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Original Xbox respect thread

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Stop collecting.
Mod your console.
Play pirated games from the Xbox HDD.

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I don't know what modchip to get
I have an earlier xbox with a fan on the gpu

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Only 3 - 4 games worth playing on the damn thing.

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Yeah you're right . You can leave now

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Why the fuck would you use a modchip when you can just softmod it?

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because modchips offer more functionality that I place a higher value on and soldering in a mod chip is less of a pain for me specifically than figuring out a softmod. And no thats not an invitation to tell me the soft mod method.

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Because I want to

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The best graphics in 2001

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HDD and is a safeguard if something goes bad in the future.

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Reminder that the English version of Dinosaur Hunting was released a couple of weeks ago.
Previously Jap exclusive. It's a simple action game, but good fun.

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I softmodded my Xbox with an 80GB IDE hard-drive a few years ago. I remember it being a huge pain in the ass to softmod with the molex connectors etc, but I’m glad I did it since I haven’t had a single issue playing any of the games that are installed since. Here’s the 24 games I installed:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Conker: Live & Reloaded
Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge
Fable: The Lost Chapters
Genma Onimusha
Grand Theft Auto III
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Halo 2
Halo: Combat Evolved
Jet Set Radio Future
Metal Wolf Chaos
Ninja Gaiden Black
Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors
Otogi: Myth of Demons
OutRun 2
Panzer Dragoon Orta
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Star Wars: Republic Commando
Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse
Tenchu: Return from Darkness
The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2x

All these games plus their applicable DLC only amount to 68.5GB total (with 177MB available space remaining in the games partition). Plus I have a bunch of music for Grand Theft Auto custom soundtracks on another partition. I really like the console. I can see why some people think of it as the successor to the Dreamcast.

Xbox 360 has no soul, though.

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You could always TSOP after softmodding. It's easier than a modchip.

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it's big
it's dark green
it's a little annoying to clean
I love the original xbox. Been parading around how good the console is for years now. I've also been trying to warn people about the clock capacitor thing for almost a decade. Unfortunately I've started to find a ton of xboxes that have had those traces demolished by that shitty capacitor. I think it's safe to say it's no longer an impending but something that's happened.

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If you like Star Wars, you can try out Star Wars Obi Wan - it was an exclusive game.

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i cant wait when psp gonna be retro so original xbox will be not the only homebrew machine here

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A lot more than that, of all the multiplat ports the xbox got the best except spiderman 2, which gamecube got the best

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i have dozens and dozens of games on a spindle that disagree with you and still more i wish i had damn it

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Pls respond

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Was it made by a Japanese developper? No? THEN GET THE FUCK OFF MY BOARD

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>tfw ps2 works from launch to this day while xbox is dead AGAIN
Sick and tired of this system first the caps now the psu.

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Got myself an Original Xbox about an year ago. The library is pretty solid and I don't have issues such as loosing access to my account due to random updates like I had with the PS3.

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Get Breakdown and Gunvalkyrie. Have fun with Otogi, that's one of my favorites.

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get Phantom Crash

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it's really not man.
Jd rather modchip and never worry again

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So god damn good holy fucking sheeeeeit

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>Xbox 360 has no soul, though.
It has the most soul, actually. One and Series will never have souls though.

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I ain't got no respect for Windows-based PC in an awful looking oversized box made by the greedy spreadsheet-software producer.
Xbox is literally the normie sojak choice.

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Yeah man normies just love the original xbox that's why it's so popular.
Wait it isn't. The ps2 and gamecube are.
Sony is no saint either

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Cry about it loser

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Tbf the xbox did better than the Gamecube

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yeah but that doesn't necessarily mean it had staying power in people's minds
When people go back to this generation they go back for ps2,gamecube, dreamcast in that order
Some of that has to do with the fact there's no good xbox emulation and it's not sexy and all that. No nintendo power. And the ps2 was the most popular thing in the world

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I’ve done this but the games keep crashing after 20-30 minutes of play. Playing on disc still works fine. Is my hard drive dying?

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yep time to get a modchip

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I always felt Xbox was hated by Japan for legitimate reasons. There has to be a correlation between crime statistics and Xbox owners. It just looks like something you'd find in the ghetto.

People always say shit like certain minorities prefer PlayStation or Nintendo but nah dude. The most brain dead individuals owned the Xbox. I'm pretty sure all the unsold Xbox systems in Japan got sent to Africa and Brazil.

