeah, you can open the link in your browser):

A couple interesting ones I peeked at:

If any of you are programmers, there are a treasure trove of mostly-relevant programming FAQs in there as well.

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Is that a hitler shooting gallery thing?
If it isn't, it should totaly be.
>Hitler = 500 points
>Mussolini = 100 points
>Gottlob Berger = 50 points
>SS soldier = 10 points
>Roosevelt = -100 points

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I am amazed that Animorphs doesn't have an especially creepy fandom

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I didn't write the Vectrex emulator for Android, I did painstakingly locate, rotate, resize and convert all the overlays into the format for the emulator. I haven't even sent them to the guy that has the emulator. It seems like only twelve people in the world play it.

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Jesus Christ. This was the year I was gonna work up the courage to ask him what his opinions if Rash's implied heterosexual tendencies were an oversight or on purpose

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>I am amazed that Animorphs doesn't have an especially creepy fandom
Shit your right.... It's young adult first furries when you get down to it.

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Rash's is a hardcore Tongue chaser! He is anything but a straight tadpole.

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What's going on in this thread?

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I would say Tiny Tones Adventures but furries made up for lost time.

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we would see the same amount of shit, there was a lot of creepy shit back then (trekkies, star wars fans, early weaboos, fucked up LARPers)

the only difference is that now thanks to the internet they are much more visible

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I wonder if there would be any guides people would put up, such as for programming. Like you see a site from 96 talking about how the guy used to work for Imagineer, and scanned his development docs with commentary. He even talked about how to program the games and had a few cancelled projects up. This would've likely pissed Nintendo off, wouldn't it?

Or if Iwata didn't become the president of Nintendo, he'd probably join a site like NESDev and talk about his programming tricks, something like "Usage of LDA_imm is not efficient as LDY_imm, but makes 128K PRG into 256K; Nintendo and Hal were not happy". Oh, and he'd call himself "WaraWara"

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Did you guys know the voice actress of Babes bunny from Tiny Tones Adventures was literally stalked by a Obsessed furry fan? I am not making this shit up.

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>no links or anything

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...you know, I'm suddenly amazed at that too. So many fetishes that could have been thrown around, yet none of them are. I guess it's mostly because of how horrifying she made a lot of the "fetishizeable" stuff.

Here, have some cool art

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Funny you should say this and post a pic of Tifa. Between her and Lara Croft...

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This. We've always had it, and in the same numbers too. The internet though lets everything become visible outside of our closed net physical circles.

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If i remember right the Trekkie fandom was at it's prime during Deep Space nine but died down during Voyager and Enterprise. As for the star wars fandom. In my opinion it to died down years after the prequel films. We just don"t see the numbers and the levels of wide spread love for star wars as they were during the 80s and early 90s.

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Don"t be a Lamie be a coolie join the TOADIE PARTY!

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Fuck. I didnt know being SO edgy was possible.

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what about TF fetishists

I've seen a furaffinity journal about a dude having an animorph dream and splooging all over

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Describe it. I am little to afraid to click on that link.

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It basically says that board is designed for people to talk about how much life is pointless, with rules that include "posting stories with happy endings is forbidden". I hope its just a joke, but I doubt it.

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So it's 7chan /grim/ but more edgy?

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As an oldfag who was active on the internet since 1994 I can tell you that nothing has really changed. Creepy fetishes and subcultures obsessed with pop culture were alive and well from day one.

>Would we see the level of creepy fandoms around like we do now?

Dennis "Quozl" Falk was the chris-chan of the 90s.

Tiny Toon adventures was the biggest thing on the internet in the mid 90s and it single handedly brought furries out of the shadows. They had been dwelling in their dark little corners of the internet for years (the furrymuck and other online communities, and they managed large FTP sites full of laughably bad art) but tiny toons mainstream success gave them a way to reach out to the rest of the internet.

While Denis falk was the most notorious of the furry stalkers, he was joined by many other sexual deviants and they pretty much corrupted the online fandom.

Warner brothers actually became fed up with the so called "internet fans", the creepy stalkers, and the overall direction their fandom was heading. This was the transition from "funny animal cartoon" to "sexual subculture" and Warner Brothers wanted no part of it.

WB started taking legal action against fansites that were hyper-sexualizing their property. They waged war on the furries with threatening letters and very rarely, if ever, was actual legal action required.

The furry communities victim complex manifested at this time. Besides harassment from the studios, regular internet users quickly became fed up with their antics. They would show up in IRC, regardless of what the topic was, and stated talking about homoerotic tiny toons artwork and posting links.

Read more here:



The bronie thing is nothing new. The internet is exponentially larger now than it was in 1994 but the same shit that happened then happens now.

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Fuck, I had a big post typed up in the quick reply box when I accidentally hit back and lost the whole thing. Here's the abbreviated version...
People did anonymously leak official documentation and dev tools. See SEGA2.DOC and GEMS.

There is at least one guy from the old days that still does homebrew and hangs around on the NESDev forums: Neil Baldwin, sound programmer and composer for games like Magician and Hero Quest. He writes tools for composing music on the NES itself, including two native trackers (an LSDJ-clone called Pulsar, and the more traditional NTRQ) and a drum machine called PR8.


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So is Dennis Quozl Falk a register sex offender? He looks even and sound even worst than Chis-chan. And Chris-chan was arrested for trying to rape a class mate he was stalking.

