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Clive Sinclair, creator of the speccy, has died. He was 81.

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Australia-kun on suicide watch.

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oh boy

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That's genuinely SAD. This is like losing miyamoto

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just poasting before the inevitable sticky

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>Creator of the landmark ZX Spectrum and the less commercially successful C5

'less commercially successful'

lmfao, dude's fucking dead and they still couldn't resist ribbing him over the C5.

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Poor guy. He just wanted to make a learning tool so British schoolchildren could learn programming not try and futily recreate CPS-1 arcade games.

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Poasting in EPIC sticky.

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he combed over to the other side

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Great man, sad day. The spectrum has its place in history, now stop tarnishing this great man's legacy and leave it in the bin.

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once he saw all the terrible Zniggy shovelware games he was like fuck you all and sold his company to Amstrad, took his money, and made shitty electric bikes instead.

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this is genuinely sad, big RIP

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The intentions were noble; giving British students access to affordable home computing, strengthening technological prowess in the process.

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Sir Clive inadvertently made the most soulful videogame platform of all time.

Absolute fucking legend.

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Oh no, what a tragedy.

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Give Sir Clive his sticky, his computer is responsible for a whole plethroa of bedroom programmers that became big and had huge influence of gaming

t. old fag an ex speccy owner

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I'm declaring speccy war if this isn't stickied. Brothers are you with me!

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Never played the speccy but love the look of the ultra vibrant eye-raping graphics

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One of the most interesting home computers I didn't want to own back in the day. RIP madlad

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>thinking the zoomer tranny mods will sticky this

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Speccy bros...

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We shouldn't honor people who commit video game war crimes.

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Oi, me speccy... Rest in monocolour.

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If only you knew how gorgeous Speccy can be.

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I forget the term for it.

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Speccy was a mistake
But at least he tried

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Jesus they should have stayed in monocolor

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He never made a good computer, but he made them cheap, and if that's all you could afford then a bad computer was better than nothing.


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I agree with this, he inspired a generation of bedroom coders who are working in coding today.
Also provided a beginning for Rare (as Ultimate) and codemasters.

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Larry Bundy Jr on suicide watch

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Julian Gollop started out on a speccy too

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best speccy games?
usa anon here

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Fat Worm Blows a Sparky

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Why do normalfags hate the C5

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I enjoyed this one:


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Fuck Nintendo

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it's ok australia-kun, we're all going to be ok

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Rest in peace Sir Clive, the Speccy may seem like a weird old computer nowadays, but the impact it had on both the computing and gaming industries was truly something.

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It's an easy machine to get into since you can load everything with audio and clones can be built with all new off-the-shelf parts.

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This Oi me speccy is for you, knight Sinclair...

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Oi me speccy!

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all you need for storage is to just plug the cassette in/out into your PC's sound card and save stuff as WAV files

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Based Clive never forget he saved the gaming industry in our hearts 5eva

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Even though I had a C64 instead of a Spectrum there's definitely something intensely soulful about it. Those bleeds and farty sound effects are so distinctive and nostalgic, they really do represent a unique, special time, and a turning point in gaming history. RIP Clive

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Not the best gameplay, but I feel like Tim Follin deserves a shoutout for his intro songs:

Amazing what a pimped-out PC beeper, a Z80, and a mastering of arpeggio could pull off.

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>pulled out my speccy
>it doesn't turn on
Bros check your boxes they might have had a kill switch installed.

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The SPECTRUM, is shit. And you faggots who call it a, "speccy" are literally on the spectrum.

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oi me spicy!

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>anon jealous of everyone else playing real games and his parents only bought him Tiger LCD games

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I doubt you were around in the early to mid 80s.

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You fool, Sir Clive was never a lord. The soulless producer of ZX Spectrum +3 computers, Alan Sugar is a lord.

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It's not an alternative, it was a scam. Poor kids wasting their money on literally unplayable garbage instead of being allowed to save it on something worthwhile.

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Now I definitely know you're a baiting shithead.

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>we lost sinclair and wipeout the same day
british legacy is vanishing in front of our eyes

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Speccy is a learning tool first and foremost you retard. Besides it was the original home for devs like Rareware.

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>received knighthood in 1982

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F good tim>>8144298
es were had

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Boil me speccy

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Primitive as the ZX was, a lot of talented European coders of the 90s and 00s made their first steps on that little slab.

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I love how the mods keep removing posts that arent pro spectrum. Shit thread.

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Will boot up some spectrum games in honor of him

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go back faggot.

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Keep walking, pal.

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>shit console
>shit reddit meme
>shit sticky
>now shit board too since the rulechange


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You know Rare, those guys who did Banjo-Kazooie and all those other games? They started out as a ZX Spectrum developer called Ultimate
those are a decent starting point if you're looking to play speccy games

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If only he coulda died at birth.

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Sir ≠ Lord

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Lunar Jetman is still their finest work, imo.

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Oh you Brits and your phony titles :D

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Not retro

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F, from Argentina.

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Based mods

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Not a bad age.
Better than living longer but then deterorating to death over several years.

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Check your caps. And your power supply.

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Fucking biggest of F

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respect for that little cheap computer

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really average computers but decent man who had vision. RIP.
c5 was pretty awesome. if it had the battery tech of 2021 it would have been a massive success. sir clive was way too ahead of his time in regards to his thinking.

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Not a Bong but always had a soft spot for the slightly goofy looking C5. Would make for a great prop as some kind of personal transport in the sterile and clean office environments of a cyberpunk mega cooperation.

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The ultimate experience.

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Guy who set the European video game industry back to the stone age because he sold them cheap garbage.

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Oi me Speccy

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Can you maybe not try to shitpost in a sticky? Thanks.

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Sleep well penny pinching prince, a lot of big devs got started on that cheap micro you made.

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Oi me Speccy

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I might be American but F. He seems like he was a cool dude.

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Oi me Speccy

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>5 hours later
>less than 100 replies

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Oi, etc..

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Oi me speccy!

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Mods are deleting anything that isn't mindless praise.

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Speccy, me oi

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Yeah, I've been dicking around in BASIC on my T/S 2068 and that's how I'm saving everything out (and loading in, obviously). I can convert to TAP from there for emulators. I've been trying to program the AY/beeper to play Giant Steps but the beeper speaker isn't doing it any favors, and the SOUND command takes some getting used to.

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No, it was a good computer. It was really fast, it could run games smoothly without any sprites or tiles hardware, as well as play beautiful 16 channel sounding music using nothing but the bleeper.