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Hey lads, did anyone ever had Call of Cthulhu freeze? I played it on my Xbox and it got stuck on the sewers.

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>being this agressive towards a piece of plastic

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You do not need a modchip to mod any xbox.
You do not need a modchip to hardmod a v1.0 xbox (yours).
You do not need a modchip to put a larger HDD into any xbox.

Softmod and put a new HDD in it. If you want a more bulletproof system, look up how to flash the TSOP with a custom firmware.

MrMario2011 on youtube is where to look for guides.

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>Halo 2
The list goes on.

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Is a Wii better than an Xbox for 3rd and 4th gen emulation?

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360 started out as peak soul then degenerated as it went on

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Does anyone here remember this shit? I've been itching to play this game again, I know it looks (and probably, or definitely is) some generic ass, bland space marine TPS title, but I have some fond memories of it.

Also: I recently tried Pariah again but on the PC after owning it on the original Xbox 10-15 years ago, and honestly it just feels like an Unreal II TC mod, I feel like a lot of UE2 games suffer from that (not necessarily a bad thing, the game is just boring.) It did have a map editor though, which was interesting, as did Timesplitters: Future Perfect, and the weapons are chunky and cool.

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You've been visited by the Nazi Regime! Repost this 3 times in the next 2 minutes or you will be visited by a Nazi Regime tonight! 95% of people will not post this..... and they will be burned alive.....

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I've had an Original Xbox for a while now, and don't know to play that isn't from Sega or fable. Can any Xbox chads recommend some games? The genre doesn't matter.

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>half orange half green light
What does it means bros?

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Did you buy a new console? That tends to mean it's modded already.

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yes, simply due to 240p

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Halo 1 and 2, obviously
Blinx the time sweeper (only the first one)
Ninja Gaiden Black
Forza Motorsport
Doom 3

Black (was also released on PS2)

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>Did you buy a new console?
Already modded. But I noticed the sound is kind of low on some games and always loud on the menu. I was wondering if it could be some hardware problem. Also, it turns green on MS Dashboard.

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I want to hardmod. It's just more reliable

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im not sure why this thread is so anti modchip as if modchips offer zero advantage or are difficult to perform

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Chink lover

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There is no modern modchip anyone can get

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Based console is based. Just got a Japanese "Smoke Skeleton" from ebay, soft-modded with removed capacitor and new everything else.

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Not retro.

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Ok I laughed

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>tfw cruising down Washington Beach in an Infernus bumping my custom soundtrack
Take me back bros

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You've shown me the light. I'm going to sell off my collection now.

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Fine selection of games. What color is your steel battalion? Mine's green. I love the Xbox and its library, it doesn't pretend to be better than it is, it's a confident library, a mans library that knows exactly where it belongs.

>> No.8202180

Thanks. Yes, it's the green one and it's dusty and covered and wrapped around in all sorts of controller cords due to space limitations.

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anyone else notice some xbox controller cables are translucent and dark green inside and others are just black
Why is that

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Did you ignore my second point? You do not need a modchip to hardmod an xbox revision below version 1.6. The onboard TSOP is flashable on the older models. Modchips are just a flashable TSOP chip that overrides the onboard one.

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But hardmodding let's you do more. I don't want to fuck around. Both processes involved you buying shit. In fact a modchip is probably cheaper

>> No.8202228

>But hardmodding
A TSOP flash IS a hardmod.

>Both processes involved you buying shit.
The drop of solder used to enable TSOP flashing hardly counts.

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there was an anon posting about it a few weeks ago saying they enjoyed it a lot, I was going to give it a second look because of it

>> No.8202247

I think you can play the campaign co-op over xlink. I've been waiting to play it until I have a friend to go through it with.

>> No.8202263

you need to buy the usb controller adapter thing to even do that though dude. I want to be able to get 128mb ram and never worry about changing hard drives

>> No.8202270

>I don't want to fuck around.
Typical boomer. Refuses to read a simple guide on how to softmod, he just wants to do it the way he's been modding for decades. Hope you fuckers die out soon

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Wasted quads >>>/v/

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>most heavy console of its era making harder to steal
>There has to be a correlation between crime statistics and Xbox owners. It just looks like something you'd find in the ghetto.
PS2 was the nigger console, zoom zoom

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This. Niggers have no standards or concept of brand loyalty. All they care about is sports games and maybe the occasional fighter like MK, Tekken, or Def Jam, which the PS2 provides.