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>So is Dennis Quozl Falk a register sex offender?

Besides e-stalking he was too chickenshit to ever actually approach a real woman.

He was VERY into bestiality though, and complained on occasion about the difficulties of raising animals (especilly skunks). God only knows what he did to those animals, but it was likely very illegal.

He had an out of control skunk fetish you see.. All because of fifi from tiny toons. You can even see on his t-shirt in that photo his commissioned skunk artwork starring a non-fat version of himself with some skunk girl.

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Shit, history does have a habit of repeating itself...

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>Chris-chan was arrested for trying to rape a class mate he was stalking.

he wasn't

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even THAT is horrifying most of the time. Remember all the bug forms and the whole "if you're not really really good at it, everything is completely deformed all the time" thing?

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That's kind of ironic: A little while back, I read that some of the Animaniacs animators were huge anime and manga fans, and designed the Minerva Mink character entirely to appeal to Japanese otaku (remember, this is during the pre-moe days when anime was all about beautiful women with enormous boobs). I didn't save it, but it's corroborated by a page from a manga a Japanese furry artist did describing a trip he took to an American furry convention in the early 90s, where he met said animators.

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Neil Baldwin is the man. Eurocom made some good games too. I wonder if any other former game programmers joined sites like NESDev or the like. It'd be nice meeting "Mr. T", the guy who threatened to destroy Nintendo, which was written inside Iron Tank. Or how about those depressed programmers talking about how their jobs were dead ends, or putting in meetup comments inside their games ala Monkey Daibouken?

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He is also possibly the first furry to go running to the ACLU claiming harassment.

A lot of modern/younger furries blame "that CSI episode" for the bad stereotypes, but in reality the furry community has been it's own worst enemy for decades.

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Shit dude he sounds like Chris-chan if had a mini Manson like rape cult following him.

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Chris never tried to rape anyone, he got arrested for trying to make a getaway after harassing some maanger and accidentally the guy with his car.

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>He is also possibly the first furry to go running to the ACLU claiming harassment.
I bet he will try to move to the UK. It's not a hate crime to make fun or hurt a Goth or emo person feelings. We ended getting a lot freaks in the UK because of are super expanded hate crime laws, Also there other furries that claiming harassment to ACLU before?

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"I recently read a book called THE GREAT POTATO BOOK. It was a fascinating
book which discussed the various uses and the importance of America's favorite
vegetable. One of the main topics of the book was the nutritional value of
the potato. It seems that the potato contains all the nutrients that the
human body ever needs. TRULY AMAZING!

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so Sonic smut has been around since the beginning too?

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>so Sonic smut has been around since the beginning too?

The first sonic game did not have much porn that I can recall. Mostly robots, sonic, and eggman.. so nothing "sexy" to fuel their fetish.

But when Tails was added, my god.... Porn and lemon fiction flooded fidonet and usenet. To a gay overweight furry, Tails was the sexiest thing they had ever seen in their life.

The was more sonic porn in the mid-90s than virtually any other video game franchise, with the possible exception of chun-li.

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What about 4chan's "hero" and most self-centered person, Zone? I remember way back when, he used to be a furry artist, dating as far back as 1998, and was aligned to WWOEC, which was "Wild World of Erotic Cartoons". He wasn't good then, and his art is much more "raw and unrefined". If his modern work is post-AJFA Metallica, then this older stuff was Kill 'em All era Metallica.

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It's an outgrowth of the tijuana bible industry. It's a for-profit activity in some places.


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>he used to be a furry artist
Ironic, given his no furry policy.

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The Internet always had its fair share of fucked up fandoms - you're just more aware of it now. There was that guy back in the early-mid '90s who wrote an enormously lengthy and detailed Power Rangers fanfic of the Pink Ranger getting graphically tortured and raped to death.

>> No.822158

>There was that guy back in the early-mid '90s who wrote an enormously lengthy and detailed Power Rangers fanfic of the Pink Ranger getting graphically tortured and raped to death.

"Agony in pink" is quite infamous. It was everywhere back when power rangers was at it's peak.


>> No.822163

I wouldn't quite say it's a policy rather than a nod to the edgy /b/ people he used to pander to around 2006-2007. In fact, Zone is pretty much a drifter and has to ride on the waves of the popular trends. In the late 90's early 2000s, he pandered to the furries. In 2003- to around 2006, he pandered to the weeaboos and Japanophiles (why else did most of his work have Japanese in it and then suddenly disappeared?). After that he started to pander to 4chan (remember 4chan 4eva?), and soon enough he'll pander to lebbit.

He has no merit. He relies on other people to carry him around. He's actually very pathetic.

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I remember a few years ago on /co/, we had a thread about /co/-related Tijuana Bibles.

Holy shit that was the most hilarious thread I had been in all year.

>> No.822248

Speaking of, anyone remember TMNTijuana?


>> No.822263

I can't say I expected to see a thread like this on /vr/ of all boards.

>> No.822591

Still, it's managed to get him employment

So that counts for something I guess

>> No.822593

Aren't those the hideously bad comics?

>> No.822625

Except that Zone lacks any apparent talent, literally.

>but he can imitate styles!

That's a requirement for an animator, you do know that, right? It's nothing special, in fact, people can imitate styles quite frequently. His only gimmick is that he does porn of cartoon characters relying on tweens and tentacles, literally rehashing everything he ever made. The only thing that changes are the characters and the Karma Sutra-tier postures.

