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What went so right?

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The performance of the console was too much important back then, nowadays only determine how sharp it looks
Also Sega partnership

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They actually tried, then with 360 they thought they could just ride it easy and it bited them, and same with Xbone

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At the start of the console's life it was pretty much a Dreamcast 2, until Halo basically turned it into a dudebro FPS console.

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id say that was more halo 2

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It had a little something for everybody.

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why do ps2 and gamecube get all the love

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hey anons! what are my options to play Ninja Gaiden ? is emulation good enough (tho even good enough wont suffice to this game i think)

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If you have a 4K TV then an Xbox One X is the best bet.

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that's just BEAUTIFUL.

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>what went so right

Is it in you?

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Which one is better Rallisport Challenge 1 or 2?

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why are the NES ninja gaien games more easy than the xbox games

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Rallisport Challenge 1.5

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The 360 was hugely successful, wtf are you on about

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Big library. Gamecube not sure maybe the picture quality? I don't think it's that great but haven't played it enough yet to know

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I meant in being good, they made a few mistakes like changing the GUI, unreliable hardware, BC compability being spotty

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it actually have games

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Does SMT Nine have a fan translation or something? Why does everyone keep pretending they played it?

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Less so than currently believed. Keep in mind that as of the end of support for the 360, Xbox division still hadn't turned a profit. And even now it may still be that way.

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Man, what the FUCK are you talking about?
Are you on about that quote that Microsoft has always been selling the console at loss? In which chase both Microsoft and Sony have done that. Hell, you could say that PS5 is not making a profit right now with that logic.
Go on further detail.

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360 is the only Xbox console that made more money than it cost. The OG put Xbox Division conservatively $3-$7B in the hole, and although the 360 was "turning profit" it didn't make nearly enough to reverse that situation.

The fact that XD was always underwater came to light during the runoff for candidates for CEO, which coincided with the end of the 360's run. 12 of the 14 candidates' action plans for MS advocated to sell off XD to salvage some of the money spent, but that obviously didn't happen because they picked one of the two remaining candidates.

So now XD's financial status is a complete mystery to anyone outside the board and they don't release that information publicly anymore. I've no doubt that if XB1 had been able to bring XD out of the red we'd have heard about it, and it's no secret at all that it was a complete flop. Couple this with the purchase of Bethesda for $7.5B before they've even paid salaries to devs or invested anything into any game development, there's exactly 0 chance that XD has ever made one red cent in profit during its entire existence.

The 360 is a success in that it paid for its own development and some of the OG's, if you want to look at it that way. But if you were being paid dividends from XD you'd have made exactly $0 even to this day, so it's kind of hard to see exactly how the 360 can be considered a success from a practical business perspective.

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all of those except doa are multiplats

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>Go on further detail.
pic related. you can find the numbers by digging through the annual reports here https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/Investor/annual-reports.aspx

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>very good hardware, sold at a loss for the vast majority of its lifespan, great design meant developing for it was a piece of cake and it could run ports of contemporary PC games unlike the PS2 and Gamecube
>having to pay to play online sucked, but if you could afford it Xbox Live was an absolute treat- best online multiplayer on a console by a longshot, and many games also supported LAN functionality without the need for expensive proprietary peripherals like the PS2 and Gamecube needed since the ethernet jack was built-in
>best versions of third-party multiplats thanks to superior hardware
>controller was very nice for people with large hands, also worked well for racing games and FPS's specifically
>strong support from Sega, most Dreamcast refugees felt the most welcome on Xbox compared to other consoles, even though the Gamecube got more Sonic games and PS2 got Virtua Fighter
>amazing homebrew scene that turned the Xbox into an emulation superbeast and a great home theater set top box

It was, but Microsoft put all their eggs in the Kinect basket in the latter half of its lifecycle which was a huge mistake that fucked their reputation for years and years. The used games DRM debacle was all they needed to kill any hope of the Xbone being successful.

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