>> No.8202340

How is that a /v/ opinion? Fuck /v/. Though had no idea this board had repeating digits enabled, it must be only dubs and trips, not quads and up.

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why can't I be nostalgic for a hardmod? And you haven't even tried to refute that hardmodding offers more flexibility and is cheaper...

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This thing ever get any shmuops?

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DC-psus are flaky, too.

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>what is openxenium

>> No.8202463

is there a psu replacement for xbox yet
Does picopsu work

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Aladdin is better

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What's the point in modchips anymore?

>> No.8202495

easy to change hard drive, do the ram mod, native vga mod

>> No.8202617

Sonic Heroes and *snort* Shadow the Hedgehog were better on GameCube.

>> No.8202775

>PS2 was the nigger console
Can confirm. PS2 was a major console well into the PS4 launch in third world countries.
>t. thirdie

>> No.8202784

>evox dashboard sound always loud
>games sound always low
Newbie here what do?

>> No.8202847

Mitsumi made the Duke and for a brief period of time the Controller S. Eventually, Foxconn took over.

>> No.8202907

Mechassault and Halo 2 on Xbox Live were the pinnacle of online console gaming, for me at least.

>> No.8202926

No Max Payne 2?

>> No.8202943

Glad to see that people still appreciate that crazy game. Even if I never could beat the last boss, the sheer intensity of the overall story left a lasting impression on me.

>> No.8202958

>Xbox respect
for what exactly?

>> No.8203074

Literally a pc, you're better off getting an xp retro computer that can run better and last longer than the Xbox which is always on life support

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Yes, unmodded the wii is a bit more powerful, however if you have a 1.5ghz 128mb xbox its better

>> No.8203170

Literally the only issue is with the launch xbox, get a model 1.6, Literally no issues stop believing sony tards

>> No.8203206

Its an issue with every model except the 1.6

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You can do all of those with a TSOP mod, for the record.

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Stop collecting - Maybe
Mod your console - Yes
Play pirated games - No

You can made legal backups of existing games, and they're dirt cheap to buy.

>> No.8203315

>and they're dirt cheap to buy.
For the most part, no shame in downloading outrun 2006 coast-2-coast.

>> No.8203332

You can't tell me what to do.

>> No.8203486

>Play pirated games - No
>You can made legal backups
Imagine caring about the legality of downloading games for a 20 year old console. Let me know when people start getting their doors busted down for having downloaded a copy of Sega GT 2002 instead of buying it from an ebay reseller. Caring about this and using it as an excuse to justify needlessly buying DVDs is prime r*ddit behaviour.

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Modded console (Put NTSC bios in PAL console), copy all my games and all copied in my PC.

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>I want to be able to get 128mb ram and never worry about changing hard drives
Which is what a TSOP flash will allow you to do. What exactly do you think the difference is between a modchip and flashing the TSOP? Both are methods that do the exact same thing: boot the Xbox with a custom BIOS. There is no difference. When people say their Xbox is "hardmodded", they most often mean they flashed the TSOP.

>> No.8203625

>There is no difference.
There's a slight difference. If you want to flash TSOP, you need to be softmodded beforehand. Whereas for a modchip you need only install it, with no extra work.
I think most people would prefer to softmod beforehand if it means they don't have to solder as much, but if you're experienced at soldering, I can see why you would prefer to just modchip it.

>> No.8203626

>get a model 1.6
Bad advice. Issues with 480p on many popular games, TSOP isn't flashable, and no empty spots to solder in additional RAM.
The capacitors will go bad on 1.6 Xboxes (and every electronic device), too.

>> No.8203875

Bro, you have some solid taste. The Thing was a shockingly good game that people seem to have never heard of.

>> No.8203952

Christ, that is the best xbox collection ive ever seen. 99% bangers and even some meme games for good measure.

>> No.8203990

based collection and based poster

at least you're not that faggot who posts his collections in random threads with his stupid sharpie notes

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>retards bashing xbox emulation
fuck you, xemu is based.

>> No.8204532

Brute Force was great. The whole AI squad mechanic was great. Wish people had enough taste to recognize a great game.

>> No.8204561

God I was so disappointed with this game.

>> No.8204586

it's pretty bad, but it looks pretty.