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>Megaman team

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>1998, get to use the internet for the first time
>google several games including sonic
>many geocities and the like pages full of innocent looking fanart
>was not expecting to see the likes of this 10 years later.

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But still, he got hired to do animation on some game on top of baiting people into paying him to work on flashes at his leisure.

>> No.822762


>being this bitter about someone you've never even met before


>> No.822776

Haha, people still do tha, but with Touhou.

>> No.822780

But I thought working on SkullGirls was revealed to be "an elaborate ruse" for April. Or was that something else entirely?

>implying /vr/ isn't made up from /v/ users

We still have the right to complain about things, only difference is there's nothing we can do about 20 year old software. Recently released and upcoming games on the other hand, you have a chance of changing how they turn out.

>> No.822789

His character being in the game was a ruse, himself working on it was not.

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Yeah Zone's doing part time animation for Skullgirls, the elaborate ruse was the inclusion of Zone-tan to the game.

>> No.822794

So...I thought part of the $1,000 backing thing was that you could get a character of your choice inside the game, albeit as a background character. So that won't happen? Or did he >imply that they gave him the OK for Zone-tan being a character in the game? If the latter, I can certainly see why it's a lie. He's not very good at frame by frame animation, unfortunately, and he probably thought about someone beating up his Jewess self insert.

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>Zone in charge of not being an attentionwhore

He seems like the kind of person to drum up false interest in order to line his Kosher pockets with loads of shekels.

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>tumblr nose

>> No.822843

Be honest, are you upset at zone because he doesn't draw furry stuff anymore?

>> No.822846

I read Kosher pockets as a type of microwavable food suitable for passover.

>> No.822852

It's not just making up for lost time, that shit had a major furry following while it was running. Supposedly some usenet furry even stalked one of the voice actresses or something.

Also, check out this parody of the intro theme that someone on /v/ shared a few years ago. It was originally posted to usenet in the early 90s.


Jul 19 1993, 5:25 am


We're sexy, we're porny, we're all a little horny,
And in this story, we flaunt our *sex*-u-a-li-*ty*!
As comic dispensers, we give heart attacks to censors,
On T&A ADVENTURES we all *get* somewhat raun-*chy*!

So here is Acme Acres, it's a whole wide world of spooge,
Buster Bunny's quite well hung, boy *is* he ever *huge*!
Shirley is infected, a dose of clap expected
On T&A ADVENTURES you can't *be* a prudish *stooge*!

They're funny, they're furry, they have sex in a hurry,
Montana Max masturbates, which makes Elmyra damp!
Here's Hamton and Plucky - in the closet (yucky),
Furrball is lucky, 'cause Fifi loves to vamp!

At Acme Looniversity we earn our sex degree,
The *E*-rec-tion takes *course* has been taught *since* 1930!
We're sexy, we're porny, we're all a little horny,
Holy animator, please forgiv'us for-our sins!

... and now the sex begins!

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>The quality of the artwork varied widely.
>The subjects are explicit sexual escapades usually featuring well known newspaper comic strip characters, movie stars, and (rarely) political figures,
'murrica invented ero-doujinshi ?l lol

>> No.822859

>doesn't like Zone
>he must be a le furry or a le brony

Can't you just see past his cheap gimmicks without being labelled? And why would I want him to do furry or pony work when there are dozens of artists who do so?

And that's another thing, something tells me that Zone is really insecure of himself. He doesn't do furry porn because there are many furry porn artists. He doesn't do pony porn because there are hundreds of pony porn artists, many of whom can eclipse his work. So by fitting inside a small niche occupied only by himself, he'll be considered "relevant" and "the best", only because he's the only one there.

>> No.822867

who the fuck ever said brony

>> No.822878

That comes up from time to time when someone comments negatively about Zone's work.

>> No.822882

>And why would I want him to do furry or pony work when there are dozens of artists who do so?

Okay, so why do his cheap gimmicks rustle your jimmies so? There has to be a reason.

>> No.822887

It always strikes me as odd people think autism is something new.

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He relies on the same old tried and true formula for nearly every animation of his, and rarely does anything new. Let alone cater to some "entry level" fetishes such as a handjob or blowjob. It's always tentacles, no matter who the character us. As if that's something new and unique that hasn't been done by anyone before. Oh, and he calls them "parodies" when they don't have any sort of humor besides "so random internet references xD".

But what REALLY pisses me off? He had one job, ONE FUCKING JOB. Let's take the Modifyers "parody" of his, okay? The entire thing was just tentacles for like 7 minutes. Nothing more, nothing less. For the last minute or so, the pink haired girl was teasing and rubbing her ass along the small robot's dick. Past the credits, which are filled with "so wacky people" such as Yuji Naka and Shigeru Miyamoto, you see her squat fucking him. And that's all, no cumshot, no interaction, nothing.


>> No.822948

Jesus fucking Christ.

>> No.822952

>We still have the right to complain about things

The only one complaining is you, quit stinking shit up and go already. Who else hates it when someone claims that their opinion is an that of a collective?

>> No.822969

Wow, that's insane. The UK is a great country in many ways but shit like this is just ridiculous. As an American I feel so bad for you guys.

>> No.822976

Actually, I think this guy is on to something!

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>> No.823012


I fucking hate Sonic CD and Simon's Quest. Ask anyone and they'll tell you the same.

