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Anymore like this ?

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is that george costanza playing gamecube?

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>no visible display
>no VMU
>flaccid, loose grip

hello fellow video game players

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he also appeared in an xbox event with uncle bill before they took a plane to CP island.

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Think they fucked afterwards?

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definitely, but not each other.

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The alarmed and vaguely pained expression really makes the photo.

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Sabrina the teenage witch playing Sonic Adventure

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I'd go on an adventure with her, if you catch my drift.

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No, I'm afraid I don't. Can you explain in detail what you mean?

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I'd travel with her to Salem to visit her cat and have brunch. Sorry, I thought it was pretty obvious.

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It's the face I imagine autists make when you call Prime an FPS

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You should have seen her play Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

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Lol I was just about to post that. Hopefully she got better.

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>90's grunge Kim Kardashian
man, she used to be cute

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Will Smith playing Bases Loaded on the NES.

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Also, the third stick is going right up her ass, so she was trained from a young age.

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>exact same screen in both shots
Think you meant "posing", not "playing"

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anon, every photo in this thread is a posed publicity shot except ishiggydiggy man who was unironically angry because they interrupted his pb speedrun

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What else would you call it?

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You mean people who totally did kill themselves?

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If you like footy you might recognize those men.

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Do you honestly think successful people actually play video games? If they played any games at all, they would've only played the most basic, entry level titles.

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He's posing for a picture, but I'm sure he had it installed in his car for a reason.

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I refuse to believe that Morrissey has ever touched a video game

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>have to do things all day that don’t include playing video games for 12+ hours

Idk how anyone can manage to live like this

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Whoever wrote this is definitely now a redditor
(no, morrisey didn't write it, it was a parody piece in a game mag)

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>installed in his car
or he was just holding a controller not connected to anything

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Okay, how do they know it's StarCraft?

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"Shit," obviously

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>They finally did it!
>They ruined Metroid, Jerry!

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Players talked about it during interviews. Tim Duncan would bring his laptop to visit Sean Elliot in the hospital and they would play.

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I sure hope you guys don't do this

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>Vernon Reid: Tetris
That's fucking hilarious
This makes a ton of sense if you've ever seen him on stage

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Was this hooked up with composite or something better?

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>Do casuals know about input lag?

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Lil b is a gamer, loves his saturn

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gumpei yokoi was str8 rubbed out

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gtfo here with your weakass bing wahoo
the king only plays sega

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Is that OJ? This explains so much!

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desu this is a pretty good fake morrissey impression

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Me on the right.

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How will bing bing wahoos ever recover?

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Too soon

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He was preparing himself for the monent

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Why is literally every based person on the planet a Genesis and Sonic fan?

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theres a video of them playing StarCraft in their hotel room

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Does anybody have the magazine picture of John Petrucci saying he has a sega saturn in his tour bus at all times? Around the time the dude wrote some tracks for the based Necromonicon game. I can't find it but I know it exists.

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Road Rash was so damn good. Why can't any one make a game like this? There was some game that tried but it fucking sucked. Getting knocked off the bike and having to get on it again is a key element.

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I don't recognize that person, but she reminds me of some people I've seen before.

to be fair, that Sonic 2 challenge is hard. The beta which they were playing on was leaked a year or two ago, and honestly I couldn't do the same challenge on my first try, and I didn't have a game I was unfamiliar with that I had to do in front of a live audience.

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skitchin' was a pretty good game too

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depends on what you define as successful, but entertainers aren't beyond it. Biggie famously rapped about gaming in multiple songs. Matt Perry has his infamous Klonoa tweets.

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that's so fuckin based

The king even had it in his contract that an arcade machine would be available for him at all times on tour.

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Should've been playing Bronco USA instead

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sega was the console to play

alternatively, sega has always been big on celeb endorsement.

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now THIS is blatant advertising

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Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis
Man when I was broke I couldn't picture this

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yeah, that one and the one where he talks about playing street fighter 3

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Layne said he did game a lot in his free time. Lol at him buying a copy of sanic for Jerry Cantrel. I wonder if he ever played it.

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As if being in a hotel room with a bunch of other nignogs wasn't gay enough, they had to play Starcraft

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honestly surprised he didn't kill himself then

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>rhyming four with four

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Perfect 90s babe

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It's a Dave Chappelle parody you rrywrd

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His hands don’t really seem big enough to need a bigger size glove bros.

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If it doesn't fit you must acquit

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I want that jacket.