>> No.8204920

genesis is also literally just a pc
n64 is literally just a pc
consoles have nearly always been literally just a pc
consoles dont stop being computers just because you were too young to see them as more than 'woo woo game magic'

>> No.8204928

>have to track down an adapter to connect a usb stick to my controller in order to softmod my console
>then have to tsop flash it
>just fucking solder it
I dont understand why you keep shilling for this. openxenium is literally cheaper than the softmod option. its less fucking work.
All you do is shit on modchips while providing no better alternative. You say softmodding is easier, but I have seen everything to the contrary. AND its more expensive.

>> No.8205071

Ps2s we’re still being sold into 2010s in 3rd world countries. Pretty impressive.
It’s up there with the original famicom in lifespan. I think famicoms stopped being produced in 2004.

>> No.8205169

OpenXenium is $25. The adapter is $8.
You can mod as many Xboxes as you like with the adapter. You can mod one Xbox with the chip.

>> No.8205178

aladdin is $6 :p
and your softmod doesnt let you change hard drives or upgrade the ram or get native vga...
not sure why you zoomers think soldering is so hard

>> No.8205189

>and your softmod doesnt let you change hard drives or upgrade the ram or get native vga...
That's what TSOP is for. We're going around in circles.

>> No.8205193

>and your softmod doesnt let you change hard drives
this isn't even true btw

>> No.8205194

Are you sure TSOP gets me everything I want? I want to run unleashX, do you even know what that is?
tsop lets me mod and drop in hard drives and remove the disc drive no problem?
I have a thompson drive and its dead. should i just remove the whole thing now?

>> No.8205197

Modchip is required for expanded ram

>> No.8205198

>I want to run unleashX, do you even know what that is?
You don't even need to flash TSOP to do that - you can do that with a simple softmod.
>tsop lets me mod and drop in hard drives and remove the disc drive no problem?
Yes, I have a TSOP flashed console and I've done this. The hard drive in that one is currently unlocked. You can swap hard drives in a softmodded console but it's inconvenient because they have to be locked.

>> No.8205203

i dont want to lock or unlock hard drives. i literally just want to drop it in and have it just work. sata, ide. playstation. doesnt matter. i want to drop in hard drives with zero modification or effort
So it sounds like modchip is the one for me

>> No.8205208

>i literally just want to drop it in and have it just work. sata, ide. playstation. doesnt matter. i want to drop in hard drives with zero modification or effort
You are describing an unlocked hard drive right now.

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File: 55 KB, 1000x1000, aladdin xt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whoops, just checked the listing and apparently it has one of these installed.

>> No.8205297

no shes not

>> No.8205298

>mostly ports from the PS2

>> No.8205303

If you don't lock your hard drive with the key obtained from your Xbox's EEPROM, it's unlocked. Any hard drive you salvage or buy will be unlocked.

>> No.8205309

>mostly superior versions
sounds good to me

>> No.8205326

The original xbox was very pc like for its time and I'm pretty sure that it was even one of the main selling points of it you nigger. Could you play your games from your hard drive, play fucking halo online, add custom tracks to games or watch fucking deeveedees on your n64? No? Even the cpu on it was just a "normal" x86 pentium paired with a geforce gpu.

>> No.8205335

so was genesis though
baka dude

>> No.8205345

Can a modded original xbox natively play old pc games without much hassle?
games made pre 1998

>> No.8205348

PICOPsu replacement for Xbox when? These things are timebombs

>> No.8205362


>> No.8205367

Why not? Prove it. I want to play deus ex

>> No.8205368

It doesn't run (vanilla) Windows.

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File: 2.03 MB, 4000x2250, 20211005_021720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 1.88 MB, 4000x2250, 20211005_021729.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 2.05 MB, 4000x2250, 20211005_021739.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8205385

sick bro, can i come over and we'll system link some halo and maybe pso? ill bring pizza

>> No.8205393

Hell yeah. We can even 1v1 in Pandora Tomorrow with 2 tv's and headphones, which is what I used to do.

>> No.8205414

Are 1.0s the only ones with fans on the GPU?
Is my xbox going to fail? I removed the clock battery and replaced thermal paste on the CPU and GPU.
Also the fans are both really loud. I removed my GPU fan and got a huge noise improvement. I didn't notice anything wrong while playing but haven't had a long session, will I be safe?
How do I quiet down the bigger rear main fan?
Usually I don't care about noise but these fans are showing their age I guess.