>> No.823017

But most people like cd

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Try looking through old usenet group postings. People were still strange back then, just in different ways.

>> No.823036

you mean themechanicalmaniacs.com? shit i remember that

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nuh-uh everybody hates Sonic CD because I feel that way

i have to make up imaginary numbers to validate my opinions that don't matter

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You also hate every single PC FPS because I decree it.
Time to find a few anons and peer pressure them into saying I'm right.

>> No.823083

It seems like Goosebumps is a big source of TF fetishists.

>> No.823112


Wait what I thought they were 2spooky books or some shit

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What bothers me most with these people is not the fetishes themselves, it's the inability to reason with them, that's what gets me, it's like they like in a continuous haze, a dream like world, and I really feel the need to make them snap into reality, but if you just suggest something like"hey man that's pretty weird you know" they're all like "no it's not you just don't understand i love pikachu and some day i'll turn into pikachu and we'll marry and live happily ever after you fascist". That shit is really what gets me, how removed from reality they are.

>> No.823127

There are several that focus on size-changing (Monster Blood II & maybe III) and transformation into non-humans (Calling All Creeps, Haunted Mask I & II, the werewolf books).

There's also a slight domination/abuse theme in the series (Beast from The East, every Night of The Living Dummy, Chicken Chicken).

>> No.823129

I had no idea people wrote fan fiction online all the way back than. I always thought of it was a Danny Phantom and ANime thing.

>> No.823132

That reminds me, there was also a choose your own adventure series of Goosebumps books, with rat people and another with people turning into sea monsters

>> No.823140

Yeah, I ran /tg/ through a few of them. One poster was almost desperate to see an ending where you get eaten by a flower.

>"Oh, hard vore."

>> No.823142

>go into omegle
>type furry into interests
>someone immediately pops up

>> No.823147

Yeah, it's because they get into these echo-chamber subcultures where everyone else feels the same way they do, and pretty soon that becomes their world. They don't see any need to take outside perspectives seriously because their current worldview makes so much sense to them.

>> No.823151

Not that anon, but he was talking about this guy.

>> No.823153

People have been writing fanfiction since the 60's

>> No.823156

type MLP

>> No.823161

I ain't gonna, no way jose
I could accept that these people exist, but the fact that they're such a prevalent weed that pop immediately in omegle as if it was a standard interest really creeps me the fuck out. Makes me wonder if there's people I know that are secretly into this shit.

>> No.823162

>People have been writing fanfiction since the 60's
But fan fiction never been that wide spread and known until the Internet age.

>> No.823167

>Dennis "Quozl" Falk

No, Chris Chan was arrested for trying to run over the game store owner. I think his probation is up sometime in august.

>> No.823168
File: 15 KB, 480x360, 1371121963751.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.823181

Actually, they used to be printed in fanzines and shared amongst college clubs and whatnot. I think the term Mary Sue comes from some 70's star trek fanfiction or something. You could say all these things weren't really widespread and known until the internet age. Furry for example was mostly a california thing until they got on the computer networks

>> No.823191


And the term "slash" came from "Kirk/Spock" gay Erotic Star Trek fanfics.

>> No.823196
File: 467 KB, 1000x1374, Marvel Super Special 5 Kiss.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Actually, they used to be printed in fanzines and shared amongst college clubs and whatnot.


Here is a 1979 fanzine featuring a crossover between the star Trek animated series and the rock band KISS (but not the real KISS, their marvel comic version where they had powers).


>"You may have convinced everyone else, but you haven't convinced me," Kirk protested. "If this group is the real KISS from our past – rock musicians, in other words – how come this...this 'Demon' is able to fly and breathe fire?"

>"I'm not sure if I can explain all of it, sir, but I'll certainly try," Sulu answered. "Remember I mentioned a Marvel book? According to the story in it, each member of the group acquired a certain special power: Gene Simmons, the Demon, could fly and breathe fire – just as his title implies. Paul Stanley, the Starchild, could control the emotions of others through the power of the Black Star he wore painted over one eye. Ace Frehley, the Space Ace, had the powers of an extraterrestrial being – including the power over matter transportation. Peter Criss, the Cat, had the grace and the agility of any feline – as well as the fabled nine lives of a cat. Some combination of forces must have enabled them to acquire those same powers in reality; either before or soon after they materialized aboard the Enterprise."

This was actually published and read by people. Fanzines were big in the 1970s, and they were fucking terrible.

>> No.823198

What about Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers?

I knew a lady who used to work in the mailroom for the division of Disney that worked on that show. Her first exposure to the dark side of furfaggotry was reading the creepy shit that got sent to the people working on the shows, most involving Gadget.

>> No.823205
File: 1014 KB, 500x500, 21315616.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


A KISS/Trek crossover? That's almost as stupid as the Star Trek/X Men crossover Marvel Comics did in the 90s.

>> No.823207


According to wiki, Gadget was voiced by Tress MacNeille, the same chick who did Babs Bunny. Your friend probably handled shit from that creepy motherfucker who was stalking her.

>> No.823214

>most involving Gadget.

Gadget porn was big, as was pretty much every animal girl of the early 90s-mid 90s.

Jenny from bucky o'hare
calie from swatcats
that evil cat sorceress from Aladdin

Do a rule34 search on any of them and you will find a lot of artwork from the era.