>> No.8145295

I didn't even know he was still alive. The ZX-81 still interests me in that it was actually functional despite having only 1 KB of RAM.

>> No.8145303

It's an interesting little machine, I got one recently. The "scene" for them was pretty large since the price was so low, and the Z80 itself was certainly a capable chip so there's a ton of software available. Programing or playing games on that keyboard makes the Spectum seem like a Model M.

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It couldn't display anything but colourless text, so 1K was enough.

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The 16K RAM pack was pretty much mandatory and a lot of software requires it.

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RIP Sir Clive. I may like the C64 more but he was a great man with invaluable contributions. Bless him.

>> No.8145330

>24x32 display
>filling the entire screen with characters takes up 768 bytes

>> No.8145331

Well for running games, it was indeed quite needed.

>> No.8145336

Even for BASIC it's needed for this reason >>8145330... TIMEX did bump it up to TWO k for what it's worth.

>> No.8145338

welcome to /vr/. hang out with us and talk about old games

>> No.8145341

RIP. My grandfather always used to talk about this guy.

>> No.8145359

RIP legend

Thanks for the fun

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>a slow board has a slow sticky
watta a shocker

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It's not the mods, it's the no fun allowed janny

Utterly ridiculous.

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Oi me speccy!

>> No.8145468

Oi me Speccy

>> No.8145479

I think sir Clive would be happy with oi me speccy. It's marketing after all, and just shows the strength of the brand after all these years

>> No.8145484

It shows the strength of a meme maybe

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Oi me Speccy!

>> No.8145513

I still remember how all the earliest Robot Wars competitors were powered by "Sinclair C5" starter motors.

>> No.8145524

Oi me Speccy!

>> No.8145536

Im a britweeb burger who always was interested in the zx and finnaly got one last year, so here's an "oi me speccy" from an amerimutt who always thought the platform seemed super comfy.

>> No.8145601

/v/ is that way.

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File: 73 KB, 634x641, 3ED8CA6D00000578-4371950-In_happier_times_Clive_Sinclair_76_has_now_divorced_Angie_Bownes-a-34_1491086036950.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is the first /vr/ sticky?

Also, reminder that our boy Clivey married a stripper that he met at his local gentleman's club.

>> No.8145639

It's quite comfy, until you get a "tape loading error".

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Behold, the Sinclair wrist calculator.

What was the name of that weirdass scientific calculator he and his partner invented in a Texas motel room? It was the first cheap scientific calculator to market.

>> No.8145674

He built a lot of cool stuff, like the smallest portable CRT TV in the world.

>> No.8145703


That's good for a niche board like /vr/

>> No.8145707

Oi me speccy :'(

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>> No.8145720

Didn't he hate the Spectrum as a gaming machine? It was supposed to be educational.

>> No.8145725 [DELETED] 

who? lmao who cares about some dumb boomer OOLD FART HAHAHHAAHAHAHA

>> No.8145730 [DELETED] 

It's your turn some day.

>> No.8145740 [DELETED] 

I'm 26, I just posted that to be funny and then I remembered I'm on /vr/ not /v/. I sorry.

>> No.8145742

Whatever. Get COVID you spaz.

>> No.8145751

He changed his mind 3 years later.

>> No.8145752 [DELETED] 

:( some day we'll laugh over this, anon-kun-bro........ :)

>> No.8145763

Laser Squad
Lords of Midnight

>> No.8145774 [DELETED] 

Nah, I'm going to kill myself if this nonsense goes on for another year

>> No.8145778

>Laser Squad
The foundation work for X-COM

>> No.8145818 [DELETED] 

The mods in this board are disgusting trannys. They remove everything and ban anyone they don't agree with.

>> No.8145864

The willyvania genre can't recover from this


>> No.8145905

What is there to criticize about him that is /vr/ related? His biggest failure was trying to diversify Sinclair and make it some weird tech hype company selling portable TVs and electric scooters. He could have kept the Speccy going until the 90s without selling out to Sugar if he had focus, there was nothing actually wrong with the computers themselves

>> No.8145910

oi me speccy

>> No.8145918

His true passion was in electrical engineering, not computers. He just wanted to build cool stuff as long as he had the money to.

>> No.8145924

Oi, guvnor, me Speccy!

>> No.8145948

whats the best way to play Speccy and get roms for someone who knows nothing about it

>> No.8145975

What a fuckin shame. Pour one out for a legend

>> No.8145979 [DELETED] 

>the best way to play Speccy
>and get roms

>> No.8145981

You don't play Speccy games, as that word implies there's fun to be had.

>> No.8145989

Rest well, Clive. Thanks for the good times.
Tell Odin to send a redhead Valkyrie for me when my time comes.

>> No.8146017

Oi ...

... me Speccy

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Oi me speccy!

>> No.8146037

O I !

>> No.8146063

Oi me Speccy!

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>> No.8146217

Oi me speccy!
Never had one sadly.

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File: 76 KB, 500x374, where's my fucking sticky.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Dizzy games 1 to 6 as well as the brand new Wonderful Dizzy
Space Raiders II
Great Escape

Oi me speccy!
It was my first computer at the age of 5 and I can vividly remember when I saw it for the first time. Went round to my parents friends house and it had Manic Miner loaded on a colour TV. I knew right then I wanted it for Christmas.

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His wife is pretty hot if you're into proper English slags.

Also, are the mods English? Since when would yank mods give a shit enough about Sinclair to sticky?

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Rest in peace. Thanks for contributing to the history of a medium I dearly love.

>> No.8146413

Whats it feel like to die?

>> No.8146456

Jannies were warned of he consequences if this wasn't stickied.

>> No.8146467

Oi me speccy!

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I'm an old brit who grew up with the Beeb Micro, C64, Spectrum etc

Can someone please explain 'Oi me Speccy' to me

>> No.8146474

The man who sold a recumbent bike as a car.
The grift was strong with Clive.

>> No.8146487

It's a yank charicature of speccy bongs, predicated on the idea that you couldn't talk about the origins of gaming without some bong reminding everyone of how the speccy saved gaming from yanks. It triggered the great speccy war of 2020.

>Yeah the C64 was a great machine in its time
>Oi me speccy!

>> No.8146497

>Can someone please explain 'Oi me Speccy' to me

"Oi M8, got a loicence for that!". Burgers think our entire country is filled with either the Queens English or Cockneys.

>> No.8146501

Even if we don't think the whole country is filled with either or most Americans think cockney is pretty funny. As native english speakers almost any weird mutations of the language get that kind of reaction but to the mind of an ESL it's incomprehensible gibberish.

