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Let's talk about FF6: the best one of the Final Fantasies.

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I've probably played the World of Balance through about 10x more than I have the World of Ruin. And even then I've probably played through the World of Ruin minus Kefka's Tower about 5x as many times as I've been through Kefka's Tower.

I'm just so lazy.

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I guess you could say WoB was more balanced

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I loved it, but these discussions don't ever go anywhere (I swear there are other FFVI up on the catalogue), then fanboys show up.
I really want to replay it but the first 10 hours are so familiar and it feels like going through the motions.
Did anyone here spend a lot of time at the Colosseum?
I've always wanted 2 exp eggs.

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All I did in world of balance was Edgar and drill.

That shit just fucked everything ever up.

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>not reppin the chainsaw

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>I've always wanted 2 exp eggs.
There's a trick to getting some high-grade equipment early on, but the method can be a bit Sketchy.

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What is this purple being?

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Ultros, recurring joke boss from FF6/3

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I fucking love Ultros.

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I think that what you're talking about is beyond the Relm of most people's understanding. Sketchy isn't the word for it, and that bugs me. I don't even know why you'd say it was sketchy. The logic is invisible to me, but that doesn't make you my enemy, so let's save this discussion for another day. I've got a load of work to do, so I'll check you later after I've done inventory.

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I'm an octopus, you dumb piece of shit.

Now you made my eyes go crosseyed. I bet you knew I had this condition, too, you numbskull.

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[I hope he doesn't get mad at me for calling him dumb]

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He's the Carlos of /v/

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I'm a comedic genius on par with Richard Pryor, not some character from a kid's show.

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You're a real Dick

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that's just rude.

Also don't use that pic of me. I was very self conscious when I took it.

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back in 96/97 I was playing this game using a guide that my brother printed off from gameFAQs

Well, the guide explicitly warned against using sketch, with a somewhat casual remark that it will wipe your saves.

Nonetheless, I was absolutely terrified of that possibility. Even when sketch is required to progress the story, I cringed and crossed my fingers hoping nothing bad would happen. I hid Relm away and never used her. When Kefka's tower rolled around I threw her in Mog's party with Moogle Charm and Danced my way through the boss.

anyway, that's my story about FFVI

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Haven't played the game in years, but I've considered replaying it.
Are there any missable items/events I should know about?

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have mog when going through the water part so you can learn his dance. its only from there and you cannot go back

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Sabin master race reporting in.

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>These Ultros pictures.

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The game is a fucking masterpiece. There's tons of hidden things about it, like dinosaur forest and getting sucked inside a giant worm so you can find gogo.

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God I've missed the Ultros stand-up threads on /v/. Though I have to say...
was pretty damn funny.

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>I hid Relm
You missed out in the best spellcaster of that game. Her Ultimas were fucking dynamite.

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Man, /vr/, I just got back from a scat thread in /d/ and boy am I pooped.

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I was replaying OOT the other day, and man, can that game be frustrating. I needed a chicken to float over to a piece of heart and I couldn't find one. I hate being cock-blocked.

But say what you will about his sexuality, that Link is a strong fellow! Very athletic, no sport too tough. I hear hockey is really his game, though. He has a killer hook shot.

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I dunno, though, /v/. I don't trust these internet tests. People put too much importance on them. For instance, my friend Mr. Chupon just broke up with this girl because when they took the "WHAT FONT ARE YOU" test, she got Arial, and he got Garamond. Apparently she just wasn't his type.

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The hell- Is this the second FFVI circlejerk thread I've stumbled upon? funny how people think FFVII is the overrated one..

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/vr/ is filled with old retro gamers. Most babbys loved FF7 and never heard of FF6.

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Since when do octopi have teeth?

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