>> No.823225
File: 202 KB, 495x700, 4f85ba01659b61883c6f9d5df07d761b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this one nigga ITT who knows fucking everything about the history of furfaggotry
How do you know all of this shit? Are you a self-hating furry?

>> No.823232


How do you even know what a furry is? ARE YOU A SELF HATING FURRY

>> No.823241

I find this shit fascinating and I could easily see myself spending a lot of time browsing furry history sites or Portal of Evil type sites and learning as much stuff as this guy knows. Knowing about this stuff doesn't necessarily make you a furry, though I have to admit it certainly suggests the possibility of it to an outside observer.

>> No.823247

I read a book about it.

>> No.823249
File: 47 KB, 680x578, DRUGS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


He's not the self hating furry in this thread.
I am.

>> No.823262

Lol, that sounds awesome if you're not joking. Who would publish a book like that? Maybe they could dress it up in academic-speak about online social spaces or some bullshit.

>> No.823264


You don't know how porn sites worked back in the mid 90s, when the web was new. Most of the time porn came from FTP sites which meant no preview under the generic "cartoon porn' heading.

There was porn of everything (disney, animue, marvel comics, and western cartoons. The rule 34 concept predates 4chan) and it was often all mixed together randomly on those early sites. Anything furry related was especially prevalent and often paired the girl with someones avatar (original character do not steal).

Lets say you just watched "dominion tank police' and you want to try and find puma sister porn (classic anime catgirls). Your search would inevitably lead to a mix of furry porn, some felicia from dark stalkers, and even some tenchi muyo because it also turned up everywhere you looked.

Usenet had much more specific content but early newsgroup providers had huge gaps (missing files or entire groups, depending on the provider, and had very short retention back in the mid 90s). At it's best it was amazing, but at it's worst it was terrible.

Because there was no preview you had no idea what you were downloading, and whenever furfags got pissed (which was always) they would relabel their most homoerotic furfag pictures and spam non-furry alt.binary groups.


If you used the internet for anything besides vanilla porn, odds are good you ran into furry content online in the 90s.

>> No.823265
File: 174 KB, 865x1200, 7c8e121e046a9e37eefd5842cb520888.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seriously, you're a walking encyclopedia on this subculture. You've gone too far to pass it off as morbid curiosity.

Sure, I find this stuff interesting as well, but:
>As an oldfag who was active on the internet since 1994... Dennis "Quozl" Falk was the chris-chan of the 90s.
>The first sonic game did not have much porn that I can recall.
>In the late 90's early 2000s, (Zone) pandered to the furries. In 2003- to around 2006, he pandered to the weeaboos and Japanophiles (why else did most of his work have Japanese in it and then suddenly disappeared?)
>Also, check out this parody of the intro theme that someone on /v/ shared a few years ago. It was originally posted to usenet in the early 90s.
>Gadget porn was big, as was pretty much every animal girl of the early 90s-mid 90s.
Those quotes kinda suggest to me that he was there watching this stuff as it happened. Not that I really give a shit about (non-obnoxious) furries on 4chan, I just find it hard to believe that you could learn all of this stuff just by walking wikis.

Wow, they actually wrote books about this shit?

>> No.823279

Ok, fair enough. That doesn't sound too far removed from the modern experience of, say, a teenager refreshing /b/ for novel porn. Still doesn't explain the USENET furry-culture stuff.

>> No.823283

Why is being a furry worse than all of the weird fetishes on 4chan?
Looking at this site, furry in itself is entry-level. I don't get it.

>> No.823289 [DELETED] 

The fetish itself isn't that bad, but the furry "community" is fucking terrible and one of the worst dens of mental illness on the planet. I'm sure you could psychoanalyze it in a bunch of different ways to try and explain it, but the bottom line is that's just the way it is.

>> No.823293

It seems to me there's some heavy generalizations about it. But dunno, I fap to hardblush and some other stuff because it makes me hard. The point where it gets weird for any fetish is like those people on /jp/ that lose interest in human bodies because of their perfect 2D waifus. That's just weird, man.

>> No.823294

The fetish itself isn't that bad, but the furry "community" is fucking terrible and one of the worst dens of mental illness on the planet. I'm sure you could psychoanalyze it in a bunch of different ways to try and explain how it got that way, but the bottom line is that's just the way it is.

>> No.823295

Because of what furs do. It's like pony porn

>> No.823302

and please don't divulge in what you fap to, that's what a furry would do.

>> No.823303

>Those quotes kinda suggest to me that he was there watching this stuff as it happened.

Those are multiple people you are quoting.

I am the oldfag "who was very active in 1994", and also the one who brought up Dennis Falk.

I was not the guy who was obsessed with Zone (I only vaguely know who he is). I am out of touch with most early 2000s and other newer content providers.

>> No.823313

Sorry, I deleted my post to reword it (I'm a bit of a compulsive post-editor and I thought I could get away with it).

Anyway, so long as you're not at the point described in >>823147 then I don't really see it as a huge deal. And yeah, I've had my share of furry faps just like countless other people on this site who just saw it in some random thread or whatever. But it does seem like other fetishists have a little more self-awareness and don't define themselves in terms of their subculture to the extent that furries do.

>> No.823314

>video games yield less results than furry

>> No.823330
File: 107 KB, 500x500, 1371802464178.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No one really gives a shit about the porn; go on /v/ right now and I bet you'll find an Animal Crossing thread or three full of lewd pictures of Shizubelle and Sable. It's about not wanting to welcome the largely weird-ass borderline-autistic community and the freaks that sexualize blatantly nonsexual characters (ponyfags these days, or apparently Tiny Toons fans in the 90s).