>> No.8146516

>Back to skool
That was a great game

>> No.8146554
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>Daphne from Frasier
>supposed to be from Manchester but speaks with a Yorkshire accent
>brother has a cockney accent

Yeah portrayals of british life tend to get screwed up over there

>> No.8146598

The stupid bastards don't even eat beans on toast.

>> No.8146601

if it had four wheels and a steering wheel normies would have loved it

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File: 316 KB, 1147x685, micro-men-press-shots-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For those who haven't seen it, Micro Men is a fairly historically accurate dramatization all about the rivalry between Clive Sinclair and Chris Curry during the British microcomputer revolution of the early 80s.


>> No.8146643

Been meaning to watch that. Thanks for reminding me.

>> No.8146646
File: 350 KB, 1600x614, lets-go-shopping-on-a-sinclair-c5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


We brits are intolerably hiveminded and any aspect of life which even displays the slightest sign of rejection quickly accelerates into full-blown merciless mockery

>> No.8146690

Oi me speccy!

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File: 835 KB, 1138x722, FMR_Tg500_am_1976-08-14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The FMR Tg500 wasn't popular either.

>> No.8146775

Loved the 50-in-1 mega tapes you could get for the system. All the games were clones, but they played just as well as the real thing. Favourite was a Star Wars clone.

>> No.8146780

That SW arcade clone plays and looks better than the official port

>> No.8146786


>> No.8146819

Oi me speccy, Sir Sinclair...

>> No.8146902

Oi me speccy!

>> No.8146983

Specctaccular feller there, roight moy m80s.

>> No.8147085

bugger me soidways mate
I'm well miffed

>> No.8147094

>Sir Sinclair
Sir Clive, you use first names with "Sir"

>> No.8147105

Dave Perry of Shiny Entertainment is an often overlooked ex-ZX guy as well

>> No.8147110
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>Super Mario Bros? That's a shit game, mate. Now Jet Set Willy that's a roight classic. Oi me Speccy!

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When I was a kid my C64 was my whole world, you couldn't tear me away from it

As soon as I discovered consoles and real games though, I never looked back

>> No.8147186
File: 17 KB, 960x720, image_2021-09-17_164917.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Known Errors: The final boss cannot be defeated. According to the author David Perry, this was made on purpose because the game used up so much memory that there was no room to include the ending.

>> No.8147281

>selling literal incomplete garbage

>> No.8147383

Other than Rare and Codemasters, what did the Speccy really give us in the end?

People shit on 2600 games for being simple and having primitive graphics, but at least they're usually well-designed, run buttery smooth and seem to be made by people who knew what makes video games fun.

But with the Spectrum, the developers, reviewers, and consumers alike seemed to define "good" as "having lots of content" (mazes) and "having lots of stuff on screen" (a dozen infinitely respawning enemies attacking you at once). What's worse, individual games brought in so little revenue that putting actual effort into them was a waste of time.

So many British devs credit the Spectrum/ZX81 for giving them experience in game development, but making shit games over and over again, instilling bad game design habits that you need to unlearn, is worse than having no experience at all.

>> No.8147447

>People shit on 2600 games for being simple and having primitive graphics, but at least they're usually well-designed, run buttery smooth and seem to be made by people who knew what makes video games fun.
this is a guy who's never played anything outside Activision games. believe me you don't want to know what the 2600's library looks like outside that.

>> No.8147470

imagic and atari themselves made solid software. I'd argue it was more difficult to make a bad game at that time. Activision was generally good and put out like 40 titles on their own. Some more beloved consoles don't even have 40 good games lol.

>> No.8147494

OI me Specxy!

>> No.8147540

Honestly those three wheeled motor bikes are popular now in YankeeLand, so it might have been just ahead of its time

>> No.8147543

systems like the 2600 or C64 are relatively easy to code on because the custom chips are doing most of the work. so you just have to update sprite counters each frame and do collision check/AI (not like an 8-bit game is going to have much AI anyway). on a Spectrum is just a bitmap screen so you have to be really good at assembly language to get anything moving around let alone smoothly. you have to use a lot of bit mask instructions to move objects and check for collisions and it's not nearly as fast as just modifying a sprite counter to change the position of something on screen.

>> No.8147553

Oi me Speccy!

>> No.8147564

It still beat the Apple II. The typical Spectrum game is a lot more dynamic than the typical Apple II game.

>> No.8147589

>107 unique posters
>on /vr/
>in a thread about the Zee Echs Spectrum
at least make it less obvious when you reset your router, man.

>> No.8147609

Oi me speccy!

>> No.8147610

>everything is a conspiracy

>> No.8147652

Atari, Activision and imagic were all A-list devs. The real garbage is from the C-listers who got into the game after they saw how much money Activision was making. Devs like Telesys, Apollo, Mythicon and Commavid - these are your real shit factories. Even then they managed to squeak out a good game here and there but by and large these guys just wanted to get as many games on the shelves as possible with zero regard for quality. Everyone likes to point to ET as the reason for the crash but it was only one piece of the puzzle, retailers stopped stocking video games altogether when they got left with piles of games from devs like the ones I mentioned going unsold and taking up space.

>> No.8147683

Why couldn't death have claimed Alan Sugar first?

>> No.8147706


All that's true but the C64's games were crap too, they just happened to look and run better. I'd argue that more memorable games came out of the Apple II and even IBM's systems just because the devs were mostly Americans putting out premium titles.

>> No.8147715


>> No.8147720

Oi me Speccy!

>> No.8147726
File: 1.23 MB, 1259x1696, EhlE8raXYAEka83.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Other than Rare and Codemasters, what did the Speccy really give us in the end?

The Speccy gave the UK a starting point to get into coding. It's easy to brush off the rest of it's content as shit, bar a few programmers and gamers, but you're forgetting that this was gaming's infancy. There was no manual on how to do good games, most were simply good if they were playable. The system wasn't even built with gaming in mind, unlike the Commodore and as far as I'm aware the Spectrum pissed all over the C64 in terms of the diversity of games. I look at Steam and think it's library is having a journey similar to that of the Spectrum.

>> No.8147738

C64 was power tooled for tile based game with sprites much like NES was and nobody ever accused either system of great diversity in gaming formats.

>> No.8147764


>There was no manual on how to do good games, most were simply good if they were playable.

American and (especially) Japanese developers had no problems producing great games in the early to mid 80s. SMB1 came out in 1987; with one exception, it took until the early 90s for Spectrum/C64 developers to start making games inspired by it.