>> No.8205443

no idea why, but those two games crammed in on top really rustle my jimmies

>> No.8205452

The plain white PAL spines rustle mine.

>> No.8205461

1.0's are the only ones with the GPU fan. They're very old so I'd recommend upgrading to something like noctua fans, I think the ones in the Xbox are typical PC fans so nothing to worry about but the size.

>> No.8205470

anything else I should look out for or replace? I'd like to prolong the life as much as possible for this guy...

>> No.8205492

New hard drive, TSOP flash it too. That's the best thing to do after the clock cap is gone, those old HDD and DVD drives microsoft used weren't exactly top shelf parts and are really showing their age now.

>> No.8205629

>wanted to try Grabbed by the Ghoulies
>those fucking controls
Dropped. What the fuck were they thinking?

>> No.8206294

I don't jack about Xbox modding, but I just bought a 1.4 with XBMC4Xbox on it and a replaced HDD and DVD drive
Am I just good to pirate to my hearts content on this thing or what

>> No.8206331

>play fucking halo online
PS2 and Dreamcast had online capabilities, and those aren't' PCs
>add custom tracks to games
That's not a feature of PC games
>watch fucking deeveedees
PS2 could do that, and it's not "a PC"

>> No.8206335

We're not trannies here

>> No.8206526

It is not

>> No.8206539

3 of my 360's crapped out on me. Never had any issues with the original.

>> No.8206582

You have got to be trolling at this point.
All a modchip does is boot a different BIOS. What bios are you going to boot from your modchip?
Evox m8plus? You can flash it to the TSOP.
iND-BiOS? You can flash it to the TSOP.
X2 5035? You can flash it to the TSOP of a v1.0 or v1.1 console.

Upgraded to 128mb of ram? Then you use the 128mb RAM version of those BIOS in either case.

A modchip has no other function than this. A system with a flashed TSOP is identical to a modchipped system.

>> No.8206592

what is there to respect lol

>> No.8206596

Yes. You put "HDD ready" versions of those games into either the F:\games or G:\games folder and the system should detect and show them when you look at your games list.

>> No.8206603

>make a thread about xbox
>fags come here to seethe
Is it autism?

>> No.8206619

I think it's one of those "you get it once you get it" games.

>> No.8206815

Sony tards refuse to acknowledge anything other than the ps2

>> No.8206819

Barely any ps2 or gamecube game supported online and it was a fucking bitch to get internet working on them properly

>> No.8206860

Thank you.
But it missing Grabbed by Ghoulies, Steel Batalion and Phantom Dust...

>> No.8206929
File: 2.82 MB, 1280x720, steel battalion.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sadly SB will not be cheap (especially now) nor space or new player-friendly.

>> No.8207305

Same here. Buddy of mine in England has SB and I'll always be jealous of that fact.

>> No.8207432

i BARELY have any distinct memories of it, I somewhat remember a level taking place in a giant tree area that reminded me of the treetop village in Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, or Tokara forest map in UT2004, and I remember the guns felt extremely solid and had weight to them, but that's about it. I'm pretty excited people remember it fondly, looking forward to trying it again.

>> No.8207530

>Sony tards
I really wonder what causes such mentality on them. Doesnt matter the topic, they always start some bickering.

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File: 806 KB, 1536x1346, IMG_20211005_193710~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its max payne looks better than ps2

>> No.8207668

The PS2 MP's are absolute jokes, but MP1 could have been better had it not been rushed out for the holidays.

>> No.8207835

>Barely any ps2 game supported online
ooof we got a retard here

>> No.8207883

PS2 multiplats are almost always a joke compared to the xbox and/or PC versions

>> No.8208450

How can I safely go from a softmodded xbox with games to a tsop flash?

>> No.8208502

>solder the pads on the motherboard to enable BIOS flashing
>Run Hexen using your softmod
>Choose the BIOS to flash

>> No.8208740

Cool, thanks

>> No.8208747

>needing to solder

>> No.8208749

How do you do it without soldering?

>> No.8208771 [DELETED] 

how do i go from 1.0 xbox stock to tsop flashed and capable of the ram upgrade

>> No.8208772

look up a softmod guide. you can do it by liveswapping the hdd or by using a save file exploit. then look up a tsop guide >>8208502

>> No.8208779

or just use a usb adapter...