>> No.823357

Parody doesn't necessarily mean "funny".

>> No.823372
File: 11 KB, 658x338, request__constellation_droids_by_baryltdf-d47tlvc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It's because of those borderline crazy people that we even know about Rockman Strategy or the PC games today, so they weren't all bad.

Honestly the MM fandom seemed a lot more respectable than the Sonic fandom. At least they didn't get into crazy fetish territory. It was more of a Band of Brothers sort of thing.

>> No.823375

Furries have had a bad history of being obnoxious, even if it's not related to their fetish. It also doesn't help their case when furrydom is something that can mix with other fetishes seamlessly.

Don't forget 4chan had its origins at SomethingAwful, who at the time wanted a war with the furries. That and the results of April Furs Day essentially explains the general hostility against them.

And now, nobody really cares about them. I can't put my finger on it, but it probably has something to do with all the new people coming onto the site who either are furries or don't know a thing about them, as well as the infamy of bronies

>> No.823381


Near as I can tell, the crop of furries we all hated grew up and became adults, or a facsimile thereof. Kids in their same sort of social turmoil today become Bronies instead.

>> No.823387

Not video games. Grow up.

>> No.823389
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Story time.

Like you said, Ice Man (Gary Martin) died and though the whole concept of this roleplay thing really died out years prior, that was the final nail in the coffin, inappropriate pun.

A little bit later the Mega Man comic started coming out and one of the inkers was also named Gary Martin, and did this cover. One of the remaining Sinister Six saw it and basically told Ian Flynn "I know it was just a coincidence, but thanks. Gary would have really liked this comic."

>> No.823418

The brony fandom is dieing, I wonder what shall replace it?

>> No.823427
File: 29 KB, 400x300, capcom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oldfag here, born in 85 and been using the Internet since 93. The big fanbases back then were DBZ when it was new, and Final Fantasy has always had a huge fanbase, even before 7 came out.

People on AOL would do chatroom role plays where they played as characters in the DBZ universe, FF universe, Sailor Moon universe etc... I would say DBZ was definitely the most common one at the time though. Anything that was shown on Cartoon Network back then had something of a following (Tenchi Muyo, Gundam, Sailor Moon etc)

So... pretty much the same thing it is now. I don't remember as many furries though. Furry was something I only started seeing a lot of from 2006+ onward. Before that most of the weirdos I knew online were goths.

Due to slow speeds there was not a lot in the way of fanart, fan videos or anything like that. Mostly it was contained to crappy fangames made in RPG Maker or Klik n' Play, chatroom roleplays and a few really dedicated fansites.

>> No.823457

>The brony fandom is dieing, I wonder what shall replace it?
Bronyism is not dying out. They almost been around for fours years now. In a short period of time they gain main stream attention trekkies only got years later. My little pony friendship is magic comic broke the record of being the most pre-ordered comic ever. Bronycon getting bigger and bigger every year and is a big money maker to Hasbro. Bronies became big enough money makers Hasbro take a chance on releasing Equestia girls in theaters. All this talk bronies are dying are from big hurt ponyfags on /mlp/. Sighs like Equestian daily and ponychan and more gets millions of hits.

>> No.823458
File: 102 KB, 400x300, 02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And what have we learned?
Nothing has really changed outside of the number of people on the internet

>> No.823459

Horses. When I was a little girl, there were tons of stupid "raise a horse as a pet" things on the internet. I deign to call them roleplays, more like websites with email and guestbook responses for picking and breeding a horse. But it was essentially the idea of RP without the writing. Horses were fucking everywhere!

Digimon too, but later.

>> No.823462

It's just a fad. The internet has had fads since the beginning. People will flock to them for a time, and then it will die down to a certain number.

Same thing happened to furries before it, weebs before that, and I can't even remember what was before that.

>> No.823463

>would of
>would of

Stop this. It's would have.

>> No.823464
File: 379 KB, 1600x1395, Battletoads-realistic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dude don"t be a Grammar bullhead be a rocking toad head.

>> No.823469

What the fuck is a weeb?

>> No.823490
File: 114 KB, 540x540, 1343870335982.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A weaboo dude.

>> No.823493


>> No.823502

Dark queen looks kinda hot

>> No.823510 [DELETED] 

Dark Queen always been a good Lesbo.

>> No.823518

>Dark Queen always been a good hot Lesbo.

>> No.823521

What a shame

>> No.823527


usenet was the best. there was so much good shit on it back in the day. the alt.drugs.mushrooms group helped create the modern mushroom growing systems. I hear there is still active usenet servers that are where alot of p2p file sharing/wares/etc go down but I've never been bothered to try and find them.

Also there was a lot of fan clubs that did message board RPGs. I was a memeber of one that was based around the UC gundam series. We made our own version of the one year war by writing stories about our characters in chronological time.

>> No.823772


Yep, the Mechanical Maniacs.


It wasn't perverted, that's for sure. And yeah it was a kind of band of brothers thing but it was still sorta weird, especially how LOLSORANDOM the stories got. Honestly when I was young (probably like 11-12 years old) I was a part of that community for a short while, and I realized that it was better not to be involved.