>> No.8147781

SMB was 85 not 87 and since games like Giana Sisters were from the late 80s I'd say it wasn't until 1992 or something.

>> No.8147786

Yes anon, it took years to develop tools for a machine that was only developed for office work to play video games. It's pretty clear why the Spectrum was playing catchup in the gaming department.

>> No.8147825

File not found

>> No.8147843
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oi me speccy

>> No.8147871

Oi, me Speccy!

>> No.8147910
File: 523 KB, 4000x3000, 2021-09-17 22.37.45-min.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oi me Speccy! And thanks from Russia for our childhood. Speccy clones were all we could afford.

>> No.8147914

Oi ... me Speccy ...

>> No.8147921
File: 36 KB, 426x612, gettyimages-109550344-612x612.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He was the man.

>> No.8147930

Yeah I've noticed a lot of Russians are into the Speccy. As someone who's a fan of the Dizzy games I've seen a ton of Dizzy hacks and fan made games by Russians over the years.

>> No.8147948

oi mate, me speccy!

>> No.8147956

All the components were widely available, and a lot of factories, small companies or even a single person could make their own speccy clone. No wonder they were popular here. No one could make a 286 or 386 at home, and with price of 1000$+ these machines were totally out of reach for most people, who had to live for 30-50$ a month.

>> No.8147960


>> No.8148002

I never tried one, but even I know that he was influential to the world of computers.

>> No.8148017

Oi me zed ex

>> No.8148040

Oi me speccy

As a side note mods should have had willy/manic miner music on a loop in the sticky, I miss old 4chan

>> No.8148068

Oy mi Speccy

>> No.8148078

>The Speccy gave the UK a starting point to get into coding.

>It's easy to brush off the rest of it's content as shit, bar a few programmers and gamers, but you're forgetting that this was gaming's infancy.
>There was no manual on how to do good games, most were simply good if they were playable.
The Speccy came out in 1982, there were good games before this in arcades.

>The system wasn't even built with gaming in mind, unlike the Commodore and as far as I'm aware the Spectrum pissed all over the C64 in terms of the diversity of games. I look at Steam and think it's library is having a journey similar to that of the Spectrum.
I think that diversity isn't necessarily a strength, because looking at Steam, there's an incredibly lopsided ratio of quantity over quality. I also wouldn't call the C64's library lacking.

>> No.8148092

>The Speccy came out in 1982, there were good games before this in arcades.

I would have thought with me mentioning that the Spectrum wasn't made with games in mind gave the hint why it was troublesome in it's early years. The Speccy didn't start doing good games until 48K was available.

>> No.8148104

nvm me then, I'm tired and retarded

>> No.8148142
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>> No.8148205


>> No.8148218

it always was but in the early days you could also get it in 16k and 32k configurations. by 1984 or 85 they would have discontinued those.

>> No.8148230 [DELETED] 

because nobody cares about this trash besides you anglo shithole

>> No.8148238

The spectrum unironically makes me wish I was british
>you will never have a spectrum
>you will never learn to code
> You will never work for peak Rare

America just feels so soulless as a country. Even our video game devs, none of us have the attitude of Japanese or European devs. It's all cynical

>> No.8148245

LucasArts had it anyway.

>> No.8148253

Considering the comment from the Russian in here, it appears the UK wasn't the only place on Earth to have this bedroom coder zeitgeist.

>> No.8148273

I wish bedroom coding culture still existed or that learning to code was as easy and entertainment based as it was back then
Now everything just feels nearly autonomous and too many systems on top of systems and libraries calling libraries. And everyone is expected to be making the same generic 'productive' software and you have to distribute games on a digital storefront.
Man what am I supposed to do? How do I make speccy tier games that aren't a larp? Make some kind of python game using programmer assets and start distributing it on CDs at the local petrol station?

>> No.8148297

Now if you'd seen the Spectrum's Galaxian versus the "port" that the C64 got...lyl.

>> No.8148375


>> No.8148382


Are those old 80s computers harder to use in Cyrillic or about the same?

>> No.8148401

Oi me Speccy

>> No.8148430

I only have my spectrum clone "Delta-S", didn't have any other soviet 8-bit computers of that time, like BK series. Mine is almost exactly the same as the original ZX48, despite having language switch key, which just doesn't work. The ROM was slightly modified though, by including turbo loading feature, a new font and different button pressing sound. Some variants of my machine did have ROM with russian locale, and that made ~30% of software incompatible with that machine. So the majority all used their spectrum clones in English, and that even helped with learning the language.

>> No.8148521

Ah, that's cool.

>> No.8148542

it is your solemn duty to keep this on the first page to spite the transexual moderators who unpinned this thread

>> No.8148569


>> No.8148575

I'm finna criggy

>> No.8148632

This but unironically

>> No.8148635


Oi me Speccy!

>> No.8148906

oi me speccy

>> No.8148912

Fucking loved YS for forging a completely irreverent path in a market of po-faced micro mags

>> No.8148923
File: 1.02 MB, 1239x788, 1626088746630.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You should be grateful they stickied it in the first place.

Is this the first /vr/ sticky, btw?

>> No.8148931 [DELETED] 

>Is this the first /vr/ sticky, btw?
I'm pretty sure the thread asking about doing the rule change last year was sticky'd.

>> No.8148938

Oi me speccy!

>> No.8148943

Oh yeah. Well, I guess this would have to be the first In memoriam sticky. Very fitting.

>> No.8148948
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They don't think it be like it is but it do.

>> No.8148959
File: 28 KB, 1024x768, img_8766.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

really early Speccy game from '82. it's very much like a VIC-20 game in fact I wouldn't doubt the programmer had done VIC-20 stuff especially given the text font on the title screen.

>> No.8149174

The C5 is so fucking cool. If I ever get famous, I promise I'm gonna make it popular.

>> No.8149189

Oi me Speccy!

>> No.8149190

>Is the first /vr/ sticky?
Some nip who created the konami cheat code got a sticky back when he died

>> No.8149196

What the hell, he's more based than I've ever thought. Good for him, he seems to have enjoyed his last years.

>> No.8149263


>> No.8149264


>> No.8149293

Oi me speccy!!!!

>> No.8149295

Oi me Speccy!