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I know Kanye West talked about the Turbografix and was even going to name an album after it, and specifically mentioned 'Blazing Lazers'. Either he specifically dug up lesser known titles and consoles, or he was seriously into it. There was also this.

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She's so real, that's why I liked her. In the 90s and 00s you didn't have to try hard. Now girls who want to look pretty look like fucking clowns. Have you seen this shit with their glitter, nails, and weird colored hair? Jesus christ.
Yeah he's a poser

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I'm really not sure. Haven't seen it in years, but there was a greentext I saw once on /m/ about this. Guy said he was on a flight somewhere with a friend, was talking about gundam, and some loud black guy butted in and said ZEON DID NOTHING WRONG. The three of them proceeded to discuss gundam for the rest of the flight, and the guy claims years later that he saw Kanye West in a photograph or something and realized it was the same dude. An interesting story, might be true at that. Anyway, ever since I heard that, I wondered if he wasn't more real than we think.

At the same time, anybody can be "legit" through simple google searches. Shit like "ready player one", or what I know of it, absolutely reeked of that "omg so obscure refrance!" crap.

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the look on his face is the same kind of shame you see when catching someone masturbating

>> No.8132074

>"hey guys, look! danny devito is playing nintendo!"

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>Matt Perry has his infamous Klonoa tweets.
I'm intrigued

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Please help me find this bros, I know there's two other people who have heard of Necromonicon on this board.

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>hello fellow video game players
Everyone knows it. That's literally the point. Agents tell them to do this shit because it gets them deals. He was hot at as shit at that time and I would certainly bet that that dumb promotional photo helped him land the xbox gig.

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/crt/ approves.

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>Think you meant "posing", not "playing"
no shit.

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that faggot doesnt deserve a char zaku statue. fucking wannabe.

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what's wrong with that? gundam attracts a lot of retarded faggots

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Lemmy loved slots

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Where is 4P joystick

>> No.8132321

From the scary ring ring wahoos?

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Forgot his name, I think blanc and desaily

>> No.8132403

Is this Milla jovovich

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She'll always be Clarissa to me.

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>same screen
look again, batters are different

clearly the only time will has to strike a pose is between getting hits/striking out

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>Michael Jackson
>based person
Only on pedochan.

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TFW you never noticed OJ looks like Obama and The Rock's lovechild.

>> No.8132443

GC stands for GameCube, but it also stands for George Costanza.

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Definitive proof SEGA is for (((them))).

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Just in case you thought this fat fuck really played games and wasn't a shill.

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Pretty sure he does. If he didn't deserve it, he wouldn't have it.

>> No.8132551

This solves the mystery, to press black and white on the OG Duke without shifting your grip you have to be dwayne the rock johnson

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>he doesn't play mario kart one handed

>> No.8132571

He looks like he wanted to do this in private, but the photographer had to ruin everything.

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kys mike didnt do shit
literally everyone in the dudes life, from like age 6 on, was trying to jew him out of his money. never wonder why it was only the poorfag families that tried to sue him, and only after the gravy train dried up?
the dude did fancy dances, heavy tranquilizers, and /vr/

>> No.8132845

Even his man cave looks fake.

>> No.8132858

He's legit you dumb faggot kanye was a nerd his mom was a teacher and he programmed on a commodore 64.

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Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo playing on their Nintendo Game Boys while on the set of Super Mario Bros. (c. 1992)

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Does this nigga actually game or does he just know his target audience.

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that's not retro but I can believe it

>> No.8132935

they can't even see the screen on that piece of shit. definitely promo shot.

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You left out the part where he sucked little boys off.

>> No.8132956

Where the Sega cucks that are always in my threads at now?

>> No.8132958

There is a youtube somewhre of harry potter and hermione playing prince of persia on a ps2

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AUSTIN, TX - JULY 7: USA Super Heavyweight Weightlifter Mark Henry relaxes by playing a video game at his home in Austin, Texas on July 7, 1995.

This pic is def not a promo... you can't even see which console he's playing on (I figure it's a Genesis).

>> No.8132969

>not WWE gaynigger

>> No.8132970

I heard from somewhere Mark Henry is a big fan of Vigilante 8 and has been asking for a new game, poor guy.

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My retro waifu.

>> No.8132975

>This pic is def not a promo

I don't know man, I wouldn't be smiling at that game.
maybe if it had been NBA Jam..

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File: 104 KB, 780x1147, UXmqkPB8216pEVl2Lq4QViwqcs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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What is the game on screen?

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Predator 2 on Genesis/MD

>> No.8132996

Simple answer. (You) are a faggot.