Yeah, Gary Martin was his name. He was the guy who started the Sinister Six, the whole thing basically, and perhaps like you said his death was sort of the real end to it. When I heard he was actually sick for a very long time and had died, I honestly felt bad for him. He was a genuinely good guy, I think. I didn't know about the comic thing but it doesn't seem like it was an intentional nod towards Gary or anything.

>> No.823802

Damn I remember that shit.

>> No.823821
File: 51 KB, 519x409, lucas-green-screen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That is because nobody can have a discussion without some Neckbeard coming in and trying to convince literally everyone that the prequels were better than the original trilogy

>> No.823846

Isn't it more because of idiots constantly ragging on the prequels and claiming their series is destroyed, instead of just enjoying what they enjoy?

>> No.823847

The prequels did have more miniatures than the OT. Not better movies though.

>> No.823858

>Neckbeards coming in and trying to convince literally everyone that the prequels were better than the original trilogy

What world do you live in? It's literally the opposite every time.

>> No.823872
File: 10 KB, 250x175, Theedpalace01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The prequels did have more miniatures than the OT.

A lot of people are surprised to find this out. They look at a scene like the naboo palace and are like "pffft too much CG!"

They actually built a very detailed miniature city and the waterfall effect was accomplished with pouring salt over the side at a constant rate.The entire film is full of things like this.

They traveled all over the world for filming the prequels in exotic locations, just like they did in the original triology.

>> No.823874
File: 263 KB, 1278x540, TheedPalace_night.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Sorry meant to use this larger picture.

>> No.823875


It's a shame the movies suck.

>> No.823963

I always end up drawing fan art or porn of characters from games I've never even played, just because I thought it'd be fun to draw. Now I have to pretend to be part of the furry fandom purely because they're the only fandom that'll accept everything regardless of the content. The janitors did a fine job of chasing away most of the drawfags on here and I don't know any other vidya community where I'd get away with drawing porn while discussing the games they come from.

>> No.823985

>Let alone cater to some "entry level" fetishes such as a handjob or blowjob.

Why would anyone fucking do that though? Softcore porn is the most useless thing in existence.

>> No.823989

How is this thread still alive

It's official, /vr/ has gone down the toilet

>> No.823998

People are talking what if we had the internet in 80s and 90s like we do now. How thing would be different. What so bad about that?

>> No.824006


Hell, this is fascinating for me since I didn't get online for any extended period of time until 2000, and only spottily from 97 on. I love reading about old BBS and Usenet stuff. Almost makes me wish there was a retro internet board.

>> No.824017

>being this much of a faggot
fuck off, nobody was complaining until you.

>> No.824042
File: 91 KB, 450x668, oldmantalking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This was a pretty informative thread with genuine oldfags sharing their lore of how things used to be. Pic sort of related.

It did deviate from retro games somewhat, but now and then it is good it is good to look at where culture (or in this case subculture) comes from.

Hide the thread if it upsets you. There have been a dozen other threads deleted since this one was created, and the mods have not burned this one down yet.

>> No.824048
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It was by far the hottest part of the animation for me. Kinda reminds me of /ss/, but not quite since Mole (the robot) isn't a boy.

>> No.824053

It becomes hard to talk about when the original trilogy is constantly being changed and updated then you can't really talk about most of the main characters because their backstories are tied to the prequels. Also, midichlorians.

>> No.824079
File: 98 KB, 450x668, oldmantalking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.824084

Sauce severely needed

>> No.824086

Caused an international incident that did

>> No.824090

Funnily enough, Animaniacs did a sketch directly addressing and mocking the obsessive and nitpicky Internet fanbase of the show.


All of the comments made in the clip were taken from actual usenet posts.

>> No.824137
File: 73 KB, 720x960, dog-face1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's so surreal. Imagine if MLP or Adventure time did something like that?

>> No.824139

MLP does that all the time. They pander to the bronies, their main source of income.

>> No.824150

adventure time's "all the little people" episode is a pretty strong indictment of the fan base.

>> No.824152


Is this how we sound like about videogames?

>> No.824206

But Animaniacs' wasn't "pandering", it's making fun of them. MLP should do that instead of pretending bronies are normal.

>> No.824210

They can't because MLP's income from the bronies rival that of a small nation.

>> No.824221

Maybe HUB isn't as good a thing as I used to think it was.

>> No.824230


There has always been creepy obsessive people with similar thought processes on this planet.
The internet is just a way to connect them and make things worse than they should be.

>> No.824238
File: 14 KB, 650x557, i-want-to-be-a-cat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

captcha: htteepe and

>> No.824240

>ctrl-F "gonterman"

get off my lawn you uncultured whippersnappers

>> No.824251

So very true.

Heh, remember Digiclypse?

>> No.824275

That is true

You can live off of just potatoes and milk

>> No.824292

You cannot live off rabbit-meat

>> No.824307

People writing about their favorite stories is just natural. The Aeneid is something like really well executed fanfiction and it's part of the literary canon. Before I was aware that fanfiction was a thing I wrote a (NON EROTIC (I FEEL LIKE I HAVE TO STATE THIS SORRY) self-insert fanfiction about being a Pokemon trainer. I also passed a middle school creative writing assignment with flying colors by, basically, ripping off the plotline of Yojimbo with a character inspired by Himura Kenshin.