>> No.8149314

>It’s no secret among my colleagues at Nintendo that I am a big admirer of Sir Clive Sinclair, the English electronics designer. There’s actually a funny story about how he influenced the designs of the Game and Watch and later Game Boy systems. Yamauchi-san was very eager to enter the burgeoning home gaming market but many executives at Nintendo were concerned about the prohibitive cost of the cutting edge microchip technology used at the time. So I was tasked with finding a way to create a cheap and affordable alternative. A colleague at R&D1 told me about this micro-computer in England called the ZX Spectrum. Apparently it was running off of a simple Z80 processor and very little else! But it was extremely popular and selling very well. So of course, I immediately travelled to England to find out more about this machine. Actually, thanks to one of the UK based distributors of our arcade machines, I was lucky enough to meet Clive Sinclair and received what you might call a mini lecture on the architecture of the ZX Spectrum […] he was very forthcoming with information and I could immediately sense his passion about computing and electronics. What I learnt that day, I subsequently implemented in the Game and Watch handhelds, developing my philosophy of ‘lateral thinking with withered technology’. With this philosophy, we can take even the most primitive micro-processor, as seen in the Casio calculators of the time, and create a fun gameplay experience. Yes, there is no doubt in my mind that without the influence of Clive Sinclair and the ZX Spectrum, Nintendo as we know it today would not exist.
—Gunpei Yokoi, interview in Dengeki Super Famicom magazine, 1994

rip legend

>> No.8149325

I almost missed this retarded copypasta.

>> No.8149381

Actual video of British PM Margaret Thatcher showing Nintendo's Gunpei Yokoi the power of the Speccy

>> No.8149387

Oi me speccy!

>> No.8149616 [DELETED] 

Gunpei Yokoi was the Prime Minister of Japan?

>> No.8149663

Doing more with less

>> No.8149668

keep telling yourself that, nintendie revisionist

>> No.8149673

Except not.

>> No.8149679

This isn’t NES

>> No.8149680

>working in coding
Wew, faggot.

>> No.8149682

fake - extreme samefagging

>> No.8149684

RIP Sticky

>> No.8149685

That's not what the video is.

>> No.8149739


>> No.8149741

oi me sticky?

>> No.8149774
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Oi me Omni

>> No.8149791

Oi me speccy!

>> No.8150038

Just bumpin' Sir Clive to where he belongs.

>> No.8150169
File: 70 KB, 300x424, EB466681-FEC3-46BB-A57A-C86C35B0FE91.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Polly Wonker’s Big Day Out!
Part & Parcel 2
Rummage Larry
Barry McDougal’s Championship Darts

>> No.8150172

Oi me speccy!

>> No.8150216

I recall a few other stickies, one this year even.

>> No.8150326

Damn, the zx spectrum sounds like THAT

>> No.8150751

It lead to the Dizzy series, which were some of my favourite games as a kid.

>> No.8150778

They did some wild shit with that beeper. The 128k and later Amstrad models also have an AY chip in them (the Timex does too).

>> No.8150830
File: 1.35 MB, 980x692, Wonderful Dizzy Poster Map.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you aware there was an unofficial Dizzy 8 by the Oliver Twins about a year ago?


>> No.8150928

>New game in a series made by the same people who have made every other game in the series
In what world is that "unofficial"?

>> No.8150943


>> No.8150950

It's not published by Codemasters who own the IP (soon to be sold to EA or Activision).

>> No.8150978

It had very good ports of R-Type and Green Beret/Rush 'n Attack.

>> No.8151183

The 128k can sound pretty groovy, that Doom homebrew has a very cool music track to it.

>> No.8151197

That was one of my most anticipated games, but I've not gotten around to playing it yet. I played the web game they uploaded for some competition a few years ago though.

>> No.8151365

no one will care when you die

>> No.8151424

That it can, surprisingly so. I mentioned above I've been playing around with the AY chip in BASIC on my Timex. Though it's implemented totally differently on the 128k/Amstrad machines. The envelope filtering I can't quite figure out.

>> No.8151818

Oi me Speccy!

>> No.8151838

I always used to think he was the GAMES ANIMAL because they've got the same name. Turns out they're actually different people. Speaking of THAT Dave Perry he tried to make a shit youtube comeback a couple of years back. It was shit.

>> No.8151842

Oi me Speccy!

>> No.8151863

You need to put it on tapes, sneak into corner shops and stick the tapes to random magazines.

>> No.8151869

Not him but what has that got to do with anything? He's talking about Sinclair - wtf are you talking about?

>> No.8151872

oi me speccy

>> No.8151875

Too late for your lies, tojo!

>> No.8151880

You're an idiot then. Also Dave Perry has never put a bad product out. Either of them.

>> No.8151883

oi, ... me speccy

>> No.8151886

I was also about 8.

>> No.8151896

And Dave Perry's youtube channel was shit. He also cocked up that Mario 64 challenge and went in the huff for 26 years which was a pretty rubbish product from him......or should I say YOU?!

>> No.8151912

Normally the beeper-only spectrum sounded like... a beeper, was used for such, and it wasn't until the AY chip that speccy games generally got OSTs.

The way to make the beeper produce complex music is so convoluted that someone wrote an entire paper on it.
Long story short since the beeper's single channel could theoretically produce a range of 10 octaves at 1 bit, you could use the RAM to preload pseudo-channels to read and have the CPU pass them to the beeper so fast that you wouldn't perceive the "break" in each peudo-channel as the actual channel alternated between them.

The caveats are that it eats up so much CPU time that it was mostly only good for title screens, and the CPU can only switch between so many channels quickly enough before you begin to notice the break between the channels, at least subconsciously. That's why Agent X, which uses 5 pseudo-channels, has that unique noise to it:
Everything there is one channel.


>> No.8151917

oi me Speccy!

>> No.8151931

The first game I played when I got my ZX Spectrum +. This or Chequered Flag, I can't be sure

>> No.8152137

No one cared when OP died either. Had a sticky that lasted 24 hours and a string of shitposters just going "oy my spectacles"

>> No.8152161

oi me speccy

>> No.8152176

Zx spectrum is pure soul. I wish I was janny for a day to kick you punks back to /v/

>> No.8152396

Oi me speccy

big sad for you brit boffins

>> No.8152465

>“I think part of my motivation of personal computing was the thought that if you could get computer power into the hands of a lot of people, it could provide some counterweight to corporate power. Never in my wildest dreams could I have predicted the evolution of the Internet and I would never have predicted the degree to which corporates have changed the Internet’s character over time.”

>> No.8152479

Oi me speccy

>> No.8152795
File: 62 KB, 288x238, 1609055875141.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm still impressed with Psion's Flight Simulation.
It's hardly a mindblowing flight simulator, but when you consider it's on the spectrum it's actually very impressive. (They also made a ZX-81 version, which is wild, though the much weaker hardware is very obvious.)