>> No.8208782

that's what I said

>> No.8208936

Tell that to the jackass that managed to rip pads off the board trying to solder for the first time in order to TSOP flash his 1.1 Xbox

>> No.8209356

They're a lot better on xbox tho.
It wasnt a bit better fps like today, Xbox was a lot better

>> No.8209380

Not him, but I've seen people do it with a conductive ink pen. It's not like the connection need to last long, so I think the method is fine.

>> No.8209384

Hated this thing as a lad, love it now. Gun Valkyrie a personal favorite. And OutRun2, I’ve played it at least once a week on average for the past several years

>> No.8209387

Man I still need to get Orta

>> No.8209390

You probably got me to save mine, anon. Thanks.

>> No.8209394
File: 307 KB, 544x515, xbox vs gc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No thanks zoomie, artist's original intent > texture resolution. Even the Gaycube is better for most multiplats but you've been too busy playing Fortnight to know that.

>> No.8209395

Man I really should have bought that when it was $30

>> No.8209401

I never played fortnight :(

>> No.8209613

Speak for yourself, luddite.

>> No.8211235

Literally the gayest cope I've ever heard, kill yourself lmao

>> No.8211245

Yeah thats fucking nothing virgin

>> No.8211338

Thoughts on the Otogi games? What do they play like?

>> No.8211465
File: 201 KB, 654x655, 1625125245226.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Found my old softmodded Xbox in storage after thinking I'd lost it for years
>Turn it on, still works
>Try playing some of the games that're still in the hard drive
>They work fine
What a blast of nostalgia. So glad I found it.

>> No.8211718

*leaking clock-capacitor destroying traces in your way*

>> No.8211814

Thanks anon, Got it done!

>> No.8211831

ppl seem to go unts for them, personally i didnt like them at all, all show no go, very very boring repetitive play, was really looking forward to them to.

>> No.8211835

>Man I still need to get Orta
ortas amazing but i'll never ever understand the consensus that its really hard, perfect example of how dumb the avg gamer is i guess, i comfortably 1ccd normal and hard in under 15 hrs of total play with S rank on 3 stages and A the rest, great game just memo and strategise instead of the usual dumbass button mashing shit most donkeys do.

>> No.8211839

jesus marketing really does make some consumers jihad tier retarded, there is no "artist original intent" in this shit theres just working with parameters and getting the most out of it. A programmer will always seek to get the best out of whatever hardware hes using you retard.

>> No.8211841

I'm looking for a heli game for the first xbox. Very arcade like. You couldn't fly high. It looked pretty good at the time.

>> No.8211846

the 2nd was shocking on ps2 and the first was playable but actually had lots of minor differences like where it loads and im sure its much easier to. PLayed both a lot.

>> No.8211849

>Sony tards refuse to acknowledge anything other than the ps2
which is weird, i had ps2 for years and only got xbox a few months ago, its plain as day which is superior and if consumers werent retarded all those amazing sony games could of had superior versions on xbox.

>> No.8211853


>> No.8211869

I'm not sure, could probably be.

>> No.8211876

well fucking look on youtube you retard.

>> No.8211897

>inverted camera
Into the trash it goes

>> No.8213312

2nd one you can turn it off. st ill dont think its that great though.

>> No.8213584

I'll dumb it down for the zoom zoom: when games are ported to another console often the lighting has to be redone so they try to match the original but it's obvious when they can't and it's a sloppy job. You wouldn't notice anyways so you can just play the iPad port.

>> No.8214774

I just put an Xboxhd+ HDMI mod in mine plus 2tb hd with every game released in North America and an openxnium mod chip.

>> No.8214781

>look up how to softmod my xbox for tsop
>have to buy this usb adapter
>have to burn some discs
>have to exploit a save in a specific game
this is a pain in the dick
why should i not use openxenium

>> No.8214786

Would you say the Deblur is worth it? I've always been curious about how that would look.

>> No.8214792

Dont forget hotswapping a HDD
yet somehow softmodders think this is easier

>> No.8215145

Tbf the OG xbox had a shitty ad campaign, they focused on getting some launch titles for the japs, xbox live from the start and native dvd support without a remote extension, it definitely would helped close the gap a bit probably coulda broke 50 mil

>> No.8215152

why didnt they focus on getting more dreamcast ports to appease japan? at least all the stuff that was windows ce
japan HATES the xbox. they think its for *******no lie

>> No.8215161

im 36 mate and il dumb it down for the skinny fat pro virgin autistic pop tart snorter, your weird allegiance has you pedantically supporting a dumb fuck argument with cherrypicked shit about lighting instead of performance.. and claiming it the "artists intent"

you are fucking cringe you MUH GWAFFIKZ loser fuck. ACHTUALLY TUH LIGHTING IS WONG


>> No.8215165

boy the quality of these 6th gen threads is stellar

>> No.8215169

They think its for what? Niggers?