If you've ever made up scenarios for your favorite fictional characters to inhabit, you've fallen just one step short of fanfiction. And fanfiction itself is kind of just a few steps short of writing "original" fiction, and even that stuff usually draws from archetypes or people in the author's life. I'd actually be more worried if you had *never* extrapolated stories about your favorite characters, or based made up characters on them. That just speaks to a lack of imagination.

>> No.824314

Yeah we all saw that idiot die by the bus.

If he'd have just known to milk the rabbits. Potatoes are much easier to catch.

I'm too old for that. I do remember Tiny Toons/Disney porn when I was like 14 and I may have jerked off to it once or twice but at the same time I was like "Why is there SO MUCH of this?"

I'm glad I never made the logical leap that because there was so much of it on the Usenet that it was normal.

>> No.824329

Wait, I thought he died from poison seeds or some shit

I mean, I guess he would've just died from starving anyway

>> No.824387
File: 49 KB, 600x488, dog almost human.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But I saw a video once of one of the people who made MLP(I think it was the woman who came up with the idea) at a Q&A, and one of the fans asked her opnion on the "dark side of the fandom", and she said they no business with it.
I'm very cynical when it comes to these sorta of things. I mean, people will even eat shit if offered money, but, there's still their pride. Like, I would hate to make a cartoon for little girls and end up pandering to fat losers.

Polite sage because this is hardly /vr/ material anymore.

>> No.824397

From My Little Spaghetti, if I'm not mistaken. The guy says something like "in the DARK SIDE of the fandom, Princess Celestia is portrayed as a MOLESTER", then the old guy walks up and pushes his away. That was funny as shit.

>> No.824425

I always liked the Mighty Max Cartoon. The mighty game for SEGA sucked. But if Mighty Max was made today. /co/ Would gay ship the character non stop.

>> No.824451


>Klik n' Play


>> No.824478


Yeah. I agree with >>824387, while I guess there isn't much pride in making consumerist cartoons for little girls, I'd still have some sense of moral to stop me from pandering to fat manchildren zoophiles. MLP seems to want to have its cake and eat it too when it comes to bronies by ignoring how goddamn fucked in the head they are.

>> No.824480


Meh, I've always been more into imagining "alternate histories" of fictional universes rather than character-based fanfiction. I guess I just have a different focus than you do.

>> No.824506

I usually imagine alternate histories of real world events, or the planned arc of my life, actually. I don't fuss with characters so much anymore, not since I was a child.

>> No.824521

Yeah, I actually tend to go for real-world events much more often than fictional universes -- I only mentioned the latter because it had a more direct connection to the topic. Incidentally, the history of the games industry itself is one of my favorite real-world areas to ponder hypotheticals for -- I guess that's my curse as someone who grew up as a Sega fan.

I also do the same thing with the planned arc of my life like you mention, although that stuff tends to devolve into fantasy more often than not. It's a little pathetic really.

>> No.824538


Does anyone else remember Dragonmoon X? First hentai site I ever saw in my life, and let's just say it wasn't that good of a place to start

>> No.824603

the internet is getting way less creepy so no.
mid-late 90's there was a popular shareware games site, Happy Puppy, run by an openly polyamorous TG. it linked directly to a hentai site that posted full scans.

before that there were newsgroups for everything you could possibly think of, rampant uncensored CP and Bestiality.

don't forget early filesharing with tags like [email protected]

>> No.824645

I used to go on /wooo/ a lot, there were numerous usenet threads mostly with very absurd posts about how WCW was going to still drive WWF into the ground after the Goldberg/DDP Halloween Havoc 98 flub

>> No.824721

OP, if you're still here, I hope you've learned a few things from this thread.

>> No.824754
File: 104 KB, 955x518, IRONMOUSE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Does anyone else remember Dragonmoon X? First hentai site I ever saw in my life

Some of those old 90s sites are still semi-active. The era of the web rings and "picture shrines".

The ironmouse archive was one of the go-to places for 90s video game fan-art. It is still up but has only a handful of updates since the early 2000s.


It mostly focused on late 90s-early 2000s video game characters and some anime that was popular back in the day as well. This site is a basic summary of "what was hot in the 90s".

This kind of site was common before searchable tagged imageboards like Danbooru and it's derivatives appeared and took over as the image dumps for rule 34 fan art.

>> No.824761
File: 201 KB, 791x689, IRONMOUSE UPDATES.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Ironmouse update history. The site goes back to the 90s but the update history seems to stop here.

>> No.824772
File: 233 KB, 200x308, fairybounce08bg6.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Back when every videogame porn/fansite/forum had this gif on it (from magical drop III).

>> No.824848
File: 115 KB, 725x550, retardslikeme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.824868

It's not getting less creepy, things like that are just getting better hidden.
All that horrible shit is probably still kicking around but just hosted on a .onion address.

>> No.824879


I remember a combination emulation/ecchi website that had a palette swap of that .gif on it. Unfortunately, angel roms has disappeared off the face of the Internet since then.

>> No.824883

Damn it, guys, this thread could have turned great, but all you are talking about is just the early furry community.
I was hoping to see links to forums with people talking about how great Donkey Kong Country was going to be or I don't know, video game communities from the early 90s.

>> No.824896


Like Sonic CulT, created by a man who is a convinced pedophile and generally everyone there loved Sonic hentai!

Well, to be fair, they did discover a lot of stuff in a variety of games and some of the members are still active today

>> No.824917

Before the sequels. The first Matrix had a big it's too deep for you following/fan base.

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