>> No.8152817 [DELETED] 

no one cares about gay British man this is an america board fuck off

>> No.8152867

Damn. It's like we took two steps back.

>> No.8152945 [DELETED] 

seethe more

>> No.8153772

Oi me Speccy!

>> No.8153780

bugger me bollocks mate!
wot appened to da sticky?

>> No.8153828


>> No.8153862

Oi, me speccle

>> No.8154054

Bros... we gotta get Sir Clive's thread to the bumplimit...

>> No.8154152
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>> No.8154352

We'll do it, brother.

Oi me Speccy!

>> No.8154394

Oi me Speccy!

In Spain we loved the Spectrum, we got a really big industry here on that times. Dinamic, Topo Soft, Opera, Zigurat and many more local companies made great games for Sir Clive´s machine.

>> No.8155090

Rodland, suprisingly decent port of an arcade game.

>> No.8155441

The homebrew games alone in my opinion make the Spectrum worth checking out, the things folks have done with the hardware in the years past its prime are some of the best on the platform. Here's some:
>Gommy Medieval Defender
>Aliens Neoplasma
>Hell Yeah
>Invasion of the Zombie Monsters
>Valley of Rains
>SQIJ 2018
>RI: Retroinvaders
>Los Amores de Brunilda
>Gimmick! Yumetaro Odyssey
>Delta's Shadow
>Space Disposal
>Cray 5
>Genesis: Dawn of a New Day
>El Stompo
>ZXombies: Dead Flesh
>Ooze: The Escape

Also some real quality modern ports of games that never got an official port back when the games were new; stuff like Mighty Final Fight, Knightmare 1 and 2, King's Valley and Dingo.

>> No.8155462

Rodland was made with the actual arcade source code and sprite sheets unlike 90% of arcade ports.

>> No.8155494

Oi me Speccy!

>> No.8155763

Are you sure? This thread is alive without a sticker for quite some time.

>> No.8155769

Oi me Speccy!

>> No.8155772

i love stickers

>> No.8155773

oi! me speccy!

>> No.8155778 [DELETED] 
File: 21 KB, 474x647, 4D7112D4-8BF9-440A-9162-6D1D84E68775.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>When R&D1 began work on Metroid, our initial aim was to try to make something different from the typical side-scrolling platform games of the time. After many weeks of discussion about how to do this, it wasn’t until Yokoi-san returned from a business trip in England that we found our direction. Yokoi-san brought back with him a micro-computer called the ZX Spectrum that was very popular in England at the time. I think its low cost and efficient use of mature microchip technology appealed to his famous design philosophy "Lateral Thinking of Withered Technology” that informed his contributions to the creation of the Famicom and Game Boy. Yokoi-san showed us several games on the ZX Spectrum, but it was two in particular that really stood out: Jet Set Willy and Technician Ted. Both games featured non-linear exploration of a vast, interconnected map and gave a strong atmosphere of solitude and isolation within the game world. It was obvious, almost immediately, that this was the direction we should go in. Yes, I would say that these two games more than any were a direct influence on Metroid.
—Yoshio Sakamoto, Nintendo, speaking at the 2010 Game Developer’s Conference

>> No.8156165

Oi me speccy!

>> No.8156620

Never was said. Can't you respect the memory of a dead man by finding real quotes instead of reposting your bad copypastas?

>> No.8157097

Oi me Speccy!

>> No.8157635

Sinclair was a real /vr/ lad, built a goddamn flat CRT. If that ain't /vr/ then I don't know what is.

>> No.8157654

zniggy's gone to heaven

>> No.8157798

Oi me speccy!

>> No.8157883

Oi me speccy!

>> No.8158136

Oi me Speccy!

>> No.8159356

Oi me speccy!

>> No.8160195

Oi me Speccy!

>> No.8161171

Clive Sinclair along with Chris Curry (Acorn) and Alan Sugar (Amstrad) brought home computing to the UK's public. These guys are up there with Steve Wozniak and Bill Gates.

The most popular being the ZX Spectrum, which is still loved 40 years on.

The Acorn Archimedes/BBC Micro, found in every uk school, and gave us the 5 1/4 inch floppy drive and gave the world the ARM cpu which is used in a lot of things today.

and later the Amstrad CPC, which gave us computer and data device in 1, as well as a system whose capabilities are still not fully known more than 35 years on. (eg: batman forever demo 2011)

The competition at the time would have been, Commodore, apple, msx, ibm and atari.

Although the British computers were not so popular in the USA, they did dominate a large majority of the european/commonwealth market across the water.

these 3 companies headed by 3 guys who were colleagues/friends, made significant contributions to the computer industry, not just for the Uk but worldwide.
They are part of that legacy, and will always be remembered for it.

so give Clive a break over the C5, it was just too ahead of its time.

>> No.8161208


>> No.8161213

Oi me Speccy!

>> No.8161218

Are u me? first played a zx spectrum when i was 5yo back in 1991, it was either horrace goes skiing or an F1 game called checkered flag, belonged to my uncle still have them to this day.

>> No.8161223




>> No.8161224

>were not so popular in the USA
they talk about it and curry has strong feelings about the american FCC being a gateway to prevent foreigners from being allowed to sell there (among other problems they had)

>> No.8161231

Fuckin amerifats

>> No.8161234

Oi me speccy

>> No.8161702

You have 100%'d the best non-linear Castlevania game, which is exclusive to the ZX Spectrum, right /vr/?

>> No.8161703

Oi me Speccy!

>> No.8161729

Has nothing on the actual GOAT Willyvania, the Sega Shiturn port of Symphony of the Night.

>> No.8161751

Oi me speccy!

>> No.8161769

>they talk about it and curry has strong feelings about the american FCC being a gateway to prevent foreigners from being allowed to sell there (among other problems they had)
It wasn't because American manufacturers had to obey the same stupid regulations that were largely reduced by 1982 anyway. Not everything is snipers hiding behind grassy knolls.

>> No.8161801

>FCC keeps foreigners from not being able to sell goods in America
>Japan goes on to dominate the entire US auto and consumer electronics market in the same decade

>> No.8161951

Oi me Speccy!

>> No.8162303

doesn't Japan have basically the same electronics standards as the US anyway (save for the 50/60hz thing) unlike Britain.

also cars would surely come under DoT with only their radios and (if you were rich) car-phones coming under the FCC's jurisdiction.

>> No.8162417


>> No.8162709

japan is a us colony though, look at the origin and evolution of Sega for example.

>> No.8163701

Oi me Speccy!

