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I like beat old school beat em ups, some of my favorite ones are:

Final fight
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
The Punisher
Double Dragon 2 NES
Aliens vs Predator
Captain Commando
Violent Storm
Streets of Rage 2 and 4
Knights of the round
Sengoku 3

Which ones am I missing? any hidden jewels or I should play?

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You listed SoR4 so I'll recommend Fight n Rage. SoR4 is good but FnR is much more fun.

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try night slashers

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Playing the Sailor Moon arcade soldier bmup, it's real tough but snappy and fun.

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I've been playing Captain Commando recently. Not doing too bad, I make it to the Monster boss on one credit most times then promptly get fucked because I have no idea how to fight him.

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>any hidden jewels or I should play?
Vendetta by Konami. It's a fun 1cc.

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>hidden jewels
Honestly the best 3D beat em up I've ever played. The animations are mega jank because it was made by just two Italians but trust me the gameplay is actually fun. It also runs on a modern PC perfectly fine which is surprising.

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Run at him diagonally and smack him

do a supermove when barells drop to smash em all and hope they have food or something good

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Will try it!

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Ok I have never even heard of this. Will play!

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Play as the Mummy Mack the Knife He has good reach with his weapons, has a good running attack, and his special move is the best in the game

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Ninja Warriors Again and Ninja Saviors are best

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Ninja Warriors has a new game?!?

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yeah, you can emulate it on Yuzu if you don't have nintendy switch, it's better than original imo

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Maximum Carnage and Sunset Riders were pretty fun when I played them as a kid. Would need to reboot to see if they stand the test of time but give them a try.

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Isnt Sunset Riders more a Contra Clone? You die in one hit and there is no hand to hand combat right?

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I prefer my original 3 screen cabinet.

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Thanks, bro. I'll try it next time I play. I thought I was onto something with running at him but he started Blanka balling me. The diagonal angle might be the difference.

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Turtles in Time. The SNES version is better than the arcade by the way, unless you actually have enough people for a 4 player run.

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Why bmups are so much better than vs. fighters?

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TMNT2 and 3 on NES

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Why can't you like sonething without being an insufferable cunt?

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There is a new TMNT game inspired by SNES turtles in time coming out rite?

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Excellent suggestions.

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Dude, this reminds me of Guardian Heroes.

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I got this... maybe you'd like to play some of these.

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Thank you anon! I have not played Undercover cops or Growl.

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It looks like all the Turtles belt scrollers mixed, could be great.


the original is pretty kino but very frustrating for me. Seems like more memorization and cheesing than usual for a 1cc.

I will warn you that the sea lab boss is very silly and can be cheesed so don't break down sobbing if you get murdered in 3 seconds on your first try.

Saviors is the remake of NWA but it's got lots and lots of new things.

Zero Team is so insanely, crazy fun. It really perfects the formula.

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I attempted a 1cc of Maximum Carnage as an adult (with success I think?) because of how much I liked the music I guess. The experience was fun and challenging. I claim that the game is good.

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Guardian Heroes for the Sega Saturn 32 bit video game console

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Dungeons and Dragons Collection for the Sega Saturn 32 bit video game console

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>Which ones am I missing? any hidden jewels or I should play?
These are not hidden gems at all but
River City Ransom
Dungeons and Dragons: Tower of Doom
Dungeons and Dragons: Shadow over Mystara
The Simpsons (arcade)
The Punisher (arcade)

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sick pic.jpg thanks
artist name?

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Bare Knuckle 3 (Japanese SOR3)
SOR1 (this one is good I don't want to hear neckbeard opinions otherwise)
Alien Storm
Guardian Heroes
The King of Dragons
TMNT IV Turtles in Time
Final Fight 2 and 3

It is a great genre.

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Yes and it looks pretty good actually.

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I did it, man! He still sometimes hits me, I think I just have to get the distance right, but I got through.

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Beat em up Red Flags:

>Characters can run
>Characters have alternate moves besides the normal hit combo
>There is no wrestler character
>The characters normally fight with weapons
>The game is not set in a New York-like city evocative of the 80s/90s
>There is a girl character but no panty shot
>Casuals can get past the second boss on one credit
>Jump kick is the best attack always
>There are special move inputs other than pressing two buttons at once to clear our enemies.

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Sengoku 1 and 2
Mutation Nation

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Anything but Sengoku 3. That shot seems so contrived to me.
>Put in a huge combo system
>Shit, better give even the lowest enemy a huge health pool or the combo system will be wasted!
>What do you mean you feel weak being unable to kill anything in less than 15 hits?

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X-men, Simpsons, and Gauntlet are the main reason I miss arcades, and also miss when kids weren't cucked faggots who stayed inside all day.

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Try playing it on the Japan region. Enemies have way less health and there are less enemies. Still a boring game that's more style than substance imo.

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I think so. But when I played it as kid on arcades all I thought was that Sunset Riders was just Streets of Rage with guns. You're right that the game is not a beat em up, though, so that might not be a suggestion.

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Built a 4 player arcade just to play Turtles and the Simpsons arcade games.

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Warriors of Fate (arcade)
Shodai Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun (SNES) [basically REQUIRES a translation patch to be playable]
Shin Nekketsu Kouha - Kunio-tachi no Banka (SNES) [100% playable with or without a translation]

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>Shodai Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun
don't play this it's shit

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>SOR1 (this one is good I don't want to hear neckbeard opinions otherwise)
Good taste

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It's real easy to just copy/paste sprites in something like Turtles so it's cool that hey all have very distinct run cycles

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>Shodai Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun (SNES) [basically REQUIRES a translation patch to be playable]
Did they ever translate the improvement patch that gives you more attack buttons?

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