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Was Super Smash Bros. Melee a commercial failure? I ask this, because the GameCube was a Commercial Failure (It even lost to the Xbox, which was a newcomer)

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The other question I have is would you call Melee obscure, because it was on the GameCube, which was the least successful system of that Generation?

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a thread died for this

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It is the only Smash game that has outsold the Mario Kart game on it's respective platform

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Pretty sure melee was the best selling game on the gamecube

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How is Melee not obscure and a Commercial Failure? It was on the GameCube, which was dead last in that Generation. It got beaten out by the Xbox and the PS2

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/v/ rots your brain.

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yes, OP, it was a total failuyre, nintendoomed!!

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take a shower

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So how much of a flop was Melee? The GameCube was the least successful system of its generation, so I imagine Melee was a flop and the second most obscure Smash game next to the Wii U Smash

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Playing any intense high API game will make you sweaty and you're gonna smell no matter what you do especially if you're surrounded by a bunch of other people doing the same thing in a small room

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Nintendies btfo. How will they recover?

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you're a dumb motherfucker, dude

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>The Dreamcast was such a colossal failure it's been borderline scrubbed from history and zoomer OP thinks GameCube was the loser of the gen.
You dumb cunt

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>The GameCube was the least successful system of its generation
Anon I...

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Dreamcast is fondly remembered by those graced by its presence and it nearly outsold the Gamecube despite only being in production for 2.5 years. Try again Nintentoddlers.

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Relative to the disappointing GameCube sales it was pretty successful. I have an original copy but the box is a little damaged.

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It was the bestselling game of its console and everyone played it, even people who didn't own Gamecube. It was weird that the developer thought it didn't appeal to casuals enough despite being King Casual Game of the generation.

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>nearly outsold the Gamecube
>9 million sales nearly outsold 22 million sales
retard I...

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It's probably the most played Dolphin title :^)

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OP is detached from reality.

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Only """commercial failure""" here is you

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>one less "soul/souless" thread

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all the modding scene is on brawl actually

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>nearly outsold
Wow. What an interesting way of saying the dreamcast didn't outsell the gamecube

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there are two good smash games
n64 for nostalgia
(modded) brawl for the very good cutscenes and sheer amount of content
thanks for coming to my ted talk

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Think of like this, 6 games saved nintendo from utter destruction.

1) super mario 64
2) ocarina
3) animal crossing
4) smash
5) dk 64
6) mario party / paper mario

those 6 right there WERE the game cube, every other game is a filler episode.

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doubt, isn't melee the definitive smash of choice of the autistic manchildren or something

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Dreamcast is not remembered at all outside of retro communities.

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yes, and they modded brawl to look and feel like meelee

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Several normies I've met remember the Dreamcast or even played on one. It's the Xbox that got memory-holed.

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not him but I literally don't know anyone that ever owned a dreamcast. I'm pretty sure I only saw it on shelves back then.

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What, people talk about the Xbox all the time. It was a big thing in burgerland and spawned shit like Halo. Meanwhile the Dreamcast is basically a footnote of gen 6.

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>No Pokemon, the single reason the GB still sold after 10 years.
You gay and shit, nigga.

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A game can do very well despite the hardware itself not doing well overall. Why is this a hard concept to grasp? Just because half the 1st world owned PS2s doesn’t mean that each of those people bought Metal Gear Solid 2.

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Why are you capitalizing "commercial failure"? It's not a proper noun.

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Melee continues to be played to this day and is pretty mainstream as a game. It's, if anything, not only the most successful Gamecube game, transcending and outliving the console that birthed it, but the second most successful of the Smash franchise, considering it's influence in gaming culture.

You're not only retarded but also probably a cuck and a shill and you smell like poopoo, boom btfo'd

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Why are nintendies asshurt manchildren?

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>best selling game on the console
>32% attach rate
>commercial failure

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Nah, only trannies think this game is better than Sm4sh and the Nintendo Switch one. Hopefully this game will lose its reputation once zoomers are old enough to post on internet forums.

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>paper mario

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i once prank called Xbox support saying that my Xbox One doesn't play Xbox ONE games, and I said yeah I got games for the original Xbox from 2001 and it won't play on the Xbox One. Then the lady on the other end told me that the 360 was the first Xbox

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worst bait I've seen in a while

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>Commercial failure
People got fucking excited over melee and bought it in droves, and got hyped for the sequel, so no
>Gamecube was a commercial failure
It was kind of a disappointment, but no, it lived to the end and Nintendo still makes consoles.

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>not a gamecube title
>a port
>a port
>depends which smash
>not a gamecube title
>which ones
I'm convinced you're trolling

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if that's true, why does Beyond Melee want Melee diehards to "accept change" for their retards decisions?
>thinking the game that considers PNG and board game battles as content is better
back then we could throw as many pokeballs as much we wanted, single player that didn't suck, had trophies made from scratch, and a good competitive scene on top of that.

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nigger, there's a website containing thousand of filehosts to Brawl mods since the 2010s
Melee just caught up with 64 in terms of modding, there's still no Mugen like hack that exists for it yet.

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>It was kind of a disappointment, but no, it lived to the end and Nintendo still makes consoles.
You can have commercial failures and still keep your company on float. This isn't a poker game were you put all in, anon. Just ask google or nitendo's previous and most recent failures

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Melee was the best selling GCN game of its period and is the 3rd best selling Smash, in-between 64 and the 3DS version of Smash.
>The GameCube was the least successful system of its generation
compare to what? the fucking Dreamcast? I also guaranteed GCN had better variety of software sales compared to Xbox, which was pretty much a Halo machine.

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low quality bait

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the Dreamcast couldn't even sell it's own Smash-like my dude.
2 sequels even.

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Pokemon is the reason why Nintendo is so fucking soulless thank to all the CEO hiring they did with TPCi kikes

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Tell it to yourself.

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the GameCube made more money than the Xbox

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Out fucking played

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> number one selling gamecube game
> millions of copies
> commercial failure

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Even if you go just by the numbers(which already makes it decently successful) you have to remember that it was a group party game. People who didn't own a gamecube would play these games because their friend had it and they'd go play it in a group.
This is why zoomers who look at the numbers of sales don't comprehend, growing up in the N64/GC era meant you'd hvae friends groups where at least one of you owned a nintendo console. I never had an N64 as a kid but I had a friend who did, so me and 2 or 3 other friends who didn't either knew the games by hanging out. I had games they didn't have and vice versa since we were 9 year olds who only had a handful of games.

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Maybe he meant N64?