>> No.8163710

This bloke is an unfunny cunt

>> No.8163716

Hope they man up at one point to kick the yanks out for good, but then China will probably start shit

>> No.8163727

Eat shit you schizo

>> No.8164415

Oi me speccy!

>> No.8165845

muh spectrum

>> No.8165891

I'll help, I was a c64 user but my friend had a speccy and I used to go over and play on it all the time. It was weird when we all changed over to master systems etc, I felt some degree of loyalty to a machine which was stupid.
The C5 was ahead of its time and Sir Clive was a visionary. He probably got brutalised by the oil oligarchs as his machines threatened them. Sadly the only one I got to drive was on Monty Mole but if I saw one today I'd squeal with delight in a very unmanly way.

>> No.8165898

Source or suck my dick.
I looked high and low an didn't found shit.

>> No.8165932

Oi me speccy!

>> No.8166021

speccy bams innit

>> No.8166121

fuck off seppo

>> No.8166380

>massive speccy thread
>no webms

>> No.8166570

yo why the dragon got a lil chicken bit hanging off its neck

>> No.8166646

It's a turkish dragon, so it's part turkey.

>> No.8166679 [DELETED] 

In the late 80s, future Video Game magnate Shigeru Miyamoto spent roughly 7 or 8 months sojourning in the United States. He was there conducting a tryst with a local american woman who later became the visual inspiration for Princess Toadstool. Following the release of the smash-hit platformer, Mario brothers, featuring Nintendo's most popular long-running mascot, Miyamoto's profile had raised considerably. As a result, he was forced to use codenames/decknames/pseudonyms wherever he was staying. Most commonly, he used the name "Scott Foreman" because it looked completely innocuous and uninteresting on a hotel registry. This was confirmed by the then-manager of the best western motel that Shige was staying at, who said, "Well, I'd never met an oriental fellow named Scott before, but his money was still green and I afforded him the privacy I extended to all of my motel guests. I distinctly remember he was a very generous tipper, and one time even gave me tips on beating world 3 in Mario. (We had a NES at the reception desk at the time)"

>> No.8166685 [DELETED] 
File: 331 KB, 800x1251, come on now.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


During his stateside sojourn, Miyamoto was known to use the Scott Foreman name to indulge in one of his more deviant behaviors, hosting plus sized modeling pageants in the lobby or tangerine ballroom of whatever middle-shelf lodging he was currently living out of. Rumors say that Miyamoto had a strong affinity for natural blondes with large breasts, pouty lips and ample hips. The winner of the pageant received several thousand Yen worth of prize money, as well as a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend a private audition, in miyamoto's suite, for the coveted role of princess Toadstool. These women would become known as the "Scott Foreman Girls" and would also be lent out to japanese advertising agencies to endorse products targeted at american GIs. It's estimated that Miyamoto spent as much as $6.5 million dollars over a period of 3 years indulging his eccentricities.

>> No.8166693 [DELETED] 

Miyamoto would typically bill his expenses to nintendo directly, once again under the name Scott Foreman. This incensed the president of nintendo of tokyo who said on record "this scott, he lacks filial piety, and his manners are of a lower status than a cambodian's." And thus, the hunt for Scott Foreman was on. Nintendo spent the equivalent of $450,000 USD in a single year investigating the matter. Meanwhile, Miyamoto was on an unflappable hotstreak, notching one smash hit genre-defying wunderproduct after another. He was a veritable rockstar in Japan, he was the toast of the yakuza, and the toast of the salaryman alike. But things were not well in the Scott Foreman camp, unbeknownst to all but his closest confidants, Miyamoto was living a double life in the States. With mounting alimony payments, gambling debts, the walls began to close in. Piles of cash disappeared overnight, checks were coming back insolvent. Scott Foreman was at rock bottom when the dulcet tones of inspiration would strike the most profound harmonic swell of his illustrious career: he had the idea for his next game, he would combine his love of Mario with his love of defacing gardens and his love for french circus. He would call it: Mario Madness

>> No.8166697 [DELETED] 

After notching another all-time legendary success in his belt, Miyamoto grew ever restless. "Innovation" he said, "Innovation is my brand, how can brand grow if innovation is left to wither like cherry brossom in winter?" During one of his many trips to the united states, Miyamoto resided with one of his Scott Foreman girls to grow closer to his illegitimate son Junichiro. This culminated in a now-legendary outing at the Louisville Zoo, where Scott Foreman would be struck through the heart with divine inspiration once again. While visiting the great ape exhibit, he was taken aback by the raw personality and impishness displayed by the denizens of the exhibit: "They are much like filipinos," he added "but there is glass between us, so I am not in danger." This revelation convinced Miyamoto that consumers, too, would be similarly enthralled with the antics of their simian counterparts, provided that they were only being enjoyed through the proxy of a television screen. Throughout the rest of his stay, the idea grew on miyamoto, and he decided he could repurpose the Donkey Kong character in an action scotformer context, abandoning the horror overtones of the original character. He decided to christen this fresh concept with a fresh design. "Donkey Kong was originally gorilla salaryman, because inside every salaryman is raging beast! but oh no! monkey in suit no test well! so we settle on just tie to accent his divine animalistic fury." Nintendo accepted his final design with profound hesitation: would the game sell well outside of the philippines? would a tie be enough to justify Donkey being elected president of Donkey Kong Country? Time would prove Scott Foreman right once again.

>> No.8166705

Why is the zx spectrum sound beeper so good

>> No.8166873


>> No.8166945


>> No.8166980


>> No.8167017
File: 1.32 MB, 646x472, speccy-darkstar.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8167034
File: 2.08 MB, 832x642, speccy-darkstar2.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8167057

I personally think Star Raiders 2 is the best spaceship game on the system.

>> No.8167748
File: 2.36 MB, 471x403, speccy-r-type.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

speccy tried so hard

>> No.8167852

Man, if you up the speed to x1.5 speed it actually looks alright.

>> No.8168238

Oi me speccy!

>> No.8168696

As much as I don't like the specturum....

Oi me speccy.

>> No.8168796
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>> No.8170182

did anyone ever hook up a spectrum to a TV80?

>> No.8170623

Anons watch this movie if you haven't, it's all sorts of fun and has Martin Freeman in it before he got big in America

>> No.8171040

In many ways it's like the british Pirates of Silicon Valley. Both great too.

>> No.8171048

By the way, Sinclair hated it and said it was all bullshit. But that was someone like him you could expect to say, same way Jobs disliked Pirates. I think others that appeared in the movie said it was fairly accurate.

>> No.8171649

Oi me Speccy!