>> No.8133000

Takes one to know one.

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>playing as luigi

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sorry you couldn't see what he saw in it, in fact sounds like VB just had you seeing red

>> No.8133043

Lol, I didn't notice she is playing 2 players by herself. And (You) thought (You) were sad...

>> No.8133045

controller wasn't made for handlets, to be sure.

>> No.8133047

now those are some real gamer expressions

>> No.8133050

I used to do that once upon a time, the thinking was I would spend less time on the title screen since it gave me twice as many lives.

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At least he's a fan of Sonic.


>> No.8133062

Who is it? Google is useless, Yandex goes to a "best celebrity asses" page that has no names and also points to an American beauty queen.

>> No.8133085

Jennifer Love Hewitt.

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yea remind me when that was ever proven, or when he was even charged. and no that bullshit """documentary""" doesnt count
those dudes made their whole careers off of being dance instructors who "trained under MJ™". hell they even testified in defense of him in the first trial. then some skeevy tabloid-tier ""documentarians"" come along 10yrs after the dudes dead and then suddenly theyre all making millions of dollars and winning awards

even feldman, whos entire adult career has been against that shit said MJ didnt do shit to him
nor any of the other laundry list of child stars that used to play vidya over there
only the poorfag families, and only after the wealth-by-association dried up. no their parents were totally fine letting their 12yos stay overnight in a popstars mansion
dude got raked over by the media overnight because he sang "jew me, sue me" in a song and liked hitler, and thats as simple as it gets

all that aside, and more to the point of the thread, its clear MJ was the most /vr/-pilled of any celebrity ever. its not even a contest. half the pics ITT are obvious promotional shoots. meanwhile MJ wouldnt go on tour unless he knew there would be a cabinet accessible to him at all times, and had one of the dopest home arcades of his day

also (just to round out the 90s schizophrenia a bit):
courtney killed kurt cuz he was turning down multi-million dollar festival gigs on the reg, and she needed MOAR heroin bucks cuz hole was the shittest band of the entire decade

>> No.8133162 [DELETED] 

>courtney killed kurt
Well, obviously. Only courtney simps or the ignorant would disagree with that

>> No.8133173

based Mbappé

>> No.8133389

blue sky fags eternally btfo

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Jackie Chan playing a SNES with a pirate copying device attached

>> No.8133521 [DELETED] 
File: 44 KB, 440x382, 440px-Hillary_Rodham_Clinton_on_plane_using_Game_Boy_(07).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hilldawg on her way to private epstien island

>> No.8134085

I hate those fake looking photo ops. Peak soulless.

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File: 40 KB, 333x400, joey ignoring thot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

look at that power stance
look at that total disregard for the groupie trying to swallow his dick
absolute chad

>> No.8134206

He's successful and attractive, so no. Gaming is an ugly person's passtime.

>> No.8134225

An honestly blessed picture

>> No.8134243 [DELETED] 

>liked hitler

That's a new one by me. Where'd you hear that?

>> No.8134273 [DELETED] 

reportedly he had a whole collection of banned movies, documentaries, books etc on hitler
then there was also the whole pseudo hitler armband thing he was always wearing. if nothing else he was clearly into the whole stormtrooper-chic
i remember it was one of the hit pieces the tabloids did, so take it with a pound of salt

still, i could see it
guy got a hefty taste of getting screwed by sleazy schlomos in the record industry at an early age. thats why as soon as the contract with the 5 ran out, he re-negotiated fucking everything and went solo. made the entire record industry look like total dorks, as he was the first real star to make MORE than them a LOT more

>> No.8134278

why can't amerishits stop sucking nigger dick?

>> No.8134323

best thread on a fucking while

I'm Argentinian so you know I already stan the spurs and timmy but this is on another level bros

basato e rossopastigliato


>> No.8134328

>alright I'm pretending to play your stupid kiddie games, now where's my money?

>> No.8134332

funny because seinfeld isn't any less stupid

>> No.8134351

i remember hearing a rumor that NIN used to have their whole tour bus rigged up with their PCs so they could do LAN deathmatches of doom while on tour
never seen any pics tho

>> No.8134385 [DELETED] 

I've thought about that jew/sue, kick/kike thing... I mean, didn't Jews produce the records to be made and sold? If not, did they quickly pull it from shelves? Did they allow it in its uncensored form to be played on the radio or MTV? It's all very curious.