>> No.8215170


>> No.8215172

They bring out a nice hatred in people

>> No.8215176


>> No.8215259


>> No.8215947

hotswapping is only for upgrading the HDD on a softmodded xbox, not for actually getting the thing softmodded. Softmodding is nice because you don't need to solder anything, but obviously if you don't mind soldering and buying a chip, then there's no reason not to hardmod your xbox. I don't think anyone who softmods their xbox thinks it's better than hardmodding it.

>> No.8215952

>hotswapping is only for upgrading the HDD on a softmodded xbox, not for actually getting the thing softmodded.
It can be done for both. Hotswapping avoids the need to do a save exploit.

>> No.8215965

Ya but I still want the originals for games that I actually liked

Idk why I do though

>> No.8215968

They look ok but most 3d platformers aren't that fun to play until gta showed up

Not sorry

>> No.8216483

adding 7th gen next year will make /vr/ become superhot

>> No.8216494

jsrf is overrated just because it hasn't been ported and it's on an 'obscure console'. as a whole the original is better designed for what it's trying to be (arcade style platformer with action puzzle elements and extreme sports influence) than future is for what it's trying to be (3d platformer with rail grinding and quasi-open world)

>> No.8216496

Oddworld munchies odyssey was great

>> No.8217153

modchips are literally unnecessary though. they offer nothing more than a softmod+tsop

>> No.8218261

Fuck that, ill bring pro skater 2x.

>> No.8218369

still going to install a modchip and there is not a THING that you can do about it, keep seething.
I might even use your rage-tears as flux, we'll see.

>> No.8218383

200 posts later, still have no clue if i should modchip or not lol. or even what modchip to buy

>> No.8218387

pretty simple. do you find soldering less troublesome than hotswapping a PATA hard drive or running a game save exploit? if soldering is more convenient do that. otherwise softmod & possibly TSOP.

>> No.8218390

I want to be able to extensively mod my xbox and not worry about anything/

>> No.8218391

you can do everything either way

>> No.8218396

i dont understand the process

>> No.8218398

necessary for 1.6 xbox where you cant tsop flash

>> No.8218494

Nigga go on youtube

>> No.8218501

dad blocked it

>> No.8219273

He blocked YT but not this shithole?

>> No.8219721

Use a vpn

>> No.8219735

Specifically todays sponsor, NORD VPN start your free trial now use this code to get 30% of your first month link in the description below

>> No.8220151

obvuously you're unwilling to learn anything new and want to be spoon-fed the whole process in total.
too bad.

>> No.8220158

Are the PC versions of the Prince of Persia trilogy good or should I just play the Xbox versions?

>> No.8220192

What is the current state of Xbox emulation. I have a ton of original games and I want to play some, but all my three Xboxes are broken. One refuses to boot entirely, one has frequent problems reading discs and the last has some weird GPU issue that draws green garbage all over the screen.

>> No.8220285
File: 113 KB, 1080x651, IMG_20211010_001644.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8220291

>one has frequent problems reading discs
Swap the optical drive from one of the other ones into this one. They're all interchangeable across models, and it's very easy to do.

>> No.8220292

Ironically the emulation support is bad, terrible even for such an old system that's literally a consolized pc, while at the same time it's one of the easiest consoles to mod, expand with HDD and pirate all the games.

>> No.8220315
File: 354 KB, 899x638, dnd-gnt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not proficient enough to do that stuff.

I just want to play these again, but then again you can't emulate your college friends, can you :(

>> No.8220382

The disc read one can be cheaply fixed

>> No.8220427

can you just tell me?

>> No.8220459

The only hard games on Xbox I remember playing was Xtreme Beach Volleyball, but there were other reasons for that.

>> No.8220495

It's easier than you think it is. Screw and ribbon cables. Just remember where everything went

>> No.8221792
File: 755 KB, 800x1596, tina-baithingsuit2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I remember earning millions in casino and being able to afford literally anything as Tina. The RNG was fucked on slot machines and surprisingly, throwin chips randomly onto roulette table gives huge rewards. Never managed to recreate this success on any playthrough as any character, only Tina.