>> No.8171798

why wouldn't he say it was all bullshit? it's basically an ad campaign that he didnt have control of and barely benefit from. No reason to give them more of a helping hand than you have to.

>> No.8171812

oi me speccy!
Godpseed, Sir Clive!

>> No.8172261

it plays really well at the native speed tbqhfam. Though it takes like 30 mins to load from tape, and then again for each level.

>> No.8174053

Oi me Speccy!

>> No.8175936

Thanks, anon.

>> No.8177095

Oi me speccy!

>> No.8178215

oi me spackers

>> No.8178265


>> No.8178296

>Not an "oi me speccy"
u wot m8

>> No.8178314

Oj, min späcky

>> No.8178363

Just found out
RIP Sir Clive

>> No.8178458

>1 week
>didn't reach bump limit
>less than 200 unique IPs
I don't like the specter, but this guy deserved better.
also embarrassing to see it was australia-kun the one who posts these fake Miyamoto quotes. Let this guy rest in peace dude, don't bring some other developer to the obituary thread.

>> No.8178574

>but this guy deserved better
/vr/ is mostly people in their 20s and early 30s, with a minority of people above and below that. Outside of maybe some Brits and Russians, there just isn't that much of the Speccy demographic around here.

The Commodore 64 and Apple II don't get all that much attention here either, nor does the Amiga, people here are more into consoles and PC.

>> No.8180656
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>> No.8182064

>fake Miyamoto quotes
nigger what?

>> No.8182087

what game is this?

>> No.8182093

>not knowing Outrun

>> No.8182095

>being upset that somebody isn't as much of a boomer as you are

>> No.8182125

this is a wonderful thread, it melts my heart that people could come together to honor clive. Rest in power, king.

>> No.8182157

I agree, this entire thread made me stop hating those stupid zoomer retards as much. Clive was a great man with a great plan.

>> No.8182182
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wow the board is really jumpin tonight, let me bump up this here thread so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle. Sending my regards to clive's widow.

>> No.8182215


>> No.8182219 [DELETED] 


>> No.8182287

here's clivey

>> No.8182298


>> No.8182319


>> No.8182379 [DELETED] 

for cryin in a cup, what the heckaroonie is going on in this thread

>> No.8182470

i miss him already bro's

>> No.8182491

These 3D effects are pretty amazing

>> No.8182524 [DELETED] 
File: 17 KB, 325x150, 1598595265480.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for the lore dump, scottformer-kun

>> No.8182774 [DELETED] 

Yeah, most of that was people resetting their routers and phone posting.

>> No.8183072


>> No.8183262 [DELETED] 

gay aids

>> No.8185068

oi that's a spicy speccy

>> No.8185070 [DELETED] 

>Yeah, most of that was people resetting their routers and phone posting.
>literally no proof
you're a funny guy you fucking nut

>> No.8185123

anudda bump

>> No.8185204

woah haha this thread just does NOT want to stay at the top of the catalog, for some reason haha. Let's change that, /vr/

>> No.8185216

Oi me Speccy!

>> No.8185234 [DELETED] 

>resetting their routers and phone posting.
what do you mean? also bump for this glorious thread

>> No.8185241

Yeah, haha

>> No.8185274 [DELETED] 

oh my bad, i deleted that post because I realized I was wrong and retarded, don't mind me, getting a bit old you know

>> No.8187324
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bump, i guess

>> No.8187665

you guessed correctly

>> No.8187693

I'm an american zoomer and I think the ZX Spectrum is genuinely cool. Ive had the most fun with it's games for it's generation because they are so unique and creative.
I'm jealous of the UK people. I wish I could own the hardware now but it's way too expensive for americans

>> No.8187705

Oi me Speccy!

>> No.8187834

Oye como va

>> No.8187880

It can be done, kid.

>> No.8187943
File: 21 KB, 320x240, Oswald Mosley the video game ZX spectrum loading screen.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Memes aside the ZX spectrum did have a great impact on gaming history both in England and abroad, let alone the ripple effect of teaching millions of Bongs about programming. Clive Sinclair was truly a visionary.

>> No.8187960

Mods don't like speccy because they're fags
No money so they're dressed in rags
No gf, they're all alone
Because they weigh seventeen stone
Fuck off jannie mods, I love my spectrum
Don't like it? Shove it up your rectum

>> No.8187969


>> No.8188430

Oi me speccy!

>> No.8188436

This isn't a real speccy it's like a mister or rasppi

>> No.8188817


>> No.8188906

In the history of home computing in general, he is likely more important. He really did a lot to bring these systems to the masses and help push the home computing revolution of the 80s.

>> No.8188942

Incorrect, it's a full on hardware clone. Does not use any FPGA. It contains a Harlequin SuperFO board which has proven timings. This is more akin to Russian spectrum clones except with quality of life improvements like SD card slots and joystick ports built in. This is nowhere near the same thing as a pi or MiSTer.

>> No.8189113
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Fecks me right in the speccy

>> No.8189124
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Goddamn, I had no idea

RIP and why is this not a sticky

>> No.8189180

It was for a while.
Then somebody decided a few days is long enough and unstickied it.

>> No.8189183

nah, he didn't so.

>> No.8189297
File: 2.19 MB, 2880x2807, 2880px-Sinclair_C5_with_high_vis_mast.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

WTF the C5 actually looks kind of cool. People should stop trying to bully it.

>> No.8189303

It looks like something Cinderella lost

>> No.8189490

A few days? Did it get sticked for more than 24 hours even?

>> No.8190141

Pretty sure it was only stickied on the actual day he died, the next day it was unstickied.

>> No.8190893

Oi me speccy

>> No.8190943


>> No.8191010

It got a full day, iirc. We're still here 14 days later at any rate.

>> No.8191013

what do you mean?

>> No.8191017 [DELETED] 

kek one of the smacktard tranny mods must have put it on autosage, why is this board ran by such futureless losers?

>> No.8191028

That's fascinating.

>> No.8191037

this thread is ~2 weeks old and we're still postan is all I meant.

>> No.8191046

this thread should be up for months, he was an important guy.

>> No.8191063
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Oh fuck


>> No.8191293 [DELETED] 

>be jannie
>think that 6th gen is retro

>> No.8191771

Wow, a lot more faithful than I was expecting

>> No.8191782

>Speccy thread couldn't even reach the bump limit before going on autosage

>> No.8191923

Yea, these are all pretty great.

>> No.8192080

RIP thread

>> No.8192117

We'd be there if tranny jannies hadn't deleted all the banter and insightful interview excerpts.

>> No.8192198

speccy lick my anus

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