>> No.8134405 [DELETED] 

I've thought the whole jew/sue, kick/kike thing a lot... I mean, didn't Jews produce the records to be sold? If not, did they quickly pull it from shelves? Did they allow it in its uncensored form to be played on the radio or MTV? It's all very curious. How does something like that slip through or get any sort of approval? Was it supposed to be said in solidarity in some way? I doubt that too.

>> No.8134527 [DELETED] 
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the release of that song was very shortly before his first case going public
>I mean, didn't Jews produce the records to be sold?
again, after leaving the 5, he re-negotiated all his contracts, from a position of extreme power. he turned the tables, as he knew they needed him more than he needed them. thats how he got so filthy rich in the 80s. from off the wall onwards he went platinum on each several times over. normal royalty rates for artists on record sales at the time were ~1%. i dont doubt he was making well over 10x that
>If not, did they quickly pull it from shelves?
it was a pretty big scandal for about 5 minutes, but was quickly forgotten in the face of molestation allegations
>Did they allow it in its uncensored form to be played on the radio or MTV?
no. at least not for long, and definitely not uncensored
>Was it supposed to be said in solidarity in some way?
i think he was just fed up/pissed off
i have a sneaking suspicion that, as the 80s were closing and his fame had "peaked" (or at least leveled off), that he was being pressured by his label to give back some of his cut. clearly he didnt budge, and so they struck back below the belt. as a result, his career was irreparably damaged due to the fallout from the first case

im not saying the dude was an lideral gnatsee, as he definitely was on friendly terms with some jews throughout his life, and iirc even had a jewish lawyer for the case in question. but he clearly had some serious reservations about dealing with the sleazy record exec bigwigs who were overwhelmingly jewish

polite sage for schizophrenia

>> No.8134653

Ferg face

>> No.8134654

your dates are off. Michael was accused of molestation in '93; HIStory came out in '95. If anything, HIStory was in many songs a response to the allegations, not the basis for coming forward with allegations itself.

>> No.8134669

this video is great

>> No.8134679
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>the psx version of xmen vs street fighter

>> No.8134680

I like the hat, not Kanye you dumbass redpiller

>> No.8134682

Jennifer Love Hewitt.

>> No.8134685

shit looks shopped af

>> No.8134690 [DELETED] 

when he settled out of court. boom.

>> No.8134720

the video for Stronger is basically just Kanye pretending to be Tetsuo

>> No.8136583

Rally drivers Carlos Sainz, Bruno Thiry, Piero Liatti and Gustavo Trelles playing some Sega Rally in a hotel in Perth.


>> No.8136657 [DELETED] 

I get that your favorite politicians (the ones you have hats and jerseys for, for some reason) all rape kids. But that doesn't mean all politicians do. Provide some proof of your claims or talk about vidya.

>> No.8136905 [DELETED] 
File: 99 KB, 600x947, 30531810-CE4D-4949-91AB-8E853D817F54.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Geez dude, why would you simp for pedos
Who cares if a joke is true or not
How about you actually contribute to the thread

>> No.8136950
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>> No.8136956
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>> No.8136964 [DELETED] 
File: 157 KB, 1200x675, epsteinflightlogpic1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

look up Ryan Dawson's work, he's been researching/documenting Epstein and the people around him for 15 years

>> No.8137536
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>> No.8137539 [DELETED] 

Dawson is a retard who can barely speak

>> No.8137548
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>> No.8137998

What's that one tv show where the guy gets convicted of a.. rape? that he didn't do. and then years later he gets released and he goes into his mom's home and his younger brother has all this new ipod shit and other unknown tech. so the guy goes up the attic and finds his old Sega Genesis and his colorful 90s outfit ala Fresh Prince and he just sits there playing Sonic 1.

>> No.8138195
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>> No.8138768

>Carefully remove autographs
>Dreamcasts actually become MORE valuable

>> No.8138892

If that's 1993 I guess this must be on the set of Mrs Doubtfire?

>> No.8138918

During his recluse period in the 90s he just locked himself away in his apartment doing smack and playing Super Nintendo

>> No.8138962

Based and comfy.

>> No.8139486
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>You will never hear Johnny bitch at Joey to hurry up playing that pinball game while DeeDee is in a heroin daze in the corner.

>> No.8139497
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I’ll post this again because apparently the janny of this board is a troll who like to delete posts for no reason

>> No.8139838

I think he was mass deleting anyone calling out the Q dude trying to start political talks about his favorite team (lol imagine treating politicians like sports stars, as if that isn't bad enough)

On that note is there any photo evidence of the two columbine kids playing Doom? Feel like that is prime for a thread like this.

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