>> No.8222010
File: 842 KB, 630x821, 2246592-box_merc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Had a blast with this game.

>> No.8222583

I've heard the 1.6 has picture quality issues but I can only verify that by that, people meant you needed patches to run certain games on component. My 1.6 is getting some fuzzy picture on my component cable. Is that more likely an issue with the cable or is that also a problem the 1.6 has?

Mercenaries is my favorite GTA-school open world game by far. I loved the idea of blowing things up for money that I can spend for more tools to blow things up better.

>> No.8222702

the cable likely, there are a shit ton of trash quality component cables for the original xbox. Generally the only good ones are either the monster component cables, the official hd component pack (V1 or V2), or the XOSVP.

>> No.8222708

These are all PC ports

>> No.8222726

Give it to anon figuring out how to use google

>> No.8222813

Fuzzy isnt an issue with 1.6 thats just your cables, but yea some games have a issues with 480p on 1.6 but that can be fixed, for fable, blindly navigate to the extras menu, and select trailers then go back to the main menu and it works fine

>> No.8222816

What is the absolute best component cable to stick in the AV pack?

>> No.8223084

Tell me you are joking.

>> No.8223380

hd rectalvisions are the ones that are readily available and of good quality

>> No.8223385

idk that'd be for you to research, as "good quality component cable" is way too fucking broad compared to "good quality xbox adapter". As long as it's actually a good quality component cable it should be fine, just don't use cheap $5 chinese cables off ebay or some shit like that.

>> No.8223405

Like I said I paid up the Ass for the official xbox component box but in halo CE i still see color banding

>> No.8223416

HD rectalvision?

>> No.8223430


>> No.8223438
File: 11 KB, 231x218, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

retarded sega

>> No.8223464

Tbf it kinda worked out for sega

>> No.8223484

>component cable to stick in the AV pack
You mean just a generic set of 5 RCA cables? Probably some audiophile shit that costs thousands of dollars.

>> No.8223847

>Stop collecting.

>> No.8224352


>> No.8224594

Custom soundtracks was so fucking based

>> No.8224601
File: 441 KB, 733x547, granddadHURR.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol you can't count, no wonder you hate the console with numbers in it's name.

>> No.8225469

>Custom soundtracks was so fucking based
big time agree and the way they bothered to implement inplace of game music properly instead of just playing constantly like a cd was awesome.

>> No.8225510

Speaking of custom soundtracks

Anybody buy an old xbox that had old music on it? I've worked on ~30 xboxes, so I've seen a lot. System of a Down was easily the most common. Also lots of 2000s hiphop with Lil Jon.

>> No.8225610

my favorite as well. truly a masterpiece.

>> No.8225697

My xbox had entire greenday, kanye, and linkin park albums

>> No.8225839
File: 1.16 MB, 882x600, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mercenaries is my favorite GTA-school open world game by far
I really like Scarface. The look and feel of Miami, the music, the fact you can have a persistent soundtrack really does wonders in setting the mood. Plus it introduced me to one of my favorite tunes from the era.

I see some metal and stuff from the era occasionally, hiphop is common too. It's really nostalgic hearing it. I've been thinking of making a few mixes just to have on my own Xbox for when a game offers a custom soundtrack but the default one doesn't do it for me.

>> No.8225869
File: 26 KB, 1048x272, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

also the writer (who is not a failed hollywood writer but a successful hollywood writer) is great

>> No.8226129

>Not DOA2U
>No Phantom Dust

>> No.8226225

FUN FACT: the 1.6 gfx chip wont play a handful of games correctly when loaded from the HDD. There are a few workarounds (i think a guy named RockyJ made a fix for it?) that can circumvent this but ive never bothered with it, I just burned them to a disc and they worked fine.

>> No.8227675

Is there no disc DRM system?

>> No.8227746
File: 877 KB, 358x380, tv-4.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all these retards talking about softmods
learn 2 solder

>> No.8227759

Basically just welding for gays

>> No.8227801

I was going to comment that you don't need to even know how to solder to hardmod an xbox, but I remembered when a guy tried to solder the points for a TSOP flash and held the iron to the board so long that it melted off nearby components.
Now I just recommend conductive ink to people that want to hardmod.

>> No.8228294

its not DRM, I think its a video codec problem.

>> No.8228348

>Play pirated games - No
Lmfao why? Who actually buys video games and movies?

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